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Sorry for late update but guys I am not getting time for sit and breath properly , I am highly busy but I cant make you wait for long so I updates today episode so please read and if you guys really not liking story or have someother ideas so please let me know .

Story starts with first day morning of school.
Girl is shown working in kitchen she was swara.
She was doing her work in her own world, she hears sound of her father from outside ,
Swara did you made breakfast.
Swara still in kischen, yes father now its done.
Shekhar while cuffing his shirt, sits on kitchen stand.
Shekhar- ok beta I have to go early so you can come lste.
Swara- ok dad
Shekhar moves his gaze on breakfast, wow so you made paratha.
Swara nods yes dad.
Shekhar takes paratha and started eating fast,
Swara – please little slow dad.
Shekhar- no beta I am very late,
He hurridly eats breakfast and make himself neat and proper dressed for school.
Shekhar- ok beta now I am going to school and today is your first day so come on time and get ready soon, take care of your also .
Swara nods.

Other side rags while sleeping hears alarm sound,
She offs alarm but she was still on her bad murmers oh god now daily early morning getting up life is started, really how much beautiful this holidays were, I don’t know why on morning time I feel that I should not go school but I know if I will miss today school than I also don’t know I will regret that why I didn’t went to school,
She sits still feeling sleepy thinks oh god rags why this school are always on morning,
She still murmering closes eyes while sitting
Mad comes and see oh god she again slept while sleeping, she shouts ragini.
Rags opens her eyes and starts jumping on bed shouts what happened what happened.
Mad slowly comes near her, arey nothing happened get ready for school.
Rags sees timing runs in bathroom,

Other side, sanky was sleeping in his room, he got up immediately due to wet feeling on his face because someone sprinkled water on him.
Sanky stand up and shouts what are you doing here.
Sujata – beta I am your mother and I came here to got up you.
Sanky – stop calling you as my mother, you are wife of my father not my mother, my real mother is died only because of you so please stop showing fake love towards me, don’t come on morning time to make my day bad.
Just than he hears a strict voice from his father, he shouts sanky how can you talk to her like this,
Sanky- see this woman wants me and my dad relationship getting weaker.
Sujata pleads ram to not to speak anything because it is his first day of school.
Ram understand and ask get ready for school you are already late and rags also came she is waiting for you.
Sanky gives kiss on his dad cheeks and says ok and love you dad
Other side boy is shown doing yoga in garden while his father sitting on chair and looking him.
Dp- beta now its one hour, now get ready for school.
Lucky- ji dad.
Dp – beta come near me and sit.
Dp – beta today is your first day of school so don’t make much friend because making more friendship is like loosing our interest in studies.
Lucky while seeing on ground nods .
Dp- very good beta, just do our work and don’t indulge much in others. Only make friends who are good in study.
Lucky- yes dad
Dp – I know you are very good boy, I also want you be in top again this year.
Lucky- yes dad I will study hard, so that I willl be your proud son.
Dp- yes beta, I know so from tomorrow you will get up more early so that we can do morning yoga properly.
Lucky- yes dad. Now I am going to change for my class.
Dp – ok beta
Lucky goes and changes his cloth he thinks oh yar there is no one of mine friend who message me, chalo lucky lets go to school.

Swara enters in school building and thinks wow such nice school it is, really its too much beautiful , I cant believe I am studying in this school. She happily asks one girl for going to class they show her one building .
That building was very far, she goes there and see no one.
Swara thinks oh god they played prank on me.
Just than she hears one voice from behind yes they played prank on you.
Swara turns and ask who are you.
Boy- don’t get angry I am lucky, I am student of this school but they played prank on me and I came to primary section.
Swara just smiles and ask which is your class.
Lucky- I am in 10-A
Swara- wow I am also in same class so lets go.
Lucky nods and both starts going towards there class after asking to teacher.
Lucky thinks no lucky you should not walk with girl, se what other will think about it, Its not good.
Lucky- voh swara I have some work, you go to class and I am coming soon.
Swara nods and enters in class.
All fo morning prayer and first period starts.
After 10 minute of class.
Ragsan comes and ask for permission to enter in class.
Swara thinks now teacher will not leave them.
But teacher gives them smile and both enters in class.
She hears some girl passing silent comment that see both boyfriend and girlfriend came.
Ragini here some of comments and thinks these jealous and immature people will never understand .
Both ragsan sees there is no place remaining to sit.
While teacher ask sanky to sit near lucky while rags sit with swara.
Sanky signals lucky to give him space.
Lucky silently gives him place but don’t say anything and takes books to study
Sanky admires his acts and ask silently are you champu.
Lucky – what.
Sanky – you don’t know champu.
Lucky- yes.
Sanky- the person who is over descent and try to become mahan, we says them champu, now sanky sees teacher is looking at them so he eyes on lucky and sits properly but poor lucky misunderstood it and started giving lecture to sanky in slow voice which was easily seen by teacher.
Teacher – mr. lucky stand up
Lucky- yes teacher,
Teacher- why are you disturbing your neighbor boy.
Lucky- no mam I was not disturbing him, he is disturbing me and telling champu.
All class laugh and shouts champu champu.
Teacher- stop it class.
Teacher- I have seen who is talking but today it is first day of your class so I am leaving you, got it .
Student shout champu.
Sanky laugh silently and winks at rags.
Rags while laughing say on god champu.
Swara thinks see which type of girl she is, she is laughing .
Swara don’t say anything and sits silently,
Now teacher ask who wants to become monitor of class.
Swara stands for it and becomes monitor even if new student because of good marks and she told teacher she will do it work.
While teacher announces swara as monitor and also says like every year ragini will be incharge of all extra-curicullam activities of school.
After doing this teacher went .but lucky follow teacher behind her to ask some doubts .
Class started shouting champu .
Sanky laugh and gives hifi to rags.
Which was seen by swara.

Precap – rags developing feeling for lucky, lucky try to change himself, swasan cute scene

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