Swaragini An Angel is my love ( irony of fate ) Episode 5


The wind direction has changed from cold shooting breeze to a stormy weather. How comparable is it with the irony of life… All changes with in a fraction of second without delivering any prior notice. The delightful moonlight is no longer obtainable in the presence of dark cloud cover. Like the happy days of life are overshadowed by the unjoyous days which are unable to provide pleasing moments. This roaring weather seems like giving an indication of happening of something bad… Very bad… The room which was few seconds ago enchanted by the presence of delightful moon light, at once fills with complete darkness. The buzzing sound of weather, the horrible curtain movement, the shakily table, then sudden lightning & chilling thunder at once responsible for someone’s gaining consciousness. When she had gone to the lap of sleeping God, she herself didn’t know. The family portrait is still in her hands. She wakes up & becomes fearful due to the presence of complete darkness in their room. She hurriedly rushes to the balcony, closes all the windows & doors.. Her hairs are also not in her control, flowing in the direction of waves of weather. After closing all the windows, she lightens the candle of their room & her eyes fall upon the clock which is showing 2AM timing & the sound of pendulum compels her to think about her husband , ‘Mr. Laksh Maheswari’..

Yes ragini is genuinely fearful as the minute and second hand of the clock is rotating faster.. 15 minutes has past. Ragini this time can’t control & wait anymore for her husband.. So she dials his number & the voice from otherside gives her a switch off message.
Ragini: where are you laksh? Are you allright..? Come home soon.. My heartbeats are driving faster. She thinks about laksh’s face after his seeing of swara’s care for sanskar in the hospital.. Have you done something wrong to yourself laksh? Many horrible thoughts have filled in her mind.. BG plays

‘Pyar hai ya sazaa, Aye mere dil bata,
Toot ta kyon nahi, Dard ka silsila,
Iss pyar mein ho kaise kaise imtihan,
Yeh pyar likhe kaisi kaisi dastan,
Ya rabba, de de koi jaan bhi agar
Dilbar pe ho na koi asar.’

From the day she started falling for laksh, her life was changed upside down. It was no longer remained bed of roses rather it filled with thorns.she had killed the sweet, innocent ragini inside her & she herself had created the graveyard for that cute ragini, who always thought about others happiness, respected elders & wanted to unite the family. She wanted happiness in her life , a small desire to being loved by her husband. Yet poor ragini didn’t know that all would come to her with a cost, she needed to repay. She always wanted laksh by her side by hook or by crook. Despite of the fact that her husband loved swara, she manipulated him always. But her biggest irony was when her own husband betrayed her & helped swara to gather proof against her misdeeds.. Why laksh?? You always wanted a girl who was joyful, open-minded, cunning & when I have changed to that, you no longer accepted me. I am guilty, I know. please come back soon & I am ready to remorse for my mistakes. Please god save my laksh.

All of a sudden she hears foot steps of someone in the staircase.. Due to darkness she is unable to recognize the face & comes outside of her room to check who is there?she does not want to make noise as if he will be laksh, then a lot of questions he has to face from DP & AP which she doesn’t want as her husband must have stressful & she doesn’t want her to be a problem for her husband. She comes close to that person & due to lightning she finds out the identity of the person. It is indeed laksh. But not in a normalize position.. He must have drunken, she thinks. So he is unable to control himself & going to fall. When suddenly ragini holds him & takes him to their room & closes the door.

Ragini: laksh, are you OK? What have you made to yourself? You stay here, I am going to get lemon juice for you and when she just put a step outside , laksh from her back yells
Laksh: Ragini (laughable tone), care from you.. Not sounding good.. You said you loved me so you had done all that.. But no ragini you just wanted to get me.. Look I am yours!! Fully!! As swara is no longer mine & will never return to me… He comes closer to ragini , holds her shoulder & tightly pins her to the wall.

Ragini: leave me laksh. Its hurting me.
Laksh: ha ! Ha! Hurting..!!! Because of you, my heart is burning. I know I am married to you, but you can never get my love & I will make your life hell for sure. By saying so he pushes her so hard that she falls on ground & laksh without noticing her, falls on bed & becomes unconscious due to excess drinking of beer.

Ragini is hurt, she tries to get up from floor but alas!! Invain.. Her waist has hit so much that she is gaining pain.. When a trickle of red blood falls on her saree. She finds out that not only her waist but also her left side head has also hurt & bloods are rushing out from there. BG plays

‘Kaisa hai safar waffa ki manzil ka,
Na hai koi hal Dillon ki mushkil ka,
Dhadkan dhadkan bikhri ranjishein,
Sansein sansein tooti bandhishein,
Kahin toh har lamha honthon Pe fariyaad hai,
Kissi ki duniya chaahat mein barbaad hai’

Anyhow she gets up & goes to wash room to clean her blood.. She opens the tap & cries her heart out. As this type of behaviour from laksh she has never expected. She is devastated. On their marriage night when laksh left her & said he wanted time for this relationship she was not that much hurt, as today. Today she has learnt a biggest lesson of her life..
‘If you love someone, set them free
If they come back they’re yours
If they don’t they never were.’

Ragini knows what she has to do. How to set things in order.. She has made her decision & this time this is the correct decision. She wants to smile but her heart knows her life is going to be an dead end.
Its already 5AM. She goes to couch to get some sleep.

Hospital room
Swara & Sanskar are sleeping by holding each other. Doctor opens the door & seeing then in that state. He coughs.
Swara hears the sound and suddenly gets up & composes herself..
Doctor….(she utters)

By listening swara’s voice, sanskar also wakes up & finds doctor is standing near door step.
Doctor: actually sorry to disturb both of you. I come here for regular check up of sanskar.
Swara: no doctor!! Please check him & gets down from bed & stands near the corner of the bed.

Doctor does the routine check up & clarifies that he is fine.
Swara: can we take him home?
Doctor: yes!! You can take him.. But he needs complete rest & some saline arrangements need to be done.

Swara(delighted): thanks doctor..& don’t worry we will make all arrangements for him in MM.
Doctor: well then!! I will prepare the discharge papers ready by evening & then you can take him home.I will come everyday for routine check up & also if there is any trouble then call me.
Swara thanks him again & doctor leaves the room.
Swara(in joyful mood) wants to call MM to tell the good news of sanskar’s recovery & also about his discharge information.
Her phone is on the bed. So she extends her hand to pick the phone, when sanskar holds her from her waist.
Swara: what are you doing sanskar?? Leave me..
Sanskar: I am not holding you to leave. And also you become mine after so many efforts. How can I let you go shona??
Swara: but sanskar!! This is hospital.. Anyone can come inside..
Sanskar: so what!! I am romancing with my wife.. Its my official right.. Nobody has any objection regarding that.

Swara: please leave me na sanskar(in a shyish tone)
Sanskar(naughtily): OK!! Then why you are interested to take me home as early as possible.. Let me stay here.. What’s the problem in that??
Swara(turning her face towards him): sanskar!! I want to take care of you 24×7. So I want to take you home so that you will be present before me & it will be a pleasure to see you always..
Sanskar is touched by her innocence & moves his lips towards her eyes.. She closes her eyes to sense the touch.. Sanskar just stops by seeing her beauty in her closed eyes position.. The ray of sunshine falls on her face makes it even better looking.. For him, she is his diva, his shona & kisses her eyes & hugs her.. She reciprocates by tightly holding him.
After sometimes they break the hug & swara calls MM. AP receives the phone & swara tells all information, the doctor has given to her.
AP is happy & put down the phone.

Listening the phone’s ringing everybody has already gathered in the living area( except laksh & ragini)
AP gives them the information and all are happy. DP asks then to be ready as they need to go to hospital to talk to sanskar after the passage of a horrible night.
Sujata: jiji, my happiness has no boundaries today. My son is coming back home & she feels like dancing.
AP: sujata, control yourself.. We need to be ready as soon as possible.
Sujata: han jiji..

All are dispersed. But there is no sign of ragini & laksh.

Credit to: Kashis

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  1. Wonderful yar….I have no words to describe….nowadays my exams had started but I always do my best to read ur ff as I can’t miss any episode….u and ur writing is awesome dear….and plz wish me luck as tomorrow is the hardest paper.

    1. thanx ayesha… u have exam still have the craze to read my ff , thanx a lot dear.. all the best dear.. be cool and calm in exam and hardest paper will look easy and will complete in flying colours..

      1. Thank u so much dear….and god bless u and hope u will be successful in every exam of ur life

    2. thanx ayesha… do good and also comply me about your test.. I would like to hear from u about how this paper has gone???

  2. ohh god..I was touched by reading ragini’s condition..we all kn that whatever she has done is absolutely wrong in fact ws crime but the fact is that she was also cheated by laksh twice and her family pressure..you have beautifully narrated her condition.. hope now at least in ur ff she will become positive.. swasan were as usual super cute.. I hope Laksh should also realize his mistake of forcing his love on swara soon..and realize ragini’s love.. thank u dear for this treat..plz update soon..

  3. thanks niti.. u have actually involved in this ff and thanks for ur inspiration…

  4. Great effort kashis, this is first time, I like raglak scene more than swasan and sanskar’s teasing style is sooo good

    1. Thanks saba.. U liked it… Actually I love both swasan and raglak… So want to show their perceptives equally..

  5. awesome epi…….please update soon

    1. I will update soon.. Thanks

  6. Good episode…

    1. Thanx bhuvi

  7. Awesome yaar….

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  8. Awesome….ragini feeling r full of pain..then both swasan moments r beautiful….keep going…

    1. Thanks leku..

  9. Pls make raglak happy moments

    1. Jay I will make them.. But you need to be wait a bit more… As prior to that many happenings will be there… Hope you understand.. But definitely ur wish will be fulfilled…

  10. Kashis… I bow to your writing style. Mindblowing and extraordinary. You are showing each other their point of view and magically bringing their feeling in your wrds.. hats off to you yaar..

    1. thanx Tara.. honoured that u feel so by my ff..

  11. superb.. swasan scenes r cute… feeling so sad for ragini yaar

    1. thanx sri… before anything set in to order this perceptive is much needed… u will find ragini happy in upcoming few episodes…

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  15. Again raglak seen is good yaar.lakshya’s behaviour is convincing as he broken down completely.also his dialogue was brilliant,ragini’s realisation about love ,and that lines u quoted was nice , i must say ur narration is extraordinary.addicted to ur ff yaar.

    1. thanx sethooty… I usually find ur comment in my ff.. nice to see you again.. and thanks that u liked it..

  16. wow once again u nailed it.. kashish i must say u r awesome.. i am also ff writer but i cannt nvr touch ur single word in my ff like u do… i can create diff sitution, cook diff story but filling that wid emotions is rare for me….. but u r going grt job.. revealing all’s feelings.. it just awesome.. go on.. kashish..

    1. thanx sumi.. every one has something in them to pen down their thoughts.. u r unique in your own way… plz tell me ur ff title, I would like to read…

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    1. thanx asi.. do read the next chapter and give ur valuable comments.. I m eager to hear from ur suggestions..

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