Swaragini An Angel is my love ( you are the reason i live ) Episode 4


She is resting her head on his chest & the two secure hands are rolling around her back carrying out a sensation through out her whole body. After some time she breaks the hug & about to leave but a hand drags her closer towards him. Her bare back touches his chest & she bends her head out of shy. He opens the pin of her hair & the lustrous hairs touch her backed back enhance her beauty like a diva. He shifts her hair to one side of her neck & gives a soft kiss on her back. Two drops of tears roll down from her eyes when she feels the touch. He turns her around & observes her tear which is flowing to her cheeks. He feels guilty & steps back.
Sanskar: sorry swara!! I won’t do it again. I know you are not ready for it but I can’t control my irresistible emotions & carried away by my passion of feelings. Please forgive me!! I will wait till you are not comfortable but please don’t be sad.
Swara is overwhelmed by listening his words, his faith, his concern & his desire for her & yells by giving a soft kiss on his cheeks.
Swara: don’t disgrace me by saying sorry sanskar!! When I uttered ‘ I love u ‘ I really meant it from core of my heart & from that hour onwards through out my life I am yours. The tear you saw now, was a tear of happiness when somebody kisses on back it means to give you comfort, to adore you. So when I felt that touch I am engulfed to see the grace of your sacred love.
Sanskar’s eyes fill with pleasure & a smile on his face delineates his bliss towards her.
Sanskar: how adorable you are swara? Any man can fall for you. But I am lucky to have you in my life & kisses her forehead & eyes.
Swara: Sanskar ! It’s your trust which melted my heart. Its easy to love but hard to handle. You comforted me in every thick & thin of my life without expecting anything. No man can match you my hubby..
Sanskar: ( feeling ultimate happiness) SHONA…
Swara: what did you say just now??
Sanskar: you don’t like it.. Then I won’t say again..
Swara: I love it man… The thrilling I felt when you uttered shona was indescribable.
Sanskar is about to kiss on her lips when swara pushes him & goes away. Sanskar chases , catches her & falls on her. Swara is blushing & sanskar is above him.. Both of them are shivering due to the discovery of their new feelings towards each other..
Swara: sanskar!! I want to kiss you later when you are absolutely fine & want to cherish that memory in my heart. I want our first kiss to be perfect … Can you do that favour to me??
Sanskar is speechless by her innocent request & thinks how many more shades do you have swara?? This innocence, truthfulness make me fall for you again & again.
Swara: what happened sanskar??
Sanskar comes to reality & wakes up from her & nicely says that I can wait swara…
As its already late swara takes him to bed to give him rest… He is going to get a peaceful sleep after so many years & why not?? Her lady love is besides him to comfort.
Sanskar: where will you sleep swara as this is a single bed…?
Swara:(indicating to chair) I can manage here.
Sanskar: no swara, you are already tired & we both can adjust in this bed but you need to hold me tight. So you will not fall down from bed.
Swara blushes.
Sanskar sleeps on bed & swara sleeps besides him & utters sanskar there is only a pillow , you take rest on that.. Sanskar extends his palm & signals her to rest her head on it.. Swara happily complies as it is the best pillow which can provide her ultimate comfort.
MM mansion:
Ragini is in kitchen & is filing the water bottle unmindfully thinking about laksh & his reaction in the hospital.. The bottle is already full & water is rushing outside & wetting the floor.
Suddenly she hears some one is calling her..
Ragini: Bhabi aap? When did you come?
Parineeta: Ragini, close the tap.. The entire kitchen floor is wet. Why you are so absentminded? Are you OK?
Ragini composes herself & nods yes & about to go to clean the kitchen..
Parineeta: you go upstairs … And take rest as you are tired… I will clean this mess.
Ragini: thanks bhabi & goes out.
Ragini reaches in their room & takes out the family photograph of her wedding time & starts crying by remembering her past moments.. BG plays:

‘Kaise kahun ishq mein tere
Kitna hoon betaab main
Aankhon se aankhe mila ke
Chura loon tere khwaab main
Mere saaye hain saath mein
Yaara jis jagah tum ho
Main jo jee rahi hoon
Wajah tum ho..’

She remembers her moments spent with laksh. How they became best friends. How he uttered her that he could not marry her as she was not the girl whom he was looking for. But then the entry if sanskar changed everything. She was required to take care of sanskar & laksh again accepted to marry her falsely & she was unaware about it. She complied her elder’s decision to again accept him in her life but again she got rejection.. Why laksh?? What was my mistake?? From childhood I only agreed to my family’s decision as I thought their decision was good for me & final.. But you played with my heart. I didn’t know when I fell for you. You accepted me only to reject me later. Am I a doll laksh? When required you held my hand & when not required you left.. Don’t I have any rights on my feelings? I know ibhave done mistakes but its you laksh who compelled me to do the sins.
On road; laksh is holding a beer bottle & not in sense, roaming in to & fro motion aimlessly..BG plays

‘Hai ye nasha, ya hai zehar
Iss pyar ko hum kya naam dein
Kab se adhuri hai ik daastaan
Aaja usey aaj anjaam dein
Tumhe bhuloon kaise main
Meri pehli khata tum ho
Main jo jee raha hoon
Wajah tum ho..’

How could you say that swara, I was minor infatuation for you, not love?? Why swara?? Why can’t you love me?? I trusted you swara till our marriage date.. But on the same day, these things would happen, I couldnot even imagine. As ragini was my best friend that time, i was unable to doubt her. For my single mistake, you left me today.. Why swara?? And he shouted by looking at the open sky.. You said go ahead & fulfill the rresponsibilities of a husband.. But please swara tell me once, how can i forget you? As you are my first love.. Earlier i had hatred for you as you left me on marriage date. So anyhow I managed to live but when everything is cleared & I am feeling guilty how can I give the place to ragini?? Please swara answer me… I am confused…..
Hospital room:
Sanskar feels thirsty & opens his eyes to get water. His eyes fall upon swara who is sleeping like a child on his palm. So he doesn’t want to disturb her & bends towards table to get water. BG plays

‘Kya jaane tu mere iraade
Le jaunga saansein chura ke
Dil keh raha hai gunehgaar ban ja
Bada chain hai inn gunaahon se aage
Main gumshuda si raat hoon
Meri khushnuma subah tum ho
Main jo jee raha hoon
Wajah tum ho..’

When he keeps the glass on table(which is on swara’s side) after drinking water, his lips come closer to her. There is only an inch difference between the two. Sanskar looks it lovingly & thinks you are driving me crazy swara, i dont want to spoil your moment but it becomes irresistible when I come near you. Don’t create difficulty for me swara by your innocence. I am already bowled out.. By saying so he kisses her forehead and sleeps on her side.
After sometimes swara wakes up & looks sanskar lovingly by inserting her fingers in his hairs & plays with it. And thinks I know sanskar what happened before sometimes. When you woke up for water, my sleep was disturbed due to your hand movement. But I didn’t tell anything & just noticed your behaviour. Your this action( not kissing lips ) makes me fall for you more & love you more & she sleeps besides him.

Episode ends on four of their splitter faces…

What ironical situations will come in their fates??

Credit to: Kashis

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  1. O god I really feeling bad for Ragini.& happy for swasan .

    1. thanx manvi. I like ragini.. so when the writers blame her in original story.. I want to give my perspective how she turned evil.. as she was always a cute girl and can be changed to cute girl as well..

  2. Superbeb kashis…amazing swasan scenes…u have given perfect identity to each character n I could feel their emotions while reading…u r a very creative writer

    1. thanx radhika.. u liked it and also I always find ur comment in my ff.. that means a lot to me..

  3. lovely swasan moments. . and bit emotional also..

    1. thanx akku

  4. u are toooo goood , continue n update faster…please

    1. will update soon …

  5. awesome.. day by day when i read ur ff i am falling for ur ff.. as much u write that much i am in love wid ur ff,,

  6. vinay karthik

    hey kashis what a writer u are… i m amazed and freezed by reading ur 4 ff… i have no words to say yar…. damn good ..each and every lines of ur ff touches my heart…. i totally enjoyed it and plz continue ur ff… well done…. keep it up…. and i m eagerly waiting for ur next ff…. so post it soon

    1. I will update soon vinay.. thanx u liked it. I hope can fulfil ur expectation to write good..

  7. Awesome dear..
    U r superb….

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  8. thanx sumi.. ur words touched me and inspired me to write more..

  9. wow..kashis another heart touching epi yar..though it was not that painful one but I cried after reading ragini’s emotions.. swasan moments were extraordinary awesome dear..I am in love with ur ff..the way u express ur thoughts is incredible..u should be the writer of the original serial..plz update soon..

    1. Thanx niti.. U liked it.. Actually earlier 3 updates are emotional so I thought to write some cute moments about swasan.. And show that ragini is also good.. Its the situation that made her some mistakes…

  10. I love it…. thnx 4 this…. I love swsaan moments…….
    ur ff s awesome

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  11. Hi kashis….I have become a big fan of yours I mean from where these creative words and imagination come into your mind. …u r mind blowing dear I am just speechless there are no words to say…….awesome writing…I must say in future u will became a excellent writer if u have interest in it

    1. Ayesha thanx dear.. This is first time I have penned down my thoughts… I like writing.. But never thought u guys will like it… U r the genuine source of inspiration for me.

  12. Superbbb dear! But only one thing, itni jaldi ku khatam ho gea??? I want more!

    1. I will update lengthy part next time for sure.. Thanx saba

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    1. Thanx neha… Encouraged by ur comments…

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    lovely FF’s …. i really enjoyed it .. continue writing….

    1. thanx AD.. they will be together.. but it will take some time.. as u know they have to learn many things prior to that.. plz wait a bit and u can find them together

  16. Again super yar.u made ragini positive good.

  17. thanx appu. for me she is not bad.. but some times the situation makes a person look bad…

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  24. yrr ..,……it was just fab……..

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    It seems like the writer know all the emotions so perfectly like she has experienced it..apart #kashis you have a unique kashis in your story

    1. thanks kiara…

  26. thank u twinkle

  27. Kashis..,good going.. Swasan <3

  28. thanx asi.. u can also read the upcoming episodes which r already uploaded..

  29. loved it… loved the perspective of ragini…

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