Swaragini- Anokha Rishta (Episode 5)

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Recap: Swaragini meets Sanlak……….

Lucky was recalling how Ragini insulted him infrnt of all. He was fuming and was after seeking revenge on Swaragini.
Lucky: how dare is she? She always insults me infrnt of everyone. Tht too fr tht new coward. I’ve to teach her a lesson.
Lucky smirks by thinking something……

Rags: Swara, I’ll b in canteen. Inform me wen u get ur books frm library….
Swara nodes and heads towards the library.
Lucky saw her and followed her way.
Lucky: oh god!! Where did she disappear. Those two girls shud pay fr my insult.

Swara was searching some books. She goes to a rack and takes a book from tht. It was Lucky standing on the other side smiling at her.
Lucky: hi…beautiful…… I’m Lakshya….. My frndz call me Lucky.
Swara remembers Ragini telling abt him. She moves from there vthout responding.
Lucky: how dare is she move vthout talking to me? blo*dy attitude……. I know how to get it down…..
Lucky slowly takes his wallet out and transfers it into Swara’s bag vthout her knowledge….
Lucky starts screaming…..
Lucky: oh my god!!! I’ve lost my pusre. Someone has stolen it. I had some imprtnt cards inside and cash was also heavy. Plz handover it to me whoever has got it.
All gathers around him. Swara too comes over there not knowing wat was happening.
Librarian: don’t worry there r only few ppl over here. No one vl go out until v find it.
Lucky: but…..
Librarian: All of u, plz unpack all ur stuffs.
Everyone slowly comes towards him and handover their bags and belongings. Finally it was Swara’s turn. She too did the same. Librarian checks her bag and takes out the wallet in anger.
Swara was shell shocked looking at tht.
Swara: itz not mine….. I don’t know how….
Lucky: thank u so much mam….. Itz mine.
Librarian: aren’t u ashamed doing this being a girl?
Ragini came in search of Swara as she was taking more time. She too was shocked looking at her sobbing.
Swara: mam, I really don’t know how it came inside my bag…..
Librarian: stop ur drama. I’ll talk abt this to the principal and shall suspend u.
Swara was in tears completely she was begging her and was trying to prove her innocence. Rags saw lucky smirking at her and understood wat might hav happened.
Librarian: I don’t know who r ur parents. They shud b ashamed of giving birth to a girl like u. Now a days girls r acting behind their limits. Students like u shud not b given seats in any clg.
Swara was crying bitterly.
Lucky: mam, itz OK leave it. Itz my purse and I don’t mind wat all happened. Her life vl b spoilt.
He says making an innocent face.
He goes to Swara,
Lucky: mind this!!! From next time try not to do this, otherwise situation vl fall worse…
Librarian: wah!! Wat a boy!! Everyone shud learn this frm him.
Swara not being able to face such insult rushes outside crying badly. Rags was fuming in anger, she wanted to slap lucky, but felt tht Swara needs her more, she too goes behind her………

Swara was sitting behind a tree and was crying bitterly. She was blamed fr a theft whch she didn’t evn no.
Rags comes in search of her and finds her sobbing. She rushes to her.
Rags: Swara……
Swara hugs her immediately.
Swara: rags believe me. I don’t know anything. I don’t know how it came to my bag. Trust me Ragini…..
Rags: I know swara. I know u can’t evn think of doing tht. I know very well who is behind all these. Plz Swara, u calm down…..
Swara: how…… How can she blame me like tht? Y everyone blames me? Watz my mistake? She was right. My parents might b feeling ashamed of me. I don’t want this life. I want to go to my parents. This world is so bad. I don’t hav strength anymore to handle myself. I wanna die. At least then many ppl may stay happy.
Swara was crying bitterly. Rags had teats in her eyes listening to her. She kept quiet not knowing how to console her coz she had led a very happy life where she didn’t saw any shadow of sad moments.
Rags: Swara, plz don’t say like this. Those ppl are fools who r trying to just u. They r heartless ppl swara. Y r u crying fr them.
Rags sits behind swara and supports her by holding her arms……
Rags: Swara, look at tht sky. U know my mother used to tell tht out closed ones vl b watching us from there. Look at tht. U r not alone, ur parents r watching u. They know very well abtbtheir daughter and they r very proud of her who is very strong and struggling alone vth this world vthout anyone’s help. They r very happy fr u Swara. Their blessings r always vth u. Swara, I don’t make frndz very daily. But I don’t know y, the very first moment i saw u, I felt to make frndshp vth u. Now I came to know y, coz Swara u r a very pure hearted person. U r so sweet tht others r jealous of ur goodness. So they r trying to harm ur reputation. Don’t worry Swara, I know u well. I’m always vth u. B strong and don’t lose ur hopes. V all love u dear……

Rags wipes her tears. Swara looked at her lovingly, she was the one who showered love towards her.

They both share a hug having tears in their eyes…..

Episode ends vth Swaragini’s embrace…….

Precap: Swaragini and Ragsan……..

Guyz howz it? Tell me on my face of u feel it uninteresting. I’ll try to modify my plot. Love u all.

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