swaragini analysis

swaragini analysis: bashers just go hell

I’m here for requesting people’s to stop interfering in others life and stop bashing actors.. you can criticize swara ya ragini.. but you are no one to criticize helly or tejaswi.. who give the right to criticize them? how many of you know them personally? did any one of you see them earlier? how could you spread some nasty comments on a person whom you don’t see atleast once? it shows that you are not educated narrow minded person with no humanity.. people like animals only can spread some dirty comments of others personal life.. helly and tejaswi equally talented equally beautiful equally good souls.. they are more than soul sisters in real life.. if they know their fans spreading such news they will surely hate that fan.. hellu and tej loves each other so much.. they even confessed it.. you will not see any actress from any other show have such an amazing bpnd.. they have no ego or jealousy on each other..but their so called fans fighting like idiots..their fans jealous on each other..

just think if someone bash you like this how will you feel? these so called fans have no other job to do.. these fabs definitely depends on their parents for money..but helly and tejaswi are independent and strong in this small age..these fans bashing only increses their popularity.. god willbless them more when these people bash them..they have a better life and they have a great future.. but these fans reach no where and satisfy themselves with their bashing on others.. these people who are bashing and spreading these nasty comments will suffer.. they will not reach anywhere.. their jealousy mind made them a big failure.. so jealousy creep fans who only spread nasty comments.. do whatever you can.. your hatred became a bless for them.. hejaswi will suerly lead a wonderful life.. they both are gems

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  1. I agree with you fully! Bashers bash anyone without any reason! They should just go to hell!

  2. U r right …..I always used to think why fans bash helly or teja for their character swara/ragini.They both r doing their jobs fantastically and share a great off screen bonding.If u don’t like anyone it’s OK keep that with u only why to badmouth abt others.

  3. I agree with u ria thnk u so much fir this people should no…..
    N i critices but not helly n teju …just old ragini…
    N now i just luv this ragini…
    We r no one ti make such comment on the actresss..
    N i know in thrie real lives they share a bond of soul sister…to hum lig kon hote unhe judge karne..
    Darling thnk for this analysis…
    But when i saw analysis cover page i was like not again this war…
    But when i read the content really it makes me more ..i m fully agree with ur opinion…in real life they both equally beautiful n talented we r no one to judge them n make some disgusting comment…
    I luv helly n teju both
    If they have ni problem why the hell we r fighting….
    Plzzzzz like u said frds ban jate no bashing no nasty comment no criticism…
    N ria really thnks for the analysis….luv u dear for this

  4. I totally agree with u…i saw some analysis….i lost my temper….how can anyone bash Helly or Teja? They even questioned their character….like Teju always coming between VaHe and also Helly trying to separate Dhanya and Varun…..Teju,Helly,Varun and Namish r best friends…their friendship is an example of a excellent bonding…..no one has the right to bash Tejaswi or Helly..they might or like Swara or Ragini…but they r just characters…well said Ria..

  5. I agree with u they can say what ever they want to say about swara nd ragini but should not go too personal nd I think the fight should be funny or by praising their fav actress not by critisizing others .ha ha ha ha I feel like most of them were kids like how they complaint to teachers that they did first thats y we r doing soo silly naa

  6. well said ria……i ve seen sooo many comments insulting helly n teja……n i always tot f such people as mad…….the fas shud realize that reel life is totally diff frm real life………..

  7. well said ria……i ve seen sooo many comments insulting helly n teja……n i always tot f such people as mad…….the fans shud realize that reel life is totally diff frm real life………..

  8. well said Ria..i totally agree with u..we have no rights to bash the actors..after all, they are the one who made swaragini so popular and really, whatever happened on fb or insta or twitter..is it important to pull the matter here?? I mean, this is the only site where we usually don’t fight but unfortunately, there are some people who can’t see Swara fans n Ragini fans together…but this analysis is the perfect one for all the basher..
    Guys, it’s a show that we all love..support ur favourite actor but don’t bash the other actors and please, don’t make this ff site as bashing site..we really don’t want any argument analysis against helly or teju..we want fanfictions here…

  9. You are right but some people don’t understand that bashing or insulting someone isn’t right. Both actresses are doing a great job

  10. seriously bashing swara n ragini is also not gud bcoz they r fictional writers make the character sketch n helly n teju r just actors khud story to likhti nahi h vo dono ….sirf Jo kaha jaay vo krti h

  11. well said ria…u r absolutely right we can criticize swara and ragini beacuase they are mere characters and we all see them daily on the show so we knw swara and ragini well…we can critize on their deeds and wrong doings but we all dont have any right to criticize Helly or Teju beacuse as u said we dnt knw them personally…..we cannot criticize them on the basis of the characters they play….thats their job and they are doing it with at-most sincerity which is well potrayed on screen ……..

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