swaragini: do ajnabee (ss) Part 9


Guesss thank u so much ofr ur support and and love I am glad that u all are liking my ff thank u so much………………
At garden ragsan were sitting their
“so what’s the plan to sit whole day here” he asked
“yeah why not I think its cool idea” she said in excited tone and blinked her eyes he was looking shocked
“seriously” he said in shocked tone
“no just simply”she made a irritated face

“fine lets go we have lots of work to do and also correct the presentation made by u” held her hand stood up but ragini didn’t move
“what are u waiting for do any invitation” she freed her hand he was behaved rudely towards her some times he acts as if he cares and sometimes he’s just unbelievable she got angry by his sudden change in attitude towards her
She stood up
“sanskar u had some issues with presentation na” she asked gently a naughty idea jumped in her mind to make him work but then he said sorry so plan cancel she thought
“ha”he said he caught her sheepishly smile and was sure some thing was getting cooked in her mind
“u want my frnd ship” she asked and he nodded
“ok so friends ” she said forwarding her hand he for a once looked towards her first he rejected and all of sudden he forwarded his hand and was about to shake he drew back ragini had genuinely forwarded her hand for frndhsip she got angry the way he behaved sanskar felt danger approaching him so better to play safe he thought
“u are really sadoo and egoist maheswari seriously first u ask friendship when I forwarded my hand u just ditched u are horrible than I can imagine I hate u ” she yelled at him he gulped another mistake for sure this time she’ll have her revenge she started moving

“wait where are u going”he asked
“and why should I tell u are u boyfriend or my husband that I should explain u everything” she shot at him
“fine go where were u want but that work”
“u had some issues so its better u fix them by urself” she smirked at him
“oh god sanskar where are u struck” thought sanskar
At that time kavitha came to maheswari office
Ragini was in parking then she remembered that she left her phone and clutch inside the office only she headed back she entered sanskar cabin and picked her phone and clutch she was about to leave but stopped she moved back and sat on chairs chair and changed some settings of his pc she then smirked at same time kavitha saw her through glass window she was unable to see ragini but got angry seeing some girl sitting on his chair

She walked towards her ragini smiled thinking what she done she felt some one open the cabin door she got nervous thinking that it was sanskar she raised her head but didn’t recognise kavitha nor kavitha knew who she was
“hey u how dare u sit on sanskar’s desk” kavitha yelled ragini didn’t know what she was trying to say she stood up
“excuse me” before she could complete kavitha cutted
“bass being an ordinary employee how dare u sit on his desk this sanskar na he has given too much freedom to his employee but I won’t spare u for what u did” kavitha said pointing her index finger to her ragini was watching her she got angry seeing she called sanskar his
“ shut up my wish where ever I want I’ll sit who are u tell me”
“and who are u to talk with me like this” kavitha said in anger ragini was pissed by her behaviour first that sadoo and know this nakchadi urgh
“sanskar’s girlfriend” ragini yelled picked her clutch and moved out kavitha was literally shocked sanskar’s girlfriend oh god that’s why he was not agreeing for marriage she walked out
At that time sanskar entered in office

“ragini I am sorry” he pleaded following her
“go to hell mr.maheswari” laksh who walked that way
“what happened guys” he asked causually
Ragini held his hand started moving
“where are u taking him” sanskar asked
“none of ur business” she roared
Kavitha saw all this and was dame angry that laksh knew then too he hided such big thing from all sanskar didn’t see kavitha and she left
they both moved out of office at parking area
“ragini tell me alteast where are we going”
“I don’t know myself” she said and took driver seat laksh sensed her anger so he too sat
She was driving like crazy laksh was scared like hell
“areh ragini I wanna be alive marry ur sister for atleast that sake drive slow” he said out of fear
She stopped the car and looked towards laksh

“u are such a big pattu” she said and laksh pouted
“don’t make such faces I am not swara so its not going to work and don’t know what swara saw in u so she wanna marry u” she said
“areh don’t say like that” ragini glared
“ok fine tell me why are u angry”
“because of kerala maheswari” she said
Laksh giggled
“I am here tensed and u” she hitted him playfully
“ok ok sorry but what bhai did know” he asked
And she narrated all incidents
“what” laksh was left mouth open that sanskar asked ragini’s friend ship
“I don’t believe this” he said
“even me too” she said
“then what know”
“mission swara” she said and both smiled
And left for some place they planned something
At maheswari office
Sanskar was trying to on his laptop but it asked password sanskar putted his regular one but it didn’t work he was not understanding what’s wrong then he clicked on backup it asked some voice recognitions he didn’t understand then ragini she was in his cabin he called her
At that time raglak were standing in front of some office
Ragini got sanskar’s call she cutted he called her again and again
“ragini whose calling u pick the call it may urgent” laksh said
“nothing like that” she said again her phone beeped laksh took to check it was showing sadoo

“whose this sadoo” he asked
“whom do u think”
“bhai” he said
“why’s he calling u”
“pick and ask ureslf”
Laksh picked the call
“ragini what have u done with my PC”he screamed
Laksh looked towards she chuckled
“bhai what happened” laksh asked attending the call
“laksh where is ragini” he asked and laksh handed phone to ragini
“yes mr.sadoo” she said in irritating tone making him more angry
“what’s the password” he asked

“which password”
“my pc’s”
“what would I know”
“ragini don’t test my patience”
“ohh really do u have patience”
“I am not in mood to argue”he shot
“as if I am u r the one who called bye” she said
“ragini ragini wait”
“what know”
“ok I am sorry know tell me password”
“the one what u said”
“what” he asked confused
“open ur right top drawer u’ll get hint” saying she cutted the call and then laughed laksh asked what she explained him what she did and both laughed
At Maheswari office
Sanskar opened the drawer and found a chit
He was dame angry but what to do he needs to his work he closed his eyes in frustration and said
“I am sorry ragini” that was voice recognition passowrd
The system opened
Later their was a stargeic meeting with some employees
the system again got locked he slowly moved out and opened it everyone found his behaviour weird but what to do his whole day went like that
They finshed their work and smirked ragini dropped laksh at MM sanskar hadn’t returned yet
He entered inside and saw everyone face dull kavitha was looking like she cried alot and bua dadi her anger could be sensed by her facial expression
“what happened” he asked

“where is sanskar” dp asked in loud tone laksh was scared by this he sensed the trouble that was waiting for sanskar
“he must be in office” he said quietly
“papa I called him he must be reaching here by any time” adarsh bhai said pari babhi was tensed and uttra and ansh were in their room he moved towards adarsh and asked him
“don’t know when I came dadi and papa were in angry mood and chachi in sad angry something is worng” he said laksh singed towards pari
“don’t know in afternoon kavitha came crying and then she said something bua dadi she called papa and chacha ji ma and chachi ji in study they had some descision and from that time this is going on”pari said

What new blast this kavitha wanna do oh no bhai plsz god save him laksh prayed when sanskar entered he saw everyone’s face dull
“everything alright” he asked laksh gave him sorry look he didn’t understand anything
(Dp and rp were not in office today so they no idea that ragini was their)
“sanskar do u love some one” dp asked sanskar was startled by this question he didn’t except this he was thinking how bade papa got hint that I feel something for her
“sanskar answer me” dp’s voice made him come to reality
“ahh no bade papa” he said
“are u sure” he asked
“yes if their was something like that then I would have informed u all” he said
“such a shamless he is he hiding about his affair from all” bua dadi roared
Everyone was shocked
“dadi what rubbish are u talking about”he justified himself
“dekho his truth has come out but still” dadi continued
“dadi I am not understanding anything mom dad badepapa ma what’s happening here” he asked
“sanskar kavitha is saying u have a girl friend” shujitha said
Sanlak were shocked
“mom but” but dp cutted
“she met her today in our office and she herself said so”
“bhai what’s all this” laksh asked
“don’t act innocent laksh u knew about it kavitha saw u too with that girl” dadi said and kavitha continued her ganaga jamuna
“me I don’t know anything and bhai u have a girlfriend and u didn’t inform me and she was in our office bhai their something definitely worng with u today first u asked ragini to be u friend and know we get to know u have girlfriend also” laksh said all were shocked by his statement
“laksh don’t act as insane” sanskar roared and turned towards family
“and how can u all believe all this”
Sujitha came in front of him
“is that true u asked ragini for friendship” she asked in excited tone
“mom not know”
“areh answer me” she said
“chachi what will he say that’s truth and he’s such a big criminal he feels for ragini and has a girl friend”
All were shocked to know sanskar’s feeling
“sanskar u like ragini” “jiji I am so happy finally my wish will get fulfilled”she said twirling
“ha chachi ji I think sanlak will get married in same mandap we have to do lots of shopping also”
Sanskar was about to say something

Rp cutted
“but first we need to fix this nayalakh’s rishtha with ragini na”
“no worry jiji tomorrow we’ll take shagun to GM”
“what’s happening all this how can u do this with kavitha”dadi roared
Sujitha moved towards her
“bua ji sanskar loves ragini and he’ll get married to her only”
“u can’t do this sujitha what about this poor girll”
“bua ji sanskar had already dined about this marriage so its not possible”
“I can’t believe this sanskar loves ragini”adarsh said
“I already had a doubt I was noticed him many times stealing her glances”
“what I can’t believe this” pari siad
All were aruguing with in themselves sanskar was standing helplessly
“areh stop” he screamed
All looked towards him
“their nothing like what and all u people are thinking I don’t have any girlfriend and I don’t wanna marry ragini” he said
“but why she’s such a sweet girl”sujitha said
“but not more than kavitha” dadi cutted her
“areh bass know its enough of enough have u all gone mad what u all are thinking I am fed stop this discussion right here” he said but to his bad luck at that ragini came their she saw everyone gathered in hall
“hello everyone” she said all looked towards her
“she had to also come know only”he thought and gave angry glare to her she ignored him and went forward
“what are u doing here” sanskar asked
“And why should I tell u laksh take this u forgot ur phone in my car” she said handing him phone kavitha was dame angry seeing her
“she’s only sanskar’s girl friend” kavitha said ragini looked towards her and was shocked
Snaksar was just shocked and was numb this girl is becoming a big head ache and because of her his life is messed up
Sujitha was happy
“I am so happy jiji”she said all looked towards her
“ragini what do kavitha mean” sanskar asked folding his hands
“wow o sanskar just nothing” she said
“nothing idiot u know because of ur prank what’s all happening here” he screamed she closed her ears
“why are u screaming” she asked
“as if u know nothing”
“nop” she said not looking towards him
“u” he pointed his index finger
“bhai plsz ragini what did u tell kavitha”laksh asked
“nothing and whose this kavitha” she asked
laksh pointed towards her
“oh so this ms.egoist is kavitha”she said
“what, what u called me” kavitha came in btw
“kavitha plsz be quite”

“ok did u say her something”
“ha woo nothing woummmm” she said wondering
“u said u are bhai girlfriend” laksh asked and she innconetly nodded
“this girl I don’t know what’s her enemity with me” sanskar said
“oh hello it was all started by u so bear the consequences” she said they were sillyly arguing in front of all
All were amazed at their fight they knew ragsan didn’t go good in terms but today it was proved sujitha after seeing their fight thought they would make perfect pair

Percap: a bachelor trip………………

ragini talli………….. her madness

so guess how was it what u think raglak did to help swara and sanskar what will he do know

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