Swaragini why is it always me?? (Episode 2)


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Next day swara goes to college a gang of guys notice her
One of dem said “dude she doesn’t seem like she’s not hurt all your drama are in vain ” do d gang leader let us hurt her
A guy comes and asks swara” give us got cheated party ” Swara said “sure bro” the guy gets pissed off
Dey see notice board and find out there are two new admission
A guy is entering college he seems nervous
D gang of guys call him dey ask his name
He told his name
He says his name ……one of dem ask him to smoke he says I don’t smoke so dey all tell him to go to swarms and tell “break up se pagal ho gaya Kya???..
He asks who’ s that girl so one of does guys tell see der “a girl wearing blue churdidar with specs and long hair braided and red Bindi d new student said wowwww…… so one of dem says she’s our boss ex gf he says sorry
D guy does d same swara slap him
One more new student come and sees her and ask “who d hell r I do slap my bro ?????”she says
Tell him to control his tongue ……
Ragini who saw all dis asks swara I came to know what all happened u dint tell me it’s k
Swara:soooo…….sweet ragini your my saviour r
Ragini: swara I can find a change in your attitude
Swara:you’ll see d new swara
Ragini:swara I’m going to my class bye tc
Swara :bye
After d classes s guy whom swara slapped was in ragini’s class and d guy who protected him was in swara’s class
Ragini comes and tells swara ” why did u slap him he’s innocent …… he was ragged by ur ex bf
Swara ran home she saw herself in mirror and cryed “why is it always me”

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Credit to: thara

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