Swaragini-My Another Life (Shot 1)

Hi Friends, This is Sara after a long time with Ten shots- My Another Life which handles two soul sisters Swara and Ragini’s twisted fate and Their impact in SanLak’s life . This is the story which I saw and highly affected me. I just want to share it with you all . So , I remade it with some modifications. I hope you will like it. If not, please let me know.

In A Saree Boutique,
“Maa… Is the saree looking very good naa? Kavi would be very beautiful in this saree.”Swara said.
“Haan.. Haan.. Shona. First, we will select your bridal saree. Then, we will see for Kavi. Even, she didn’t come now.”Sharmista complained.
“Maa.. you know naa she is very busy in her work. What if she didn’t come, I will show it to her now itself. She would be definitely beautiful in this Saree .”Swara said.
“Hmm… ok. you can go once we finalized your saree”Sharmista said.
Swara eyes frozen while seeing red bridal saree with beautiful handcrafted work in showcase.
“Show me that”Sharmista pointed the saree which Swara liked.Sales woman took that saree and showed to them.
Swara caressed the saree.
“I want to see you how much you are beautiful in bridal look, swara. You would be gorgeous”a voice ringed in her mind.
”he will definitely like me in this saree.”Swara told herself and blushed a little.
“Maa… I like this saree and now I am going to show Kavi’s saree to her”Swara said and left the shop anxiously to show saree to Kavitha.
Swara got into her car and drive towards Kavitha’s work place which is in nearby Village.

In the road,
A truck was riding fastly.
A 25 year old Lady was looking either side of the road and saw the truck.
“Please let me free from my pain” Lady said in a low voice and walked in the middle of road suddenly for committing suicide.
Truck driver noticed her and tried to avoid hitting her. But unfortunately hit Swara’s car which was approached on his opposite side.
Swara’s car rolled in the road two times and left Swara’s in the pool of blood.
The lady who tried to commit suicide fainted by seeing the accident.
A man who came in motor bike stopped his bike, walked towards Swara’s car.
Swara moaned in pain while losing her conscious .
“I have some other work now. Once I finish, I will come to take you.” Man smiled mysteriously.
Swara’s eyes frozen at his smile.
“who…are … “Swara lost her consciousness.
“Swara…”Kavitha’s voice filled the void.
The man looked Kavitha and then Swara, gave her an intense stare and left the place in his bike.
In a long distance, Ambulance siren sound filled the place .
Ambulance took both swara and the lady and headed towards the hospital.

In Hospital,
Sharmista and shekar ran into the hospital.
“Kavi..”Sharmista looked Kavitha with a hope about Swara’s life.
Swara opened the ward door , came outside and saw Sharmista.
“Maa…”Swara screamed and ran towards sharmista being scared by accident, stand before Sharmista with teary eyes.
Sharmista walked towards Kavitha and hold her hands.”is Swara okay naa?”Sharmista asked .
“Maa…I’m here. See I am perfectly fine . Just light scratches .”Swara said and turned .
“They can’t hear you “ a voice said from behind.
Swara turned in shock. The same man who witnessed her accident stand behind her.
“why?”Swara asked angrily.
“Because you are dead.” The man said calmly.
Swara looked at her family shockingly.
Kavitha nodded her head negatively and hugged Sharmista.
Swara looked him with shocked face, soon turned into scared.
“who are you ?”Swara finished her question.
“so now you remembered me. I am a soul reaper”the man again gave a mysterious smile and walked towards her.

On other side,
The Lady woke up in the hospital bed and saw her surroundings.
“Didn’t I die?”she muttered.
“Are you ok? what’s your name?” Nurse asked her.
The Lady remained calm.
“Her name is Ragini and make ready her discharge papers. She is okay” A doctor said while entering the room .
Nurse looked at the doctor and then nodded.
Doctor stand beside Ragini and gave her intense stare.
“when can I leave?” Ragini asked without looking the doctor.
“once I signed the discharge papers”Doctor said.
“did I got any life threatening injuries?So, I can die soon”Ragini asked hopefully.
“Unfortunately, not”Doctor said coldly.
A awkward silence remained in the place.
“Won’t you change your decision, Rago?”Doctor asked.
“Aadi, Rago…”Uttara entered the ward.
Ragini looked at them.
“You can never understand my pain, Aadi. I wish you shouldn’t understand that.”Ragini said, closed her eyes and lay in the bed.
Aadi and Uttara came out the ward.
“Did she try agian..?”Uttara stopped in the middle by seeing Aadi’s face.
”I hope one day she also lead a normal life. But nowadays…” Aadi sighed.
“She will, Aadi. we will make her return to our Rago.”Uttara said and intertwined her fingers with Aadi’s.
Aadi smiled a little.”Ok, I am going to cabin. We will meet after our work to Take Rago to her house”
Uttara smiled and left .

Aadi entered his cabin and looked at the photo which he had on his desk.
Aadi, Ragini and another man smiling purely in the photo.
“I hate you Varun for leaving us; for making our Rago to live a dreadful life. I hate you…”Tears falled from Aadi’s eyes.
“Doctor..”Nurse tapped the door.
Aadi wiped his tears and put the photo in his drawer.
On Swara’s side,
“No you are lying” Swara said and try to run.
The Soul reaper hold her hands.
The next second,
They both stand before big door.
Swara stared the door with fear.
“which place it is?” Swara stammered.
“The god of Death, YamdhramaRaj ki Loog. YamLoog….”The Soul reaper said enthusiastically.
The door was opened.
The man gestured Swara to go first.
Swara looked at her surrounding of darkness with fear .
The man pushed her to go inside. Swara return him a glare but the soul reaper shaken his head carelessly.
“Hmmm.. it’s bad. You kept you left foot first. It’s very bad”The Soul reaper said sarcastically.
She stepped inside while the darkness swallowed by the divine light.
“Welcome to Yamlog …”A manly voice welcomed her.
Swara looked the direction where the voice came from.
A Young man who was wearing ornaments all over the body and have a Gathayudh in his hand, sat in a singasan.
“who is he?”Swara murmured in soul reaper’s ear.
“he is our god ,YamadharmaRaj”Sould reaper said with a trembling voice.
“he is so handsome, not like you”Swara murmured.
“Handsome?Don’t you get scared by seeing him?”Soul reaper asked.
“You can go now ”YamdharmaRaj Ordered to the soul reaper.
Soul reaper left the place.
“Are you really Yamdharmaraj?”Swara asked doubtedly.
YamdharmaRaj smiled warmly.”Are you having any doubt?”
“No..No..”Swara shaked her head in hurry.
“But I read that People will get scared if they see you.”Swara admitted her thoughts.
“It’s also my form for the people who committed sin. But your soul is divine. I can send you to heaven”YandharmaRaj said and clapped his hand, a Beautiful chariot which looks like swan came in that place.
“Climb in this chariot. It will take you to heaven”YamdharmaRaj said.
Swara took a step forward and then backward, looked at Yamaraj hesitatingly.
“why are you hesitating ?”YamdharmaRaj asked.
“you said me that I am a divine soul. Then, why did I died too early? “Swara asked .
“Chithragupth…!”Yamdharmaraj called chithragupth in a louder voice.
Chithragupth showed in between them.
“tell her why she died too early?”Yamraj said.
ChithraGupth looked at Swara and then Yamdharmaraj.
“It’s her first birth and she didn’t commit any bigger sins to deserve death now, Yamdharmaraj.”Chithragupth said.
“what do you want to say?”Yamdharmaraj gave chithragupth an intense stare.
“A Lady named Ragini wanted to be dead now. But , Because of a promise, she survived but this Lady died. “Chithragupth said.
“that means, it’s not my time to die. Isn’t it?”Swara asked with hope.
“yes…”Chithragupth muttered.
Swara gave a angry stare to both of them.
“you both don’t know how much dreams I have for my marriage. How much I dreamt to live with my husband. you did a injustice to me. you make me die without a reason. Moreover it’s not my time to die. Yamdharmaraj, you are also god of justice naa. Give me a justice . I want to live my life… I want to live my life ”Swara screamed at her high pitch.
“we didn’t reaped your soul from your body ,Devi. You left your body on your own will .”Chithragupth said.
“ what ? no.. never . ok., are you trying to say that it’s my mistake? ”Swara asked.
“It’s your mistake also. But if you want to live , there is a way”Chithragupth said.
“what is that way? I will definitely take it”Swara said.
Chithragupth and yamdharmaraj shared a eye sign.
Yamdharmaraj pointed Swara’s neck.
A beautiful chain adored her neck.
“Still, In human world , you are not considered as dead. They are considering that you are in coma. If you collect three true tears which is shed for you , within one year , you can get back to your world. Otherwise, you should accept your death and in human world also, you would die“YamRaj said.
“but how can I collect the true tears when I was in spiritual form?”Swara asked.
YamRaj smiled and the same soul reaper appeared in that place.
“he will explain you “YamRaj said.

The next minute,
The soul reaper and Swara were in a house where funeral was happening .
“See the tears of the persons Swara who are crying here …”Soul Reaper said.
Swara saw the tears which were different in colours.
“Tears are colourless. Isn’t it?”Swara asked.
“Human’s can’t see the colour of tears, Swara. see this person is dead today and his friends and relatives are crying. Do you think all are crying truly for him?”Soul reaper asked.
Swara shrugged.
“See the woman who is crying.”Soul reaper said.
Swara saw her tears which are purple in tears.
“She is crying for the sake of crying. She even didn’t feel bad for his death. See his son’s green tears. He is crying for him but he is also scared about his future as same as his wife.”Soul reaper said.
“are you saying that no one is shedding true tears for him?”Swara asked.
“see there , his mom’s tears”Soul reaper pointed.
“they are colourless”Swara wondered.
“they are true tears. It’s only for the death person. I hope now you can understand what the true tear is.”Soul reaper said.
Both Swara and Soul reaper came out of the funeral.
“My maa, papa will give me two tears and my kavi will give me one tear. Then, I can get my body”Swara giggled.
“no Swara. Blood relations tears can’t be accounted. The person shouldn’t be your blood relations. “Soul reaper said.
Smile vanished from swara’s face.
“but.. ok. I will get Kavi and his..”Swara stopped.
“who is that ’his’?”Soul reaper asked.
“My fiancé. He would be very hurt by seeing me in coma. And what is your name?”Swara said.

In Swara’s ward.
Sharmista was caressing swara’s head which was covered by cotton rolls.
“Is it hurting shona? don’t worry, once you wake up, everything will be fine. You know naa your maa, papa are waiting for you come soon shona,..”Sharmista cried .
“Buamaa…”A man entered while calling sharmista.
“Rajat, tell shona to wake up. She always obeys you. tell her to wake up”Sharmista cried.
“Aunty..”Kavitha, who is standing beside Sharmista, hugged her and try to console her.
Rajat looked Swara with tear brimming eyes.
At Swara’s side,
“I don’t have any name”Soul reaper said.
“what? You really don’t have any name”Swara wondered.
“I don’t remember my life when I was human. So I don’t remember my name. I don’t need also”Soul reaper said.
“ then how can I call you ?no.. no.. I will give you a name. then only I can call you ”Swara said adamantly.
“ok. what is my name?”Soul reaper asked.
“hmmm… Sanskar. Are you like it?”Swara asked.
“Ssa..nska..r..”Soul reaper spelled.
“It’s good.”Soul reaper said.
“Ok Sanskar, what will we do next? how can I get the tears? You are my guide naa tell me”Swara hurried.
Sanskar hold her hands.
The next minute,
They get into Ragini’s ward.
“See her. You can take her body from the sun rise to 12 in the night. With her body, you can search for your true tears. But there are some rules.”[email protected] reaper said.
“what are that rules?”Swara pouted.
Sanskar snapped his finger.
A big big ….very big book shown in his hand.
“read this. You can know.”Sanskar said and handover the book to Swara.
“then, I will leave…”Sanskar said.
“one minute…”Swara hesitated.
“what?”Sanskar asked.
“I am not that much good at studies. Can you please tell me orally?”Swara asked him with puppy eyes.
Sanskar shrugged and made the book vanish in the air.
“you have to occupy her body when the sun rises. If she wake up before you occupy her, you can’t take her body until she sleep and you will lose one week from your one year time. You shouldn’t take revenge by using her body nor you shouldn’t hurt her.Now remember this. It’s enough”Sanskar instructed and start to leave.
Swara hold his hands. Sanskar looked at her with question.
“I have seen in movies. Only bad sprits occupy normal people body. I shouldn’t take her body ”Swara said determinately.
Sanskar face lightened.”Swara, you died instead of her. So, she is living your life. It’s not wrong to take her body.”Sanskar said.
“really?”Swara asked him half heartedly.
Sanskar nodded.
“if return back to my body, will she die?”Swara asked.
“I don’t know. But I think she can’t lose her life even you get back to your body”Sanskar said without looking swara.
“ok..”Swara accepted with a nod.
“ok I am leaving ”Sanskar said.
“one minute…”Swara said hurriedly.
“now what?”Sanskar asked being frusturated.
“why are you not having big horns in your head? you are soul reaper naa. In films, the soul reaper always looks scary with bigger horns like demons”Swara said innocently.
“Are you really having this doubt?”Sanskar wondered and smiled a little.
“yeah…”Swara said.
“Stop thinking about those movies… leave it. Am I looking handsome?”Sanskar asked.
Swara looked him from the top to bottom.
“I want to tell. But my heart is not willing to lie”Swara said and starts to run while Sanskar followed her to catch.
Swara stopped infront of her ward by hearing Kavitha’s consoling voice.
Sanskar stopped behind her.
Swara entered the ward by passing through the door.
Swara looked sharmista’s colourless tears.
“Bua maa… don’t worry my shone will come back to us soon”Rajat said in the middle of tears.
“Aunty… Uncle is completely shattered. You should be strong to console him”Kavitha said while wiping her tears.
Swara looked Kavitha and Rajat in shock.
“why are their tears in Red and yellow colour?”Swara asked herself.
Sanskar looked the colour of tears which hardened his face.
“I told you that it’s not easy to collect true tears from the people other than your family” Sanskar said.
“ I know how much they loves me. If it’s having colour, it’s may be they are worrying about some other things also. but I know how much they are loving me. Moreover, I will get the true tears atleast for my maa, Papa .”Swara said and walked outside.
Sanskar looked Kavitha and Rajat tears.
“I hope Swara you would have the same will when you know the truth behind the tears and what the colour of the tears meant to be.”Sanskar murmured.
“Swara..”Sanskar called.
“what?”Swara turned after wiping her tears.
“never lose your hope. You have to return atleast for your maa,papa whatever happens in your struggle. If you need my help, just call my name three times. I will be there. It’s my promise”Sanskar hold Swara hands, opened her palm and made his promise.
The thunder blows in the sky.

In Yamlog,
Yamaraj sat near the pool and playing his hand in water while chithragupt stand beside him.
“Chithragupt, I can’t understand human’s mind, the sinners who don’t deserve heaven, they wanted to go heaven rather than accepting their punishments in hell , after in their world after reincarnation. The people who deserve heaven, they wanted to live in their own world. Why they are so mean to take the painful path even they deserve to live in heaven?”Yamraj asked.
Chithragupt stayed calm for a bit and smiled.
“that we can’t understand easily , Yamraj. But I know her decision now complicated the problem which you created. Now we can’t do anything in this .Only Now time can tell who is going to get their life either or neither , the one who want to die or the one who want to live ,”Chithragupt said.
In Ragini’s ward,
Swara sat beside Ragini and looking at sky.
“Suryabhagavan, come soon. I should get my tears soon.”Swara said.
Slowly, Sun rays starts to occupy the place.
Swara started to posses the Ragini’s body.
Ragini(Swara) opened her eyes.
Ragini(Swara) walked towards the window and slowly touched it.
“I can touch it.”Ragini(Swara) wondered.
Ragini(Swara) accidentally see Ragini’s face in window glass reflection.
“I am sorry Ragini. But I promise I will take care of you and your relations when I possess your body. I won’t cause any problems to you while I try to achieve my goal “Ragini(Swara) said.
In Swara’s ward,
Kavitha is sleeping in the sofa while Sharmista took Shekar to home.
A man entered in Swara’s ward and walked towards Swara, hold her hands carefully and caressed her hand.

In Ragini’s ward,
Ragini(Swara) looked at her hand.
“why am I feeling that someone holding my hand?”Ragini(Swara) asked herself.
In Swara’s ward,
“I never thought that I would see you like this, Shona. You have to come back Shona atleast to bear my hatred.”The man said in a dry voice.
Kavitha woke up by hearing the sound.
“Laksh…”Kavitha spelled shockingly by seeing the man.
Laksh stood up , put coolers in his eyes and left the place.
In Ragini’s ward,
“Sanskar…”Ragini(Swara) spelled his name thrice.
Sanskar showed infront of her in sleeping suit with a sleepy face.
“why did you called me? I am having a good sleep .”Sanskar asked while yawning.
Ragini(Swara) smiled by seeing Sanskar’s look.
Sanskar saw himself and snapped his finger. His attire changed into three piece suit.
“how did you do that?”Ragini (Swara) popped her eyes in wonder.
“now tell me why did you called me?”Sanskar asked again.
“I felt someone hold my hands but no one hold my hand”Ragini(Swara) said.
Sanskar face changed into thinking face.
“hmm… then, Someone who loves or hates truly you most hold your hands. So, you felt that. Wait that means, someone truly loves you . you can get your first tear if you find them”Sanskar said anxiously.
Swara smiled but her smile faded by seeing Laksh at outside Hospital through window glass.
“I never thought he would come to see me.”Ragini(Swara) muttered.
“what?”Sanskar asked confusingly.
“ there is a person who hates me from his bottom of heart, Sanskar. I think that he paid a visit to me.”Ragini(Swara) said in a dry voice.
“what? Is there a person who can hate you that much?”Sanskar asked shockingly.
Ragini(Swara) nodded,” once My bestfriend, now my best enemy”Ragini(Swara) muttered.
“Ragini di, with whom you are speaking?”Uttara asked while entering the ward.
Sanskar vanished in air.

To be continued….

Please give me your reviews Friends and sissies either it positive or negative… see you soon…

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