Swaragini An Angel is my love (If winter comes, can spring be far behind?) Episode 12


I’m not gonna take the spring ’cause the spring don’t mean a thing.
I’m not gonna take the winter ’cause my winter is a splinter.
I’m not gonna take the summer — summer is such a bummer.
But I am taking the fall ’cause if I ain’t got you I got nothing at all.

Here comes the spring. The season of love, the blossom of fragile flowers. Unfettered by responsibilities, an innocent love flourished & mingled like destined to entwine together.
In summer, some vital parts of his relationship withered away. Like the havoc of sand dunes in the barren desert land, outside battles panged his sweet innocent love & bursted the intensity of his charismatic love bubble.
Now the fall started with the arrival of winter. His hopes were scattered like the gold, crimson leaves shed during winter on the chilling earth bed. He lost the desire to live with out his love. But there is something else written in his future. The direction of storm has changed. The mist in love, the envy of darkness & chill of hatred have changed to a ray of hope. Although he lost everything in this season, but the fact can’t be overlooked that it’s the season when seeds are sown, the seeds of love..
How comparable is his passage of live with the altering seasons? What stayed unsaid is,”If winter comes, can spring be far behind?”

A sudden sound of horn has distracted his thoughts. For the first time, he is not driving the car. Yesterday’s nightmare has made an adobe of fear in his heart. He was trembling when he held the steering of the car while returning from office.
Driver: sir, we reached MM.
Sanskar: yes, you park the car & send the keys.
He hastens to his room. Swara is all set for sanskar. Just when he opens the door, he finds an angel is sitting on the bed & waiting for his prince charming. She has worn a blue gown which has presented by him with open straight hairs & curls in bottom lines. He is spellbound at her beauty & stares glances of her as the way she has managed to handle cuteness & grace like a diva.
Swara: why are you standing at the doorstep??
Sanskar(coming to his senses): how can you manage to look so pretty today? Is anything special? (In a teasing tone)
Swara(shyish tone): I don’t know. For me I am looking as usual.
Sanskar: then what is the reason for the glow in your face?
Swara: (thinking) may be your surprise.
Sanskar: (a bit worried) nods & goes to washroom to freshen up. I don’t know about the surprise swara, whether you will like it or not. But today I am going to reveal my past to you. Can my second love be succeeded?
Both leave MM after taking blessing of elders & waving good bye.
Sanskar opens the door of car for swara. Swara enters the car by reciprocating his curtsey.
There is complete silence in the car. Swara is excited to know her surprise though in heart she wants sanskar to tell her about the caller.
Sanskar is happy to find swara next to her but a bit hesitant that can swara accept him the way he ‘WAS’?(mind you its in past)
Breaking the silence swara utters,”where are we going, sanskar?”
Sanskar: it’s a surprise shona.
Swara after hearing this same statement again, doesn’t want to spoil his surprise & remains quite without asking further questions & only feels the shooting cool winter breeze. Sanskar is taking glaces of her through out the way for their destination.

The car halts near a dark, calm place.
Swara: sanskar, why do you stop the car?
Sanskar: we have reached the destination shona.
Swara opens the door of the car & finds an apartment there. Sanskar parks the car & joins her. They move towards the apartment & go to lift. Sanskar presses the button of 6th floor inside the lift. Swara is confused as she has no idea what’s going on.. They both reach near 6th floor & sanskar accompanies her to room no- 69. Swara just follows him & eagers to know about her surprise.
Swara takes an bird’s eye view through out the room. She is speechless to view the serein atmosphere of the room. Everything is placed in order. In front of the main door, a cabinet is present where many awards are situated. On curiosity swara asks,”Whose flat is this, sanskar?”
Sanskar replies ‘mine’.
Swara: You have never told me anything about it? How many secrets do you have?
Sanskar: I will clear all the doubts popping up in your mind today. Before that can I ask for your help?(worried tone), I know tomorrow is your birthday but to make it lively, I desperately want your support.
Swara: What is the matter sanskar? I am observing you from quite few days. You are disturbed, distracted.. You can share with me. I promise to be with you in every thick & thin of your life.

Sanskar(a bit relieved) : I want your help to pack certain things. As alone I am unable to do it.
Swara: sanskar, look at me!! Please tell me everything. So that I can help you in a better way.
Sanskar: (suddenly) Tomorrow is the day when she left me forever before 5 years.
Swara: (shocked) who?? Kavita??
Sanskar(teary eyes): Yes swara, she left leaving me all alone in this cruel world & look at my fate!! Tomorrow is your birthday. I don’t know to feel happy or sad.
Swara(a bit hurt): You loved her so much sanskar.
Sanskar: Yes, I love her a lot now as well. After completion of 5 years also I am unable to forget her. Please help me to be out of her thoughts & scatters on the sofa.
Swara(with a deep pain) thinks my husband still loves her a lot & he wants me to get rid of her thoughts. Why god? Is it the surprise you have planned for me?
Swara:(with a painful heart) sanskar! Please don’t cry. You have helped me a lot in my life. I will help you for sure.
Sanskar(shocked) & thinks,’Is it like give & take?’ As I helped her earlier, she is going to help me now. But there is no love.
Sanskar: (looking at swara) Are you upset with me?
Swara(hesitantly): no sanskar, tell me what we have to do now?
Sanskar takes her to the bedroom. It is fixed with automatic lock system. When swara enters the room, she is astonished to find the room is full of his & kavita’s photos.
Sanskar: I need your help to unframe these photographs.
Swara thinks why are you taking my test god? How can I bear his love for Kavita now as she was his past but reluctantly agrees.
Swara: OK, then we will take out the photo frames all together & keep it in storeroom.

Sanskar: No swara, I just want to remove those photos not the frames as they are very heavy.
Swara is still doubtful with his words & asks, “why do you want those frames sanskar, please tell me honestly.”
Sanskar: you get me right swara. I want to create new memories of us with them.
Swara after many hours smiles a bit like ages have past when she has smiled before.
Swara helps him in unframing the photographs & just then her sight catches a number, that resembles his room number 69.
Swara: sanskar, is there any uniqueness in number 69?
Sanskar: (shocked) why are you asking this?
Swara: as you can see, kavita is wearing a ring in this photo having the same number.
Sanskar: swara, its because 69 was having a deep meaning to her then.look at the numbers individually then look at them simultaneously. They are just opposite to each other. Like if you rotate number 6, you will find number 9 & finally if you joint them then they form a complete circle, like compatible to each other, like mingle in unison. For her, we both are opposite in nature but not different, rather one.
Swara bursts in tears after listening this intense love of sanskar.
Sanskar knows he is going to loose swara now as she doesn’t want to be her second love as he is still not over from his past. But her case is totally different. She loves only him & has totally forgotten her past.BG plays

‘Hey Humnava mujhe apna bana le
Sookhi padi dil ki iss zameen ko bhiga de
hmm.. hoon akela, zara haath badha de
Sookhi padi dil ki iss zameen ko bhiga de
Kab se main dar dar phir raha
Musaafir dil ko panaah de
Tu awaargi ko meri aaj thehra de
Ho sake toh thoda pyaar jataa de
Sookhi padi iss dil ki zameen ko bhiga de.’

Sanskar: I am sorry swara. I made you cry. This is the fear I have from a few days. When you will come to know that still I am unable to forget kavita how will you respond? Look I have lost you again. The protector & saviour of yours, now is a cause of your pain. But trust me swara, I love you & please be with me to take me out of this darkness & undesired nightmares. I don’t want to loose you & pats her back to make her stop crying.
Swara is still sobbing and throws her arms around his waist & rests her face against his heart & pulls him more closer…

Swara: sanskar please don’t tell sorry. As I am sorry for my behaviour. I have become selfish for sometime. I am surprised to know this side of yours. How can a person be so deep in love that he can spend his life with only her memories? You know i have never loved laksh like this. Still I am in doubt that am I able to give you the same love that you deserve?
Sanskar hugs her tight & wipes her tears & puts a finger on her lips & says,”don’t say like this shona! You love me much more than you think.” You have given a life to this lifeless flesh. This second life of mine totally belongs to you. I want to be honest with you to proceed this relationship further. So, I open up my heart before you.
Then the much needed 3 magical words at that moment comes from her mouth, “I love you sanskar” I accept you as you WERE. I am not also flawless. I just want to be with you to love you, to care for you in which way you come to my life. Sanskar understands this winter will not be cruel on him, rather will bring spring in his life. BG plays

“Tere aane par jaana maine
Kahin na kahin zinda hoon main
Jeene lagaa hoon main ab ye fizaayein
Chehre ko chhooti hawaayein”

Swara now pulls out her from his embrace & asks him,”what more are left sanskar?”
Sanskar takes her to the guest room & opens up the drawer. There are too many love letters, cards & gifts present. Swara picks them one by one & sanskar narrates the story behind them. Just then swara finds a drawer half open & asks the cause of it.
Sanskar: Actually it was the day when she left me forever. The photo present inside the drawer was her last clicked pic in bridal attire. I never opened the drawer fully as it reminded me the fact that she was no more & unable to close it as I thought my family was her killer. Until & unless my revenge would be completed I vowed not to close the drawer. But as the vengeance is burnt to ashes now & you are my life at present, please take out the photo graph & close the drawer, swara.

A few drops of tears fall down from her cheek into his palms & he pulls her into his arms to give her solace. With in a couple of hours, the structure of the rooms are changed. All the photos are unframed, gifts, cards are stacked in cartoons & are kept in store room.

After such hectic hours, they both are relaxing on the sofa. Sanskar folds his knee, rests it on his another leg & places his arm on the back edge of sofa. While she is sitting on his bent knees & he is holding her waist from the back in a circular fashion. He drops his chin on her shoulder & she rests her head against his face & feeling each others embrace. Just then his phone starts ringing & swara looks at the clock showing 11:30pm. Sanskar goes to pick up the call & with in few seconds returns to her.
Swara: who is it on call? (Hoping that sanskar will tell truth now)
Sanskara: shona! Come, I want you to meet someone who has called me now.
Swara: (thinks) At this late hour who has come here.
Just then the door bell of the flat rings & sanskar opens the door & swara finds a beautiful lady standing in front of the door.
Sanskar hugs that girl & turns to swara.
Sanskar: shona!! Meet…

The girl interrupts his introduction & says, “you must be swara right!! He always talked about you when ever I called him.” Happy to meet you swara & extends her hand to wave a formal hello.
Swara(in shock & hesitantly) reciprocates her hello & says,” I am swara & you?”
Girl: I am sanskar’s darling..
Listening this, like the floor under swara’s leg has carried away as this is the same word she had seen in sanskar’s caller ID ..’DARLING’ on that day.

Guys, I have a serious doubt that you all will like it this episode or not.. As I have written it hurriedly.. The episode is bit lengthy as well.. Feel free to criticize if you don’t like it.

Credit to: Kashis

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