Swaragini- Anokha rishta (Episode 3)

Guyz thank u all fr ur valuable comments it means a lot to me. And the pairs are final. Itz SWALAK and RAGSAN. Sorry fr swasan and raglak fans. But, each of them vl b given equal importance in this ff. But I wanna focus more on Swaragini bonding. So plz keep commenting.

Precap: Swaragini meets each other…..

@ clg..
Swara comes out of her class. She gets thinking abt her hostel fee. She again bumps vth Ragini.
Rags: oopz! Dear I think u hate me.
Swara: wat? Y r u think like tht? Itz nothing…
Rags: then y vl u always bump vth me. First vth my car and now vth me.
Swara: I’m sorry.
Rags: chill yar!! I was just kidding. Come letz hav lunch. All r waiting fr u.
Swara: fr me? Itz OK. U guyz carry on.

Rags: Look Swara, I know v ppl r strange. In fact too weird. U may feel tht v r bad as thus is our first meet. But feel free. Itz all common over here. U knw wat, I was Aldo same as u r wen I stepped here. But now, this clg changed us a lot. Don’t worry, u r now my frnd. Right?
Swara gives her a smile. They both move towards the canteen.
Swara was sitting g quiet listening to their talks. Rags observes her.
Rags: Swara, r u OK? I think u r still nervous. Any prblm? U can share vth us.
Swara: no.. Nothing. Thanks…
Rags: oh!!! Thanks n all huh!! I don’t need. From now no formalities.
Swara nodes. They all spend some quality time and depart from there bidding bye to each other.
Rags: Swara, tell me ur home, I’ll drop u.
Swara: itz OK. I hav some work. I’ll go by myself.
Rags bids her bye…..

Swara didn’t want to go to tht jail. She knew her warden vl scold her as she didn’t pay the rent yet. Just then she hears a sound.
It was Ragini’s car. It has crashed vth a tree. Swara rushed towards the car. She looks inside. Rags was unconscious. Blood was oozing out from her head.
Swara: Ragini…. Ragini. Wake up. R u alright?
She looked around fr help. But no one came forward to help her. Swara was continuously asking ppl over there to help her. Finally she gets successful in blocking an auto and rushes to the hospital.
Ragini gets admitted. Swara didn’t know wat to do. She takes up Ragini’s phn and calls to a nmbr saved as “dad”.

Shekar: hello princess…. How was ur day?
Swara: uncle. My name is Swara. I’m her frnd. Uncle can u plz come to sunshine hospital?
Shekar: hospital? Watz the matter beta?
Swara explains him everything in a brief. She ends the call and was waiting fr thm.
Shekar, sumi, Dada, dadi, rohan(Rags brthr as I’ve informed before) rushes towards thm.
Shekar: oh god! Where shall b my child? Uhh… Swara??
Swara: yes uncle, itz me. Plz don’t worry. Ragini is fine. Just now doctor came and informed abt tht.
Shekar: Thank u beta. Where is she?
Swara points out at the ward. All rushes inside.
Sumi: Ragu…. Wat has happened to u? How did all these happen? Doctor, shez fine na?
Doctor: no need to worry. Tht girl brought her here on time. If not, she wud hav lost blood and the case wud hav get critical. Thank her tht, it all ended vth a small injury.
Sumi and dadi starts crying…

Rags: common paru…. I hate tears re….. Now me my Hitler look.
Dadi: shut up!! Every time masti. Now tame rest or else I shall truely become a Hitler.
Rags smiles at her.
Shekar: doctor, wen shall v take her back?
Dr: shez absolutely fine. In fact u can discharge thm now.
Rohan: oh shit!! I thought at least fr a day I can get rid of this devil. But I think god has cursed me to suffer vth u.
Rags: ooo really!!! I’ll show u wat a devil can do vth u.
She tries to get up but cudnt due to weakness….
Rohan: hahahaha….. First try to handle urself.
Rags: very funny.

Swara comes inside.
Swara: how r u feeling ragini?
Rags: superb…. In fact I’m happy tht alteast fr few days I’ll get VIP treatment. I shall make this fool work on my orders.
Rohan: oye…. I’m not gonna do whatever u say.
Rags: papa….
Rohan: shut up meri maa!!! Much bhi kahun toh shuru ho jathi ho…. Papaaaaa
Rags makes her tongue out, while Swara was enjoying their nok jhok.

Finally Rags gets discharged and gets back to her home. Swara went to leave Rags at her home due to her insistance.

@ Ragini’s room
All were staring at Ragini surrounding her. Sumi goes to Swara.
Sumi: I’m sorry beta. I cudnt talk to u well as I was worried. Thanks a lot fr saving her. In fact u hav saved all of us.
Swara: aunty plz. Itz OK. She is my frnd. Itz my duty.
Sumi blessed her.
Sumi: she has never introduced u before.
Rags: she is a new commercial mom.
Dadi: where do u live beti? Who r ur parents?

Swara gets sad. Her eyes were filled.
Swara: actually, I am staging in hostel. My parents….. hav left me alone in this world.
All were touched by tht.
Dadi goes to her.
Dadi: u r not alone beti. V all r vth u. More than us, this shaitan is vth u.
Swara: thank u. Actually, I hav to leave. I’m getting late fr hostel.
Sumi: plz hav something…
Swara: itz OK aunty. Tq….
She goes to Rags and asks her to take care.
She moves from there and looks back…
Swara(herself): kaash!! I too had a family like this.
She rubbed her tears and hides it in her heart…….

Precap: swaragini meet Sanlak….

Guyz I know todayz episode might b boring. But this was necessary fr my plot. I promise u from next episode I’ll try not to make u guyz loose ur interest. Sorry again. Plz comment fr this. Plz plz plz. Love u all.

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