Swaragini (An eternal love story) Episode 9

Recap:Sanskaar gifted Swara a car.They met with an accident.

Swara calls Laksh.
Swara:Laksh, Sanskaar……
She cries.
Laksh:kya hua bhai ko? Swara bolo…(What happened to bro?Tell me swara….)
Swara:Sanskaar ka accident hua hain!(Sanskaar met with an accident)
She explains him everything.She messages him the address while Laksh and Ragini get into the car.

They reach there and get shocked seeing Sanskaar injured.Laksh rushes to Sanskaar while Ragini rushes to Swara.
Ragini:Swara controls urself…..Sanskaar is just injured ok!
Swara:No ragini, this accident happened because of me!
Ragini consoles her and gets her into the car.They reach home and the Doctor examines him.
Doctor:There is nothing serious.He just got a shock because of the injury.Dont worry he will be fine.
Swara thanks the doctor and he goes.
She sits near Sanskaar and caresses his face.
Swara:I am sorry Sanskaar! I promise, main aisa kabhi bhi nahi karoungi, ek baar uthkar mujhe daant do, please(I will never do it again, just get up and scold me once, please)
Ragini asks her to take rest as its late and she didnt sleep.Swara unwillingly sleeps.She keeps looking at Sanskaar and falls asleep.

Next morning,Uttara comes out of washroom and collides with Rahul.She slips and they have an eyelock.Music plays……He excuses himself and goes.She smiles remembering him.

Ragini serve everyone at the breakfast table.
Sujata:beta, Swara kate hain? Nazar nahi aarahi hain?(Where is Swara, dear?She is not seen here?)
Ragini:Chachiji,Swara Sanskar ko dekh rahi hain(Aunty, she is taking care of Sanksaar)
Everyone smile.

Sanskaar wakes up and looks at his injured head.Swara helps him get up and send him to washroom.She goes down and asks Ragini to give her breakfast.After taking the breakfast, she rushes upstair.All smile seeing her concern for Sanskaar.

Ragini comes to room and Laksh pulls her closer.He showers flowers on her and she smiles.She hugs him and they romance.

Swara helps Sanskaar in wearing his shirt.She gets close to him and they have an eyelock….music plays…..
She apologizes to him and gets teary eyed.He hugs her and she too reciprocate.
She feeds him breakfast and he smiles seeing her.

Precap:Parineeta gives birth to a baby.

Credit goes to:Heera

Hey guys, comment how it was….give me ur ideas please…..love u loads….

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  1. Dude. Is this next part of swaragini a passionate love story ??

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  4. Hey guyw,its passionate love story but by mistake they put eternal love story,can anyone tell me which episode i stopped??

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