swaragini: do ajnabee (ss) Part 7

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At gm
All were laughing janki headed towards ragini and held her ears
“ma leave me its paining ahhh”
“janki leave her na its paining to her” shekar said
“u don’t come in btw us she again made us fight and was enjoying screncry as always”janki said
“ma I am sorry I promise I’ll never do” ragini pleaded
“bhua hold it tight every time she does same”shail said

“what do u mean by that shail”laksh asked
“u don’t know laksh its her childhood habit to make everyone fight and enjoy the scene”shail said
“and what else she can do just make others fight and fight with others” sanskar said
“don’t interfere in my matters mr.maheswari”she shot at him
Janki tightend her girp
“ma ahhh its paining I promise I would never ever do so”
“fine I am leaving u this time but if u repeat see what I do” janki warned her
All talked for a while
And then sanlak left

At night
Sanskar’s room
He was completing his office work sitting on couch suddenly strong wind came inside the room as a result all papers started scattering sanskar some how managed and kept those papers aside and went towards the window to close it
He stood near their seeing the moon something had changed in him he closed his eyes and saw ragini’s smiling face her eyes an unknown smile appeared on his lips and he realised what he was thinking he opened his eyes in shock he didn’t know why he saw her why he felt happy he looked towards the moon and saw ragini in it the wind that was blowing had the magic of love and it had already shown its magic on him he was confused frustrated and didn’t know what was happening with him a new feeling was arsing in him but he didn’t wanna to feel that thing

He closed the window and went back to his work he tried hard to concentrate but he was unable to he was not able to come out of ragini’s thoughts
In frustration he closed his laptop and went to bed he tried to sleep but when ever he tried to close his eyes her face appeared in front of him
Fighting btw his heart and brain he was trying to justify what he was feeling thinking so he dozed off

The next day
All were having break fast
Some one entered GM
ragini face glowed as 1000volt bulb shekar’s face expression changed swara was also smiled janki was also happy ragini ran to her
“nanu” saying she hugged her tight
“I missed u so muchhh” she said hugging her
“I missed u too my jaan” nani(dida) said
“but I didn’t don’t know why she came back and that too so soon” shekar wishpered swara who was standing beside him giggled

“dad if mom hears na u r dead” swara said
“ha what else can this ma beti do just destroy my peace” shekar said swara giggled
“anyways come lets go otherwise she’ll eat me raw saying I don’t have any manners I don’t respect elders and all” swara chuckled and both headed their
“I missed u missed u and I love u”ragini said still hugging
“and me” another voice came from behind
They broke the hug
“I missed u too shika”said ragini hugging her

Shail came and took her blessing
“how are u dadi” he asked
“until know I was fine but after seeing my jaan I am most happiest of all” dida/nani said
“u missed only her ma”janki complained
“areh I missed all but my jaan more” she said proudly
Ragini side hugged her
“see mom ur ma loves me more than u” ragini said shekar came and took her blessings
(shail and shika are brother sister shika is younger they stay with shekar and janki in GM and nani also stays their with them shekar and nani have nokh jokh wala relation nani know about swara getting married to laksh she likes sanskar a lot and their another story about which u’ll get to know soon)
“how are u damadji” nani asked shail went to shika and hugged her she smiled
“until know I was fine but not know” shekar wishepered
“did u say anything” nani asked in strict tone
“no nothing I mean I am fine”shekar said nervously

“I have to talk to u alot nanu” ragini said dragging her
All had family time
Decorations were going in full swing
At night GM was beautifully decorated
Shekar janki were welcoming all guest all maheswari also arrived sanskar was wearing black suit he was looking hot and handsome laksh was wearing white shirt blue coat and black demin he was also looking handsome laksh’s eyes were searching some one of course his love sanskar saw his impatience

“u won’t understand it bhai”
At swaragini’s room swara and shika both were ready swara had wore a beautiful peach color gown high heels hair left open some light diamond jewellery she was looking absolutely stunning shika had worn a beautiful floral baby pink gown she looking hot
“ragu still how much time yaar come fast” shika shouted
“ragini come out” swara shouted
“this ragu di is taking so much time even we didn’t take so much time to get ready” shika complained swara was shocked to see ragini she signalled shika both were awestaruck to see her she was wearing a black gown perfectly hung to her body hairs tied in a French braid small golden studs in ears she was looking nervous
“ragu di u are looking to hot” shika complimented her
Ragini gave a faint smile she tried to walk but lost her balance due to high heels
“ragu be careful” swara said supporting her
Ragini was know full frustrated
She sat on bed
“yaar I am not coming”
“but why” shika and swara asked in union
“this dress is so frustrating and on top of that these heels I don’t know how u manage to wear these” she complained
Shika and swara chuckled
“don’t know who the hell designed this dress its so tough to manage”
“oh hello its one of my best deigns u should thank me and u are lucky to wear dress from my collection” swara said in attitude tone
“urgh u know I am not habitual to these things then why”
“because I wanted” nani said entering in
“I’ll not listen know come down all are waiting” nani said
At hall
Everyone was enjoying the party swara heading down laksh was completely lost In her beauty
She smiled at him he walked towards her and forwarded his hand to her she gave her hand in his they both walked hand in hand everyone smiled seeing this beautiful couple
After a while ragini also came down along with nani she was nervous she was acrefully taking her steps nani was supporting her everyone was awestruck to see her beauty but she was feeling uncomfortable everyone’s gaze was on her everything was new to her
Sanskar was completely lost in her laksh saw his gaze he was smiling seeing her
“she’s looking beautiful na” laksh asked
“ha” he said he was not in his sense then reality to struck to him
“no I mean yes she is but” he was stammering laksh chuckled at him
“bhai u have fallen for her”laksh said
Sanskar gave a warm smile
“don’t give pressure to ur small brain”

“go to ur swara she’s standing alone” he said and pushed him to swara
“sanskar don’t think about her just avoid her” he thought in mind
Then he saw ragini heading towards him she was smiling and was slowly taking her steps his heart was beating fast her smile made his heart skip a beat his all emotions were visible on his face
When she was just few inches away from him he closed his eyes and then she just passed by him then he realised that she was smiling to shail who was standing behind him
He took a sigh of relief
But some thing in her attracted him
Nani came to him
“hey BF how are u” she asked ragini raised her eye brow in shock she heard what she said
“I am fine GF I missed u” he said side hugging her know ragini was completely shocked
“when did this happen” she asked
“when u were not here” shika said keeping her hand on her shoulders
Ragini jerked it
“this is too much” she said and shail and shika chuckled nani and sanskar were laughing and talking she irked ragini she was making faces
“ragini why are u standing their come here” nani called ragini her face expression changed and know sanskar was nervous about what will happen to him
Ragini started moving to them
“ha nani u called me” she asked ignoring sanskar
“ha why were u standing their alone come join us, sanskar is so funny” she said
“funny and Dracula ” ragini thought “bad joke nanu” she said
“Dracula can also be funny” sanskar said ragini was shocked that how did he get to know what she thought
Nani was not understanding anything she was confused
“who Dracula” she asked

“nothing nani” ragini tried to escape from their
Shika shail also joined them ragini was getting angry seeing shika and sanskar close something in her was burning she herself didn’t know what was happening with her she excused herself
She was laughing and talking to DP sanskar’s gaze was on her he was seeing her through corner of his eyes ragini also eyed him
After a while sanskar was talking on phone standing in corner ragini was frustrated with her gown she was walking near by sanskar turned and ragini lost her balance she was about to fall in fear she closed her eyes when she opened her eyes she found herself she was safe and was in some’s strong muscular arms it was sanskar he was completely lost in her beautiful face ragini was lost in his deep brown hazel eyes they forgot about the world around them everyone present their was seeing them some shocked some happy some confused
They came to their sense and sanskar made ragini stand they both were fully embraced both parted their ways they were unable to meet eachother’s eyes
Later all couples came on dance floor and started dancing swalak were beautifully dancing

Later sanskar saw that a man was trying to misbehave with ragini he was asking her for dance but ragini was denying he tried to force her ragini didn’t wanna spoil the party so she was behaving calmly but her anger was rising sanskar was also angry seeing this ragini walked straight from their that man tried to hold her hand by mistake he opened her dress zip ragini was fully shocked she eyes that man angrily again he tried to come close to her sanskar came in btw and pushed that man aside ragini was nervous she didn’t know what to do sanskar held her hand and brought her to dance floor all were dancing
Kuch khaas hai,
Kuch paas hai,
Kuch ajnabi ehsaas hai,
(He placed his one hand on her waist and other on the exposed part a chill ran from her spine)
Kuch duriyan, nazdikiyan,
Kuch hass padi tanhaiyaan,
Kya yeh khumaar hai, kya aitbaar hai,
Shayad yeh pyaar hai,
Haan hai shayad,
Kya yeh bahar hai, kya intezaar hai,
Shayad yeh pyaar hai,
Pyaar hai shayad..
(she placed her both hands on his shoulders he turned in such a way that her back was facing his front it was looking as if he was back hugging her slowly he pulled her dress zip)

Kuch khaas hai,
Kuch paas hai,
Kuch ajnabi ehsaas hai,
Kuch duriyan, nazdikiyan,
Kuch hass padi tanhaiyaan,
Kya yeh khumaar hai, kya aitbaar hai,
Shayad yeh pyaar hai,
Haan hai shayad,
Kya yeh bahar hai, kya intezaar hai,
Shayad yeh pyaar hai,
Pyaar hai shayad..
he inhaled her frangrance ragini closed her eyes feeling his touch she had lost her control he slowly moved his fingers on hand and turned her facing him he held her waist tight
Kuch saaz hai jaage se jo the soye,
Alfaaz hai, chup se nashe mein khoye,
Nazrein hi samjhe yeh guftagu saari,
they didn’t know what it was but something that made them lose their sense they were taking same steps and moving along with music they were lost in each other he twirled her and pulled her close to him
Koi arzoo ne hai angdayi li pyaari,
Kya yeh khumaar hai, kya aitbaar hai,
Shayad yeh pyaar hai,
Haan hai shayad,
Naa inkaar hai, naa iqraar hai,
Shayad yeh pyaar hai,
Pyaar hai shayad…
they were moving
Kehna hi kya, mera dhakal naa koi,
Dil ko dikha, dil ki shakal ka koi,
Dil se thi meri ek shart yeh aisi,
Lage jeet si mujhko, yeh haar hai kaisi,
Bukhaar hai, kyu beqraar hai,
Shayad yeh pyaar hai,
Pyaar hai shayad,
Jadoo sawar hai, naa ifteaar hai,
Shayad yeh pyaar hai,
Pyaar hai shayad,
Pyaar hai shayad..
Kuch khaas hai,
Kuch paas hai,
Kuch ajnabi ehsaas hai,
Ra ra re…na na na
Ra ra ra ra..
Na re na..
Pyaar hai shayad
Pyaar hai shayad

They were lost in eachother They came to sense when they heard clapping sound
“wow bhai u and bhabi danced so well” laksh complimented
“thank u wait what did u say”
“what u heard”
“u have gone mad”
“not me its u accept that some thing has changed in u for her”
“u are carzy”
“ha payaar me sabh pagal ho jate ha and aur app bhi ho gaye ho”
“laksh stop ur nonsense”
“ok nonsense then what were u doing ha”
“I was just trying to help her”
“help her or urself”
“shut up lucky” and he explained her all
“oh so that was the reason I was happy that I got bhabi and u”saying laksh went from their
“what is happening” sanskar said in frustration
“they looked so good na” sujitha said to nani

“ha swara and laksh they look good” nani said
“I am not talking about them I am talking about ragsan” she said
“ha they were looking cute”she smiled
“what do u think about them” she asked
“I didn’t think so till know”
“so think know kakisa”
“I think u are more excited for them”
‘ha if it was in my control I would get them married right know” nani giggled at her swara who heard their conversation was shocked
At night
Swara was sleeping peacefully where as ragini was turning her sides when ever she closed her eyes sanskar’s face was coming in her mind his touch his fragrance she getting crazy she didn’t know why but she was falling for him

Precap: some fun and family time

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