Swaragini (An eternal love story) Episode 5

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Recap:Swara enters the house while Ragini goes out of the house.

Ragini gets a call.She gets happy and informs Laksh.
Ragini:Laksh meri farmhouse repaired ho chuki hain!(Laksh my farmhouse has been repaired!)
Laksh:Where is the farmhouse?
Ragini:hmm….Maheshwari mansion…..ke….samne!(Infront of Maheshwari Mansion!)
Laksh gets angry at once but Ragini convinces him.They go and stay in that farmhouse.She remembers she and Swara used to play and spent time here.She gets teary eyed.

Swara,after finding the ring goes to her room teary eyed.Sanskaar looks on.Swara goes to her room and tries calling Ragini but cannot due to network.She cries.Sanskaar comes there.
Swara:Sanskaar, mujhe laga jaise Ragini mujhe bhoola rahi hain(Sanskaar i felt as if she is calling me).As if she is near to me right now.
Sanskaar smiles and takes her to window.He shows her Ragini and Laksh at the farmhouse.Swara smiles and looks at Sanskaar.
Sanskaar:I know my princess you would like to go there.
Swara:Wat do u say my prince?
Sanskaar:I allow u my princess.
Swara smiles and hugs him.

They go to that farmhouse.Swara rings the bell.Ragini opens the door and smiles seeing Swara.They hug(still in their bridal dress).Swaragini…..plays……
Swara:Ragini why r u so wet?
Ragini sneezes.
Swara realizes Ragini got wet by rain.
She gets worried and scolds her.Sanlak laugh seeing their bonding.

Swasan come back home.Swara goes to change but Sanskaar stops her.
Sanskaar:Now that u r happy,why dont we……
Swara pushes her.
He smiles and pulls her closer.They have an eyelock.He brings her to bed and they consummate their marriage.(yeh moh mog ke daage….plays…..)

Ragini comes to room.Laksh pulls her closer They accidently fall on the bed.Ragini stands up.
Ragini:Laksh, jab tak Maa humein apni bahu aur tumhaari patni nahi apnaegi hum apne rishte ko nahi baraaege.(Laksh, till maa doesnt accept me as her daughter in law and ur wife, i will not take this relation to the next level).Plzzz try to understand.
He smiles and nods.He hugs her.
She smiles and hugs him.

Next morning,Swara comes out after bathing.She wipes her hair.She smiles seeing Sanskaar and goes out She sings the aarti and reminisces Ragini besides her.She prepares the breakfast and prepares kheer.She imagines Ragini correcting her.
Swara:Ok Ragini…..
Just then she realizes Ragini is not there.She comes out and takes evryone’s blessings.She smiles and serves them breakfast.She sits down to eat and wait for Sanskaar.He comes late and apologizes to her in signs.She signs why? And starts to eat.He tastes the kheer and smiles.He signs?to her.She smiles.

Later, Swara takes a bowl of kheer and clashes with Uttara and parineeta.She tells them everything.They get happy and go with her.

Ragini gets surprised seeing them She welcomes them in.She eats the kheer and compliments Swara.They have a lighter moment.Swaragini smile seeing each other.Swaragini…..plays…

Precap:Annapurna cries and apologizes to Ragini.Ragini hugs her.Later,Raglak consummate their wedding while the song yeh moh moh de daage plays….

Credit goes to:Heera

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