Swaragini- Anokha rishta (Episode 4)

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Recap: swara saves Ragini……..

Next morning………
@ hostel…..
Swara gets ready vth a simple yellow top and blue long skirt. She hates make up. So she just made a pony. She was simply beautiful……
She comes out of her room.
Swara: good morning mam…
Warden: itz 3 days more swara. Pay ur rent or just start packing ur stuffs.
Swara: mam, plz try to understand how can I get 50,000 rs. all at once. Plz give sometime. I’m unable to get a job. Plz show some mercy…..
Warden: thtz ur prblm chori. I’m not running this hostel fr free. Pay ur amount and enjoy, don’t try ur tears on me, I’ve seen a lot more girls like u.
Swara feels helpless. She tried everywhere to adjust the amount. She was studying vth lot more difficulty. She didn’t had any option.
She came out. She was crying. Her eyes were red. She heard a voice……
Rags: hai……
Swara soon turned aside and wiped her tears. She didn’t like to show thm to the world.
Swara: Ragini….. Y r u here? I mean, sterday u met vth an accident. U still look weak.
Rags: oh yar!! Plz stop it. Everyone in the home r saying the same lecture. I don’t like to stick at a place. I just cudnt stop myself from going out. So in here. I’ll drop u to clg…. Common….
Swara: itz OK. I….
Rags: I know u vl manage. I don’t want any excuses. I’ll drop u and pick u up daily from today. Uh uh…. I don’t like to hear no from u this time……

Swara just gave her a smile and sits on her scooty……
Rags had a small bandage on her forehead. She was still not yet recovered cmpltly.

Lucky: bhaai….. Wat was the need? Y r u coming vth me? Am I a kid?
Sanky: shut up!!! Ur car is damaged. I can’t hand over my car to you, I know very vl how it shall return by evng.
Lucky: oh!!!! so u r more concerned abt ur car than me….
Sanky: oh yes of coarse……
They both share a laugh.

Finally Swaragsanlak reaches the clg…….
Sanlak gets down from the car and bids bye to each other……
Swarag were coming towards thm and rags feels somewhat dizzy, she holds her head and was abt to fall while a strong arms hold her…….
Rags was closing her eyes vthr fear. She slowly opens her eyes and was moved out by seeing a charming and handsome guy infrnt of her. It was our Sanskar!!!!!
Sanskar: r u OK?
Rags was completely lost in him. She didn’t want to depart from his arms…..
Swara: Ragini…….
They both composed themselves.
Rags: thank u…
Sanky: thtz OK. B careful…
Saying this sanky steps inside his car. Rags was looking at his car till it moved away from her sight.
Swara: ragini….. R u OK? I think u r still weak.
Rags: my weakness gave me tht strength….
Swara: wat?
Rags: no…. Nothing.
Swara: now come vth me.

She takes her to a bench and makes her to sit. Swara takes something out of her bag…..
Rags: Swara, wat is this?
Swara: plz open ur mouth. I too hav this tablet whenever I feel weak.
Rags: oh noo plz..
Swara forcefully makes her eat tht tablet. Rags makes faces fr tht taste.
Rags: vl u carry whole medical shop in ur bag?
Swara gives a smile and helps her to get up.
Rags: I’m sorry, Swara. Yesterday u told abt ur parents…….
Swara: no, don’t b. Itz OK. Itz my fate…..
She gives a fake smile while rags looks into her eyes and tries to feel her pain. She hugs her suddenly.
Rags: don’t feel sad. U hav saved my life. If u need anything, anytime u can come to me. I’ll always b there fr u.
Swara nodes happily and they both heads towards their class.

On the other side Lucky was busy vth his frndz flirting vth his frndz.
Lucky: where is tht devil? I cannot see her today.
Omi: ragini? I heard sterday she met vth some accident.
Lucky: oh!! So sad. I pity. But thank god I may get rid of her fights today.
He starts laughing. He feels something strange and turns around. He sees a group of boys surrounding a girl. He cudnt see her face. He goes to look wat was going on…..

Boy1: hey beautiful, watz ur name?
Swara was looking around fr Ragini. But she cudnt find her anywhere.
Boy2: oh common!!! V r ur seniors. Tht doesn’t mean u shud b scared. Now common baby, give me a hug.

Swara gets frightened and was crying and everyone starts laughing looking at her.
Lucky slowly tried to move inside the crowd. He felt disgusted and was abt to go back. Just then he finds the view of a girl. He moves closer. He discloses the view. He was just mesmorized by her beauty. He was staring him continuously. He cudnt take her eyes off from her. Swara notices him and feels uncomfortable vth his looks.

Lucky moves towards her while swara was trying to escape from there. She was damn scared. Lucky moves his hand towards her suddenly someone holds it…….. It turned out to b Rags…..
Lucky: wat the hell? Leave my hand.
Rags: don’t u dare to show ur cheap tricks on her. Stay away.
Lucky: wat rubbish!! Itz none of ur business.
Rags: look, Lakshya. She is my frnd. I don’t spare anyone if u try to harm her. Mind it.
She warns him vth her forefinger and took Swara vth her.
Lucky eyes her angrily.
Lucky: Every time, u come in my way. Not fair Ragini!!!!! I’ve to teach u a lesson……..

Swara hugs Rags and starts crying. Rags tries her best to console her.
Rags: Plz swara, calm down. If u  fall weak like ppl try to take advantage of u. B strong and bold.
Swara: I can’t. I don’t hav such strength in me. I hate this clg. I just hate my life…….
Rags takes her face into her palms and wipes her tears.
Rags: These ppl r like this. I’ll handle them. U r feeling difficult as u r new. Initially I too was like u. Now look at me. I can handle each of them on my own. Don’t worry , I’m always vth u. B strong dear.
Rags hugs her. Swara feels somewhat relieved vth her.

Screen freezes on Swaragini.

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