swaragini: do ajnabee (ss) Part 3

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Engagement was going in full swing ragini was busy in talking and chatting with everyone she was a chatter box who had infinite topics to talk and most were illogical topics that were no were related to any situation
She did all small and big pranks to tease laksh and swara bechare laksh he became new bakra for her she loved troubling and teasing him
Laksh swara uttra and ragini all were sitting together ansh came running to them he sat in swara’s lap
Laksh and ragini kept pet names for each other laksh called her ragu mata and big bro because she threatened him about marrying swara
“laksh do u still wanna marry swara”ragini asked 10th time after they met and talked to eachother it was 10th time
“its 10th time u are asking me this question ragini”laksh said
“ halal hone wala bakare ko bagh ne ka mokha toh milna chayena”ragini said blinking her eyes
“ragu stop irritating him yaar he’ll die listening to u r bakwas”swara said
“after marrying u anyways he has to die so some what practise is needed na” ragini said
Uttra and laksh chuckled at her statement
“seriously ragini di ur too good I want u to be my bhabi it would be so fun if u come in our house how amazing it would be na we all will have great fun all time” she said dreaming
Ragini giggled at her comment
“and whom do u think will marry her”swara asked
“of course one and only one kadoos and junior Hitler of maheswari kandan after papa our dear and handsome brother the great sanskar mahseswari” laksh said
Uttra and swara laughed at his comment
“then ragini anuty will also become my chachi like swara chachi” ansh asked cutely
“yes”laksh said
“yeah ragini chachi” ansh said and started clapping
Ragini was again lost in her thoughts she came out of her thoughts
“no beta this will never happen” she said her facial expression were changed she was not comfortable their swara saw her tensed she was about to ask her laksh got sanskar’s call and janki called ragini for some work ragini left swara talked with sanskar they were talking on phone
“sanskar I am upset that u are not here”swara said
“guess stop it yaar everyone one behaving as small kid I am heratfully sorry for that don’t make me feel guilty everyone is saying the same” sanskar said in irritated tone
“ok fine anyways when u are coming back” swara asked
“within two days”sanskar said
Ragini who was carrying some gift and passed near them uttra called her name
“ragini di stop” she said swara was still on talk with sanskar he was bit shocked listening to her name
Uttra helped ragini swara talked for some more time with him
Laksh and swara’s marriage was fixed it was after 2 weeks and it was destination marriage in Udaipur after a week they would leave for updaipur a huge get together was planned before the marriage rituals would start so before the marriage they have planned for outgoing for a week and later marriage all were excited

At night
Swaragini’s room
Swara was busy in talking with laksh ragini who tried to sleep was getting disturbed by their talks she headed towards terrace
cool breeze touched her face she was feeling relaxed after a long time she was enjoying this moment had some magic in it
o re piya plays in back ground
ragini’s prov
today was a hetic day I am tried I am happy for swara that finally she got some one who loves her madly and truly but from morning one thing is troubling me sanskar I don’t know why but I am affected by this name it reminds me of that sadoo batamez sanskar I hate him to core but why I am thinking so much these two are different sanskar laksh’s brother can’t be that 5 foot 8 inch body builder sanky I pray to god that I never see that man’s face
o re piya haye……
o re piya haye……
o re piya haye……
scenes shift to Sydney Australia
sanskar was in flight he was going back to india he was lost in his thoughts
every family members are angry on me that I missed laksh’s engagement function I am going back I am happy that laksh is getting married to swara she’s really a nice girl but some thing is disturbing me and that is ragini from the time I heard her name from laksh its bothering me I know that both these ragini are different she can’t be that lazy ziddi idiot mad girl ragini whom I met that girl was crazy who had beauty but no brains wait sanskar why are u thinking about that stupid girl I pary to god that I never ever meet her areh meet her is far away I don’t wanna see her face also
o re piya haye……
o re piya haye……
o re piya haye……

screen split into two and it shows both ragini’s and sanskar’s face
screen shift back to ragini she was lost in her dream world
some one tapped her shoulders she turned back it was shekar she smiled at him they sat together on chair their
“So didn’t get sleep” shekar asked
“nothing like that swara is busy in talking with laksh and u know na I can’t sleep in noise” she said cutely
Shekar chuckled a bit
“u know when u two were small u both always used to fight for every small things it was esay to convince u but swara she was stub burn she just wanted what she needed” shekar said ragini smiled a bit
“but ma says I am ziddi like u” ragini asked
“u r ma says right u know u are determined for what u want u achieve it ur anger aggression is ur strength and ur every wish can be justified u think about others first and then yourself but when it comes to ur ego u cross all limits just like me” shekar says and both laugh
“but swara she is our little princess some times her anger feared me and today she got engaged and within two weeks she would be married and she would leave us and start her new life” shekar said a layer of tears formed in her eyes thinking about her bidai
“oh common dad don’t be senti and don’t make me cry their lot of time in her bidai” ragini said cleaning those tears
“u are right anyways how’s laksh according to u” shekar asked
“I am happy for swara laksh is a nice guy his family is also good she would really be happy their I am happy that finally my sister got some one who loves her truly dp uncle ap aunty everyone are really nice and understanding ansh is really cute and uttra pari babhi adarsh bhaiya everyone are nice I am happy for swara” ragini said
Shekar was staring at her ragini saw his glare
“what” she asked
“nothing I am waiting for the day when u’ll tell me dad I am love” shekar said
Ragini chuckled
“u are the weirdest father some where u are crying that u r one daughter is getting married u r sad and u wish that u other daughter say that I love some one great I mean I thought after swara’s marriage u wouldn’t want me to get married soon” ragini said pouting cutely
Shekar chuckled
“if u ask me I don’t want u to get married but still I want u to have some one in your life who loves u” shekar said
“Its really difficult to understand u” ragini says
“ok leave all this do u remember u r promise” shekar asked
“what”ragini asked
“don’t tell me u forgot about u r promise”
“sorry but I forgot” she says cutely
“u promise me that after u return to india u’ll join my business” shekar said
“what no oh gosh” she stood and said in shock
“yeah dear know go and sleep u have to join me tomorrow” shekar says
“but dad I can’t what about my job u can’t do this” ragini pleaded
“no way I am not going to listen this time to u ” shekar says he kissed on her forehead “good night” he said and headed towards their room
But ragini lost her sleep
She was continuously thinking about what shekar said

Fb shows
Ragini got the job in a USA based company but shekar wanted her to join his business
“no ways u are not going anywhere” shekar said
“but dad I want to prove my self and this is best opportunity” ragini said
“u can also prove urself by joining my business” shekar said
“dad if I join ur business no one will believe on my abilities everyone will think that I have just inherited this business from u”ragini says
“ok what u want” shekar asks
“dad I’ll join ur business but not know” she says
“ok then when” he asks
“ok once I come back I’ll do what ever u say I’ll join u r business”ragini says about the condition
“promise” shekar asks
Fb ends this was some where the reason that why ragini didn’t wanted to come back to india soon

The next day
It was bright morning with new hope and new light
All were assembled at breakfast table ragini got ready in casuals she was wearing white shirt black shirt and read blazer
Swara and janki were watching at ragini as she was ghost
“why u people are seeing me like this”ragini asked
“ma pinch me I think I am dreaming” swara asked
Janki pinched her she screamed in pain
“no beta its true but I am not understanding how did the sun rise from east today” she asked
“yaar plsz stop it baba see na how they are teasing me” ragini said cutely
“don’t worry princess and u two stop troubling her” shekar said
“dad ki chamchi” swara said
After BF they left for office
Shekar was happy seeing ragini’s dedication towards her wrok
Screen shifts to MM
Where sanskar arrived sjiutha was super happy and shocked to see him their he convinced at her
It was around 5 pm all maheswari family was assembled at hall gadodia’s arrived their ragini also came she was wearing long white skirt and red top she was looking beautiful gagdodia’s arrived at MM
Sanskar was in garden playing with ansh rest of the family was in he got some one’s call he headed towards corner gadodia’s headed towards entrance ragini saw ansh playing in garden she excused her self and went towards garden rest of the family wnet in
Ragini headed towards garden she didn’t see sanskar their he was other end she called ansh he ran to her sanskar heard her voice he turned to see but was unable to see her face she kneeled in front of ansh and was talking to him sanskar ignored and continued his conversation
After he hanged his call he turned and didn’t find ansh their then he saw ansh playing he headed towards his direction he saw a girl (ragini) playing with ansh with ball he was unable to see his face he moved close to them sanskar called him ragini felt a fimilar voice she was about to turn her foot slipped from the ball that ansh threw towards her and she was about to fall in nick time sanskar held her by waist
o re piya haye……
o re piya haye……
sanskar was unable to see her face because of some hair strands on her face ansh saw them lost and ran inside the house
sanskar slowly trucked those hair stands behind her ear he was lost in her eyes ragini was too lost in him
sujitha saw both of them in that position from her room’s window she was shocked and happy
udne laga kyon man baawala re
aaya kahan se yeh hosla re
o re piya haye……
o re piya haye……
scenes end at both ragsan lost in eachother

Precap: lots of masti and drama of ragsan…………………….

Guess tell me something do u want me to continue this as ss or ff because I got lots of idea and this is story is not only a love story but also about family relations plsz let me know what u want and plsz comment……………………..
And one more thing I’ll update my ff tomorrow hope u enjoyed it…………………….

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