Swaragini An Angel is my love (shocking revelation) Episode 7


Suddenly she breaks the hug & a sense of grief is clearly visible from her face.. She notices it & asks her.
Swara: Ragini, what happened?? Is everything OK?? You can share your problems with me. We are still sisters.. You know na..

Ragini(hiding her face from swara, turns & standing in front of swara by showing her back): ya swara, I am alright. When I have got a sister like you, will problems come to me? They will fear by sensing that I am your sister.. So, they will never trouble me (she wipes her tears & turns towards her & starts teasing)

By the way swara, if your sisterly drama has completed then let’s go & prepare for sanskar’s welcome. Otherwise your hubby will doubt on me that I am troubling you all along & he will be stressed… You know na swara this is not good for your dear husband.
Swara: (going to beat her) Ragini, you have also started. I will not spare you now & both have started running.swara has chased ragini & both of their heartbeats have risen & they break out in laughter.

(Swara feels something fishy after looking at ragini’s face) & says: sorry ragini.. I am sorry for laksh’s matter. He will realise his mistakes soon & you both will be together early.
Ragini shows a fake smile & thanks swara for her concern.
Ragini: swara, you have come home after 24 hours.. Go & freshen up, then we will start preparation.

Swara nods yes & goes.
Ragini (in mind) swara, I want to cherish this last moment with you. I don’t know after my revelation, you will be able to forgive me or not? But trust me swara, this time this ragini is a changed person..I hope you will understand me & about laksh, I have no hope swara. I will not feel bad if I will be rejected by him as this is a common practice with me which earlier had also happened.I have not gained anything from laksh except hatred but you are my family. You always supported me, we became swaragini to fight for our parents but alas!! I know I am going to lose all this today.. & she starts sobbing..

Swara comes out from her room & shouts ragini where are you?? We have very less time to prepare.. Come soon..

Ragini wipes her tears by listening swara’s voice & goes to her.
Swara is giving ideas to ragini, how to decorate MM & ragini is talking about delicious dishes for dinner. Swara gives her the list of dishes liked by sanskar.. Just then laksh comes out of the room & looks at both of them. The two girls are busy in their own world & don’t pay heed to him.. Laksh is broken by seeing swara’s happiness due to sanskar & is feeling bad.. Angrily he rushes out of MM by hitting the door.

In kitchen swara is making gajar ka halwa dish which is sanskar’s favourite & ragini is making kheer with out even recognizing its laksh’s favourite dish.

Swara is continuously speaking & Ragini unmindfully nods & in her mind she is thinking how to reveal swara about the facts of her misdeeds?

Swara: (loudly) Ragini, are you listening to me? What is the issue which is bothering you? Please share with me & I will always stand by you no matter what…
Ragini, by listening to swara, feels happy & a ray of hope has risen by hearing her words, ” no matter what I will always stand by you “. This gives ragini a much required boost to speak up.
Ragini: well swara!! Do you love sanskar??

Swara: oh!! ( in laughing tone) this is bothering you..ha! Ha!
Ragini: tell me na swara…

Swara(blushes) and complies yes.. You know ragini , what I felt for him on the accident day, I never felt the same for anyone. Like that day , my life was going away from me & I was a lifeless statue.

Ragini (in her mind) I was responsible for that swara.. I had misguided him that you both (laksh & swara) accepted your love.. So he was tensed & after that all that happened.
Swara pushes ragini slightly & yells ragini, why are you so absentminded?
Ragini comes to senses & again asks, ‘ swara, if anybody knowingly or unknowingly harms sanskar then what will you do?

Swara(could not control her anger) ragini stop it. What do you want to say? You are my sister.. So that’s why I am leaving you. But never dare to even think about that & she comes to her senses & asks pardon to ragini, I am sorry ragini.. I can’t take it anymore.. I can’t even listen that anything will happen to him .. You know na.. How he got saved?? I know my behaviour is wrong now but I am helpless & protective for sanskar…

Ragini in tears & thinks how am I so wrong ? How can I do this?? This is not the ragini .. How can I give my sister so much pain? & starts crying.

Swara : sorry ragini, don’t cry.. I won’t shout further. Please forgive me… Ragini is unable to take it further & hugs swara hard..& yelling I am sorry swara.
Swara is totally confused as why ragini is asking for forgiveness??
Swara: ragini, why are you asking forgiveness? You just asked me a question.. You didn’t mean anything, I know. Its me who had over reacted. Please stop crying..

Ragini is overwhelmed by sensing her sister’s transparent heart & feeling sorry that she has multiple times broken her heart.
Her mind says, ‘ no ragini, you need to be strong & confess everything to swara. You can’t carry these sins further. Everything will be sorted out.. But speak up now ‘
Ragini stops crying & swara is relieved.
Ragini: swara, today I want to speak my heart out.. Please don’t interrupt me.
Swara knows that there is something which is bothering her sister & finally she is opening up.. So swara complies.

Ragini continues.. Swara I am responsible for sanskar’s condition..
Swara(in astonished look) what? Are you in senses & grabs her shoulder tightly.
Ragini: yes swara, I misguided him on that day on farm house about you & laksh & tells her everything.

Swara(listening to ragini) & is thinking because of this, doctor was saying that he had no desire to live his life & she (in deep pain) pushes ragini hard.
Ragini: sorry swara! I know my mistakes. Please forgive me.
Swara(this time in full anger) moves towards her & SLAPPED her tightly.
Swara: ‘mistakes’ huh!! Is this a mistake you think?? You had done grave sin. You had already tried to kill me once.. But this time you have crossed your limits ragini. I can tolerate & forgive you multiple times for the pain you have given to me. But this time.. Its all about sanskar.. I can’t even imagine that you have done all these things to get laksh. How much will you stoop low? Is not it enough?

Ragini holds her hand & pleads to forgive.
Swara: its enough & pushes her again..you are no more to me.. Ragini..now swara doesn’t know who is ragini.. Swaragini can never become one & leaves the kitchen & rushes to her room.
Ragini collapses on floor & is sobbing..
Her inner soul is talking to her, ” why are you hurt? You have given so much pain to everybody. Is not it obvious to get this reaction in return? & she is not in a condition to think more.
“Jism is tarah, dard se bhara
Rooh ki koi bachi nahin jagah
Pyaar dhaal tha, magar nidhaal sa
Mujhe hi loot’ti, rahi meri panaah”

Why ragini why?? I always supported you . what ever you have done to me, I have already forgotten & also accepted you as my sister. But again… You betrayed me, backstabber me.. & this time its enough as it is all about my sanskar. Its all because of my foolishness..
She looks into the mirror & says, ” yes, swara !! You are a big fool.you trusted your sister even after her betrayal. So if you will not be the sufferer then who will be?
Swara now wipes her tears & confronts herself its enough!!! I won’t trust her anymore.. She is no longer existed for me..
Knock! Knock! Knock!
Swara hears the ring of door bell & looks at the clock.
Swara: oh!! My god, its already 6 PM. I have also not completed all decorations.. Why ragini?? Why did you confront today?? Look!! I can’t even welcome sanskar properly..
Just then all past moments flash back in her thoughts & she rushes to kitchen.
She sees ragini collapses in the kitchen.. She takes some water from the tap & sprinkles on her face.

Swara: ragini wake up.
Ragini: (just twinkling her eyes) & finds her head in swara’s lap & suddenly remembers what happened recently & yells sorry swara have you forgiven me? (Poor ragini, so she thought by seeing swara’s concern for her)
Swara: no ragini, I can never forgive you. Some one is knocking at the door & its already 6PM. I think sanskar must have returned from hospital along with family. I don’t want to give him another shock. So, keep your mouth mum & pretends as if nothing has happened.. And pretending means you know na.. As you are expert in that.. ( pointing to ragini)
Ragini(sadly) nods her head but has some satisfaction that she has nothing to hide, no need to carry forward the sin in her heart & overall swara’s demand over her shows that she still considers her as sister. If not then why she willbshow her rights on me? Why she will command me to do this or that? I know my sister .. She is bit angry but will forgive me soo( thinking so she consoles herslf )
Swara opens the door & ragini is standing being her & its non other than sanskar with all MM people at the door step.
Swara rushes to sanskar to hug him with out realising that whole family is standing there.
DP(coughs): shall we go inside??
Swara comes to senses & stops there and looks at sanskar. Sanskar is ignoring her as she left the hospital without even telling him. So he doesn’t want to talk to her.
Swara is confused that why sanskar is ignoring her? As she completely forgets that incident due to ragini’s shocking revelation.
All go inside & ragini follows them.

Thank you guys for your support.. And as maximum of ur comments are based on union of raglak.. Then please hold your breath for sometime… After a few episodes they will be together.. But before that both raglak need to learn a lot of things..your suggestions are duly accepted… So do comment & give feedback..

Credit to: Kashis

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