Swaragini An Angel is my love (You The One For Me) Episode 14


Have you ever witnessed the dense, obscure & esoteric earth’s core? Oh!! Don’t think much.. As it’s impossible to reach the dense & inconspicuous core which consists of poisonous gases, from which the volcanic magma begets. The hot, burning magma,which is one of the causes for eruption of volcano, is a source of destruction.. devastation. It’s like a darkness which engulfs everything that comes on it’s way like a black hole. But wait… Once destruction completes, the volcano settles & forms scenic landforms. These landforms can be depicted, envisaged & beautifully portrayed. How to handle the after effects occurring on the landforms, that is the responsibility of humans with care. All these thoughts are some what related to her life cycle. The day he entered in her life, made her his pawn, the destruction began from the very moment. But once his wreak cooled off and settled, a beautiful phase started in her life. A phase totally filled with tranquillity, bliss & affection. As the external factors can cause catastrophic effects on landforms likewise breach of truth can shake the very foundation of relationship & she doesn’t desire that unnecessary effects in her kinship.

Just then a hand pats on her shoulder & she comes to senses.
Swara, what happened? Why have you become so mum?, he yells.
Swara: (Due to guilt & irresistible emotions) hugs him back & falls down in his arms by saying sorry.

Sanskar: (in shock) why are you saying sorry shona?
Swara:(doesn’t want to spoil the atmosphere in payal’s presence) for all my misdeeds sanskar! for doubting you sanskar, for doubting your love! I had earlier given you a lot of pain.
Sanskar consoles her & also says sorry for using her earlier to fulfill his revenge. Their irresistible emotions are connected by hearts. The warmth, solace & safety, they find in each others arms are unable to be separated. They don’t desire to break their unison hug. Just then a coughing sound makes them to turn back to senses.

Payal: I am also present here Bhai. Can’t you stop romancing now.
Swara blushes & they break the hug.
Sanskar(searching for words to say): Now you have become so mature to tease me na & pulls her ear gently.
Payal: By the way Bhai, bhabi loves you very much. Oops!! Sorry swara(indicating to her), Can I call you bhabi?

Swara: off course payal! You are included in our family. Don’t ever dare to think that you are an orphan again. Till we are there, we will protect you from all malevolent acts & fulfill all your desires.

Sanskar is happy & thanks his fortune for having swara as his wife. Her acceptance of Payal & caring nature make him fall for her even more. He stares glances at her while she is talking to payal. Payal notices this & is about to tease sanskar, just then swara’s phone starts ringing.. Sanskar comes back to his senses & thinks it’s too late. Why swara’s phone is ringing? Is everything OK at home? His inner soul says to him,”don’t worry sanskar! Everything is fine. Don’t think too much.”

Swara is also disturbed due to her phone’s ringing & goes towards it to pick up. She looks at the caller ID & it is reflecting as private number.
Sanskar: who is it shona?
Swara: some private number is calling.
Sanskar: private number!!
Swara: Yes! Nothing has reflected apart from private number.
Sanskar: OK ! Take the call.
Swara(receives the call): Hello!! Who is this?
A girl’s voice from other side greets her happy birthday.
Girl: happy birthday dear!don’t you remember me.don’t tell me that you have forgotten me after marriage due to your loving husband.

Swara:(thinks) who is she? & yells, sorry dear. Still I am unable to recognize you. Can you please tell your name?
Girl: swara! I am sneha. How could you forget me yaar?
Swara:Sneha! You.. After so long time.. But you still have remembered my birthday. Thank you.
Sneha: yes! I never forget my best buddies & important days of their lives. But for you, my existence doesn’t matter anymore.

Swara: I am sorry sneha! But you know I still don’t get your voice. I have remembered your voice & way of talk. But something is different in your tone today.
Sneha: oh!! It’s because I have caught cold since morning & till now I am coughing & sneezing in some intervals. So, that must be the cause of my different way of sounding.
Swara:(satisfied with her explanation) Take care of your health.
Sneha: OK! Now I am hanging up the call. Otherwise your husband will not spare me..!! Bye.
Swara also cuts the call & jumps over sanskar cheerfully & shouts, Sanskar! Sneha is our common friend. Ragini, sneha & me enjoyed a lot during childhood. Just then swara’s face fades. Sanskar understands this & says, swara! Why don’t you talk to ragini today?”
But swara still has not forgiven ragini. So she ignores sanskar’s request by avoiding him to utter further about ragini.

Swara(showing her fake angry face): when are you going to wish me sanskar? It’s already 12AM.
Sanskar offers her to take a seat on the sofa & he goes towards refrigerator & brings a square box. That box is beautifully decorated with various colourful ribbons. He keeps the box on the table placed next to sofa. Payal indicates him to seat near her & asks both of them to open it together. They open the box. It is a black forest cake with cherries & walnuts are filled on it & in the central part happy birthday shona is written in italicized dialect. Sanskar places a candle on the cake & i
lluminates it.
Sanskar:’Go ahead & make a wish! Shona’
Swara:’May our family be united soon & may you love me like today forever & bends to blow the candle. Just then sanskar stops her & says the first part of your wish is correct but the second part can never be fulfilled.
Swara is surprised to hear this & slowly asks,”Why is it so, sanskar?”
Sanskar moves more closer to her & places his hand around her shoulder & utters,”it’s because shona! with each passing day, I am falling for you more & more. My love for you is growing day by day. It can’t remain constant forever. So amend your wish.
Swara enthralls by his answer.

Swara:Well, in that case may our family be united soon & may your love for me will grow for years to come & blows the candle.
She cuts the cake & extends a piece to sanskar to feed him. He holds her hand & takes a bite & again forwards the remaining cake towards her to make her eat.. Swara gives a cake to payal. She takes it & some remaining parts of the cake apply on her nose. Swara smiles & the trio hug each other.

On the terrace of MM
Caterpillar & butterfly are carrying same blood. But still butterflies are only protected. They are gentle, soft, harmless & having scenic beauty. They never harm their protectors, the flowers. On the other hand, caterpillars are harsh & ruthless. They don’t even spare their protectors, the green grasses & pitilessly eat them all. So, they are demolished. But have you ever thought that each butterfly has gone through a phase of being caterpillar before turning into this beautiful view? If each caterpillar is thrown away & eliminated, then how a beautiful creature will come out of it? He thinks it deeply while she is going away from his sight. A sudden breeze distracts his thinking.

‘It’s so true laksh’- His inner voice echoes. You have mistreated her a lot. It’s the situation which played the twist in their lives, which had made her a caterpillar. But think, if you will throw her out of your life, how will you come across this beautiful, soft spoken ragini, like a butterfly. He smiles by remembering her cheerful face a while ago, as if he has now found out answers to his every question, no confusion has present anymore..
The flashback waves in his thoughts that how innocent smile she has possessed when their plan executed properly. How happy did she seem after wishing her sister..

Laksh: Ragini, did you both have any common best friend?
Ragini: No laksh. You knew na from childhood we both had maintained a different lifestyle.
Laksh: ‘Take a deep breath & think ragini’, one common friend. You both were studying in same college, right?

Ragini(concentrated more deeply): Ya! Laksh.. It was sneha. Who helped a lot to bring us closer & her face paled.
Laksh(observed this): Didn’t take any stress ragini, you both would become swaragini again.
Ragini(in a sorrowful tone): that I didn’t know. But I desperately wanted to wish swara. For that what would you do?
Laksh: look ragini! I had a number. Which showed only ‘private number calling’ whenever you dialed to anyone. I had taken it to handle important business meetings.
Ragini: so what? In which way it would benefit me?
Laksh: oh! Ragini.. Didn’t interrupt me & continued. I had also an app installed in my phone, which could modify anybody’s voice. Like you wanted to talk like a boy then by this app your voice could be heard like a boy to the receiver of the call.
Ragini: oh!! Laksh, I got you. You meant to say, I would call swara in another one’s voice & as it was private number, she couldn’t trace us.
Laksh: Smart girl! Look in our first meeting after so many days how you had improved..
Ragini: didn’t praise yourself too much. Explain properly, how to execute the plan?
Laksh: you would call swara as sneha & as I had already changed the voice to any other girl’s voice, she won’t recognize you as ragini. Then you could wish her & plan was executed.
Ragini: but laksh, that voice was not of sneha’s voice. Swara knew her personally. She could identify it.

Laksh: poor innocent ragini, then made a plea that you were suffering from cold, so the voice had changed.
Ragini: OK! I got it. But why did you want a common friend? I meant, I could have wished her by taking her any friend’s name.

Laksh(hesitantly): oh! Actually I knew that you were missing her badly & also unable to wish her by taking your own name. But if you would wish her by taking sneha’s name, she would definitely remember your moments spent together. But if you would call her by taking her any friend’s name then you would be out of swara’s sight. I just wanted to make your presence felt in her heart.

Ragini was overwhelmed by seeing this sight of laksh. The plan was executed properly. Her happiness crossed all the boundaries & she jumped over laksh to hug him. Laksh still couldn’t believe his eyes. Just then she came to senses, composed herself & went from there with a smile by saying thanks.

‘You the one that I’m feeling
You the one that I’m loving
Cause you know how to give me that
You know how to pull me back
When I go runnin, runnin
Tryin’ to get away from loving ya
You know how to love me hard
I won’t lie, I’m falling hard
Yep, I’m falling for ya but there’s nothin wrong with that’

Credit to: Kashis

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  1. awesome.. but why didn’t u post yesterday?? I was waiting for ur ff… and again.. its mindblowing.. loved it..

    1. Sry sumi dear… Actually yesterday too much assignments were left behind.. Once I completed all, didn’t find any courage to write… As I have never predicted what to write next, it just comes with a flow.. That thing I was losing yesterday..

  2. Cool explanation of emotions

    1. thanks sindhu

  3. awesome …
    ragini called swara n wishes swara birthday was best part… i liked it

    1. Thanks ahana.. After all its swaragini.. How can I separate them…?

    1. Thanks akku..

  4. hey..very very nice epi kashis.. swasan payal moments were very cute..I am huge swasan fan and I like ragini very much..I don’t like laksh so much..but in ur ff u have change my view..in today’s epi I loved the way laksh has helped ragini..raglak moments were awesome..keep if up dear..plz update next part soon

    1. thanks niti.. actually I don’t like any one them in negative role… so I tried my level best to mend their ways in to positive look out… thanks dear for ur likeness…

  5. Its a wonderful episode today.. yesterday i waited and checked many times for ur and saba’s FF.. Payal-swara-sanskar bonding is really cute.. and swasan love for each other make me love them more.. raglak part also great as laksh helping ragini and their hug.. Your writing make me imagine everything infront of my eyes.. great job dear!

    Now fanfiction are hundred time better than real serial.. Because i just watch the sbs segment where sanskar sign & send divorce papers to swara and ragini celebrating sanskar’s birthday.. I just hope that this ragini will not try snatch once again swara’s love (this time sanky)

    1. Thanks lucky.. Yesterday I had so many assignments to complete.. So lost interest to write as the flow of writing was not coming.. Today morning only I started writing & posted it…

    2. Coming to real swaragini track, I am also hopeless dear.. I don’t know first of all why the name swaragini still continues? As both the sisters are at loggerheads with each other always.. Fan fictions are far better than that as u said.. Ya, I have also read some where that ragini wants to separate swasan. Sanskar sends divorce papers & swara will realise her feelings towards him. And ragini is no more interested in laksh.. May be she will fall for sanskar.. I don’t know about the authenticity of the news, but if it will be true then we are all dumb to bear this serial anymore..

      1. yeah u r abosolutely right and they must change the name as Swara VS Ragini bcz there no sisters bonding between them.. only revenge in the story

    1. Thanks nidhi.

  6. Sweet episode….perfectly written as always…loved it

    1. Thanks radhika

  7. ohhh kashish… this is awesome… the caterpiller part is too good… the last few lines are excel… good luck…

    1. Thanks sindhuja..

    1. Thanks sravya…

  8. Ohhh??..it’s toooo gud yr…i think u r soooo romantic ha

    1. Thanks rupsikha.. I m romantic but that romance which connects to soul… A deep feelings… The inner beauty of behaviour… Some what like that..

  9. U r just amazing. You are excellently playing with words. Awesomeeeeee personification. I luvd tis

    1. Thanks Tara.. I m honoured by ur comment…

  10. Kashis!! May I again tell you same words! Beautiful, awesome etc etc! Well done is better than well said! And you’re doing the same! How do you get the perfect idea yar? Give me a tip hurry up! Your caterpillar and butterfly dialogues are awesome! Even I shared on fb too to save this dialogue for future use! Because it has a huge message which you convey beautifully! And at the end, love you again dear!!

    1. Hello dear.
      How r u???
      Where is ff??? I’m crying Saba..

    2. Thanks saba… It just comes to my mind.. I never predicted anything that how to write or what will be the next episode.. Some what some where I have read certain things & some new ideas I want to implement of my own just in flow… Love u too.. I m sparing u this time as ur exams r near & I don’t want my friend to get hangover of swasan.. So take ur time to write ff..

    3. Hi leku.. Saba is taking rest… As she is facing double personality disorder and unable to concentrate on exam.. So spare her this time…

    4. Miss u lot saba..all d best for ur examzzz…

    5. Hahaha!! Kashis! You’re really sparing me? Yeah you’re right, I took two days to get rid of phantom of swasan! Thanks dear and yeah good news is there, I’ve uploaded next episode of im yours, you’ll read soon and enjoy! I’ll catch you properly after my exams dont worry dear

    6. Hey leku! Ive uploaded

  11. Awesome yaar

    1. Thanks devi

  12. Hey kashis!!! Awesome dear!!thank you for swasan moments it’s actually little emotion, cute and perfect moment!!! Really superb!!!? and “the hot burning magma,which is cause of eruption of volcano source of devastation !!!!” I love this line.. Wow how u explained her feel…amazing!!!
    Coming to raglak part even its also cute dear…i love this laksh character..!!!! Again thank you wonderful episode..and pls update next one soon!!!its not request dear..order as a friend!!?
    And I hope in real soap ragini will not plan to separate swasan…?!!!

    1. Ur order is granted ur Majesty!!! U r saying true yaar.without swasan, its like watching the serial without life… And u know this time swaragini is out of 10 serials trp.. Go ahead with evil ragini, Pataki devi track & one day it will be discontinued… Hopeless yaar

      1. Ya u r right!!! But if Ragini fall for sanskar omg writers spoiling the culture and traditional dear!!!

  13. Just loved the episode. I really like the way you introduce new characters and develop their part in the story.

    1. Thank u ruchi….

  14. Hey Kashis! Very lovvvely n extremely sweet?! Especially the caterpillar part!! Awwwww! I lovvvved it to the core ❤! Raglak moments were so very cute!?! Thank u so much?

    1. Thank u ramya… When ever I started writing I always thought about u guys that how to include raglak part in swara’s birthday… I m honoured that my thoughts paid off me…

  15. Wonderful kashish!!! Waited so much yest for ur update never mind sabra ka phal bohooit meetha tha… I loved raglak part today… Keep going

    1. I m sorry shraddha.. I just couldn’t write yesterday due to pending assignments of mine… Today I wrote this on morning & uploaded at 10am.. Don’t know why it got uploaded late… Thank u

  16. Actually am little new to ff reading! So can some1 pls help me!? Please some1 tell me what is Saba’s ff name??

    1. dear ramya! saba has 2 ffs. one is I am yours & another is swasan path hate to love.. both r different story line.. pay a visit to that ff.. it will be worth of ur time…

      1. Thank u so much Kashis?

  17. Wow.. I really loved it…awesome
    I am a huge fan of swasan I liked the moment rag wished to swara…keep it up dea??

    1. thanks dilshana. I find ur comment first time dear.. thanks for that… do read & comment to be my inspiration..

    1. thanks surbhi

  18. wow dear i can’t express in words dear..awesome dear..

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  19. Wow kashis u rocked again..caterpillar and butterfly ..wat a concept yaar hats off u.., really surprised how u get these ideas raglak part was superb…no words.swasan payal scene was also nice..

    1. thanks sethooty…. have u checked the new pic of this ff?? do u like it… u r a real inspiration for me..

      1. Ys dr today’s wallpaper was super cool…it really good and different..

  20. Hi, Can anyone please provide me the links of 1st 3 episodes of this fan fiction? I couldn’t find it. 🙁

    1. hey Angela I have provided the links to you.. scroll down to check…

  21. Hey! The last lines are from the song :u da 1sung by Rihanna

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  22. hey angela, episode 1 http://www.tellyupdates.com/swaragini-feelings-episode-1/
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    these are the links of first 3 episodes.. actually first I have not named the ff but after 3rd episodes it is named as an angel is my love… do read & if u have any issue then feel free to ask me..

    1. Hi Kashis, thanks a lot dear… I am a silent reader of ur n Saba’s fan fiction. Luv the way u both write n put forward the emotions for each character, those who hav watched the serial n know the characters luv ur ff to the core. All will be waiting 4 ur ff than watching the current track in TV. All the very best for ur assignments n ur writing career. May u excel in both with flying colors. 🙂

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    1. thanks pretty…. u have made my day.. have u got the fb Id which u have asked dear???

  24. you are really amzing kashis… you give a vivid n minute details of evry emotion that it becomes impossible to differentiate virtual from reality…. all the best dear…

    1. thanks gurwinder… u r pretty much involved & understood the core meaning of the ff dear..

  25. Nxt episode???? Y u r becoming late kashis???

  26. Hey Kashis, where is it next episode??

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