Swaragini An Angel is my love (All hope is gone) Episode 8


She is surprised as what happened in these couple of hours that he is ignoring her to such an extent. Has she done anything inappropriate? Her mind is shaken with too many probables for his ignorance. Some one calls her & she unmindfully nods.
Sujata: swara! I am calling you for 5th time & you are not paying heed to me.. Is everything OK?
Swara: yes mom! Actually I am thinking about something..
Sujata: don’t think too much & take sanskar to your room.
DP says all of us will go now to our respective rooms & meet on dinner. Everybody disperses.

A person is sitting on the balcony of their room. He is enjoying the pleasant moonlight which is giving him much required peace but still inside he is agitated. Can’t find out the answers to his questions.

A sudden voice distracts his thoughts, ‘why are you ignoring me?’ Its killing me from inside?
Just then the person stands up from his seat & comes running to her & puts a finger on her lips & utters…
Swara!! Don’t use these words? I want to live my life with you.
Swara: then why are you ignoring me? Have I done any mistake?( she is sounding worrywart)
Sanskar: why did you leave the hospital in morning swara? Even if you left, you also didn’t inform me. You know how worried I am.. I asked mom but she said you had some unfinished work so you left.. What happened swara? Can you please tell me why you left early?
Swara is really happy to see his husband’s concern & protective nature towards her.
But she wants to tease him as she was genuinely worried when he ignored her.
Swara:(turns away from him) oh! That case .. Actually sorry sanskar I was a bit busy that time so left without waving bye to you.

Sanskar: (in a bit louder tone like having husbandly rights) so tell me what was the matter? Can’t you share that..?
Swara sees him tensed & teases him more due to her childish nature.
Swara:(cooks up a story) oh!! Sanskar that time I got a message from my best friend,’varun’. So I went to meet him..

Sanskar: now who the hell varun is? & how he came into picture?
Swara: oh!! Sorry sanskar. I never told you about varun. Actually we were childhood best buddies. Our friends always teased us as we both were very compatible to each other.. Then one day he proposed me & I said yes. When we grew up together, we became more closer.. But on his 15th birthday, his father faced some family issues & he left for USA. Yesterday only he came to India & wanted to meet me. So I went to airport to catch him up.

Still swara is facing her back towards sanskar. So she is unable to see his face.
Sanskar: it means he was your ex….??? & his voice is trembling .. He doesn’t know how to react.. He feels like this time also his love will go far away from him.
Swara observes the shivering of his voice & turns around to find him in a state of shock & continuously tears are rolling down from his eyes.
Swara thinks have I scared him so much?? & rushes towards him.
Swara: sanskar, why are you crying?
Sanskar: he came back na.. & you will leave me.. Once again I will be all alone.. I want to d……

Swara doesn’t give him time to complete his sentence & puts her lips in his. He is still in a state of shock. She seats on his lap, holds his cheeks in both of her hands & kissed him passionately. Sanskar doesn’t know how to react but goes with the flow. He keeps his one hand on her waist, pulls her closer & another hand near her cheek & their lips again meet.. This time the kiss is more perfect than the previous one.. & they enjoy their ‘First Kiss’ for sometimes passionately.. Swara then wipes his tears & kisses his eyes & yells, ‘ sanskar, I only love you. No power in this world can depart us’ I cooked up this story to tease you. Please forgive me. As you ignored me, so I just played a prank with you.
Sanskar: please swara don’t do this again. I can’t bear it.. You are only mine & I don’t want your name to be joined with any other person.
Swara: sounds like someone is jealous.

Sanskar understands that swara is again teasing him.
Sanskar: by the way, if the repercussion of the prank is like this(he means kiss) then I am always ready for it.
Swara this time feels shy & knows that she is being caught in her webs.
Sanskar holds her closer & due to his weakness they both fall down on bed. Swara is on the top of sanskar & sanskar is playing with her hairs & kisses on her forehead.
Coughs.. Coughs… (Voice)

Swara notices that someone is outside by listening the voice, but sanskar doesn’t let her go.
Sujata: when you both will grow up? You are already married. Though I have not seen anything but close the door before doing anything.
Sanskar feels shy as well as blushes
Sanskar: come inside mom.. We are just gossiping. Right swara?( by that time he has already left swara)

Sujata: OK! OK! Don’t give me clarification. Come downstairs soon for dinner & she leaves.
Sanskar: why didn’t you tell me that mom was there?
Swara: I told you that leave me, someone was there but you being you, didn’t listen to me. Now let’s go everybody must be waiting for us & one more thing sanskar, I left hospital early to arrange preparations for you & also I have made dinner today only for you.
Sanskar is touched by her gesture & her dedication towards him & both go downstairs..

Table is decorated with various types of dishes. The smell of the dishes will make every person hungry & watery with mouths wide open. All MM people has already gathered in dining area & occupied their respective seats. Swara is sitting besides sanskar. Parineeta & Ragini are serving the food. Just then ragini indicates Parineeta to seat besides Adarsh Bhai & she will serve everyone. AP notices this.

AP: ragini, your health is not good ( as they all are in a misconception that she has partial amnesia except swara as she revealed her everything) you seat , let parineeta serve food.
Swara:(as she knows everything, she supports AP. So that the truth of ragini must not come out & she doesn’t want to handle more pressure today) yes ragini, badi maa is telling right. You seat & take food.

Ragini:(surprised as how come swara is supporting AP despite knowing everything) but complies & seats.

Just then DP asks ,” ragini, where is laksh? I haven’t seen him from morning.. Does he tell anything that where he has gone??

AP: han ji, I have also not seen him.. Have you called him ragini?
Ragini doesn’t know what to reply & thinks about the last night incidents.
Just then a person calls, ‘ maa, I am here only. Are you searching me??’
AP: where are you laksh? You have not also informed anyone of us regarding your whereabouts?
Laksh: ma!! I have gone some where for something important. I want to set my life in right track & looks at ragini.

AP: what are you saying? Say properly, we can’t get you.
Laksh: OK maa!! Let’s be straight.. & hands over the DIVORCE PAPERS to ragini.
AP: what is this laksh?
Laksh: divorce papers…
AP: what??
DP: marriage is not a funny thing laksh, be matured.
AP: laksh, you know, ragini’s health condition is not good & any shock can make her situation even worse.

Laksh: ha!ha!ha! Whose condition is not good maa??(indicating ragini) she is a drama queen mom. She is faking her memory loss to unite me & swara.
All are shocked & looked at ragini..
Laksh continues now as swara accepted sanskar & can never be mine.. I don’t want her presence in my life.. & this time a tight SLAP on laksh’s face by DP.
DP: is this the value we have taught you.?? You want a relationship with your bhabi & your wife is supporting you for that( looks at ragini in an angry look)
Ragini now stops DP from slapping laksh & accepts all her crimes. Everybody is in a state of shock…
Laksh breaks the silence & utters if you have done your drama.. Then sign the papers & get the hell out of my sight.

Ragini: don’t worry laksh!! I won’t beg to stay with you this time. I know what honour matters to a woman. If I had respected my honour above you, then I won’t face this situation today.
Laksh can’t get her & tells oh! Now as all your misdeeds are opened up.. You are blaming me..
Ragini: I am not blaming you laksh, I am telling the truth. Its you who have always taken me for granted. In our first ring ceremony, you told that you didn’t love me & left me.. I controlled myself.. When sanskar came to our lives you again joined your name with mine for sanskar’s cure, not because of love. Still that time you loved swara but gave me false hope of marriage. I still swayed by you to feel again dejected & cancellation of my marriage.
Sujata can’t take sanskar’s name being dragged into all this and utters, ‘ ye chori,my son has already repented for his misdeeds but not you?? Don’t involve my son in all this.. He is far better than you.

Ragini: han chachiji, he repented. I know.. But you don’t know or else don’t want to know something.. Its sanskar who had turned this sweet ragini to an evil lady by manipulating her mind in the name of happiness & he , in the mid way, had broken our friendship & left me. There was no one to support me, to convince me what was good or bad..??& you chachiji, you were all behind the dayan drama against swara.
(Swara & Sanskar are in a state of shock)

Even you manipulated me when I asked you not let anything would happen to swara. But ultimately I am wrong.. But does anyone know, why I am like this?? Its you people who compelled me to do so. & turns to DP, papa, all have made mistakes but they got sympathy and had forgiven at once as they are your sons. Am I not your daughter in law? Why the same condition was not applied to me..
Laksh is astonished by her behaviour & feels every word of her & the guilt he had made. But his ego doesn’t make him able to let his emotions out.
Laksh: how dare you ragini to blame us? & raises his hand to slap her.
In the mean while swara steps in & catches his hand.
Swara: don’t dare to do that again ‘Mr. Laksh Maheswari’. You have lost all the rights on her. What the hell wrong she is telling?

Ragini: thanks swara for understanding me. I know you will always protect me.
Swara: don’t be mistaken ragini. I saved you to protect a girl’s honour. If anyone else also will be in your position, still I have done the same. I have not forgiven you till now.
Ragini can’t control her emotions anymore, collapses on the floor & signs the divorce papers & hands over to laksh & tells ,’ look laksh, you always wanted an openmined life partner like swara & to be like her … See how far I have gone? But now I left all alone..
Everyone is crying & in a state of shock.. “How purely she has described her emotions today?”thinks laksh but does not utter a single word..

“A tireless stream of indifference flows
Through veins till the river runs dry.
I no longer care I have all but disposed
Of dreams that I once held inside
Desire is gone after all of these years
The fight has been lost I concede
The apathy born a long time ago
Has grown to what I can’t defeat
I’ve been here too long
I’m tired and longing for more
How long must I run
To find what I’m looking for
All hope is gone.”

I know this update is bit lengthy. If it is a waste of your time then I am extremely sorry. If u think its a worth of ur time the do comment.. Also criticism as well accepted..

Credit to: Kashis

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