Swaragini An Angel is my love ( against all odds ) Episode 3

MM people are standing outside the operation theater. At once the surge of swara’s voice hits their ear drum & all are very tensed to know what happened? They reach inside the operation theater in a hurry and at first glance notice the smiling face of swara.. Swara comes running to sujata & says,” mom, my sanskar is back. I have completed my promise & will never let you down.

Laksh is standing near the door step & listening to swara & suddenly becomes astonished when swara utters ‘my sanskar’. He can’t get it. What happened inside in those couple of hours? Why swara is behaving in a weird manner?? He can’t take it anymore & wants to ask swara. But in front of all family members, he doesn’t want to create any embarrassing situation & leaves that place silently without anyone’s notice & thinks to talk to swara privately.

In the mean time DP has instructed Adarsh to call the doctor & doctor comes inside & requests everybody to wait patiently outside & goes to operation theater to check sanskar’s condition. Doctor checks his condition & only one sentence comes from his mouth ” even today miracles happen.” He comes outside & recites that Mr. Maheswari is safe & out of danger. DP thanks him for saving their son’s life. But doctor steps forward towards swara & turns to DP & pronounces that give loads of thanks to his wife for whom he is alive. She is the real source of his happiness, we are only the means. Now Mr. Maheswari needs rest & he will be absolutely fine in few days. Doctor even requests the MM people to go home as it is hospital, so much crowd is not preferable. He only allows one member to stay in the hospital for that night & leaves the place.

Sujata: swara, mari chori, thank you for saving my son’s life. I like you & apologizes for all her prior misdeeds.
Swara: mom, he is my husband as well & don’t humiliate me by saying thanks. I won’t let anything happen to him.
All MM people gives blessing to swara. Ragini, who is standing a bit away from them has teary eyes.
AP: suniye ji, as per doctor’s instruction we shall go home & one person needs to stay here. I think if Adarsh will stay here , it will be good & can fulfill if sanskar needs anything at night.
Sujata: No jiji, I won’t go home leaving my son in this hospital. I will stay here only.
Meanwhile swara’s face fades away as nobody considers her name to stay there at night. RP & DP both notice this.
DP: Annapurna! We all are tired , need rest & can’t be comfortable here. But this will not create any problem for swara. She can adjust here(saying so he indicates AP to allow swara to stay here).
AP: Yes you are night ji. Swara will stay here & we all will come on morning.
RP is happy & Sujata this time has no objection to let swara stay near his son as for her only she could get back his son’s life.
DP & AP put their hands on swara’s head & swara is blushing after listening their confirmation that she is going to stay in the hospital at night. RP comes to Swara & tells her to go to canteen & eat something. Swara complies. Then all MM people leave the hospital.

Hospital room:
Sanskar wakes up & feels dizziness. The nurse moves near him to place him comfortably on bed.
Sanskar: Swara?? My swara?? Where are you??
Nurse: sir, all left to MM mansion. As this is hospital, we can’t make it crowed at night, patients will be disturbed. So, they all will meet you on morning.
She places the soup near sanskar’s bed & requests him to take it before taking the medicines & comes out of the room.
Sanskar holds the bowl to take it & thinks swara today you confessed your feelings & you left for MM without meeting me. Suddenly a paper falls on the bed. He picks it & finds heart shapes are made on four corners of the paper & something is written in italicize graphic in the middle.

” Be still, my soul, the hour is hastening on
When we shall be forever with the lord,
When disappointment, grief & fear are gone,
Sorrow forgot, love’s purest joys restored.
Be still my soul when change & tears are past,
All safe & blessed we shall meet at last.”

Finally sanskar smiles by thinking about swara & lost in her thoughts.

After all MM people left the hospital, swara goes to canteen to take her dinner. She is happy by thinking about the past couple of hours & how it changed her life, confronted with her love. While she is passing near the corridor of canteen, she feels a touch on her arms. At once, some one drags her to a corner & she is fearful. She moves her body & turns to took at the face of the person & finds laksh there.
Swara: laksh!! What are you doing here? Why you dragged me so hard?? It’s hurting me.
Laksh: what about me swara?? Do you think I am not hurt. How can you do this to me??
Swara: what I have done.. Why are you behaving weird?? Is everything OK??
Laksh: me!! You mean to say I am behaving weird. Are you kidding? What is going on between you & Bhai? You told him ‘ my sanskar ‘. I know you married him due to ragini’s drama but why ate you acting now?? As all knows everything & you are going to divorce sanskar after I accepted ragini. So from where this concern came from for my brother? I know you love me.. Then cut the crap swara.
Swara: what are you saying laksh?? I have already cleared you that I don’t love you. You accepted ragini as well l. So from where these you & me love story cooked up.
Laksh: oh that one( in anger) I just told to accept ragini to make you my friend. I could not force you to accept me. So, I made this plan to be friend with you & then will get you back in my life. But now you are so close to sanskar… I can’t take it.
Swara: this time she is annoyed by his explanation & shouted loudly look laksh! I loved you but your behaviour compelled me to think that must not be love but a minor infatuation. The way I felt for sanskar today, I never felt for you. He always trusted me in thick & thin times of my life. But you, in your anger left me & crushed my trust unto ashes & married ragini.so there is no love in between us. I am happy in my married life.
Laksh in anger pinned swara to the wall & there is not a little space in between them. Swara feels suffocated and pushes him away. But he is not in a mood to let her go. So swara without any option SLAPPED him & goes away.
Laksh is still in shock..

Hospital room:
Sanskar has already taken his soup & preparing for sleep. The door opens but sanskar doesn’t notice it & finally closes his eyes to dream about their future & takes a peaceful sleep.
The moon light is entering to the room. The shooting breeze moves the curtain of the room in to & fro motion. The peaceful lunar light enchanted the glow of his face. All of a sudden, spark of lightning wakes him up. He discovers a melodious voice coming from the window direction. He utters who is there? But no voice comes from that side. Though he feels dizziness, he still wakes up from bed & goes to the window direction to find out who is there? He finds a woman standing there showing her back.
One word comes from his mind, “swara” then his mind thinks he is hallucinating. As how come swara will be here?? He thinks as if he is in his dreams. To confirm this, he pinches the girl.
Girl: aauucchh!! And turns .. It’s non other than swara.
Sanskar: you, you are here.. But the nurse……..
And swara does not give him chance to complete his sentence & places her finger on his lips. He feels her touch.
Swara: Sanskar, I am here. Always with you and hugs him.
Sanskar can’t control his emotions and reciprocates by hugging her tightly.. BG plays
“That I found my angel,
From the clouds you came,
From above you spread your wings,
Fell down from heaven,
Like a waterfall,
And you showered with me with love,
So glad that I found you,
Cause I don’t know what I’d ever do
If I were to lose your love I’d die,
I’d rather fall down from the sky”

I decided to continue this ff as per your comments.. Thanks for all of your valuable suggestions and love for my ff.

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  1. Wow super…
    Thanks for continuing and ur ff is really touching pls make laksh accept swara’s love for sanskar without making him evil

    1. Yup.. They all will be positive in upcoming episodes… Thanks

  2. Super .thanks for continuing.dont make laksh bad.

    1. thanx appu.. laksh won’t that bad.. but he has not that maturity to understand the situation. he will understand soon and positive again..

  3. this is awesome ,i get teary eyed whenever i read ua ff , u have magic in ua words really , u r an awesome writer , i just love ua fan fiction……………toooooooooooooo cooooooollllll

    1. thanx akshitha.. ur valuable comments made my day..

  4. awesome…..
    thanks for continuing……

    1. thanx joya

  5. wow super. .. emotional also

  6. Amazing kashis ….no words to express my feelings…u r ff is d best n most connecting ..thanks for continuing it. U are giving happiness to so many people who r reading it n I guess u r most lucky person to be able to do it…

    1. thanx radhika.. I m happy that I m able to fulfil your demands… and u liked it.. that’s a great honour..

  7. thanx akku..

  8. Omg.
    I wish it could have happened in real soap….its wonderful kashis..

    1. thnx leku

  9. Tremendous dear!!! The way you convey their feelings, it’s awesome! I like your ff name and subtitle also and one more thing, I like you carry story natural way eg laksh is stll wants swara and etc!! Thank you dear and yeah last poem is beautiful

    1. I will continue it in natural way but also give him some sense of maturity to understand the gravity of situation… not like a crazy lover. .. but like a sensible humble respectable person … thanks u liked it..

  10. Awesome dr..have no words yaar we can imagine each moments of swara and sanskar through your words, the songs lines u added is perfect for the situation mind blowing, whenever I read ur ff it brought lot of emotions on me.that pain of his silent love.after vini’s ff loved ur Ff u rocked.thanks for continuing ff.Title adipoli (in my language it means superb) it suits well.

    1. thanx sethooty… its my honour that you liked it.. the readers like u are genuine source of inspiration for me…

  11. hey..I have read ur all three ff just today only..the way u hv explained sanky’s feeling ws just heart touching..that wht all we think abt him after watching original serial..swara’s confession was also very emotional.. today’s epi is also another heart touching one yar..every time while reading ur ff.. I got tears in my eyes..thanks for this beautiful ff dear..plz continue and update soon..

    1. thanks niti… in original serial he can’t express himself and thinks for others. so I thought to pen down his feelings.. though that time I don’t know u all will like it but I could not control my emotions and write down that part of ff..

  12. hey..I have read ur all three epi just today only..the way u hv explained sanky’s feeling ws just heart touching..that wht all we think abt him after watching original serial..swara’s confession was also very emotional.. today’s epi is also another heart touching one yar..every time while reading ur ff.. I got tears in my eyes..thanks for this beautiful ff dear..plz continue and update soon..

  13. LOVED it

    1. thanks trishika

  14. Mouni Godavari

    Really Nice & please unite raglak also

    1. I will.. but it will take a bit time.. as my story demands that… but they will be united… thanks

  15. Awesome kashis….really very heart touching story…U know i jst want read more ff of Urs… 4 ur ff i repeatdly check more times d ff stories …plz update more episode soon..

    1. thank nitu.. I will update soon..

  16. mridulakrishman

    Its really an amazing Story Dear…eagerly waiting for the next chpter….????????

    1. next part already available dear. u can read the episode 4 its updated in this site..

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    1. thanx asi…

  21. Hey kashis tnx fr continuing…… One more request is there…can u upload two episode per day??? Like one in the morning and one in the evening pls????

    1. Jianna I will try my level best to fulfil ur wish.. by the way episode 4 is already uploaded… u can read that…

  22. Jianna I will try my level best to fulfil ur wish.. by the way episode 4 is already uploaded… u can read that…

    1. Thank you so much

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