Swaragini why is it always me?? (Episode 4)


Guys happy to see ur comments let us make story little interesting

In 4 oclock morning its Tuesday it’s February
Swara was having severe headache she remember sometng nd says yes this is coz…. of dat
Sanskar was a little cheerful bt couldn’t sleep he went to terrace and saw stars he remembered d shadow of a girl crawling like a baby he started laughing like a mad then he realized what he was doing his mind was wandering somewhere he hit d wall hishand was hurt he put his hand in pocket something poking his hand it was a earring ……….
Laksh felt knocking sound it was none other than ragini
Ragini:laksh open d window
Laksh :Ragini what r u going to do I’m an innocent boy who doesn’t even smoke or drink
Ragini:Makes an angry face “I’m going”
Laksh holds her hand and says I won’t leave u
Dey both realize what happened they turn opposite sides
Laksh says “excuse me madam I’m sleepy plz…
Execute the plan” one minute can I be live ur acting
Ragini:can I belive ur script ??
Swara was drinking coffee she took her phone with shock
Swara:ragini are u ok ?????,did u watch devil movie ???
Ragini:no I’m suffering still horrible
Swara :what happened dear??

Ragini : I know d guy whom u slapped stays next to our house he’s so……. handsome she was reading the paper realized what she told she cut the call in reflex
Laksh WHAT THE HELL we can’t go for a retake its life
Ragini :stupid script ………..she poured a jug f water on him
Laksh :I won’t write a new script
Ragini: no need I’ll make our intention full fill I’m innocent but not dis much i know what a girl speaks wen she fall in love she’ll not give fair and handsome ad for a guy two punishments 1 I will eat our choclate alone 2.U hv to drop me to clg tomorrow. … I mean today… Gud n8
Laksh could sense birds flying in heart he jumps bt falls due to water he gets up to his surprise he saw ragini seeing through corner of curtain he acted as if he couldn’t look at her
Swara was thinking wt happened to ragini
They all reached college
In first hour swara was thinking whether ragini will forgive her if she know about her secret every students were submitting notes she looked at her keybunch wich is like a olden times clock wich can measure half minute she said to herself “swara if 5 studets submit before mud fully falls ragini will forgive her 4 students submitted mud was little left she was whispering “”someone plz plz…….”sanskar ran and submitted swara who was happy jumped everyone were shocked ……Sanskar thought she herself will bcome alright ……… should i tell her or not ” he then banged d bench NO d girl next to him r u ok sanskar
2nd hour
Swara was thinking how to talk to laksh as ragini loves him but I hv taken promise from her dat if swara approves her to accept if she feels he is trustworthy
D lecturer called swara and ask swara question
Swara;(confidently ) sir it’s teddy bear
Swara; Barbie
Lecturer :get out
Sanskar stood and said it’s ben10 sir
Lecturer what Ben 10
Sanskar :Ben tenysan is a boy who can take 10 forms sir it’s very interesting sir
Lecturer:get out don’t front stand or round d campus
Swara and sanskar stood out
Swara got an idea she called ragini
Sanskar imitated to irritate her
He called laksh

Both laksh and ragini hide inside bench
Swara;ragini u r like my sister will u forgive me if I have any secrets
Sanskar:laksh ur my bro will u forgive if I hide something
Ragini &laksh whispers Yes!!!!!
Both swara and sanskar say what ???den U r ignoring me swara stare at sanskar he gives a casual look
Ragini and laksh shout YESSSSSSSSSSS
Dey r also kicked out
Ragini and laksh in union WHY IS IT ALWAYS ME
they both share what happened dey go near swara and sanskar class they 4 look at each other raglak stare at swasan
Swasan started to laugh rag signalled laksh even dey laugh
Swara asks laksh is he angry he says past is past
Laksh introduces sanskar swara thought so dis guy doesn’t know day he slapped me
Ragini says hi!!
Swara says I don’t need unwanted friends and walks away
Ragini I thought she changed sanskar sorry
Sanskar I heard ur convo sterday I will solve dis guys
Sanskar runs to swara and says “swara if u want scold me plz don’t punish by not talking to me”swara gives a shock reaction
Sanskar gives an evil smile

Precap:swara secret
Sanskars blackmail

Guys hope u all liked it …….waiting for ur comments

Credit to: thara

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