Swaragini – AN ANALYSIS Ragini the ultimate sufferer

Swaragini a analysis
Hii guys this is Bobby. Actually this is my opinion on swaragini serial . I am a very big fan of tejaswi and also ragini character.

From starting the all time sufferer is ragini in the whole serial.all are bashing her but actually all should pity on ragini.bcoz she got betrayed so many times. Starting her father betrayed having loved some one and married her mother and also have a child but she didn’t said anything. After that her dadi betrayed her by saying that her mother died bcoz of sumi only but after all things got cleared she accepted sumi as her mother and swara as her sister she also sacrificed her love for them.after laksh did engagement with her but said he doesn’t love her she got heart broken and he betrayed her by loving Swara.at one time she got two betrayals her sister and her love but then sanskar came and made her cruel again he also betrayed her saying swara s love is true. If her s is really true love then how can she forget him in just 2 months OK all Swara fans said that she sacrificed to her sister but then she fall in love with sanskar how can she forget her true love. Again laksh married her she didn’t forced him to marry but he did. She expected that he loves her she only waited for him and will also wait for him allover her life. I think this is the true love. If swara fall in love with sanskar as he helped her then ragini also can love sanskar as he helped her in evil plans. After that swara became alive ragini felt happy. She also felt so bad for trying to kill her sister but the same sister betrayed by snatching her love but it’s OK.

If she only want to unite her parents she can do that staying in Badi only no but she didn’t do that she married sanskar and entered mm. Ragini thought that she would separate her love that’s why she did became again Villan.if swara don’t really want her sister to suffer she would have not done this much and made ragini fall in all eyes. And after all is nice then laksh betrayed her after that also she can’t hate him bcoz her s is true love. If we were also in her place we would also have done this only to save her relation but not killing of course. I am not trying to bash swara but I am trying to say my pov by watching the whole serial till now.

Laksh also loved swara truly. He didn’t believed that swara can do this that drugs and all and bu the video anyone can think like laksh only but after what he did with ragini is not crct. I am not saying as a ragini fan but he can do something else buy no he played with her dignity this is wrong.

And now all are saying swasan swasan but that also happened bcoz of ragini only. All swasan fans should rather thank her than bashing her. Ragini had tried to kill swara but now she saved her by keeping her life in danger but swara doesn’t think about ragini. She only romances with sanskar. When ragini hanged her self that time also swara sanskar it’s not like consoling but only romance. Now when she kept her life in danger and saved her then also if ragini says go then also she would have taken care of her rather than romancing with sanskar. I agree that sanskar also got hurt but it is very little in front of ragini s after saving swara also all swara fans are saying that she didn’t did anything great then ragini fans could also say that what she tried to kill then it is also nothing but we didn’t said that bcoz we accept that she is wrong. Swara fans remember one thing all heroines in the serial do positive roles but potraying positive and negative and so many curves on her graph is not an ordinary thing. Being negative also she got so much popularity that is tejaswi. By her negative character she is most like a cute Villan. U know what if tejaswi is not such a big actress then when she was about to leave the show then the directors know that if she leaves no one sees this serial and made her positive. By her acting the directors were forced to change her role if she is playing negative role she had this much popularity then if she becomes a complete positive then how much popularity she could gain.

Proud to be tejaswi fan. In this whole serial Swara is not like maahan or suffering or something she is just a detective. Saying frankly she enjoyed with sanskar that time also but ragini has suffered a lot that doesn’t means that swara is very nice that’s why all are supporting I think she can easily forget her first love and can proceed with anyone. I am just saying about swara not helly shah. What is the guarantee she won’t leave sanskar even ND go to someone else. When she was crying I get so much laugh omg I hate her cry but when ragini cries I feel like crying bcoz she even acts also does all by heart. Even varun and namish also appreciated her for her acting. U know what ragsan is also now a days getting popular bcoz tejaswi s offscreen bonding with her Co stars is amazing. All compliment her for her graceful dance her smile how cute can someone look. I say that tejaswi is serial express ka deepika padukone. She looks similar to deeps. She will also become successful like deepika.

From writing this I only want to say about ragini s pain that’s all. As I am a big fan of ragini I wrote this after seeing all are bashing ragini till now. Swara fans u know what I know I am a bit rude but till now ragini Dan’s didn’t bashed swara but u won’t even left a chance to bash her. So I thought to say how much ragini has suffered. Ragini fans also can bash swara bcoz she is not that much pativivrata or sati savitri types. I just want to show that if ragini fans start bashing swara it will be like this it’s just a sample that’s it. I know I can’t write well but u understood the point na that’s enough. And personally in the fiction world I only read ragsan and raglak s ff as I am ragini fan. Mostly I like sindhu rm, Lila, rsr, shailu, Joona and all famous writers. I love their ff very much and the most I love dhamu s love ishq Kadhal. It’s my request to all the ragini fans to read them. They are such a wonderful ff s in the fiction world.

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  1. This is not fair my friend …..I did not like it…u are showing swara too bad …she also equally suffered and she loved sanskar but she did not who it…shy wanted to be with him that is the reason she entered mm not to fight with raging morover she also wanted ragini to be good…it’s her duty right elder sister. ..I think you are cracy ragini fan….#craziness over loaded..#sorry to say that your analysis shows it….

  2. I ususally try to understand the writer’s POV but this time, It was really annoying.
    Why the hell are we having this analysis? Swaragini have united… Ragin’s character is being appreciated by all now. Everyone loves both the sisters. So why the hell are you adding fuel to the fire. Let evveryone enjoy the show or the fanfics in peace.
    You say u’ve written this bcos Swasan fans are bashing Teju/ Ragini.. If they have done so, It is because of their silly nature. I would have thought you would rise above that. It is just a show. If you want to blame anyone, blame the cvs or yourselves for getting so involved. This show has nothing to do with ur life or anything.
    I don’t see why you think one sister has suffered more than the other. Both have suffered enough. Sure, Ragini WAS (i repeat WAS) portrayed the weak one, easily misled and all that whereas Swara with a little more understanding of the world and freedom was stronger. This made Ragini evil and Swara good. Whatever… That all is in the past. I agree with EVA… I have seen lately that all Teju fans have been saying that they never bash Swara.. If we count the number of people in these few pages alone, I swear it would be proved just how truthful they are.
    And as you siad, You understand Ragini was evil. You agree she committed sins. What is Swara’s fault in that? Did she ask Laksh to fall in love with her? Did she ask Ragini to leave Laksh so that she could be with him?

    Don’t forget… That there are two sides to everything. Their characters have been portrayed flawlessly. Please don’t bash Helly’s acting. She has done a fab job. And as for her begging for the award or whatever, I am disgusted with those ppl who think she’s like that…

    Anyways, I think I have spoken too much. I love Swara. And love Teju’s acting skills. But the main reason I watch the show is because of SWASAN… Which we havent seen in like 2 weeks now.
    All i request you is to put away this hatred or dislike or whatever you would like to call it away from your heart and watch the serial in the way it is supposed to be watched. Light heartedly !!

    1. I agree with u Anjali. Like seriously. When everything is finally falling into place people are digging the past and bashing Swaragini. That doesn’t make sense at all. And I really hate these analysis thing but I only read them to make sure that Swasan aren’t blamed for anything. They are my heart ♥
      Ragini is finally positive and Raglak is also falling back into place si there’s absolutely no point in fighting on this. Again all this drama is started which id annoying me to bits. And the funniest part was whatever Bobby told about Swara. Absolute bullshit. I hope her conscience gets pricked soon.

      1. Thank you soo much Anu… Idk what came over me while I was reading this. I just lost my cool…

  3. Bobby…..rags did many wrong things with swara….she try to kill her sis…she stoop so low yrr
    Swara always helps her….I remember…when rags truth. came in front of laksh then also swara ask him to forgive rags…..swara is always ready to leave laksh for rags…..its not bcz she forget her love…its bcz she know her limits…..rags did lots of mistake but all forgives her…..while if swara do any mistake….shekhar and dadi always taunts her….
    When laksh betray rags….then also shekhar ruin swasan marriage also….sanskar and swara’ s love is the best….
    But as per the current track m loving rags character….

  4. You are a fake person…for crediting you used someone else’s name. And now for commenting you are using another name.. ??

    1. i dint know how it got credited another name i credited my name and i am not fakr person its telly s mistakr i cant hrlp tgat and once again sry dhamu

  5. Guys i want to make one thing clear here… u many said that teju fan bash helly in all social network… Seriously u think teju fan bash her lik that without any reason???? N some said swasan swara fan don’t bash teju seriously???? Who said that to you?? Some swasan fans r always bashing teju… They don’t liv a single chance to bash her… If u don’t believe me go n check twitter youtube, Sbsa, sbs pg in fb, insta etc…. U will get to know how badly SOME swasan n swara fan bash her…. Guys even here in telly updates i hav saw hate comments for teju…. So here after never say swasan n swara fan don’t bash her n only teju fan bash swara helly…

    As u said some teju fan bash swara that’s true but they do this to reply for the bashers… I don’t say what they do is right n i never support this but when some people continuously bash teju her fans r also do the same with swara to shut their mouth…. But unfortunately the fight never end n finally all blame come on teju fan…. N one more thing all teju fan don’t bash swara even im teju fan but i never bash swara but i got deeply hurt by seeing some bashes for teju… Pls stop blaming only teju fans every time n don’t forget every action has an opposite reaction….

    1. i also dong want to bash yaar but after her being positive also they are still bashing that s why i couldnt control it but compare to teju fans helly fand bashed teju badly that s why i want to show them how ragini fans woulf got hurt of continous bashing

  6. I agree with you. But I don’t understand one thing ragini saved swara’s life by getting stabbed after that also how could u guys Hate her.

  7. Hey ! Friends it is my first comment i think i have read ur ana it is quite annoying for me dat how can anyone think lyk dis i am big swaragini fan i am repeating SWARAGINI it is story of 2 sis so whatever negativity was there was because of cv’s der is neither fault of swara or ragini indat &seriously how can anyone bring character’s of leads in an analysis so i am sorry if i hurt u but i am totally agree wid mickey and all helly luver bcoz der real life and reel life are different i mean they are also human’s so how can u hurt dere feeling’s if by chance teju/helly read dis ana how will they feel dat dis much hatred is for them so whoever u are first see u in dat place &den decide what to write i am sorry if i am being rude but dis is imp for u to kno dat how it feels when anyone points to ur character so be only a fan and do not judge anyone ok

    1. i wrote this analysis being a ragini and teju fan only bashing swra not helly i am repeating . i dont have any problem with helly and we all fand who ever it may be hav their own freedom and right to give their judgement

  8. Am not agree with u….
    Ragini ne crime kiya tha…nd swara also suffered allot because of ragini.it’s writters faults…Am thejus fan…I also like helly…but in sme page I saw swarasan fan criticising theju nd varun…after their interviews…caring s mre clse to theju than helly because they r frnds…They share good bond in offscreen..wts wrng in that…sme of them said we r not criticising…so I mentioned this

  9. I agree with I fari. In offscreen terun are besties. Varun said in Golden petal awards red carpet iv that tejaswi is his best friend on the sets of swaragini. Even in one iv with Varun, tejaswi and Varun’ wife (I don’t know her name clearly), Varun said that he and tejaswi are best friends from last 9 years even Varun’s wife is also a best friend of tejaswi. So that terun is a great Friends and close in real life. But herun fans bash tejaswi for that

  10. wow.. your analysis realize me..jo jesa (ragini) uski friend be asa hota he..i hope u understand what i mean..

  11. Guyzz serioualy stop all this bobby just becoz of ur pathetic analysis swara n ragini ki fan me zagada hora…yr chod do bohot ho gaya n all m truely srry if hurt some one but maine jo kaha wo sach….
    Enjoy now yr bohot ho gaya bashing n all .
    Ab swasan n raglak ka romance enjoy karo n sb bhul jao….
    We all r swaragini fan…
    Plzzzzz alllll if u yr plzzzz…
    Bobby specially requesting u plzzz stop thiss……

  12. Guyzz serioualy stop all this bobby just becoz of ur pathetic analysis swara n ragini ki fan me zagada hora…yr chod do bohot ho gaya n all m truely srry if hurt some one but maine jo kaha wo sach….
    Enjoy now yr bohot ho gaya bashing n all .
    Ab swasan n raglak ka romance enjoy karo n sb bhul jao….
    We all r swaragini fan…
    Plzzzzz alllll if u yr plzzzz…
    Bobby specially requesting u plzzz stop thiss……
    Now all swaragini fan kya hum sb firse frds ban sakate hai……

  13. Guys why do you always bash Swara or Ragini?!?! Look both are really good actors and portray their roles VERY WELL so please stop saying that this actor is better or that actor is better… If you guys don’t like the roles of the actors, like think that Ragini is very evil or Swara is always mahaan, then bash the writers not the actors… It is because of the writers they get these roles, the writters decide if Ragini is evil of good or if Swara is mahaan or not, it is not the actors… If the actors can have a really good bonding off-screen then why can’t the fans have such a good bonding, why to bash the opposite actors always??? I LOVE Teju, Helly, Varun and Namish… All are REALLY good actors…
    In the serial Ragini was in love with Laksh, and that was true love but the way she tried to get it, sorry sorry I mean snatch it, was REALLY bad. It was true love because even after Laksh’s bad doings in the recent episodes, she never stopped loving him and at last Laksh was in love with Ragini and they got married. And for swalak, I believe that it was just an attraction, because during Kavsan engagement Swara said, I never felt like that when Laksh got married to Ragini, or something like that (sorry if it was wrong but I don’t remember totally). True love was actually between Swasan and raglak or else they wouldn’t have ended up together.
    Sorry if I hurted anyone but just my opinion and please don’t bash any actor or the role, if you want to bash, then bash the writers because they are the ones who decide the roles and the story.

    One last thing, actually according to the recent news in Entertainment tadka Sanskar and Swara will part ways because of a argument and then Karthik, who wants to take a revenge from Maheshwari family for sending Kavya to jail, will take this opportunity to come near Swara, that will make Sanskar doubt on Swara…
    Is this fake or real please tell me, I don’t want Swasan seperation!! 🙁

  14. to all swara fans and ragini fans
    to all helly fans and teju fans
    why are you fighting like this
    swara and ragini are characters and the importace of a character is given by the director
    and the story line gose according to the wish of the script writer helly and teju have no role their
    and helly is only 20 if you tell something bad about her (i didint mean that you have written bad about helly in this ) please think how will she feel
    anyways teju and helly r good friend if you search in internet we can see how they spend their offscreen time i am a swaragini fan i love both swasan and raglak
    and please dont judge swara,ragini. teju or helly in the name of serial
    and one more time a serial moves according to the wish of a director

    if you see a malayalam serial you will argue more than this………….

  15. hey guys first of all dont be sry bcoz as i got frustrated u also lost ur cool but i enjoyed giving reply to all tge commentators swara fans. actually i was forcef to write this as beinv a teju fan i lost my control after seeinv continous bashing and one more thing i wrotr in so much frustration after i realised that no need to bash anyone bcoz they have their own talent in reality u we really fight also realoty wont change . but i am very dissapinted bcoz namr of te serial is swaragini anf cv s mostly showed swara even swara fans u font think it is unfair

  16. Are u all out of ur mind? Kya bacchon jaise lad rahe ho? Swara ragini sanskar laksh they all are fictional charachters. There is no point to fight like this. In case of talking bad about teju and helly if an actor or actress get a compliment then they will feel happy. If they get a complaint then they will take it as a challenge and improve themselves. There is no need to prove ur point of view coz everyone has their own point of view. All the soap operas are meant to pass time and relax. You peoplr are fighting and giving stress to yourself. When someone talk bad about me then i will try my best to prove him wrong but not with my words i will prove them wrong by improving myself. This is similar in case of anyone. I love helly and teju. Both are very good actresses. They are doing their job. Some ar feeling bad coz teju played negative role for many days. Teju played negative role. It was a very big challenge for her. It is difficult to play a negative role for someone who look sweet and innocent. But our teju did it. We should be proud that our industry is having beautiful and talented actresses like teju and helly. Some people curse teju coz they hate ragini. My request is first know someone perfectly. Then make an opinion on them. I am not supporting teju or helly. I am just telling you all to stop fighting for fictional charachters who dont at all exist………

  17. I AM TOTALLY DISAGREE WITH U…wts ur prblm guyss…all d raguni fans r aftr swara…all ragini fans wants to shw raguni as a mahan by bashing swara…wt u guyss really want we praise ragini alot????or staryed to hate swara nd make rift btw swaragini….only u type of ragini fans can thnk like tat…did u ever read prvs episodic analysis…in all dese analysis made by ragini fans just for their satisfication nd u also included in dat….u guys only wanna to shw ragini as a great dats why u ppl write dis type of stupid analyses whch hav no sense….yeah we agree ragini as a mahan ragini d great who can accept her step sis nd step mom who can accept a person who ditched her the great ragini who suffererd alot(seriously ragini suffering???she got whatevr she want)…nd ragini was q swt girl who did small small mistakes(its only mistakes nt a crime)ill list out
    1.try to kill her sis 2 times
    2.seperate her mom nd dad
    3.try to kidnap hr mom
    4.fake molestng case against her JEEJU SANSKAR(she alrdy played with her dignity den hw can laksh nd also she was lustng after him)
    5.her own kidnap drama..
    6.memory loss drama(she gt a chance to bcm good bt she never changed)
    7.try to destry her sis reputtn(if she was a girl with have some dignity she never try to ruin othrs dignity…so lak ws right)
    8.give drug to her sis
    9.black mail her own father in law
    10.try to blacken d face of mother in law
    11.make her inlaws as servant nd make fun of dem infnt of othrs
    12.cheat her own dadi when she get wt she wanted(i mean aftet consumatng with lak she changed her mind nd dadi ko chod diya….if it wd done by san it is a crime but rag kiya to dharam)
    if we started to point out raginis crime nd all then we wnt stp

    nd by reading ur analysis i thnk u hav a big prblm with swara…..ND D IMPORTANT THING ALL SHOUL KNW
    we didnt like dat old waali ragini…bt now we accept her…so dese type of analysis should be writteb along agooo….
    nd cmng to swasan romance…did u see d episds prply…when rag ws stabbed dat time only ragini let her go nd cmng to romance is dat really a romantic scene????or a consoling scene???it ws san who try to cheer up her bcz he is a carng husband(kash muche bhi ise mila to)…nd for ur kind info swasan take their relatn to nxt lvl bcz of raginis prblm nd all…bt raglak tho????i thnk its their 3rd or 4th(i literally laughng bcs ragini ws stabbed nd she is well nd der is no scar where she got stabbed..hw can it happnd withn some hours)
    any ways dis is swaragini serial so i expect more swaragini bond…
    i thnk so mch of moodswngs happnd smtms i against ragini smtms not….nt i against dat old waali ragini nt new one it all ‘WAS’ nt nw


    1. swasan didnt* take…..omg its a big comment…srry for dat nd i also make alot of mistakes so sorry….kya karum i cant bear anyone bashng swara or helly..bt nw i m in a cool mind…

  18. Uk what… I’m tired of ppl like you…
    You have twisted the reality into your own twisted logic and now you are spreading poison… yuck….
    Seriously yaar… grow up! It is a show.. nothing interesting about this.. and if portraying your own sister characterless is fine with you… that just shows the kind of person u r.
    How can you expect the swara fans not to comment on that. And as eva said, you have a problem with helly not swara!
    All four of them are wonderful actors and no one deserves any bashing.
    I love swara, tejus acting and swasan…
    And just one suggestion though I guess I’ll throw this back in my face, please think before you type. If we start raginis transgressions, it will ho one for a long time.
    Idk how you got the idea that swara is the cheap one here or how ragini suffered more than anyone. They have both suffered enough and are finally happy. So stop spreading ur poison.all of us have had enough.

  19. arey who are u man why are u using my name as credit if u want u bash like a hero why are u dragging me in this all
    see guys i font know about this plz dont think be as bobby .guys i wont even reply to the comments my fans write on my ff but for the first time i think i am posting a comment that also this big . go hell with ur stupid analysis see i am also a dir heart fan of tejaswi that doesnt mean that i bash swara this much that also using my name. i am saying again guys i dont know about this man and not at all linked with this analysis . write analysis but dont write useless shit

  20. plz frnds don’t bash any of the actors ragini ( teju) n swara( helly) both are very good actress . they r not at any fault but Jo writers ne likha hoga unhe bhi vahi krna hoga . so its not their faults . we r watching n writings ffs as we love swaragini so don’t create a enimty between swara n ragini fans . they are both correct at their place . don’t create enimty just be friendly yrr ……..

  21. Ok…are we here to fight or to read swaragini ff?? I thought, this is the only website where we can see no fights betwn swara fans and ragini fans because we enjoy reading those beautiful ffs that give us peace in our mind..but thanks to u bobby, because of ur analysis..we became swara fans vs ragini fans again…i don’t understand, what is the need of sudden analysis now? Whatever happened, that is past…everything is settled now..swaragini united..sanlak united..now, why are you bashing swara/helly?? And wow!! I must say, because of some fictional characters, u’r judging the actors..this is so baseless and so childish..let me tell u one thing..there’s no SWARA without RAGINI and no RAGINI without SWARA..because this is SWARAGINI..this show is popular because of both teju and helly..we love the show because of teju and helly..so, credit goes to both..and i think, u’r unaware of one thing..Apart from SWARA FANS and RAGINI FANS, there’s another group called SWARAGINI FANS and i’m one of them..this types of analysis really hurt very much..because we love to see their bondings, team work and people like u bash either swara or ragini with ur analysis..I understand, u’r a die hard ragini/teju fan..try to appreciate her acting skills and her dedication…no need to bash swara/helly for that..
    please, i request everyone, don’t write such analysis that can hurt someone…just remember one thing, nobody likes to fight unless u provoke them..so, think before u act..it’s a show..so enjoy it, don’t fight on such silly matters..

    1. Ikr pranami…. u r absolutely right… love this comment of yours

      1. Thanks dear…it’s just that i lost my temper after reading this analysis…so couldn’t stop myself from commenting..

  22. Guys calm down its reel life not real life you see it for entertainment not argument or for bashing each other’s fans please stop fighting and live in harmony.

  23. Shut up All of u… Its a human nature, u will support thm whom u admire in every condition and every situatioj… Even I support this analysis… And m a Tejaswi/Ragini fan…. But before criticizing Tejaswi/Helly remember that it was only the writers… and they were just portraying their roles… Because of cvs Ragini aka Tejaswi portrayed the negative character… She went against her own family… what was Tejaswi’s fault in it tht u r criticizing her…. She then decided to quit the show because of her usual negative character… It was cvs who changed the storyline so that Tejaswi remains in the show… Makers of the show wrnt mad to make her as one of the lead of the show It is vry difficult to potray so many shades in a serial…. For swasan fans: Swasan are togthr just ncz of Ragini…
    From Swalak fan: Swalak arnt together just bcz of ragini…
    1 good thing and 1 bad thing…
    And about Helly makers would have seen smthng in her that is why they cast her as a female lead… the one who criticize her for her height… then ur accusation is baseless… may be because of some problem… it can be covered up by heels.. u r watching serial… u should only and only see serials and their acting… dont make it in real life… Helly has achieved so much in such a short time…

    Everyone has different perspective… And we are no one to comment on anyone… Everyone is unique in their way… So plzz keep it till Ragini and Swara… Do go beyond ur limits… We are no one to comment on Tejaswi and Helly…

    I know many of u ll criticize me now..

  24. Wth guys it’s just a serial why are you guys just arguing over it

  25. SSLY bobby.. Z diz actually ur analysis..

    1st of ol let me tell u m fan of both swara/helly n ragini/ tejaswi

    Ok m nt here to fyt so won’t say anything bt trust me I have ans fo each n evry line of ur analysis.. U r a ragini fan I understand so u can praise her bt fo praising u can’t bash swara..

    Ragini/tejaswi fans can praise her n likewise swara’s/helly’s fans… It’s so simple… Y don’t d fans understand diz.. I don’t understand wats d need to bash others to pruv sm1 superior..

  26. I think this dhamukohle hasn’t ever seen swaragini…such a dumb person

  27. What crap u haev written u idiot dhamukohli…each and every word that u have written is fake hahahaha lol poor u

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