Swaragini An Angel is my love (Facing the vicissitudes of lives) Episode 9


It’s his room.. Only his room. No one is there to pressurize him. The wide, lone balcony only belongs to him. Like he is the royal prince of his kingdom having no followers. The shooting moonlight is unable to satisfy him. He is roaming in the balcony unmindfully & his leg gets hit on the flower vessel. He is hurt. But is anyone present there to care for him? The dark, solitude night engulfs him in its cocoon. Its all destiny. Can anyone in his worst nightmare believe that the spoiled brat whose all night were spent in partying, will ever feel loneliness? Is he actually taken things for granted?? Or else he is at receiving end? What is true, what is false? Poor fellow, struggling hard between his thoughts, unable to get a proper befitting reply. Slowly he moves towards his room & the pendulum of the clock is rotating & showing the time as 1PM. He takes the pillow & moves to coach without even sensing that she is no more a part of his room. Just then he turns on the lamp light to pour water in glass & finds the bed all empty. The emptiness is killing him from inside. Earlier he can sense her, at least put his authority over her. But now, no more!! All changed with in a night. Still he sleeps on couch as it has already turned into his habit to sleep there & no bed can give him the same comfort.

‘I took you for granted, but now I understand
I always thought you’d be there
I live in the black, its a simple fact
I’m here but I’m not aware.’

Seems like she cried a lot. A single bit of tear is not left. All drained.. But still she is happy. What is an irony of fate? When everything is going as per her direction, she can’t find happiness in her heart. But today all went detrimental, still she is feeling ecstatic. She is not sleepy as the atmosphere of the room is new to her. She is missing the sight of looking at her husband who will have been sleeping on couch. Oops!! She can’t even think like that as she is only a mere guest of 3 months in MM..

‘I’m letting go of the life I planned for me
And my dreams, losing control of my destiny
Feels like I’m falling & that’s what it’s like to believe
Feels like I’m falling & this is the life for me’

She is standing on the balcony, resting one hand on it’s bar & looking at the moon. The pleasing moon sight is escalating day by day gives indication of approaching full moon night. How comparable is human life to the phases of moon? The waning to waxing phase totally justifies it’s action. When she was in badi, she can only share her thoughts with open, large sky & moon comprising it. But now she has found her soulmate with whom she can share everything. Yet so much happened today that, she doesn’t want to give more pressure to him. Immediately she feels a warm touch in her back & turns to find its her soulmate.
‘Sanskar, have not you slept yet?’ A question which as usual he is expecting.
‘How can I swara?? When you are so much worried, can I get a peaceful sleep?’, he gives back the reply.

Swara(avoiding eye contact): No, sanskar! I am fine. Come & sleep. You need to recover first. Have you taken your medicines?
Sanskar(really worried): stop so much care for everyone.. Have you seen yourself?? Don’t stop yourself today… I’m all here.
Swara(still looking down): I am OK sanskar. You have mistaken. I am fine(she is searching for words to give him reply)
Sanskar:( a bit louder) shona! Who am I? Why you will share your problems with me? Why do you care for me?
Swara: (unable to take it further) starts crying her heart out.
Sanskar pulls her closer, she rests her face on his shoulder & supports her body in his chest..
Sanskar, you know I always wanted a happy family. I was happy in badi with maa & dida. When god gave me another happiness by letting me know about my father. We all stayed together though dadi never loved me. After ragini’s truth came out to limelight, I got everybody’s love but lost my sister. But again everything was going to be fine when she betrayed me for her own cause. Now she is repenting. I can’t trust her more, also unable to get rid of her thoughts. Why sanskar, my family always remains incomplete. Look at the moon, at least it gets fullmoon but my life is devoid of it.

Sanskar wipes her tears & looks at her lovingly. The girl, who has always been the cause of happiness, smile of everyone’s face; still having so much pain in her heart. He is feeling restless as in this situation he is unable to help her, unable to lessen her grief.
Sanskar: do you trust me swara?
Swara: (not expecting this question) pulls out her head from his shoulder.. Why are you asking me this question? I have complete faith on you.
Sanskar: then, forgive ragini.
Swara: how can I forgive her sanskar? You know how she is? She even tried to mislead you.
Sanskar: that was past swara. This time her remorse is genuine.
Swara: but how can you say that? How can you easily trust her this time? May be she is playing some cheap tricks this time as well.
Sanskar: No swara! Think about it. No one pointed finger on her. No body knows why I faced the accident? Everybody only thought, it occurred by chance. Still she opened up the fact to you. Prior to that, you also trusted her but still she accepted her blame & you see! When laksh gave her divorce paper, she talked from her heart & without creating any drama, signed the divorce paper.

Swara(in deep thoughts) I think you are right sanskar. But I need some time.
Just then sanskar’s phone starts ringing. Swara is distracted & says, ” who is calling you at this late?”
Sanskar frees her from his chest & goes to check the call.
After some times he comes inside the room..
Swara: who is it?
Sanskar: (some what disturbed) nothing swara, some official matters.. (Trying to avoid eye contact)
Swara knows from his behaviour that it was not from the office but still keeps mum expecting a reply from him.

Swara: Is everything OK in office sanskar?
Sanskar: yes swara, it’s late.. Let’s go to sleep.
Swara: I am here sanskar. You can share your problems.
Sanskar: (somewhat in distress) no swara, nothing as such important.
Swara can sense his restlessness. She knows that he will definitely tell her when he wants to. But she is worried as sanskar is alone feeling the pain & if he is in pain then how can she is devoid of it?
Swara: OK! Sanskar.. When you feel like telling, you can share with me..
Sanskar nods yes & pulls her closer to him.. Rests his chin on her shoulder & grabs her tightly. There is pin drop silence in the room. She can feel his heartbeat running faster. She is damn sure now. Something is bothering him.she also folds her hand around his waist to hold him tight. After hugging each other; sanskar lifts her & places her on bed & takes pillow to go to couch…
Swara: where are you going?
Sanskar: to sleep swara.. On the couch..
Swara: have you lost your memory? We both love each other & in hospital also we shared the same bed.. Then why couch now..
Sanskar:(unmindful) yes! Yes! It means now I can sleep on my bed.. Oh god!! Couch, you don’t miss me & you know I am also not going to miss you as I am going to sleep with the love of my life..

Both starts laughing by sanskar’s childish behavior.
For the first time they share bed in their room. Its no more his own room. In each & every corner of the room he feels her presence. He drags her closer to him, kisses on her forehead. She rests her body inside his chest & both feel like they are in unison. The shooting breeze, the enchanting moonlight are bestowing their acceptance to this pure relationship..

Next morning:
Swara is making arati.. & singing a beautiful bhajan near the deity. A voice from the back disturbs her & she looks back.
Ragini: can I help you in something?
Swara looks at her strangely & about to say something.. When sujata interrupts
Sujata: stay away from my daughter in law. I don’t want a shade of yours now fall on her. Just go from here & don’t trouble her again.
Ragini: but chachiji..
Alas!! Can’t even complete her sentence.
Sujata: I say go.. Don’t want to hear a single word from your mouth.
She cries & goes away.
AP notices this & scolds sujata.

AP: don’t forget that you are also equally responsible for the crimes. And why are you behaving such a way with her? When you get a second chance then why not her?
AP is the only person who is talking with ragini after all those incidents. AP goes to guest room. Yes guest room. As after all the incidents, ragini is shifted to guest room. She is not staying with laksh anymore.
AP: ragini, open the door??
Ragini wipes her tears & opens the door.
AP: are you OK? & can you sleep here last night as this is a new place to you.
Ragini: don’t worry maa.. I am comfortable here. I also don’t want to be a burden here but only for court requirements I am staying here. But I won’t disturb anyone..
AP is unable to tell anything & directs her to come downstairs for breakfast.

Knock!! Knock!!
Ragini, open the door. See who is outside. I am feeling very sleepy.
Still the knocking sound continues.
What the hell ragini? Where are you? Please open the door & let me sleep.. Suddenly he opens his eyes & finds no one in his room & realises she is no more a part of his room. He wakes up & goes to open the door. But why his leg is hurting? He ignores it & finds AP standing on the doorsteps.

AP: Laksh!! What are you murmuring? Its already 8 AM. And look at you. You are not even ready to go to office. If DP will come to know about this then he will definitely scold you.
Laksh: but maa! Its not my mistake. Its the fault of ragini. Today she doesn’t wake me up & look I am late. ( suddenly he realises what he just said & stops saying anything further )
AP: ha! Ha! This is also fault of ragini. Look laksh, you are going to be divorced after 3 months. Change your habits as ragini will no more be a part of your life.. Get ready fast & come downstairs to take breakfast.

‘Ragini will no longer be a part of your life’ these words of AP is ringing on his eardrums & he goes to wash room to freshen up.

He opens the shower & stands under it. At once his leg starts burning in pain. This time he doesn’t ignore it & finds the wound & recalls the last night incident where he was hit by the flower vessel. All the past incidents flash back in his mind as how she cared for him, how she dressed his wounds & every time how he rejected him. Is it true that I used her? Why am I unable to reply her when she accused me that i was the cause of her changing behaviour? He feels scattered & unable to take any decision, he leaves the washroom. Screen freezes on four of their tensed faces. How they will welcome the vicissitudes of life? Yet to know.

Guys, thanks for your support. Today’s episode is not at all planned.. I penned down what ever struck into my thoughts.. Do criticize if u finds it out boring..

Credit to: Kashis

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    2. Thanks sumi.. I m relieved that u liked it..

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