swaragini: do ajnabee (ss) Part 2

Hello everyone Hi guess I am bak with next part of this s I’ll upload my ff tomorrow I have some confusion about how to proceed the story further until that enjoy this ss
After 5 years I am back in india Mumbai I love this place my mother land ragini headed out of airport it was early morning in india and today was her beloved sister engagement she hurriedly took cab and headed towards gadodia mansion soon she reached the place
GM was beautifully been decorated in flowers everyone was busy in preparation she moved in their she saw her baba instructing some workers about decoration swara was complaining about her beautician that still she was not their janki was busy in catering work a layer of tears formed in her eyes seeing her family after a long she was standing their still when a worker by mistake hitted her and she fell down she screamed in pain everyone saw in that direction though she didn’t get more hurt it’s her habit to react over for every situation all were not much shocked because they knew what kind of girl she was
Shekar helped her to stand she was surrounded by janki shekar and swara who were glaring at her in anger she was innocently seeing towards them all were watching in their direction that will happen next finally ragini spoke breaking ice
“why u people are seeing me as if I a ghost” she said
“ghost u know u are still more worst than that” swara said in attitude
“I am really looking scary shail was right” ragini said innocently and started laughing
“ragini” janki called In strict tone she immediately stopped laughing
“what happened” she asked as if she doesn’t know what she has done
“should we tell” shekar asked
“ok it should be me who must angry because u guess didn’t inform me about swara’s marriage but u guess are so bad of u” she said like small child
“ahh see who’s telling ok who was missing from past 5 years” swara complained
“I agree with her” janki and shekar supported swara
“areh it was just 5 years na but I was talking with u’ll na”she said
“ha just once a week and u didn’t vist us all this year” janki complained
“ok I am at fault but what u people did u didn’t feel it important to tell me baba I thought atlest u’ll tell me but u forgot me I’ll not talk with anyone” she said making fake cry and went and sat on sofa shekar melted he was sad for her tears janki and swara gave her u r too much look shekar went to her
“princess listen” he said but she turned her face
“I am sorry beta it was all ur mother and sister’s plan I am sorry bacha” he said holding ears ragini turned to him
“its ok baba” and hugged him
“finished dad and daughter drama” janki asked
“mom this both are too much and ragini stop doing emotional blackmailing on dad everytime he falls in ur trap” swara says
“ahh it works every time u see” she winks at her shekar gives her this is too much looks ragini asks sorry cutely and side hugs him
“ dad I feel something is burning”ragini asks cutely
“yes doll I am thinking the same something is burning but what ”shekar winks at her
“areh dad its mom and swara see both turned red in jealous” ragini says
Janki and swara eyes her angrily
“shut up monkey only remember dad forget me and mom” swara complains ragini goes and hugs her
“missed u” she says then she hugs janki and all have group hug after a while
Ragini and swara heads towards their room

Ragini relaxes herself on bed
“so tell me something about that mad person who wants to marry u” ragini asks
Swara throws a pillow at her ragini laughs
“ok seriously tell me how is he” ragini asks sitting on bed
“about him he’s cute handsome intelligent mature minded he understands me and my every wish without my speaking he tries to fulfil my wishes and dreams he’s really a good guy every girl’s dream boy u know ragini he’s every friendly I trust him and he trust me a good friend with whom I can share everything” she says lost in her own dream worls
Ragini see’s her and feels happy for her sister lost in love she thinks of something innovative to disturb her she takes some water in her hand and slowly heads towards her and sprinkles on her face
Swara comes out of her dream world
“ragini”she screams and chases her all around the room finally both are tried and collapse on bed both laugh heart fully after a long
“I missed all this so much”ragini says
“me too”swara says
“I am happy for u swara that finally u got some one who loves u so much know I am eager to meet him” she says
“yeah u know when I said laksh about u he’s too excited to meet u”swara says
“umm………. so his name is laksh nice name hena would be mrs.laksh” saying she winks at swara
“ragini plsz” swara says trying hard to control her blush
“ok what’s ur love stroy and how did u guess convince mom dad”ragini asks
“our love story all it started when uttra came to my fashion botiqoe laksh was also with her I felt something seeing him it was love at first sight for me I fell for him but I didn’t pay much heed towards my feeling we hardly had some proper conversation and after some days we met again at a cafe we talked with ecahother he was their to meet some clients it was like nature wanted us to be together and then I and uttra became good friends and again we meet we talked we became good friends we exchanged numbers we use to have late night conversations we hanged out with each other at weekends pari bhabi felt something fishy btw both of us she asked him and he denied after some days we came to know that maheswari’s and gadodia entered some contact we got many chances to meet we realised that their was more than friendship btw us, u know the day he proposed me same day papaji brought his alliance for me when I returned mom said about some alliance she didn’t mention that it was of laksh I was so frustrated I tried to call laksh but I failed
And when boys family came to see me without seeing who was the groom I rejected him” swara paused
“then what happened”ragini asked in excitement
“then fb shows
“swara”laksh calls her
Swara was completely shocked to see him their she was hell confused
“swara are u sure u don’t wanna marry laksh” pari bhabi asked
“i…. i……..”swara stammered
“I think laksh swara don’t wanna marry u” pari teased them
“yes I wanna marry him but u people I am not understanding anything”swara said in frustration
“oh my poor devarani ji devar ji will u tell her or shall I tell” pari bhabi asked
Al l laughed
Laksh kneeled in front of her and proposed her in front of all family for marriage and she agreed
Fb ends
Ragini laughs listening to her story
“oh god swara” ragini said
“is it so funny” swara asked
“no baby ur love story is really cute I am laughing thinking about ur tube light face”ragini said controlling her laugh
Swara hitted her with pillow
She too laughed with her
“u know for many days laksh teased me with that and pari bhabi and uttra still they ask me do I still wanna marry him”
“ok tell me how’s his family”ragini asks
“his family everyone are nice good and understanding papaji, ma, chachiji, chachaji, adarsh bhai , pari bhabi, uttra and most importantly sanskar” swara says
Listening to sanskar’s name ragini’s expression changes some what but she controls her emotions
Janki calls them for lunch ragini gets fresh and heads down
They have lunch and ragini helps them in decoration and other works

Sujitha is screaming on some workers about the gifts and sweets
Pari and uttra are giggling seeing her
Sujitha sees them
“what’s so funny in that” she asks both controls them selves
“areh sujitha relax na everything would be done”ap says
“areh jiji evening is engagement and these useless workers urgh………..” she says
“ma engagement is at GM ur screaming as it is here” uttra says
“tu chup kar chori”sujitha eyes her angrily laksh comes down from stairs speaking to sanskar on phone
“bhai this is not done u needed to be here I’ll not talk to u” he says listening to sanskar’s name sujitha runs to him and snatches phone from him
“sanskar u promised me that u’ll be here for engagement its ur brother’s engagement and u are not here”
Scenes shift to Sydney Australia
A man is shown sitting in office speaking to some one on phone
Yes he’s sanskar
“mom try to understand I have an urgent work here I can’t attend this function” he says
“I don’t wnna listen to anything u should be here” sujitha orders
“ma I promise I’ll be their for marriage” sanskar says
“no u have to be with me its important day of my life” laksh tells putting phone on loud speaker
“don’t act like uttra” sanskar says
“oh hello what do u mean by that”uttra screams from back
Sanskar bites his tongue
“I mean don’t act like small child” sanskar tries to cover up
“u mean I am a child” uttra asks in angry voice
“chipakali u shut up bhai is right horlicks baby” laksh makes irritated face to her
“bhai u come back I’ll see u then and laksh bhai I’ll not leave u”saying she chases him in whole house
Sanskar laughs hearing their screams
“sanskar this is not done”ap says
“I know ma I promise that as this work finishes I’ll be their I’ll try to come as soon as possible” he says
“ok take care beta” ap says
“I’ll not talk to u sanskar”sujitha complains and hangs up
She huffs and sanskar places his hand on his forehead
“suijtha”ap tries to talk
“na jiji I’ll not talk to him for him his work is more important than me and his family”she huffs
Ap signals pari
“yes chachi let him come no one of us we’ll talk to him and we’ll not let him go any where this time”pari says laksh and uttra comes to them
“ha ma we’ll get him also married then he can’t run from here” uttra says
“ha I also want him to get married but he’s not listening to me” sujitha huffs
“chachi u find a bride for him and as soon he comes backmail him and get him married” laksh gives her idea
“ ha if he don’t listen to me I’ll do this only” sujitha says cooling down
Laksh comes to her and side hugs her
“areh chachi this is my engagement today if u take this much big tension na then at evening u won’t look beautiful” he says
“ha I suggest go and get ready u need to look more beautiful than anyone here even more than swara” he says flirtingly
“tu chup kar I know all this tricks I am going to get ready leave my way” saying she heads towards her room leaving everyone laugh at her antics
“laksh bhai sanskar bhai won’t leave u if he comes to know what u did”uttra says
“agreed”ap supports her
“let see ma”laksh says and leaves for his room
(introduction of maheswari’s
Laksh maheswari:25 year old handsome dashing boy loving caring a good business men loves swara much son of ap and dp
Sanskar maheswari:26 year old handsome dashing boy he is in austrilla from past 3 years and he visted Chicago their some thing happened that changed many things
Son of sujtha and rp
All rest are same adarsh and pari have 5 year old son ansh
End of inro)
He enters in room and dials swara’s number

Swaragini are in their room ragini is relaxing on couch applying face pack to her face and irritating swara and swara is getting her makeup done
Swara’s phone beeps a smile curves on her lips seeing the caller name she’s about to pick ragini snatches the phone
“hello”she speaks
“who’s this”laksh asks listening to some unfamiliar voice
“same question who the hell are u” ragini says in anger making laksh a bit nervous and making swara chuckle as the phone was on speaker
“this is swara’s number who are u first tell me” he asks
“oye mr. It is not any swara’s number its mine u boys are too much call anyone and say wrong number I’ll complain to police about u then see what they do to u”ragini yells
Laksh checks the phone
“mam its my fiancé’s number then who are u”laksh aks
“what I am not ur finance duffer know I’ll definitely complain to police about u” swara tries to control her laugh listening to their conversation
“mam I didn’t mean that I mean this is my finance swara’s number”
“oye idiot monkey who the hell are u just come in front of me then I’ll see u”ragini says in angry tone
“mam plsz listen to me” laksh pleads imagining laksh situation swara brust into laughter ragini hits her forhead her plan is flopped
Laksh hearing her laugh
“swara u are they stop playing prank on me” he says
“sorry laksh its not me its ragini” swara says and laughs again
“oh shalisahibha u are same as I heard about u” laksh says
“I tried to trouble u more but this sister of mine spoiled my plan” ragini huffs at her
“u know what u scared me to hell” laksh says and ragini smiles
They talk normally for some time
“ok bye jiju meet u at engagement”
ragini says
“ragini wait”laksh screams
“what happened” she asks
“i……………i……….”laksh stammers
“will u speak I am cutting the call”ragini says
“wait” laksh screams
“umm can I speak to swara” he asks
“sorry u can’t”saying ragini hangs up swaragini laughs at his situation
At evening
Swara got ready in baby pink lengha she was looking dame beautiful laksh got ready in peach sherwani he was looking handsome and hot
Ragini got ready in green and red lengha saree she was looking beautiful soon all maheswari’s came swara was brought on stage and was standing near laksh she was waiting for ragini to come suddenly lights went off and ragini started dancing on song some XYZ song(u can imagine any song)
Sujitha liked her at fist sight she met whole maheswari family soon she mingles with all she was not leaving any stone to tease laksh and swara

Precap: ragsan meet…………………………..

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