swaragini: do ajnabee (ss) Part 5

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At gm
After lunch ragini left for office and sanlak and swara left for shopping later pari and uttra also joined them all had great fun
At gadodia’s office
Shekar called ragini in his cabin
“u called me dad” ragini asked taking seat in shekar’s cabin
“yeah beta I want u to handle this project” he said handing her a file
Ragini went through it and was shocked
“dad” she was about to tell something shekar understood what would be her question
“I know about ur worry I want u to handle this project” he said
“but dad its with maheswari’s” she said
“ragini I know u nevee handled such big consignment but don’t worry we have confidence and trust on u its board members who wants u to handle this project” said
How to explain u dad that its no this project its sanskar I am sure their would be his invovlment also in this project and I don’t wanna see or meet him oh god where am I struck ragini thought in mind
“what happened ragini I know beta about ur worries but why are u taking tension I am their and laksh will handle this project” shekar said but before he could complete ragini cutted
“I’ll handle this dad” she said giving a board smile she was happy that laksh will handle that meant no sanskar she was happy for that
“good go through this files and tomorrow their’ll be a meeting at maheswari’s office u’ll present the presentation so prepare for it” he said
“sure dad then I’ll leave I have lot of work to do” she left in hurry shekar smiled at her behaviour
“areh I forgot to tell her that sanskar will also be a part of this project anyways its not that important she won’t have any problem with him” he said

At night
All had great chit chat and went to sleep
The next day
At maheswari office
Shekar reached their he met all sanskar and laksh didn’t reach still and ragini was on the way
Sanskar and laksh were on way sanskar was driving his favourite car that dp gifted him on his birthday laksh was busy in chatting with swara
“I don’t understand what u guess chat about so much” sanskar asked
Laksh who was fully immsersed in his phone looked towards him
“u won’t understand when u’ll fall in love u’ll get to know” laksh said smiling seeing the photo that swara send him of her lengha’s that she was trying
“I don’t understand ur talks” sanskar said
“u won’t understand mine’s but of ragini’s for sure” laksh said winking at him
“laksh” sanskar glared at her
“I don’t understand what’s ur problem with her” laksh asked
“its not me she herself is a big problem taking her name itself brings big storm” sanskar said and laksh giggles at his comment they soon reached maheswari’s office
Sanskar was parking his car and ragini came their she was driving car and talking to shail who was irritating her by mistake she hitted sanskar’s car sanskar was shocked and angry that who the hell hitted his car
“oh god” ragini said to herself
“what happened ragini” shail asked
“idiot see because of u I don’t know who’s car I hitted” she said

Shail laughed
“monkey stop laughing” she yelled
“I don’t understand from the time u went to india u have changed always so annoyed and yelling on poor soul like me” shail said in dramatic tone
“shut up shail ok I’ll call u later”s he said hanging up the call
Sanskar came out of his car full in rage laksh also followed him ragini too came out of her car she was shocked knowing that it was sanskar’s car sanskar saw her became even more angry
“tum”he screamed “what’s ur problem with me my poor car what have u done to it”
“I am sorry by mistake it happened” she said pleading
“by mistake I am sure it was ur full proof plan to harm me ”he said
“areh I said na I am sorry why are u crying so much its just a car na” she said cooly laksh glared at her she gulped in fear
“car it was my favourite car” he said in loud tone
“oh….. I see” she said in bit dramatic tone making sanskar more angry
“if u don’t know to drive then why do u drive don’t know who the blind man gave u driving lisense”he shot back
“see mister don’t question my driving skills I said na by mistake I hitted ur car and why are u over reacting its just car na not ur head”
“so that means u wanted to hit mu head”
“if I get a chance I’ll for sure” ragini wishpered
“did u say anything” sanskar asked
“ no nothing and why are u making this thing a big issue ”
“big issue it is oh god today I saw ur face don’t know what and all will happen with me” sanskar said dramatically praying to god
“bhagwan plsz save me from this pagal ladki” sanskar said pointing towards her
“u” ragini was about to say something laksh cutted
“guess we are getting late for meeting u can continue ur fight later” he said pushing both aside
“today u got saved” said ragini before leaving in
“this mad girl urgh” said sanskar stamping his foot and leaving in laksh took a slight relief and he rushed in before they fight again
Shekar dp and rp were in conference hall

At conference
Ragini was presenting sanskar didn’t leave a single chance to irritate her and make her angry but she controlled her temper and answered all his questions with smartness
Dp was impressed by her but sanskar was annoyed the way she was getting praising
After the meeting
Laksh and ragini were in his cabin
both were drinking coffee and talking on random things sanskar called laksh he excused himself ragini was getting bored she thought to see the office she started walking holding the mug of coffee
She was impressed the way the office was sanskar who was walking totally immersed in some files was not in his sense ragini was walking from opposite direction both were walking carelessly all by sudden ragini hitted sanskar as a result the coffee fell on his suit and file fell down and all papers of files were spoiled
“what freak” he screamed and bent to pick it
“I am sorry” ragini said
Sanskar felt some similar voice she stood and was shocked to see ragini ragini was also equally shocked knowing that she hitted sanskar and while coming she hitted his car
“tum what the hell is ur problem ha”he yelled ragini saw towards him with puppy face whole office was seeing them as they knew about sanskar’s anger
“I am sorry by mistake I did” she said cutely
“by mistake morning also by mistake u hitted my car and know this coffee”
“sorry” she muttered
“keep ur sorry for ur self first spoil work and then sorry”
“oye mister stop doing overacting nothing big has happened stop crying like baby”
“then what could be more big than this see what u have done what’s u r problem”
“u , u are my problem areh can’t u take things lightly when I am so cool can’t u be” she said freely
Whole office was seeing their fight they never saw sanskar so much irritated and angry
“first u come to my office hit my car and then spill coffee on me and ask me to be cool”
“mr.maheswari I am talking so calmly with u and u sadoo” ragini shot back
“how dare u call me that”
“and how dare u talk with me like that”
“see ms.gadodia stay away from me”
“I am also not interested to be around u its is far away even seeing ur face”
“u” he pointed finger at
Laksh came their
“bhai” he called
Some how he managed both of them
Sanskar saw towards whole staff who was seeing them
“is their any show going on here all get back to u r work” he scaremed
“kadoos” ragini whispered sanskar glared at her
Later ragini left
Laksh called swara and explained her everything swara was laughing listening to what laksh said
“here I was stopping world war 3 and ur laughing what’s so funny in it” he asked
“its not u its ragsan oh god laksh they fight so much”
“ha whole office was seeing them I also never saw bhai like this”
“ummm…….. I am just feeling that they know each other from before and ragini she must have done some thing that sanskar doesn’t like her” swara said
“I think u r right”
They talked for some time and then hanged up

The next day
Ragini and laksh had to go for sight seeing
Sanskar’s room
“I said na no” sanskar was saying laksh
“bhai plsz na” laksh pleaded
“I can’t I have other work also”
“bhai plsz na me and swara are going on date and I can’t go for sight seeing”
“its ur problem lucky u must have thought about all this before and planned know don’t drag me in ur problem”
“bhai plsz can’t u do this much for ur small brother” he said cutely
“no I can’t do” he said straight forward laksh was left mouth open
“bhai plsz na”
“laksh u know na that ragini will also be their and I can’t tolerate her”
“oh so ragini is ur problem but ragini is not coming its shekar uncle’s manager”
“are u sure she’ll not be their”
“yeah 100%”
“ok fine”
“thank u” saying laksh hugged him tight
And ran from their
“he’s still kid” sanskar muttred and smiled at his little brother’s antics
Sanskar left for sight seeing shekar’s manager was ill so ragini had to only go
She was on her way
Sanskar reached the place fist he was taking a view of it ragini came
Both were shocked to see each other
“that swara lied to me its sanskar she said that some office employee will be coming I hate u swara for ur date u spoiled my day”ragini thought in mind
“laksh I’ll not leave u monkey idiot for ur date u made me struck with this mad girl just come in front of me I’ll kill u” sanskar thought in mind
After finalising the plot ragini left from their soon sanskar was their finishing other documentary work
But one the way ragini’s car broke it was already dusk she called swara to inform her but her phone was unreachable her phone battery was also dead
She thought to take lift
She came in front of sanskar’s car
Sanskar stopped his car with sudden jerk both saw each other he came out of his car
“tum what are u doing”he aksed
Ragini thought to ask help but then her ego she refused to ask him
“will u speak”he saw the surrounding and saw her car
Her car broke but I am sure she won’t ask my help should I help her no why should I but let ask
“where’s ur car”
“it broke”
“do u need help”
“no I can manage” she said rudely and went and sat on stone their sanskar left the place
“kadoos can’t he help a girl he knew my car broke if he would have asked one more time I would have accepted but this man I hate him ok I know I was rude but can’t he help a lonely girl may be just for humanity he could have helped but no” ragini wa dame angry on sanskar
On the other side
Sanskar drove his car back to place where ragini was standing but some distance away he could see her
“stupid girl can’t she ask for help I wouldn’t have refused but she stuburn I can’t leave her alone and in this place and its already getting late what if she dosen’t get help then should I go back and help her no why should I if she’s stubburn I am more than her lets see what happens”
Sanskar thought
Ragini saw sanskar’s car and felt some what happy but her ego stopped her from asking any help from him
Know she was also getting scared as it was getting drak and she was feeling hungry also
No car was approaching their way suddenly she saw a jeeb full of boys coming their away those boys saw her they stopped their car near her
“hey baby do need lift” one of the boys asked
“no thanks u can leave” ragini said in strict tone
Sanskar who saw all this was a bit worried for he drove his car to them ragini was bit happy from in seeing him He stopped his car their and came out of car
“hi guess what u all are doing” he asked
“do u have any problem” one of the boy aksed
“no what would I have but u people may have soon” he said
“and what’s that” another one asked
“sir this girl is mad I know how much she trouble people I am also victim of it leave her” he said in bit dramatic tone
“shut up sanskar” ragini yelled
“sir see how much mad she is I am advising leave her otherwise I pray to god to save u”
The group laughed
“don’t worry man we’ll handle her” one boy tried to hold ragini she gave a tight slap to him
Sanskar laughed “I told u” saying he went and sat on top of his car and was enjoying the show
One more boy tried to hold her hairs she gave a tight punch she was fighting with all
“I forgot to tell u guess that I was black belt in karate” she said hitting a boy hard on his head
“areh I said na she’s mad but u people didn’t listen know see what happened I am feeling pitty for u all” sanskar was giving commentary on her each punch and was showing sympathy to those boys who were getting beaten by her
When ragini was fighting one of the boy moved towards her with a rod sanskar saw it he jumped from top of his car the ragini was about to get hitted by rod sanskar held it his eyes were red in anger he hitted that man so hard and started fighting with all those boys
“how dare u try to hit my ragini” he yelled ragini was shocked that he called her “my ragini” sanskar was too angry he was hitting everyone even his hand started bleeding ragini stopped him
“mr.maheswari stop” she pulled him away
“how dare he” sanskar’s was still angry
“sanskar see I am fine” ragini said cupping his face
Sanskar was some what cool know he saw back all boys ran from their sanskar held ragini’s hand and took to his car and he sat on driver’s seat
“sanskar ur hand is bleeding” ragini said
“its ok”
“its not ok” she said
She took his hand in her’s and started first aiding it from the first aid box in car sanskar was lost in her care she finished bandaging and saw towards sanskar who was adoring her
“finished” she said
“ha hmm thank u” he said
Soon he drove to GM dropped her and headed to MM
Their was something strange sanskar himself didn’t know why he got so much angry when ragini was about to get hit and ragini was shocked seeing his care and bit happy from in that he called her his ragini she was happy seeing his possessiveness a unknown smile appeared on her lips she herself didn’t know what was happening after meeting him many things changed

Percap: how do ragsan know eachother……………………… some family moment and fun………….

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