Swaragini An Angel is my love (The Unforeseen Futures) Episode 10


The room is a total mess. Everything is scattered here & there. It’s now getting on his nerves. How can he be so careless? The bare minimum necessities, now he is unable to figure out. He knows with his one call everything can be sorted out but his ego pulls him back to make that move. Is her presence so badly required? Can’t I even proceed my life without her? Poor fellow, still searching for his wallet, watch & handkerchief… Hurray!! He finds out all those things on the corner of lower part of the shelf. What a victory?? Seems like he comes from a war & surrenders all his enemies.. It’s already 9 AM & he is hurried to get prepared for office. He moves in front of the mirror & starts combing his hairs & talks to himself..’ Look, Laksh Maheswari can never be defeated. I found out all those stuffs.’

But his mirage laughs at him…’Look, clearly Mr.Laksh Maheswari, this is not victory but a symbol of failure. Look back.. If for searching these 3 things you took half an hour then think about life, when you will need to take many important decisions. Then how much more time you will require? Take a bird’s eye view through out your room. You have changed the structure of the room upside down. Now you have to clean the mess & again you will be late for office. By laughing his mirage vanishes. Again he is standing on the middle of the road.. Between two extremes. Still confused about his thoughts. Restlessness is like a part & parcel of his life. The same question again beats in his eardrum,” have I really taken her for granted?” Did I really hurt her? But alas! He can only hear the echo of his questions.

‘I’m only human
Sometimes I make mistakes
If you forgive me
I’m gonna do what it takes
But now I know better
To hurt you was wrong
Girl’s it’s with you I belong’

All have already gathered in the dining room & occupied there respective seats. But she is still standing near the corner of the kitchen wall. Unable to move further as she doesn’t want to create another rift during morning hour.

DP: all have come.. Swara, Parineeta beta start serving breakfast.
But the eyes of AP are searching someone else.. Why she has not come yet? She thinks & then makes an excuse to go to kitchen to take some spices.. She foresees her standing there & sobbing like she is genuinely missing her family.

AP: Ragini, why are you standing here? Come, join us on breakfast.
Ragini: no maa!! You all eat.. I am not hungry & will eat after sometimes. Also maa, everyone is in happy mood now. After seeing me there, they all will be furious. So maa, you go. Don’t worry about me..

AP now looks at her angrily & instructs her like she is commanding her to come, not requesting her. Like a obedient student, she complies & follows her.
When they reach near dining area, everybody gives a cold eye stare to her. She notices this but continues a fake smile on her face to hide the bitter truth of being left alone.
Laksh notices this, feels guilty, wants to comfort her but doesn’t find the courage in front of family. He steps back.

All most everybody has finished their breakfast & about to leave, when she interrupts,
‘Papa’ she utters. This has broken the much prevalent silence of the room.
‘Han, ragini’ DP gives an acrid reply.

Ragini: ‘Papa, I want to ask your permission to do something.’
Sujata murmurs oh! You want permission now.. Look na jiji, how obediency she is portraying now? As if all work she had done earlier by taking bhaisa’s permission.
AP stops her from saying further by indicating a shh voice.
DP: continue ragini.

Ragini: papa, as all of us knew that I am a mere guest in MM now only for 3 months. The court proceedings can’t be started prior to that, due to date issues. So, I have to stay here.
DP: ragini, what do you want? Tell clearly. Don’t beat around the bush. All are already late for office.

Ragini: papa I stay back here as I can’t go back to badi. I don’t want my parents to face humiliation because of my deeds & I am not divorced yet. So I am staying here in MM now. But what will happen to me after 3 months?
DP: Are you trying to say that we are responsible for your very condition?
Ragini: No papa, I accepted my mistakes heartily & ready for repercussions. In no way you all are responsible. But I just want to be self dependent. This is the way I can control myself after departing from this family.

DP: oh!! I see.. Then what do you want from me to achieve your goal?
Ragini: just a permission. To allow me to do a job in school as music teacher.
DP: (angrily) do you know what are you asking for? You know the tradition of maheswari house. Their daughter in laws never go out to work.

Ragini: papa sorry to make you angry. But the ragini present here in front of you is neither gadodia nor maheswari. She is just ragini without surname( she utters politely)
DP: but you are maheswari now. You are not divorced yet.

Ragini: when I left badi, I left my maiden name.. Accepted maheswari. But after the revelation of truth we all fall apart. I am just legally bound but from heart I have gone far away from MM.I don’t want any surname further to be associated with my name to bring bad reputation to family.also don’t want to be a burden on you without having any cordial relationship.papa, I want to nourish my strength, to become confident, to face the difficulties of life, to be out of cocoon, to confront all the challenges with an open smile in my face & with a single name ‘RAGINI’ only.

DP is astonished. How come this girl has so much potential to logically prove her decisions & also being generous with talks. The hatred for ragini though present in his heart but is gradually tapering.

DP: OK, you have my permission. But still you are legally bound to this family, don’t let happen anything which will make our head bow down.
Ragini(with satisfaction): thank you papa & goes near to take blessings.
DP(though hesitant): just puts his hand on her head & leaves for office.

‘I’m searching through emptiness
And try to forget us in vain
The light of the dark setting sun
Will bring my sadness to an end.’

Sujata is surprised with the decision of DP. AP is happy. Swara is confused to believe this shade of ragini.
Laksh is in deep pain.. Why is it affecting him? It is exactly what he wanted before.. Then why is he saddened now when she revealed her as only ‘Ragini’ without any surname. Is it so that he lost his authority over her? So that’s why he is in deep pain.. Or matter is anything else.. Too much twisting strings are rotated in his heart.

The wind direction is changing. He can sense it. Is it the growing silence before the upcoming thunderstorm? The revolving wind direction wants to make everybody its pawn. It’s like the eye of the storm. The distant viewer can only notice the calmness but the central witness can judge the brewing thunder. This can wreak everything which comes in its path, even the creator as well. He is afraid to face the future. The genuine three relations of his life have gone out of track.. His brother hates him from core. His partner in crime, evil ragini is changing now but being left alone & his up most priority, his love shona!! How she will react to the situation when she will come to know….??? & a voice interrupts his thoughts.
‘Sanskar where are you?’ Look what I have brought for you? Swara comes running inside their room.

‘Swara. Just slow down your speed. Otherwise you will fall down’ comes his reply.
When you are with me then nothing can happen to me, a smiling swara replies him.
Sanskar: OK! OK! What you have made for me??
Swara: your favourite gajar ka halwa & black coffee.
Swara: wah!! Swara.. I am lucky to have you in my life. At least I can eat delicious home made food items.
Swara: oh!! Mr. Bossy.. You are lucky because I am in your life or because of these tasty food items.. Like you will give me orders & I will follow your instructions.
Sanskar(in a teasing tone): let me think!! Probably the second one.
Swara: you! Sanskar! I will not leave you now. I will eat all of them & nothing will be left for you.

Sanskar: don’t eat swara. Actually you have gained so much weight. When I lifted you to bed last night, I felt the pain in my back because of your weight.
Swara: sanskar, you are gone now.. I am overweight, that’s you are trying to say… Right??
Sanskar: yes! Are you deaf? Should I repeat it?
& they start running around the room. The chasing game begins. Swara is unable to catch him. So she acts like she gets hit due to furniture.
Swara: aauchh!!

Sanskar: swara, what happened? & hurried rushes to her.
Swara: it is hurting sanskar( indicating to her leg )
Sanskar comes near her. Lifts her leg from ground & indicates his finger on her leg to mark the point of hurt.
Swara bursts out in laughter & sanskar comes to know that she is fooling him all along. He holds her tightly looks at her intensely.
Swara: why are you looking at me like this? I am sorry. Don’t scare me..
Sanskar(overwhelmed by her beauty & innocence) comes close to her & shifts her hairs behind her left ear. There is hardly any distance between them. She feels a constant shivering through her body & closes her eyes to sense it as she knows what is going to happen in next moment. Suddenly the phone ring disturbs them.

She opens her eyes & sanskar leaves her to attand the call. As the phone is placed on the table, she can only see the caller ID.. She is unable to believe what has she seen? The scene freezes on her face.

Precap: what is sanskar hiding from swara? What swara has seen? Will laksh accept ragini or let her go? How ragini will face the upcoming challenges?

Thanks guys for all your support.. If you want to give any suggestions feel free to share & comment , critisize what ever you want…

Credit to: Kashis

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  1. I feel sorry for ragini
    I think she shiuld be away from lucky gor dome time then only he understands

    1. thanks Sindhu.. ur suggestion is granted..

  2. nice episode

    1. thanks lucky…

  3. Kashis agian u did it dear..
    Whole episode is awesome,fabulous..
    Ragini part is superb…and felt very happy for raglak feelings..and felt bad for swara (precap).waiting to know whose is that???

    1. you will know it soon dear.. thanks leku for liking raglak part

    2. don’t feel bad for swara , dear.. as sanskar is loving her from core , he will mend her & tame her… well let’s see what future will bring for them… thanks for getting involved in my ff..

      1. Yeah we will..continue ur flow…and ur mechanical student right then u ll be such a naughty sorry ( just kidding) don’t mind

      2. I m unable to get u.. what is the relationship with mechanical branch & being naughty?? can u clarify that??

      3. Oh actually in ma colg mechanical branch student will rock( in cultural events,sports etc) majority boys strength is more 3 or 4 girls only they bunk classes often..they r al very naughty but still they rock in their sem exams so no one wil questions them ( my colg is nt strict) even we ll jump colg compound..?

      4. Being mechanical student I mean naughtiness as they will very bold infront al faculty,disobey them coz my mech frnds many r like that..

    3. oh!! now I get u leku.. u r true.. I don’t mind.. in our branch 16 girls out of 140 boys.. we do classes. don’t often bunk as if u will not get 75% of attendance then their will b a huge fine and we don’t wanna afford that.. and yup we r best in studies as well as cultural fest.. coming to disobeying lectures, it depends dear.. if that faculty teaches good then we respect them otherwise we disobey if the person is not doing his duty properly.. specially those take money during seminars, we hate them most.. by the way your full name??

      1. Oh great and 140 strength omg…..and mera naam lekah…then i finished electrical n electronics eng…just my class strength was 60 boys n 10 girls..faculty cant tolerate 60 boys itself..but ur faculty members r really great..

    4. no no dear… u r divided in 2 sections.. 70 each.. 8 girls from each section… they can’t also bear 70 guys.. too.. u know all btechs are of same category.

  4. Khaaaaash..ragini would have changed good like this in real show also…but it wilnt happen at al… Anyway amazing ff yaar… N Wats the new prob btwn swasan???kavitha???

    1. I think this is the first time I am seeing ur comment bhuvi.. thanks for that.. that is not kavita for sure.. but who is she/he ? come back again to know…

  5. Hey kashis….how r u dear…..fabulous episode yar….and plz make more swasan scenes…..sorry yar I was unable to comment yesterday….but overall ur ff and every episode r just fab

    1. thanks ayesha.. I know ur exams are going on.. still u r studying my ff so I feel honoured… next part full focus on swasan sweety!! I hope u will like it…

      1. Thanks for giving me so much respect…u are the best person I has ever chat with…love u dear u r just like my sis…and hope u will update soon……and wish me luck for my papers..now only two papers are left

      2. dear ayesha , please scroll down the page.. I have already wished u luck.. just stay calm in the exam dear.. its more imp. battle is not difficult if u enjoy the process itself.. do enjoy this studying process; and definitely ball is on ur court.. hope u do well and meet u soon in my next part of ff..

      3. Yar plz update soon…..I can’t wait now….plz plz update soon

    2. hi ayesha , its on the way.. I m writing now.. u will get it soon.. by the way how is ur preparation going on for exams??

      1. The preparation is going well and I am happy that it will end soon and i will be free but I am sad that after 9 december for about 3 months I wont be able to read ur ff or be part of u guys bcz I am going yo my village..

    3. why 3 months ayesha?? is winter vacation too long?? we merely get 15 days.. anyways come soon.. I will miss u sis..

  6. your suggestion will be granted.

  7. Hey Kashis! May I repeat dear? I love you and your ff! Yar this is soooo deep, specially lucky part and ragini decision is best! I love strong girls! And I also curious about Sanskar’s behave, I hope everything gonna be ok! I don’t know about the real track but really I’ve made relationship with these four characters, specially swasan and most specially with sanskar, not just because of his cute look but his nature of character! And your ff really made me emotional! My heart is replete with emotions when I read your ff(pagli rulae gi kya?) hahaha! Well ill not saying that im waiting for your next part because you’ve to upload next part soon because there’s lots of fans are waitin for you but personally I consider you as friend! And yeah Kashis! Can you tell me what do you do? Study or something else! And one more thing dear, you should write professionally, you’ll beat all the writers of India definitely

    1. well saba!! I m studying btech(mechanical).. thanks for ur comment.. the way u elaborated all the happenings, now i must say(ab rulayegi kya).. the honour u gave me its a bit more for me to digest.. but I will consider this in my future..

    2. Hey dear!! You always welcome! And dont need to say thanks and please rona mat dear!!! Warna main bhi ro dungi! Pahle hi tumhara ff koi kasar nahi chorta rulane main! Well always be happy dear

      1. hi !! well we need to hold our tears.. tumhari ff hai na path from hate to love… usme bahut hi Rona h boss.. so we need to save our precious pearls of tears to cry there… stay blessed & be happy always… do visit India any day to meet me & also to complete ur incomplete story ‘how her destiny changed’ may be u will get a nice thought to complete that…

    3. Hahaha!! I bet your thought will change regarding sanskar when you read about his past! And yeah sure ill visit In Shaa Allah to meet you! And after I got motivation from all of you guys! So I thought I should complete all of my stories and path hate to love is also from my story(Urdu name is “syah”) syah means black. Well maybe isi bahane main yeh story complete kar lun! And thanks dear! I’m glad to find friend like you, stay blessed!

      1. me too! I m too blessed to get u…’ syah ‘ your story which u have started writing, can u give it to me to study… as I m eager to read it and why don’t u publish that book like from a book publication venture?? now you are doing ur masters?? right!! in which year u r??

    4. You can’t read it because its in Urdu! And as usual incomplete! But I think I should complete it after my exams! I’m in previous year, but my real aim to study psychology but because of some problem I couldn’t admission in that subject! Yeah Kashis! I’ll write book In Shaa Allah in future but my English isn’t suitable to write a book! Well thanks alot dear
      But I complete this story in my ff(path hate to love) with the referring of swasan
      Well love you dear and stay blessed

      1. Saba can u Tel that full name of that book???

    5. Which book leku? And where is your ff Kashis? I’m waiting

      1. dear saba!! its already uploaded.. I have also read I m urs and made comment… next ff I will make comment on last(hate to love)… ha! ha! ha!

  8. mysterious type

    1. hi akku, can u plz explain me what do u mean by mysterious type?? do u hint towards sanskar or anything else??

  9. and all the best for exam ayesha.. I hope u will pass in flying colours.. don’t be stressed during exam.. be calm and right what u have studied… my best wishes r with u

  10. mysterious type..

    1. I can’t get your comment akku?? are u telling about the whole ff or sanskar’s character..

  11. ohh..kashis it was just superb yar.. I loved this shade of ragini yar.. lucky is realising his mistakes and ragini’s importance in his life.. from ur words I can genuinely feel the pain and expression of each person.. and Buddy u r creating suspense now.. I am very excited and eagerly waiting to know about each precap ans..very well done dear..

    1. thanks niti.. hold your nerves tight.. u will know the suspense and its answer soon…

  12. as always u rocked …….update soon , waiting for next part ,very excited

    1. thanks akshitha…. will update soon dear…

  13. Superb yaar.again raglak part awesome. Is this any new twist waiting for swasan.

    1. thanks sethooy. u will get to know soon & I think u will appreciate it..

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    1. thanks rupshika…. happy to hear from u again in my next part..

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  16. nice epi

    1. thanks nive. I think first time I am seeing your comment in my ff.. do check the next part & comment ur opinion..

  17. in swaragini, I hate ragini a lot..I even cannt bear her face..but when I read ur ff I really feel pity on her… and tq u for this fabulous epi…. and hoping that there wouldn’t be so much tragedy for swasan… and keep on… todays epi is neither long nor boring.. its just awesome as always..

    1. thanks sumi.. well its tragedy for swasan or not still I don’t know properly…once I will start writing I will go with flow.. let’s see what happens next??

  18. Always fabulous

    1. thanks surbhi..

  19. Whos that caller?is thier any villain in ur ff?i want ragini to go away 4m mm,so that laksh understands her value.

    1. there will be no villain, this is what I can say as of now.. to know the caller do read next part…

  20. fabulous dr. raglak part is just awesome.ragini shdnt accept laksh so easily. wats disturbing sanskar a lot eagerly wtng to know abt the cal. I think it wnt b Kavitha. upload next part soon

    1. thanks sri.. for ur reply.. yup its not kavita… u will know soon.

  21. You know what kashis ur way of writing is totally different from others dear, and it is totally outstanding.
    I want to know what are you doing now?? I mean to say study/ something else. And where are you from??

    1. thanks for liking my ff. I m from India, Orissa. I m pursuing btech currently…

  22. then don’t worry dear saba!! I will learn Urdu… and yup psychology, sociology & ethics are my most loved papers for any govt exam preparations.. who told u yaar ur English is not good?? u know content matters more than vocabulary… u will rock soon.. u have to complete both ffs .. now u have exam.. I can’t pressurize u as I know it takes a lot of time to write a single episode.. but after exam, be prepared to give me compensation as well as to all ur fans..

    1. Thanks dear kashis! Yeah these are important subject to give exams of civil service! Well dear when will you upload next part? And I also want to learn writing and reading Hindi! I think I’ll easily learn and you’ll also easily learn dear because language is same! Just a matter of alphabets! And yeah if my English will be super then In Shaa Allah ill try to write in English too

      1. are u thinking to prepare for civil service!! as I m on my way to pay a heed to it…. if so, then we both have one more similarity…

      2. Oh kashis so ur planning to prepare for civil service…all the best for it…im started preparing for it..actually due to flood my classes r postponed….

  23. Hey i wanna read prev chapters of ur ff but i wil b lost in this huge collection of ff so will u pls give me the link ?please??

    1. well rishi u can search that in Google as an angel is my love.. or else go through these links..
      episode 1 http://www.tellyupdates.com/swaragini-feelings-episode-1/
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    1. thanks ramya… I hope u will enjoy raglak part in upcoming episodes as well..

  25. the lines between the stories are awesome… loved the update so much…

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