Swaragini An Angel is my love (You are the star in my sky) Episode 13


Feeling uneasy in his room, he moves to terrace hastily to inhale fresh air under the covers of pleasant moonlight. Today, though he is not sure but is clarified some sort that he is missing her more than his uneasiness after finding their absence in MM. But is it fully due to his mistakes? Are only his deeds responsible for his fate? No.. Not at all. He is always confined in the castle of MM. Never exposed to the cruel world. He has gained every single thing he has desired for. But wait..not by hard labour rather victory is fed to him in silver platter. It’s just like an effortless winning. So what’s wrong in his desire this time? He loved her & wanted to get her in his life. His mind asks these questions to him repeatedly. But there is no one present to answer him. He himself has distanced all the relationships. His brother , under whose shade he has grown up or his best friend cum lover, no one has time for him. Is it actually his upbringing which has made him this much spoil? Well, he doesn’t know.

Just he is roaming around the terrace absentmindedly, he has hit by a creature, a beautiful creature. Oh god!! She is falling down & has already closed her eyes in fear. But a secure hand has hold prior to her fall. She knows she is safe now & feels a familiar touch rotating through her waist. She opens her eyes slowly to find her in his arms. Though she never expects this but feels happy with his touch. He is hypnotized by her simple beauty like an anesthesia is provided in his heart to lessen his constant burning pain. They have an eye lock for the first time ever. But she comes to senses & composes herself & says,
Ragini: sorry! Laksh.. I have not seen your presence here. So, unfortunately hit with you.
What a relief? Like after ages she is talking to him.
Laksh: (in excitement & suddenly) no.. No.. Don’t tell sorry. But you look angelic today.(in a very low voice)

Ragini: (only hears the word angelic) what do you say right now? Angelic.. What angelic..?
Laksh:(attempts to compose him) no! Nothing. Actually I am thinking something. Can you help me to clarify my doubts please?

Ragini: No Laksh! After 3 months we are going to be separated. Take your moves on your own. Stand for yourself. Don’t expect anything from me & turns behind laksh to hide her tears.
Laksh:(hurt by her words) I know ragini.. But for our friendship sake…?
Ragini: What friendship laksh? Where we both are partners of benefit. We both only used each other in past. We can never be friends again.
Laksh(tearful eyes): But ragini.. Only for the sake of humanity..
Ragini(unable to take his tears more): OK! For last time only. After that our ways can never be met again. Ask what ever you want to know..

Laksh:(indicating to ragini): How can love blossom between a savage demon & a fragile angel? They both are too opposite in nature.
Ragini: why are you asking me this type of question, laksh?
Laksh: Answer me ragini, please.
Ragini: well, do you know one thing laksh? A demon can only love an angel. As others will shove the demon to hell just by looking at his fierce face. For an angel, love is so sacrosanct that she can accept it in any form.
Laksh: But ragini, the demon is destined to take revenge.. Not to love.. Either he will extinguish the opposing angel’s life into ashes or use the angel to gain his ulterior objectives. In both the cases, the angel will be no more. So, what is the point of being loved by a demon?
Ragini: No laksh! There is a point. The memory of fallen angel will haunt him through out his life for taking any further wrong steps & then he will rectify his mistakes.
Laksh: (in deep thoughts) So, true ragini. You & Swara both are angels of this Maheswari garden. I always used you to achieve my motives & swara like a defending angel when ever tried to control me, I always burned her hopes into flames.

Ragini(by pushing him a bit) Laksh, what are you thinking?
Laksh: no ragini.. Nothing.. Thanks to make me understand. By the way what are you doing here at this time?
Ragini: Look Laksh! I have already answered all your questions, on the sake of humanity only. But this is my life. What am I doing here is non of your business.
Laksh: (in deep pain) & thinks ‘non of my business!! How can you say so ragini? I am your husband..’ But his inner soul narrates,”husband! Huh, have you ever taken the responsibilities of a husband? No laksh!, so stop expecting anything in return.” & utters, I am sorry ragini for what I have done with you.
Ragini(in anger): Oh!! What a mockery. Do you think by your sorry, I can get my sister back. Tomorrow is her birthday & only a few minutes are left. I am unable to wish her for the first time as she is not talking to me. But why am I telling all this to you?
Laksh: Ragini, if you don’t mind; I can help you.
Ragini: No Laksh! I don’t need it.
Laksh: I won’t expect anything in return. Please accept this as my apology.
BG plays:

‘Chaahe kuch na kehna
Bhale chup tu rehna
Mujhe hai pata, tere pyar ka
Khamosh chehra, ankhon pe pehra
Khud hai gawaah, tere pyar ka.’

Ragini: (thinks for sometime) nods yes to him.
They have made a plan to wish swara on her birthday.
Pain, a different kind of addictive, engulfs every bit of feeling that neither flames to ashes nor cools of the agony of lava present inside the heart. It only intertwines around the heart to torture you in every gulp of air that seeps inside the heart. After talking to her, the agony of lava is somewhat cooled off. A blissful warmth he finds out around his soul & this warmth does not come from atmosphere but due to her acceptance of proposal.

Her facial muscles are strained by listening the word ‘DARLING’. The faint smile which she has delivered while waving her hello, vanishes. Lots of questions are twisted in her mind like a web. Breaking the silence, the girl utters,
Girl: you know swara, he loves you a lot. Always stand by him & support him. With out you he is like a vampire without blood, a human without breath & a mirror without any reflection.
Swara(in thoughts): I know he loves me a lot. Then why is he calling you darling? Who are you mysterious girl?
Sanskar can sense the uneasiness of her pale face & don’t want to drag this suspense further as he can’t see her in pain. Above all, it’s her birthday after a few minutes.
Sanskar: swara, it’s payal. My sister..

Swara: (in shock) what?? But you have never told me earlier that you have 2 sisters. I only know that Uttara is your sister.
Payal: actually swara, I am an orphan.
Before payal can say anything further, sanskar hits her slightly & utters,” who told you that you are an orphan?

Payal: oh!! Sorry Bhai, you know na I am your darling sister & then turns to swara, look!! swara, Bhai always donates money to orphanage & one day when he entered there, I was seating on the desk with a feeble face as that was rakshya bandhan day. I was feeling lonely as I didn’t have any brother to tie the holy thread. He came to me & asked my problem? I narrated him my pain & from that day onwards, I got a brother. He now fulfills my every wish & she hugs sanskar.

Swara’s eyes are filled with tears. How wrong she was? How can she even doubt sanskar? The very feeling is choking her throat from uttering a single word. She is feeling guilt, wants to apologize but realises with a jolt that her throat no longer abides by her command. Her vision becomes hazy & the surrounding is captivated with complete silence.

“You’re the light of my life
Like the stars in the sky
Only you can take me through
You’re the only one who makes it right.”

Credit to: Kashis

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  1. Gud gng…..loved ur episode….

    1. Thanks divya

  2. Wow kashis what a lovely episode.. i just love it.. Each and every sentence are very deep and i can feel it when i imagine them.. And swasan part also amazing finally swara will celebrete a good bithday.. I always eagarly waiting to read yours, Saba’s and XOXO’s fan fiction. Thank you dear for such an amazing fan fiction.

    1. Thank u lucky.. U guys are my backbone. U all gave me the hope to write more.. As I just wanted to close this ff in 2 episodes but continued it because of all of ur support. I also waited for Saba’s ff. Also I like xoxo’s episode. I m a regular reader of Saba’s ff but some times missed xoxo’s ff. Both of them write so well.

      1. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Awesomeeeeee ???

    1. Thanks tara

  4. Nice continue

    1. Thanks AD musical.. If u don’t mind, what is ur real name??

  5. Kashis dont feel bad but from were do you get this philosofical notes or stories like d beauty loving beast etc. Anyways d ff was fab as usual

    1. Thanks sruthy.. Why I will feel bad dear..??as you asked because of ur curiosity. Some where I have read it. So, applied with my own version…

  6. raglak part was emotional…
    finally u revealed mystry… payal is sister for sanskar… swara doubted unnecerrily

    1. Yes ahana.. What to do?? Its her fragile love for sanskar… So she doubted him… And for any blossoming love if at once she found this type of darling word then the pillar of love might have shaken a bit..

  7. u r doing awsm dr

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  8. wonderful!! u r an awsm writer …. 🙂 <3

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  9. emotional. .

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  10. Hey Kashis! What to say dear? I’m really speechless! But swasan part is soooo short and im greedy to see them together! Well dear angel and demon’s concept is beautiful and true! If you think in depth, this is just a concept of my swasan ff! Well dear your word is really beautiful!! But give some pity on us dear! Dont murder us by your ff sweetheart!! Because I love your ff but as said I hold my breath during reading so it’s not easy to relief! Just love you dear actually I’ve no words to praise! Now I feel really emotional to read it special angel and demon love!! I also think angel and demon always make perfect couple!

    1. Dear as my ff name itself is an angel is my love. So I have written this story to give a view of angel to my lead girls characters. And actually I wanted to write more of swasan part and also predicted it in that way.. But I was bit busy today.. So can’t able to proceed further.. Just wrote this update in 2 hours. And in ur previous episode of I m yours, u told me sorry.. Why dear?? Can’t u understand my humor. If u will say sorry again, I will feel bad… So don’t say again please..

    2. Hey dear! Please next time more swasan scene! And yeah your concept is exactly right but your lead heroes are not demons! Well I said sorry because I thought you offence because of me when I said to you you’re facing disorder and your second personality is sanskar of my swasan etc etc… Ok ill not say sorry again dear!!!

      1. Hey saba!! Where is your ff? Upload the I am yours part yaar.. Waiting for it..

      2. Yeah Saba!!!where is ur ff(both)..waiting dear

    3. Kashis, leku!! Give me a hi fi!! You annoyed me so much! So wait for two days to read my ff!! Hahaha!! Now im facing multi personality disorder! And my second personality of sanskar! Who cant spare his enemies!! ???

      1. look leku… before I got treatment, the psychologist also got the panic attack.. now who will treat me yaar???

      2. Omg 2days..guys coz of u both really I’m going to suffer from disorder!!!! Whole night thinking of sanskar character….pls update soon saba…..
        Kashis where r u man!!!!

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    4. Hahaha!! You’re right leku!! Yeah Kashis! I dont know how bur sanskar is really getting on my nerve! I always think about him

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      1. Yeah sure saba!! But before u update dear….now a days so impatient!!!

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    1. Thanks sumi. I respect your choice.. I like swalak but I love swasan.. I know this will be a concern of today’s episode of being short.. I have to prepare certain notes today. So wrote this episode only in 2 hours to maintain continuity… Next time I will make it large

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    1. Thanks akku..

  16. Savage demon and angel, wen i read this part ,beauty and beast story also came in mind .. Great Dr raglak part is awesome. I like this ragini..u narrate her character very well…

    1. Thanks sethooty. I have also read this story somewhere & gave it my own way of writing.. Thanks you liked it..

  17. Mind blowing yaar…jst awesome..raglak part was very emotional….swasan rockzxzzz…grt job kashis

    1. Thanks harani for being an inspiration to me

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  18. It’s grt….Raglak part jst awesome!!!

    1. Thanks dipanwita..though I have got very less time to write today but I have remembered u.. U wanted raglak part as u have commented in the earlier episode.. So wrote this way.. Happy that u liked it.

  19. Amazing episode… Explanation of love between angel n demon. Was fab … Excellent… Narration…

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  20. At last that ‘darling ‘suspense revealed.. Good job Dr…less swasan moments….
    Todays wallpaper is good and different ,BT another Ff have same wallpaper.. Haha

    1. Ya sethooty I know.. I have selected that 1 with so much effort.. But unlucky me.. Next time again I will change.. I have actually predicted more swasan moments but due to time constraint can’t write them… If I will write all moments then unable to post it today.. Bear me this time.. Next time will update a long episode..

      1. oh kashis i simple said that ,do write wat ur mind desire
        i dont like to demand anything dr..it will destroy ur creativity
        yah am egar to read swasan moments,but its not necessary,
        that u should create things as per readers demand.we can criticise u bt
        cant demand to add something in ur story.

    2. no sethooty dear, I just wanted to tell u that I had already planned the swasan moments.. its not because any 1 demanded that but because I mended the storyline like swasan. but as yesterday I was busy so can’t write much… I respect all the readers point of view. both praise & criticize dear.. thanks a lot for sharing the link of pics dear…

  21. Nice update dear…and bye as I am leaving
    Love u and inshallah we will talk after 3 months…..god bless u

    1. Thanks ayesha.. I will miss u. Come back soon and be in touch after that… Stay safe

  22. Ur way of telling the story is very unique. I love the way u write and what u write. I always feel different after reading ur ff. Keep it up.

    1. Thank u Tania.

  23. why don’t u try ur own instead of swaragini ff…write a new story too kashis.its fabulous

    1. I will write after completion of this ff. Actually ruby this is my first ff. this ff I never considered to write so long. It was just a 2 shot ff. But all u guys gave me hope to write more. So i continued.. And many things are different from real swaragini track.

  24. Really nice ff. I sometimes forget the actual storyline of the show. I’m really amazed by the way you explain the emotions. BTW could pls tell me the links for the 1st and the 2nd episode of this ff. I’ve been trying to find them but I only find the articles after the 3rd episode.

    1. Yup ruchi.. 1st one type in Google swaragini “his feelings” tellyupdate
      2nd one swaragini “her reciprocation” tellyupdate
      Actually when I first penned down I though to complete it in 2 episodes. But as I continued, some friends suggested me to give a name to ff then give subheading. Or else it will be difficult to figure out. So from 3rd chapter onwards I have given the name of ff. If you still have problem in finding them , do tell me. Do comment you like those 2 episodes or not..

      1. Found the 1st and 2nd episode…thank you and great work.

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      1. https://m.facebook.com/?hrc=1&refsrc=http%3A%2F%2Fm.facebook.com%2Fhr%2Fr&_rdr

        this is my fb link dear pretty pie. do send a request…

    2. Hey pretty, for first episode type on Google
      Swaragini his feelings tellyupdate
      For 2nd update swaragini her reciprocation tellyupdate. Thanks for commenting.. When I penned down my thoughts I wanted to give only 2 shots ff. But as I proceeded further, some suggestions came to name the ff. And I named it from 3rd episode.. If u still unable to find first 2 episodes then feel free to ask me…

  26. So different way of writing and story

    1. Thanks raglak

  27. Veena(Vini Ross)

    Nice vocabulary,haven’t read the previous ones except the first, bt just this one makes me say,ur writing is excellent,feelings are conveyed directly to heart.And Saba,I couldn’t read urs ,sorry,bt I hope u r enjoying writing as well as your studies.

    1. Vini ..pls ri8 1 more ff…itz a humble request frm me n d other fans nd silent teaders of ur gf..i miss ua ff so much….

    2. Hey veena, I heard a lot about ur ff dear. Its a request to write another ff for ur fans… Thanks for your praise.

    3. hey veena .happy to see u again..miss u lot dr..pls write another ff yaar..

  28. smile… a satisfactory smile bloomed whenever i read your updates… it didn’t like a fan fiction to me… the portrayal of each and everyone’s perspective and the progress on the story made me live with it… your creation screams AWESOMENESS… I love swasan but in your ff i just love ragini more than them… good job… thumbs up… you made my day… 🙂

    1. thanks sindhuja.. in this ff i just want to explore each & every one’s perspective. how the situation led them to this way… me too love swasan. ragini is like a cute angel but the writers of swaragini made her character sketch negative…

  29. Again after a short gap u came up with a very sweet Raglak?!! Finally Laksh wants to change!?! N the line “A blissful warmth he finds around his soul………” I luvvvvd it extremely ❤ Thank u so much?

    1. thanks ramya… I will give each one their respective spaces.. raglak are also imp part of swaragini.. when I started writing this chapter, I wanted to mend their scenes with swasan as I remembered some of u demanded raglak part…

      1. Thanks for that! ?

  30. Kashis mindblowing episode (raglak part)..but I excepted swasan moments but very few?..ur writing skills perfect dear..and angel,and demons concept the way u presented fabulous kashis!!!yeah really addicted to ur ff dear….i do no how to come out from ur ff…hatss off kashis ?

    1. Finally got your comment leku…. !! Relieved… Thank u leku.. Sorry for less swasan moments as I didn’t get time to write more yesterday.. So abruptly cut short the episode.

      1. Pls don’t be sorry dear!!!! Actually im sorry kashis for late to comment man!!!

    2. its kk leku.. no problem at all.. u made a comment that’s more imp to me…

      1. Kashis!!!!! What happened to saba dear????? Waiting for her update!!

    3. me too don’t know leku… she has not answered to me yet in fb as well. I think she must be busy in studies.. her exams are approaching na… so we should give her time to write ff… study is imp na dear.. hey saba!! miss u yaar.. at least give some reply..

      1. Oh ya …totally I forgot!!! Ok sabatake ur own time will wait dear!!!!

  31. Wow kashis loved today’s update as always….the scenes between ragini n laksh were too fab n emotional….the suspense of darling was also good….n yeah kashis even i m btech student but my stream is electrical…I always enjoy reading u r ff

    1. thanks radhika.. we both belong to the same technical back ground..if u don’t mind, where r u from dear?

      1. Yeah sure ..I m from Pune Maharashtra

  32. Excellent episode

    1. thanks surbhi…

  33. Awesome writing! .demon and angel angle was the heart of this chapter.
    I m really impressed man! Especially im bowled over the fact that u take time to reply to each and every reader.this is something rare.only u and saba have so much patience and love!

    1. thanks rishi. u all are our back bone.. ur comments and inspiration matter a lot.. as this is my first ff I wanna know each of ur perspective about my ff..

  34. very bad saba.. u can’t do that to me about sanskar… leku u r our only hope… plz study psychologist course to treat us… we r in hell need of it… saba finally we both r in one team..

    1. Yeah sure!!! Hell(hahaha) though I’m mad for ur n saba ff especially for sanskar feeling like in heaven…then I have treat u both!!!??

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    Whn is nxt episode will be updted
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    1. Hi dipanwita, I have already uploaded it.. But it is not published yet..

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      1. Oh I think ur ff become viral!!!so telly team making views impatient ??
        Where is saba???

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