Swaragini-My Another Life (Shot 2)

Hi friends and sissies… Sara is here with next episode. Thanks for all your comments friends. Ramya and Sindhura, thanks for your comment and you are correct- 49 Days , the series which affected me most. When I thought came back to telly Updates, I wished to make this story. It’s my first time to remaking the story but it’s having some differences than 49 days. The final pairs are RagLak and Swasan but the story also revolves between Swalak and Ragsan and About VARUN, he is the most important character in swarag’s life.

Story Starts..
“Ragini di, with whom you are speaking?”Uttara asked.
“No… I am just seeing outside”Ragini(Swara) tried to cover.
“who is she?what is her relationship with Ragini? Is she Ragini’s sister?”Ragini(Swara) thought.
“oh ok!”Uttara said halfheartedly.
“Haan Rago ka… I forgot why I came here.”Uttara said while slapping on her forehead.
“Uttara…”Aadi came inside while calling Uttara’s name.
“haan Aadi.!”Uttara replied and turned to see Aadi’s face for speaking.
“so, her name is Uttara and what is that coconut tree’s name? haan…Aadi! why is he wearing a white coat? Is he a doctor?”Ragini(Swara) stacked with her questions and looked Aadi to analyze him deeply.
Aadi felt the gaze and looked at Ragini who was busy in analyzing Aadi.
“why are you looking at him as you are going to swallow him in one go?”Sanskar asked in a husky tone in her ears.
Ragini(Swara) turned suddenly being shocked by hearing Voice, slipped and started to fall down.
“Rago…”Aadi ran towards her but she fallen on floor before Aadi try to hold her.
“thud…!Aaah!”Ragini(Swara) shrieked in pain and rubbed her Left hand.
“Are you Ok naa?”Aadi asked worriedly.
Ragini(Swara) looked at Sanskar blankly.
“He is Ragini’s friend and that girl is his fiancé…”Sanskar said.
“I am ok…”Ragini(Swara) said in a stammering voice.
“Ok. You will be discharged after two hours. Today is Mother’s birthday. Be at orphanage at 11:00 O clock.”Aadi said as a information without looking at her.
“ok… haan.. wait a minute… who is going to take me home, you or Uttara ?”Ragini(Swara) asked while sitting in the bed casually.

Aadi looked at her shockingly while Sanskar snapped his finger; a popcorn pocket shown in his hand. he sat next to Ragini.
“Ohh Sorry! If you are busy, it’s ok. I will go myself”Ragini(Swara) said in a pouted face.
Aadi looked at Ragini,” I will come at 9’O clock” Aadi said in a trembling voice and left the ward.
“what happened to him? Am I say anything wrong?”Ragini(Swara) asked.
Uttara put a smily face to Ragini,”No Ragini ka. He may have some urgent work. I will come in few minutes”Uttara said and left the ward to see Aadi.
Ragini(Swara) closed the door and looked at Sanskar angrily while Sanskar was so busy in eating popcorn by seeing Sunrise.
Ragini(Swara) walked towards Sanskar fastly, snatched his popcorn and put in his head.
“My popcorn…”Sanskar shrieked and then gave a stern look to Ragini(Swara).
“first of all, you scared me and made me fall. Now, you are enjoying my struggle with popcorn. Is my struggle a movie for you to enjoy?”Ragini(Swara) asked in a lower voice because no one can’t see Sanskar.
Sanskar jumped from Bed and stand in his full height.
“I helped you by telling his relationship with your body. Second, I love popcorn; I will eat whenever I want. Even my colleagues didn’t questioned me about that. But, you snatched my popcorn. How dare you?”Sanskar said while pressing his head against her head.
Ragini(Swara) return a death glare and she pressed her head against him like a goat fight.
Both glared each other deeply and Finally Ragini(Swara) smiled. Sanskar smiled by seeing Ragini(Swara)’s smile.

Aadi was slanting against the wall while tears slowly oozing out of his eyes.
“Aadi…”Uttara lightly pressed her hand on Aadi’s hand.
Aadi hugged her tightly while Uttara stood frozen.
“It’s been two years, she had been spoken normally to me, Uttu. After Varun went away from us, she didn’t even speak to me normally; she arrested herself in her shell, Uttu…”Aadi tighten his grip unknowingly.
“Everything will be ok. we will get our Rago ka back, Aadi.”Uttara said while caressing Aadi’s hair.
Aadi released Uttara from his hug after realizing they were in hospital.
“ok, Aadi. I will take dress to Rago ka. We can go from here directly to orphanage.”Utttara said and started to leave while Aadi hold her hands.
“what Aadi?”Uttara asked him . Aadi came near to Uttara while Uttara start to blush a little by his move.
“thanks Uttu..!”Aadi said in her ears sincerely.
“My style of thanks is different , Aadi.”Uttara said while looked her surrounding to confirm any other people’s presence.
“what?”Aadi asked her being not able to understand.
Uttara kissed him in cheeks and run away from the place.
Aadi stood frozen in his place by putting his hand on his cheeks.

In Ragini’s ward,
Ragini and Sanskar sits by slanting against each other back in bed.
“Did I look that much scary even you fall down?”Sanskar asked while he offered Apple to Swara.
“See your face in mirror in close up. you can get to know . you and your donkey face…”Ragini(Swara) said teasingly while biting the apple.
A silent occupy in the place.
Ragini(Swara) turned to see Sanskar as his sudden silence affected her.
Sanskar was looking the ground sadly.
“Sanskar…”Ragini(Swara) called his name concernedly.
“Am I really looking that much bad?”Sanskar asked in a very low voice.
Ragini(Swara) took his face in her hand.
“ you are very handsome ,Sanskar. How much it is means? You are shining as a sun. “Ragini(Swara) said while looking Sanskar’s eye directly.
“Really?”Sanskar asked while holding Ragini(Swara)’s hand and looked into her eyes.
Ragini(Swara) nodded even without blinking her eyes.
Sanskar stood in bed and danced.
“Finally you accepted that I am handsome…”Sanskar giggled.
“your sad face was looking unbearable. For that only, I lied”Ragini(Swara) sighed fakely.
“ you are very handsome ,Sanskar. How much it is means? You are shining as a sun. “Ragini(Swara)’s voice came from a mobile voice recorder.
Ragini(Swara) looked Sanskar with wide open mouth while Sanskar winked at her.
Ragini(Swara) came to her senses and looked angrily.
“ I hate people who fakes their expressions”Ragini(Swara) said angrily.
Sanskar looked at her angry face with a sorry face.
Sanskar holded his ear with his hands.
“Sorry…you are sweet angel na… please forgive me once.. please…”Sanskar pleaded.
Ragini(Swara) turned her face.
Sanskar went to her front side.
“Please sorry… I thought just for play.. please… I will accept any punishment which you gave.. you are my first friend… please…”Sanskar pleaded and started to do sit ups like a school student.
Ragini(Swara) took his hands from his ears.
“ you never fake your expressions or feelings to me as I am”Ragini(Swara) said strictly.
“ I will never do like that…”Sanskar assured and smiled.
Ragini(Swara) smiled by seeing Sanskar’s smile.
Both sat in the bed.
“hmm… under which courage did you suddenly ask him to take you to ragini’s house?”Sanskar asked to start the conversation again.
“hmmm… he was really worried about ragini . I think he is Ragini’s friend. So, I thought that he would accept that and I also don’t know where she lives. But you really scared me ”Ragini(Swara ) said and punched in Sanskar’s chest.
Sanskar gave his killer smile,” I never thought to scare you…”
“it’s ok ”Ragini(Swara) said.
Both heard the knock and Sanskar vanished in the air.
Ragini(Swara) opened the door .
Uttara entered with a nurse.

“Rago ka, After you get an injection, we can leave from hospital.”Uttara said.
“Injection…!”Ragini(Swara) gulped.
“haan Rago ka…! Aadi suggested that you should have an injection. Nurse ”Uttara said and signed nurse.
Ragini(Swara) closed her eyes in fear and cursed Aadi, while Aadi entered the ward.
“Auch…!” ragini moaned because of injection while Aadi hold her hand supportively.
“Mam… I finished. You can open your eyes…”Nurse said and left.
Ragini(Swara) rubbed her arms with little sounds.
“is it still paining?”Aadi asked by seeing Ragini(Swara) expression.
Ragini(Swara) glared him .
“Aah..!”Aadi exclaimed as Ragini(Swara) tapped him hardly.
“Rago,Are you ok?”Aadi asked by lightly pressing Ragini’s hand.
Ragini(Swara) came out of her imagination.
“ I’m ok”Ragini(Swara) said.
“Aadi, we will come directly to car parking after 20 minutes. Rago ka, I have only salwar’s. please adjust this time . ”Uttara said.
“Thanks Uttara…”Ragini(Swara) said with a smile.
After 30 minutes,
Ragini(Swara) and Uttara are waiting for Aadi’s car in hospital corridor.
Ragini (Swara) felt the cold breeze and looked at her surroundings.
“what happened Rago ka?”uttara asked by seeing Ragini.
“nothing. I just felt someone I know is very near to me ”Ragini(Swara) said.
Aadi stopped his car infront of them.
Ragini(Swara) left her thoughts and got in the car while Sanskar showed up in backside of Ragini from air.
“Go Swara go. I don’t know whether you will successfully get those tears or not. you are pure soul swara that’s why you were not able to see human’s true colors. but I will be with you Swara . I will be with you to you support you always, whenever the situation arise to make you collapse, I will be there to make you stand. “Sanskar said and smiled painfully while remembering his eyelock with Ragini(Swara).
“I’m not a sun Swara. you are the sun… you are the sun for this unforgivable sinner’s life…”Sanskar said while Aadi’s car was looking as a point to Sanskar.

Precap: RagLak meet…

Sorry if I bored you …. next episode, i will make it long. please share your opinions… i will post next episode on sunday… till then, take care friends… Sara is signing off…

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