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I want to share my views about swaragini serial i dont want to hurt any body felling but i get hurt as all are bashing helly for no reason i love teju acting both are doing their job nicely so who are we to critisize them as they are doing hard work for the show and its not their fault as they dint write the story so why to bash them and coming to personal life what right we have to comment on someone personal life what they do its their life what yoi fell when someone commenting on your persnoal life you will fell bad na then why are you interfering in their personal life and yeah its not helly falut that its her character which she is potrating with her skills and its not also teju falut as they are doing which said to them so what you all are getting bashing them just one day onle one day go and do work on their place you will get to know their hard work then raglak fans who are bashing helly for no reason and swasan fan who bash teju for no reason get to know how diffcult to work and will think before talking anything bad abouy them and who are we to giving character ceritificate toanyone i have read a comment in which a girl tell helly sleep with director for scene what is this how can a girl talk anything about anygirl like this who is she to give character certificate to her those who tell such cheap things shows their character not anyone and yeah last if you are raglak fans dont bash about swasan and helly and if you are swasan fan then dont bash raglak or teju they are doing work for our entertanment so enjoy and dont fight and think before to tell something to someone my motive is not to hurt someone buts its bad to critisize anyone character hope u all understand what i want to say

Credit to: ABCD

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  1. I totally agree wid u bcoz judging anyone’s character or interfering in their personal lyf will bring nothing to anyone 🙂 thank’s

  2. I totally agree with u..why pulling the actors into this matters?? what is their fault? We should respect their acting skills.. they work so hard..for whom? For us..right? So that they could entertain us..if u don’t like helly or teju, just support the one u love but don’t bash the other..it might hurt someone…thank you for writing such analysis..it touched my heart..?

  3. In it why don’t people get teju and helly both are amazing actresses in their own way… And if they are friend y can their fans stop bashing become friend…I hop this happens

  4. you r right i agree with you even i also wanted to say this how can anyone fight for characters
    it dossent make any sence ….. thankyou for your update …… it will be good if swasan and raglak fans will read this

  5. Being tejaswi s fan I totally agree with u
    Bashing any1 is nt at all gud …swaras fans always bash her that she does overacting & comes BTW VaHe bt actually offscreen
    Ragsan bonding is very gud than swasan .
    & guys a very sincere request plz don’t bash either helly or theju. …Coz offscreen dey both r nice .

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