Swaragini An Angel is my love ( happiness before the rising thunder ) Episode 6


Everybody gathers in the living area. A sense of bliss is visible in everybody’s face. After all they all are going to bring back their lovable son “Mr. Sanskar Maheswari”. But where is laksh? This voice breaks everyone’s silence & also distracts everyone’s thought from sanskar.
DP: Annapurna, go check.. Where is laksh?
Sujata: han jiji, ragini is also not detectable.
AP: I will go upstairs & check about the presence of both of them.

Trin… Trin… Trin..
A girl extends her hand to press the close button of the alarm. But before she can press, the alarm falls on the floor making a loud sound. This sound disturbs her & suddenly she opens her eyes.. To her disbelief its already 8AM & till now she is sleeping.
She hurriedly rushes to the washroom to clean her face & then she comes out of the washroom & finds that he is still sleeping on the bed. She eyes him lovingly.
Knock… Knock… Knock…
She is again disturbed by the sound & comes to her senses to find out that somebody is knocking outside. She opens the door.
AP: where are you ragini? You are not ready yet?
Ragini(thinks): Ready.. Oh.. How can she forget that sanskar is in hospital & they both need to go there.
AP: what are you thinking now?? Say something..
Ragini: oh!! Maa actually I am sorry & please give me 5 minutes I will be ready & come downstairs to join you.
AP: where is laksh? & winks inside the room.. Oh!! God this boy can never be changed.. He is still the same.. His brother must be waiting in the hospital to meet him but he is still sleeping peacefully & AP steps inside to wake him up.
Ragini is unmindfully listening to AP’s words & thinks about last night incidents. At once her mind strikes the fact that yesterday he had come home in drunken state. So she tries to stop AP from coming inside her room as she doesn’t want AP to know that fact that he was drunk last night.
Ragini: maa! I will wake him up & get him ready & will meet you in downstairs.. You don’t worry for him.
AP just utters a word, then voice of DP stops her.
DP: Annapurna! We are getting late. Come soon..
AP yells with a yes sound.
AP: ragini, look we don’t have much time. So we all are leaving & if you will get ready now, then it will take lots of time & still laksh is sleeping. So listen to me carefully, sanskar is going to be discharged today & we will bring him home in the evening. You prepare food items & make all arrangements in a suitable manner for his welcome.
Ragini nods to her happily.AP waves her bye & leaves her room.
In the living area everybody is worried as why AP is taking so much time to come down. So, DP steps up but then AP comes down & tells everybody about her & ragini’s conversation. DP approves AP’s decision & they leave for hospital.

Hospital room:
Sanskar is still lying on the bed while swara seats besides him.
Just then Maheswari family arrives.
Sujata hastily goes inside & sees swara sitting near to him & coughs
Swara: mom, aap.. When did you come?
Sujata: when you are indulged in my son’s thoughts.
Swara blushes & gets up from bed.
Sujata seats near sanskar .
Sujata: are you OK sanskar? Sanskar looks at swara & nods yes while smiling.
That time all MF people have already entered the room. Parineeta & Adarsh see this behaviour of sanskar & yells to sujata: don’t worry maa! He is fine & will be fine & perhaps next time he may not remember us as family as all his concentration is unified in one direction (indicating swara)
Sanskar senses their teasing & both him and swara feel shy.
Sanskar: stop it Bhai! I am unwell & still you are making fun of me.
Sujata: now from today onwards no one will trouble my son & daughter in law.
AP(in a teasing tone): oh!! Sujata now she is your daughter in law.. But still she is Bengali.. Not marwadi..
Sujata: now it makes no sense jiji. She is the saviour of my son’s life & as long as my son is happy with her, i have no problem with her. she blesses swara & two drops of tear roll down from swara’s eyes in a gesture of happiness.
DP intervenes in between their sweet talks & remembers all of them that they all have come here to take him home. So he & RP need to go to meet the doctor & make discharge papers ready by evening.. By saying so, DP & RP leaves the room to meet the doctor.
Swara goes to AP & Sujata & asks some permission & they complies yes. Swara then comes out of the room & sanskar is looking at her sight helplessly till she becomes invisible without understanding why she left?
Sanskar asks AP where swara has gone? AP tells him not to worry. She has some work to finish. So she left.
Sanskar still in confused look bows down his head.
Sujata( teasingly) : jiji! My son is no longer mine now. We all are eager to talk with him but he is behind swara.. Jiji I am ruined.. & makes funny faces.
All MF breaks out in laughter.
Maheswari Mansion:
Laksh is still not out of hangover & sleeping on bed.
Ragini as usual completes her bath & gets ready to prepare the house to welcome sanskar. At least this is her first step towards her remorse as sanskar was her best friend once.
The bell rings & ragini ( in thoughts) who is now at this time? & opens the door to find swara standing next to her.
Ragini(with concern) : swara, you are here at this moment?? Everything is OK , I hope.
Swara: ragini don’t worry. Sanskar is fine & I come here to prepare the house ready for his welcome & suddenly she notices the wound in her left head & asks ragini, this wound, how??
Ragini (thinking about past night incidents & touching the wound) oh!! This, swara don’t worry. Today I woke up late. So I took bath hurriedly & slipped in bath room & got this wound.
Swara rushes to hug her & says take care of yourself ragini, I can’t see you in pain..
Ragini reciprocates the hug & this time genuinely her heart wants her sister’s happiness.
BG plays

‘Jeevan yeh suro se sajati
Rishtey yeh suro se banati
Bajti hai to pyar ki dhun
Ek dhup chanchal hai
Ek chandani
Phir bhi hai ek duje ke liye bani
Dilo mein hai pyar bhara
Suro se saji hai swara
Rago se rachi hai ragini
Swaragini swaragini’

Thanks so much guys for liking my ff. Your comments are like inspirations to write more. Do comment your thoughts.

Credit to: Kashis

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