Swaragini: Am I the Only One

Hii i am sharen , i am new here i actually i was a silent reader , but now i have cooked up a story in my mind, i thought to share with u,
Its a bit different story,plzz support,
Shekhar Gadodia- a big business man,he owns several malls in most of the metropolitan cities of india, a man with big name,he doesnt have time fr his own family.They live in Delhi

Janki Gadodia- his late wife, he never loved her, their marriage was a business deal.but they had a daughter.

Sarmista Gadodia- an ambitious women , a very bold lady,a divorcee nd has a daughter, but thinks her to be a burden .recently married to shekhar, she nd her daughter live in raipur

Ragini Gadodia- a cute charming girl, a bit spoilt, she acts like she never cared about anybody while the truth is something else, she is a bit hippie, hot ,smart but a bit silent in nature, she doesn’t fight with others,and a bit depressed ,craved fr love.

Swara Gadodia- she is a cute charming girl, she is modern but not a hippie, she hates those girls who.act to be hippie, loves her mom most, she is brave at heart but at time nervous, she loves to laugh becozz that dnt let others know her inner pain.

A room is shown ,A girl is sitting in her king size bed with books all arond her, she is in white night dress, chewing her pen, sometimes scratching her head, her hairs are straightened ,they are tied loosely with a band to one side, her hair locks were flying with the wind disturbing her but she didnt pay any heed to them,suddenly her phone rang
she looked disturbed and picked up her phone
girl: hello
person: what are u doing tomorrow at 5:00 am
girl: sleeping .why?
person: get up fast tomorrow i have a surprise fr u
and hung up the call
she turned to face the mirror, her eyes were moist, she saw her reflection in the mirror,
girl: u r dad has surprise fr u, first time in 19 years of ur lifetime u will get a surprise,ragini
she had a smile at her lips , yes its our ragini.
she packed her books, cleaned up the huge bed of her and slept fast putting a alarm so that she could wake up early.

Its a small house like badi, a girl is walking with tensed face all around the room,she started talking to herself.
girl: oh god its already 11:00pm ,where is she?
her face showed tensed and scared reactions , she was biting her nails, she had wore pink night dress, nd .had done a bun, just than her phone rang, ?
het face showed relief
girl: hello
person: i am busy tonight , lock the doors, nd pack all ur and mine stuffs,we r leaving the city tomorrow morning,forever
girl: but why? nd where?
she didnt get an answer, she saw the call is already cut
she became sad, she looked around,
girl: i spent my whole childhood here,what is mom upto? what about my friends,this is not fair.
then her eyes went to a stick
girl: chal beta swara kam pe lag ja varna u will suffer, nd she took out 2 big bags frm store room and started packing her and her moms things.

precap: destiny plays its part.

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    Awesome… Continue it…and update soon

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