Swaragini An Angel is my love (Mystery In Disguise) Episode 11


The night has engulfed everything into an utter darkness. Her dwindling face is being seen only by the ray of moonlight. She can’t handle this darkness anymore. Her sincere endeavor is to enlighten the room. She lightens the candle to get rid of this darkness. But hey? Her inner soul asks her in curiosity.. Have you ever seen a glowing candle?? I am not elaborating its flickering light which overshadows the darkness for sometimes, but I am clarifying your thoughts that have you seen the lower parts of the candle? It remains only a puddle of wax after burning or you can even imagine after destroying its life for enlightening others. But the ultimate truth is darkness again engulfs it. Despite for certain time, it can pervade a ray of hope but eventually is confined in the whole black hole of darkness. Her life is like such. Till now she has sacrificed it for others. Never cried for her own happiness just like a candle. Now when she wants bliss; her life becomes a melancholy again. No.. No.. She is not doubting him even after viewing the caller ID, but cursing her fate as why is it such? Why after so much bearings, she remains like a puddle of wax of the base of candle. It’s just an agony which she has destined to face.

After completing his call, he comes inside & she looks at him with inquisitiveness to know with whom was he talking for so long? He avoids her questions & takes the plea of being sleepy & hurriedly rushes to bed. She is staggered, unable to know how to respond to the unseen future.

He is standing on a scary barren land of the cliff. He can notice her smiling face & bridal Bengali attire. The red shawl is blowing in the direction of wind pattern. The roaring, ghosty wind is saying something on his ear. He is running behind to catch her. All of a sudden, he hears some pebbles fall down of the cliff & she is unable to maintain her balance & … The scene becomes blur. He is unable to detect her facial expression & shouts ‘No Shona’… ‘Stop’…
And he wakes up & finds her shona next to him. It’s just a nightmare. He is watered with sweat & is breathing heavily. She wakes up due to the constant humming sound of his breathing & is worried to see him in a vulnerable state…
Swara: Sanskar…

He is so scared that he can’t even give her a chance to complete her statement & hugs her like a child hugs her mother when he sees a ghost.
Swara: I am right here sanskar.. What happened?
He can’t say anything.. He is motionless.. Only grabs her closely & rests on her lap..
Seeing his condition swara is worried & composes herself not to ask him any further questions. She interwinds her fingers on his hair & makes him sleep.

Next morning he wakes up by twinkling his eyes & finds him in the cocoon of swara’s lap. Swara’s head is resting on his shoulder. By looking at this very position, all the past night incidents illuminate on his mind. He feels frightened & pulls her closer towards him. Swara is disturbed by his sudden dragging action & wakes up from sleep. She encounters sanskar’s sudden action by a tight hug by pulling him further closer to give him a sense of being protected & secured.

All of a sudden, some one knocks their room door. Swara breaks the hug & moves from bed to open the door.
Swara: Parineeta bhabi, you are here? That too in this morning hour. Anything do you want from me bhabi?
Parineeta: No swara, actually your mom has come & she is waiting for you on downstairs. So get ready first & come soon.
Swara is happy. After so many days she is going to meet her mother. And this is the time when she needs her the most. She doesn’t know what is happening with sanskar now a days? At least by sharing with her mom she can get satisfaction.
Parineeta: what are you thinking swara? Go get ready first & don’t waste time here.
Swara hugs her happily & complies her that she is coming soon.

Hall of MM
Annapurna: sharmistha ji, you? You have come here in this morning hour? Is everything OK?
Sharmistha: sorry to bother you Annapurna ji at this hour of morning. But due to urgent matters, I have come.
Annapurna: Don’t embarrass us by saying so. You have given your daughters here. You have all the rights to come here as & when you want. By the way what is the urgent matter?
Sharmistha: oh!! Actually tomorrow is swara’s birthday. But I can’t stay here tomorrow as her dida & me are going to Mumbai to attain some relatives house due to medical urgency. So, I have come here today to bless her as till today she never has celebrated her birthday alone & without us.
Annapurna: Oh!! Swara has never uttered about her birthday. I am extremely sorry that I don’t know about my daughters in-laws’ birthday. But please sharmistha ji, dont worry as she is also our daughter & even if she can’t celebrate her birthday tomorrow with you, still we will try to make her birthday memorable. Though we can’t replace your position but I promise you to give her all motherly affection tomorrow.
Sharmistha:(being happy) don’t say sorry annapurna ji. I am happy & proud that my daughters are married in this house.
Sujata has heard all these conversations & jumps to take part in their communication.
Sujata: By the way how can we know swara’s birth day jiji? So much have happened in these few days that these happy moments can’t pop up.
As sharmistha doesn’t know about ragini’s confession, so she is unaware about their communication & utters,”what happened in these few days?”

Annapurna, being the defender of MM, indicates Sujata to keep quite as sharmistha has to deal with her relatives health concern & this is not the right time to reveal all the happenings.
Annapurna: No. No sharmistha ji, sujata is kidding(by pointing towards sujata)
Sharmistha finds their eye contact indicating something fishy. By that time swara has already reached the hall & she has listened all the conversations when she was coming down from stairs.
Swara:’Maa’ & runs to hug her.
Sharmistha: how are you beta & how is ragini? I haven’t seen her till now and shona tell me is everything fine? Just before you came, sujata ji was saying something.
Swara: ‘maa’ actually I have already heard your conversation & mom is teasing you only. As after sanskar
‘s accident, mom always cared for me & didn’t let me do any household activities. She is just trying to convey this.
Sharmistha is happy after hearing that sujata has accepted swara heartily. Annapurna is relieved & swara feels guilty as she told partial truth to her mother & not told ragini’s misdeeds, but she doesn’t want to give her further tension.
Swara: Maa, but where is dida? Why does not she come to meet me? Has she forgotten me?
Sharmistha: No beta, actually we got the relatives call yesterday only. Too much things are left for packing. So, your dida is busy with that stuff.
Swara: OK maa! I am not angry with dida now. But after returning from Mumbai she has to meet me for sure.

Just then ragini & sanskar have also reached there. They both take blessings of Sharmistha. Swara indicates ragini to keep quite & not utter a single word about prior incidents.
Sharmistha: how are both of you?
Sanskar: I am fine maa(with a bit doubtful tone) & ragini also conveys to be fine.
Sharmistha turns towards sanskar.
Sharmistha: beta, tomorrow is swara’s birthday. I know you love her a lot and also can take care of her. But she never has remained without me & dida in her birthday. As I am unable to stay here tomorrow, promise me that you will give her all the happiness she deserves.
Sanskar: yes maa!! Tomorrow is also a big day for me. I promise you to take care of shona.. I mean swara.
Everyone laughs by listening shona from sanskar’s mouth & swara gets shy. Sharmistha gets a call from dida & happily goes out from MM after meeting all the members.

Swara is in her room, thinking about sanskar’s words to her maa & suddenly door bell rings.
Swara(comes to door step & opens it): Yes
Courier boy: mam! Can you please call swara sanskar maheswari? There is a parcel in her name.
Swara: it’s me. But who has sent it?
Courier boy: that i don’t know mam! I am here only for delivery. You take it & check yourself. Saying this he hands over the parcel to swara & waves her good bye.
Swara takes the courier & is going to her room. In the mid way AP, Sujata & Parineeta meet her.

AP: swara, who was ringing the bell?
Swara: badi mlaa!! It’s the courier boy. Some one has sent a parcel for me.
Sujata(teasingly): oh!! Look who is it?? I think it must be sanskar.
Swara: but mom, why sanskar will send courier to me?
Sujata: because you fool! tomorrow is your birthday.
AP: shut up sujata!! Go to your room swara & check it. Swara complies & goes.
Swara is opening packets in her room & her phone rings. She picks up the call.
Swara: hello!!
Sanskar: oh! My god! You make me scared. Where are you? Have you checked your phone? How many times have I called you?
Swara: sorry sanskar! I was on downstairs. Just come to room & my phone was in the room.
Sanskar: Have you received the packets?
Swara: Yes, but why do you send parcels?
Sanskar: its your birthday gift.. By the way have you checked them? Do you like it?
Swara: No, I have just come to room & picked up your call.
Sanskar: then check them & be ready till 7PM. I will pick you up & will go somewhere.
Swara: where are we suppose to be going sanskar??
Sanskar: That’s a surprise for you. Be ready.
Swara: but have you taken permission from bade papa?
Sanskar: yes, I have asked him in office & he has no problem.

(Both of them know that DP’s permission is required & if he has granted then they can go out)
Swara: OK I will be ready.. Bye sanskar & hangs the call
Sanskar(on other side thinks): I know swara you have lots of questions twisted in your mind. Be patient shona!! I will clear all your doubts. But after that can you accept me with my flaws??
Swara(in their room): how many facets have you sanskar?? Your care, concern & love make me fall for you again & again. With each passing day I am loving you more & more. But what are you hiding from me? And again a surprise..please share with me sanskar.. If I have you, I can fight all the problems.. She grabs his photograph & indulges in deep thought..

“Cannot understand
Who’s behind this mask
You’re a mystery in disguise,
You’ve been telling me so many lies.
To be or not to be,
That’s the question now
Am I anything at all?”

Thanks for all of your supports.. Feel free to comment or criticize if this episode is worth of your time.

Credit to: Kashis

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    1. thanks saba!! sanskar is getting the vibes of ur character.. so need to check the doctor soon.. otherwise it will turn into a havoc.. ha! ha! ha! nothing such dear… he is having some flaws with lots of goodness.. no evil like stuff… and I just said (50 shades of grey) what is truth…. I supported u as u deserve that. resemblance is something but u can’t take away the credit from the writer… coming to resemblance, so much novels are written that every other story is somewhat copy cat of any novel… that’s not a big deal???

    2. Yeah Kashis! You also right, I didn’t know that my story will has resemblance with any English novel! And yeah you’re right! Now I think I should visit the Dr also because he’s getting on my nerves(both your and my character of sanskar) but still I angry with you! Please yar reveal the mystery! Sooooooonnn! And stay blessed dear! Love you

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