Swaragini why is it always me?? (Episode 3)


Ragini saw swara crying she felt bad
She reached home was shocked to see laksh entering into house next to her house he went to room wich was next to her room she went to her house balcony and jumped to his room balcony she knocked the door he opened she bid hi!!!
He shouted chor!!!!!
She closed his mouth and said I am Swara friend
He realized how close she was standing he was smiling looking at her expressions he said “I have heard beautiful girls will not have beautiful friends
Ragini:what!!beautifull u mean ur not angry on swara
Laksh: no but why did u come here
Ragini:I came to ask sorry

Laksh:but why????? U r asking sorry ?
D one who fought was Sanskar He was In college washroom looking at mirror he was Damn angry on swarahe thought Swartz was proud about her richness he looked at mirror was talking to himself in college a guy who ragged lucky game nd said u know ur bro looked Gud with slap Mark
Sanskar asked him do you know how to beat a guy without allowing marks
to look
He said No
Sanskar said but I know
He hit him badly
Sanskar says if u and ur gang again disturb me I will put us video dat I took while hitting u on YouTube

He runs away
In swara room
Swara stood up went nd washed her face and was dresssed in totally different attire she wore a one piece blue frock and loose hairs wore a lens
She was busy in makeup looking at her mirror she saw sanskar she turned back
He gave her a tight slap and said don’t show your rich attitude towards me ”
Swara was In a mixed emotions she felt relived angry happy sad everyting In 1 second she came it of her thoughts listening to ringtone
Swara :hello riya what’s dis dress I’m uncomfortable
Riya :den don’t come
Swara :I’m rich I have no one to controll me
Riya : den u can’t come like aunty

Swara :Ragini must not come to know that b care full
Sanskar listening to dis felt smetng suspicious he thought
Her attire shows richness but her eyes show pain ,innocence what is she going to do ……….other side said HELLO MR SANSKAR stop thinking about her
He crosses lucky room hears a sweet voice
Laksh:but y r u asking sorry
Ragini:because I was one who guided swara to accept Raj proposal but he proposed her for getting a kiss
Laksh: but why
Ragini s eyes was filled with tears one drop crossed her eyelids and fell on her hand and laksh held her tear and hand
Ragini whispered “for a bet”
Laksh said I’ll help swara to get rid of her breakup
Sanskar who heard all this thought “I know I hav did a mistake I’ll correct it in my way”
He knocked laksh room door ragini has gone already
He asks laksh ; will u always support me lucky
Laksh:what happened

Sanskar hugged lucky
Laksh :u know d girl who ………
Sanskar :pls don’t talk about her…….he runs to his room
He remembered what he did “WHY IS IT ALWAYS ME??”
I hurt an innocent girl

Guys I hv nt decided pairs but we’ll allow
Story to go in its track and then decide pls comment and guide me

Credit to: Thara

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