swaragini: do ajnabee (ss) Part 6

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The next day it was sunday
At gm
Ragini was peacefully sleeping dreaming about sanskar and a smile creped her lips she woke up swara was in room only she was getting ready she saw her
“good morning ragu” she asked casually
“good morning shona” ragini said smiling bright
Then it struck to her mind what swara did she took a pillow and threw at swara
“areh yaar what are u doing”
“what u did ha”
“what did I do” she said cutely catching the pillow that ragini threw at her
“what idiot what did u say that sanskar won’t be their ha”
Scenes shift to mm
Where sanskar was chasing laksh he was also pillows at him
“how dare u lie u me”
“bhai plsz leave me areh” he was throwing pillows and what ever he was getting in his hands
“bhai I am ur baby brother plsz leave me” laksh bending down to get saved from the things that sanskar was throwing
“ur not baby u are devil what u did yesterday ha”
“bhai I really didn’t have any idea about it”laksh was pleading making a puppy face
Sanskar stopped then he picked a water jug and poured water on him
“bhai what u did this was my favourite suit I took so much time to get ready u” laksh said making irritated face
“beta this is nothing in front of what u did”
They started their chasing game again
Scenes shift to gm
Where ragini was beating swara with pillows and cushions’
“ragini u have gone mad” swara screamed
At mm
“idiot for ur stupid date u made me struck with that mad girl” sanskar said
At gm
“u enjoyed here and left me their with that kadoos to die” ragini yelled at swara
At mm
Sanskar picked a vase
“bhai my head will break plsz no” laksh pleaded
“yeah ur right sweet young brother na” laksh smiled “so I’ll only break ur head just wait” laksh’s face expressions changed sanskar said running to catch him he was chasing him in whole room
At last they were tried both sat down
“ok know tell me how do u know ragini” laksh asked
“what do u mean by that”
“ohhh bhai plsz don’t act i know u knew ragini from before” laksh said
“I don’t know her” he said in strict tone
“ok u don’t know her but this photograph how come ragini is their” laksh said taking a photo form his pocket it was sanskar’s school photo he was posing with his gang and ragini was also captured she was bit distance away from them
“where did u get this photo from” sanskar asked totally shocked
“from ur albums” he said

Both swaragini were laughing in their room after their fight
At mm
“I don’t know her”
“ok don’t tell I’ll send this photo to karan bhai I am sure he’ll tell me but then don’t question why did I tell to all family” laksh said taking out his phone
“Wait don’t u dare to u anything like that” sanskar said snatching the phone from him
“ok then tell”
“ok ummmmm”
“bhai plsz tell”laksh screamed
“ok I knew ragini from before” sanskar said
“that I also know how tell me” laksh demanded
“ok I met her first in our school”sanskar said
“how u both were in different schools” laksh intruppted
“let me say”
“ok when I was 9th as u know I was send to boarding school for my higher studies one year later the school organised an international feast where all major schools of country were invited to participate even ragini’s school was one their we met for first time” laksh interrupted
“means later also u met”
“laksh” sanskar glared
“ok I am sorry plsz continue”
“if u interfere this time na I’ll not say anything” sanskar warned
“fine I promise I won’t say anything u plsz continue” laksh said innocently
FB shows
Ragini and her team reached shimla they were going to take part in football ragini was captain of her team
They reached their the competition was next day so ragini and her friends decided to roam around she and her friends left they were in market roaming and laughing
Even sanskar and his friends had come as karan(one of their friend) was giving ice cream teart
They went to ice cream parlour sanskar and his friends were also their they were sitting in group
“yaar where is this karan” one of their friends asked
“ha he went to bring ice cream or prepare it” om said
“bhukaad” all friends said at a time om pouted all laughed at him
“u wait I’ll go and check” saying sanskar left and he saw karan flirting with some girls
He pulled him
“yaar what u did” karan complained
“idiot u went to bring ice cream or flirt with them”
“Actually I went to get ice cream but that girl” he said saying bye to of the girl
Sanskar hitted karan’s forehead
“come u brought us here for ice ceram treat” he said pulling karan
Ragini and all were friends were about to leave ragini remembered that she left her clutch their she went in to pick it and rest of her friends left ragini picked her clutch while moving our sanskar who was talking to karan and holding ice cream dashed with ragini as result her whole dress was spoiled
“what the hell” she screamed
“I am sorry miss” sanskar said apologetically
“what sorry will my dress get like before” she yelled
“all boys are same” she whispered cleaning her dress
“excuse me”
“ know what”she raised her head
“nothing” he said casually
Ragini was dame angry and to make situation more worse karan jumped in middle
“hey beautiful I am extremely sorry on my friends behalf” he said flirtingly
Ragini who was already angry by this burst out her anger on him she slapped him karan and sanskar were shocked
“hey how dare u slap my friend” sanskar said pulling karan aside
“ok I slapped ur friend if u felt bad I have no problem I can slap u also” she yelled seeing direct in his eyes
“see miss I am talking politely to u so behave” he said
“keep ur politeness with urself” she roared back
“hey u” he pointed his finger to her
Ragini raised her finger by the time ragini’s friend came they were shocked too see scenery karan finding a chance took sanskar from their
“sanskar ……….bhai lets go” karan said pulling him
Sanskar was not moving karan forcefully pulled him sanskar’s mood was badly spoiled all his friends were laughing at karan
The next day in school
Ragini and her team were practising in ground sanskar and his friends didn’t know that she would also be their sanskar and his gang were walking by ground sanskar was facing them so he didn’t see her karan saw her and was horrified sanskar and his other friends were not understanding anything suddenly a ball hitted sanskar badly he got hurt
Ragini bited her tongue it was her she kicked ball too hardly she hurriedly ran towards him
Karan was helping sanskar to stand
“I am sorry” she said and was breathing heavily sanskar felt some thing familiar and turned and found ragini both were shocked too see ecahother
“u what the hell” he screamed
“I am sorry” she said cutely
“what sorry I am sure u did this to take revenge”
“if I needed revenge na I would have hitted u straight and that too badly” she said all girls giggled at her comment
“what the hell is ur problem”
“ur are mad”
“thank u for ur pleasant compliment” all girls burst into laughter sanskar was getting dame angry know how dare she talk to him like that
“sanskar its waste of time to talk to her” karan said
“ha its waste of time to talk to mad people” sanskar said
“and I am also not interested to talk to such sadoo” ragini screamed from back giving hifi to her friends
Later sanskar’s friend decided to teach ragini a lesson sanskar had no idea about these plans
They locked ragini in a dark store room

All ragini’s friends were searching for her but they didn’t find her sanskar saw them worried he asked them they said that ragini is missing and their is match within an hours sanskar was unaffected but he himself he didn’t know why he went in serach of her
On the otherside ragini some how managed to get out of that room sanskar who just was passing by their felt that ragini could be their ragini heard some foot steps she thought that some one came to check her she picked a wooden stick from their sanskar who had no idea about ragini’s guard just moved and got hitted by ragini
“och” he screamed in pain ragini left that stick and went close to sanskar to check him but he jerked
“I am sorry” she said
“are u mad” “ochhhh” “how can u hit like that” he said in pain
“I thought some one came to check me so for protection” she said
“oh god so u mean u would hit anyone like that”
“ha” she said cutely
“u are totally mad ”
“I was mad that I thought to serach for u oh god why did I think so” he said
“no one asked u to do so”
“u r right my bad time is running so its better I stay away from u”
Saying he left
Later at canteen all were having lunch some friends of sanskar threw cup cake on ragini she got angry she threw back but it hitted sanskar he saw ragini he picked water and poured on her she got angry she took juice and poured on him soon all were fighting their horribly
Later sanskar was suspended for a month for this thing
During their whole stay they were fighting so much…………..
Fb ends
Laksh was laughing listening to it
“don’t laugh” sanskar said
“so ragini is the first girl who dominated the sanskar maheswari” laksh said
“is it funny”
“more than i mean the great sanskar maheswari the great tiger who get mad on everyone became a quite cat in front of my shali shahibha wow that’s something really amazing”
“ok we met in Chicago” ragini said swara who was adjusting herself on bed holding pillow listening to her sister
Fb starts sanskar on other side was also telling laksh about all this
Ragini was in Chicago for some project a seminar was going to held sanskar was also a guest of it ragini had completely no idea about it and nor do sanskar shail was also their
By mistake their luggage got exchanged and they met again both saw ecahother after so many years
“is ur staff blind how can they miss mu luggage” sanskar roared at manager
“do some people don’t have any other work just shouting at others” ragini said indirectly pointing towards sanskar
“ha and some people bringing troubles in others life” sanskar shot back
Ragini’s ego hurt
“ha some people are born unlucky and they blame others for that”
“some people are not fit to be here but don’t know why they are here”
“what do u mean by that”
“u know better”
“u how dare u talk to me like that”
“and what about u ms.chipakali”
“u how dare u call me that”
“see ur face ,u are so I called what’s the big deal in that”
Shail some how took ragini with him
Later sanskar and ragini dashed with each other in hotel
“today is my worst day that I saw ur face” sanskar said
“oh hello who is interested to see u”
“its waste of time to talk to u”
“yeah waste of time to talk with monkey like u”
“see chipakali stay away from me”
“and u Bandar don’t show me ur face”
“it was u first who dashed with me”
“so this is public place I can walk as I want where are u r eyes can’t u see and walk”ragini roared
“ my eyes are good only I think u need check up or wait I think u need to be in mental asylum”
“and monkey like u in zoo or wait u r sadoo na so better in museum”
The hotel staff however managed both
they were quarrelling like hell shail was too annoyed by this ragini was not leaving a single chance to irritate and trouble him
Fb ends
“so this is why u call her ms.irritation” laksh asked
“ha she just bring troubles” he said
Laksh stood up
“bhai its not bad idea u and ragini” he said and ran out
“laksh” he screamed at this thought

At gm
Swara was laughing listening to her story both were laughing
After that they both were sitting in garden some one came and closed ragini’s eyes
“who’s this” she touched those hands
“shail” saying she stood up and removed his hands
“how do u recognise me every time” shail said ragini hugged him he then met shone
And they all went in
“ma baba see who came” swara shouted in excitement
Shekar and janki came and were happy to see shail
He took their blessing
“how are u shail”janki asked
“I am fine bua ma” he said
(Shail was janki’s brother son shail’s parents died in accident so from childhood he was staying with them only)
“shail u come with me I have lot to talk with u”swara said pulling him
In evening swara called laksh and asked him to come to GM to meet shail she asked sanskar and uttra to also join
All youngsters were sitting
“seriously ragini u and bhai were too much” laksh said
“so ur bhai said everything”she asked
“ha” saying laksh laughed
Swara too joined him
“stop laughing” ragsan said at time they looked towards each other and ignored
“I mean u both met in some international fest and u were fighting their”
“which fest they met in Chicago first na” swara asked
Ragini bited her tongue she didn’t say anything their meet at school
“ha but first at in bahi’s school during feast in shimla” laksh said
“shimla when” janki who heard their conversation came their
“when did u both met and that too in shimla”
“ma wo its nothing” ragini was trying to cover up
“sanskar u say”
“ma wo” ragini was singing him not to say laksh and sanskar were confused even shekar came
“What’s happening here” he said sitting on sofa
“sanskar” janki galred ragini and singed sanskar to say
“ma we met at my school during the international fest where ragini was taking part in foot ball tournament”
Shekar who was sitting calmly got jerk and ragini closed her eyes
“ma this is same fest for which u had strictly warned that ragini won’t take part in it” swara said
“yeah swara ki bachi iss bhi abhi yeah sabh bolna tha” ragini thought in mind
“ha” janki said
“I am not understanding anything” uttra said
“I will tell past a 2 months of that fest ragini got leg facture ma had strictly said no that she won’t take part in it”swara said
“but she attended”sanskar said
“ha but shekar” janki said and saw towards the others side where ragini and shekar were planning to escape
“u both stop right their” janki yelled both turned towards her making innocent face
“how dare u both lie to me”
“ma its past leave na” ragini said
“ha jannu forget na past is past” shekar tried to cover
“past is past u both lied to me what did u said me shekar that u are sending ragini for health camp and u send her to this fest” janki roared
Laksh sanskar uttra and shail were left mouth open
“ma” ragini tried to say something janki cutted
“no need of explanation and shekar how did u allow her”
“jannu forget na see she’s fine”
“u both do this to me everytime don’t talk to me” she said cutely
“ma what’s my fault dad allowed me” ragini said
“hey why are u putting me in trouble for u I did that” shekar said
“shekar u plsz be quite” janki said
“areh” janki cutted
“u have only spoiled her because if u she’s become like this”
“ma I am not spoiled” ragini said cutely
“u are” both janki and sanskar said at a time
“u mr.sadoo stay out of it” “ and baba u know it was mom who gave me idea to backmail u so u allow me to go to US” ragini said
“janki how can u do that”
“areh it was not big thing”
“big thing it was my princess was away from here for 5 years” both shekar and janki started quarrelling swara was trying to stop them ragini found a way and went and sat on sofa she was enjoying their fight she telling something that made them fight more sanskar and laksh gave her unbelievable look
She munching chips swara however made shekar and janki see towards ragini they were shocked
“areh why did u people stop it was so fun to see sass bhau drama mom sass baba becahri bhau and swara the adrash son struck in btw wife and mother” ragini said laksh chuckled
“ragini” trio roared at her
“ok I am sorry” she said cutely
All burst into laughter after that
Sanskar was happy too see a new side of her, her laugh her smile had created some sort of magic on him he lost in that

Percap: let love blossom and pre marriage party

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