swaragini: do ajnabee (ss) Part 17

It was night and sangeet time
The night was glooming it was the party night
Maheswari’s had reached the hall
Except swaragini everyone were present
“where is this swara” laksh was impatient so see his love
Sanskar chuckled seeing him
“what are u searching laksh” shail asked
“his maina” sanskar said and both laughed
“has lo mere bhi din ayage”

Just then swaragini entered stealing lame light everyone’ attention was on them
Laksh was looking at swara with mouth open sanskar smiled seeing her
Swara blushed finding laksh’s gaze
“close your mouth other wise files will enter” said shail closing his mouth
All laughed at him
Ragini made swara stand next laksh

Ragini was continuously pulling swara’s leg and teasing her
“good evening everyone thank u for gathering with us on this rockable sangeet night”shika was on stage doing anchoring
“so let the night begin”
“why not elder’s dhamal”
Ap dp shekar sumi and rp and suji came on stage
They performed on bole chuidya

Next it was youngeter’s turn everyone danced gracefully
“know its turn of dulhe ka bola bhai (groom’s innocent brother) and dulhan ki shaitan bhen(bride’s devil sister)” shika announced
“correction dulhe (groom) akadu bhai (bro)” ragini said taking the mike
Ragini and sanskar came on stage and gave a look to each other and started performing
Ho.. ho jattpure ki Jatti
Jo fashion ki hai patti
Hai aage peeche, aage peeche mere
(sanskar walked around ragini and danced)

O jaan-e-jaan tu dola
Mere dil mein chaahe cola
Hai aage peeche, aage peeche mere
(ragini pushed him he pointed his finger towards her she pulled holding it and danced around him)
Ha aa.. dil hi dil mein dekh raha hai

Jaane kiska sapna
Aish kare woh
Maine socha kya jaata hai apna
Aaho.. aaho..
Ho D se dance de de chance
Crazy hum bhi ho lenge (x3)
(they danced but it was looking dance less fight more they didn’t leave a chance to irritate each other)
Kyun dekhe hai sapna
O chhore tu kyun dekhe,

Hai jhootha sapna
Lo humko, lo humko
Banaane hai chali
Aayi hai mohalle mein koi machchli ha
Saji hai yeh dulhan se badh ke zara
Chai se hai zyada garam ketli
Uff dhuaan dhuaan hua yahaan pe
Kaun jalaa hai itna
Arey ye bhi kya kanoon banega
Kaun sajega kitna

Aaho.. aaho..
Ho D Se dance de de chance
Crazy hum bhi ho lenge (x3)
Kaleja tu le ja
Tu le ja gori le ja
Kaleja meri jaan
(ragini pulled sanskar by holding his shoulder and then pushed him)
Yeh ladka, yeh ladka jahaan se hai padha
Main bhi jaldi rakhti thi usko khada
Ye dekho, ye dekho shakal se lage

Jaise ki karela ho neem pe chadha
(perfect lines to describe sanskar in ragini’s words)
Aah! kadwa bhi hoon, meetha bhi hoon
Chakh le jo hai chakhna
Khuli chhoot hai maujein karle
Dil ki dil mein rakh naa
(all laughed seeing their antics and fight)
Aaho.. aaho..
Ho D se dance de de chance
Ho D se dance de de chance
Crazy hum bhi ho lenge
Aaho.. aaho.. (x3)

Ho D se dance de de chance
Crazy hum bhi ho lenge!
The dance ended but by mistake sanskar stepped on ragini’s duppatta as a result she was about to fall but our hero held her
“I know u did it intentionally to make me fall”
“yeah thought to make u fall but then my heart didn’t permit because what ever it is chudail will be chudail”

“u u u…”
“ha me me me”
“sanskar ragini stop it both” they glared each other and walked
(Author:Know think why are they fighting morning and night they were so okay and cool with each other know what happened ok let me take u to flash back)
Flash back
It was before sangeet started

“sanskar” ragini knocked at his door
He didn’t open but found door open
So she walked in
“sanskar” she called but no response
She heard door opening sound and turned towards washroom and found sanskar wet walking out in towel
She was so busy in checking him out that didn’t realise where she was
‘oh god he’s so hot’ she thought in mind
Sanskar was shocked when he saw her gaze he smirked at bit

“I know I am hot” he said getting her back to sense
“if u are finished checking me can u tell why are u here”
“me hey I was not checking you okay”
He smirked seeing her struggling for words
“really” he moved close to her
“yes” she walked back
Sanskar pulled her and in sudden swift she landed on his chest
Her hands were touching his bare chest

“sans… sanskar” she stammered when he held her waist tight
She was lost in his eyes
Having her so close to him developed a new emotion in his body her cold hands touching his chest their was adrenaline rush in his body a desire to capture her lips
His hand slowly cupped her face she closed her eyes in anticipation
He slowly moved close to her
Suddenly room door opened and they came to sense adjusting themselves
It was kavitha
“sanskar” both looked at her annoyed

“ragini u here” she cross checked everything the position sanskar was
“hmm u here some work”
“wo bade papa was calling u”
“fine u go I am coming” he said she stood their “go” he said again and she walked angrily because she was sure ragsan were doing something and ragini’s face was red she was angry on her like hell
Once kavitha left ragini quietly moved out
Her heart was beating so rapidly
Sanskar dressed up soon and walked towards ragini’s room

And found her with kunal he was angrily like hell from the time he came he’s clinging to ragini he thought
“ragini” he called but she just turned towards him and then back towards kunal
“any work” kunal asked
“ragini I need to speak something important” he said

“yeah tell me”
“alone” he stressed the words so much his eyes were red in anger and any time he would punch kunal
“ok rago I am waiting in hall” saying he left
Sanskar bechara his anger reached new heights rago how dare he how can he call her that
“what u wanna speak sanskar” she asked poiletly
“what was he doing here in your room” he asked ragini was puzzled
“just came to meet me”
“from the time he came why is he always next to you”
“sanskar I am not understanding you”

“ragini just stay away from him”
Know ragini’s femnist took her mind
“and why should I listen to you” she spoke angrily because something was wrong with sanskar he was angry ,their was no reason to get mad but he is and he is ordering her
“just do as its said” he warned and left
Flash back ends
Something wrong terribly

Sanskar wanted to talk to ragini but it was getting difficult he hated her being with kunal and he himself didn’t know why but know he realised that he love her and know he wanted to confess his love to her but what about her do she too love him what if she don’t have same feeling as him he couldn’t imagine and this worry had taken away his sleep
Ragini was confused sanskar’s possessiveness was troubling her yeah she liked him but as a friend or more she didn’t know she was finding it hard
She was a girl for whom love and all this had never existed and today she is thinking about it
Why and sanskar he was akadu kerela donkey monkey idiot stupid lame sanki maheswari for her but had she realised that she had got to close to him

She never finds reason to fight with some one but he she never leaves any reason to argue with him she likes to irritate him his cute angry face
She smiled at her thoughts
“know its time for bride and groom to dance”
Swalak came on stage lights off
Hmm tere badan pe likh doon chhupa ke
Apni koi nayi daastaan
Saaya bhi tera rakh loon chura ke
Dhoondhe humein phir ye jahaan
Haan chhoda sab maanga tujhe oo..

Haan chhoda sab maanga tujhe
Main ab raha na mera
Heeriye.. Heeriye..
Main Ranjhana tera (x2)
Heeriye.. Heeriye..
Main Ranjhana tera (x2)
(Adarsh forward his hand to parineetha and they joined swalak)
Khwaabon mein tere khud ko basaa loon
Itna karu main tujhko pyaar
Teri kahaani apni banaa loon
Keh de jo tu bass ek baar
Haan bhula sab paaya tujhe oo oo..

Haan bhula sab paaya tujhe
Tu hai junoon mera
Heeriye.. Heeriye..
Main Ranjhana tera (x2)
Heeriye.. Heeriye..
Main Ranjhana tera (x2)
Swalak danced romantically and so intensly
Know its time for couple to rock the stage
All couple came on dice

Oh, my love, my darling
I’ve hungered for your touch
A long, lonely time
Time goes by so slowly
And time can do so much
Are you still mine?
I need your love
I need your love
God speed your love to me
Lonely rivers flow
To the sea, to the sea

To the open arms of the sea
Lonely rivers sigh
“Wait for me, wait for me”
I’ll be coming home, wait for me
(ragini danced with sahil he left and she was in sanskar’s arms they danced gracefully moving in rythm of their hearts )
Oh, my love, my darlin
I’ve hungered, for your touch
A long, lonely time

Time goes by so slowly
And time can do so much
Are you still mine?
I need your love
I need your love
God speed your love to me

Lonely mountains gaze
At the stars, at the stars
Waiting for the dawn of the day
All alone I gaze
At the stars, at the stars
Dreaming of my love far away
Oh, my love, my darling
I’ve hungered, for your touch
A long, lonely time
Time goes by so slowly
And time can do so much
Are you still mine?
I need your love
I need your love

God speed your love to me
The dance ended and All clapped
know its time for a special gift for bride from her family”
Lights went dim
“hello everyone” ragini came on stage

“ I won’t give speech and all” all laughed “so coming straight to point swara we’ll miss you”
Then a video played it had all memories of swaragini’s childhood their first day at school to college their journey till know and a message attached to it by nani shika shail shekar sumi and ragini
All got emotional

Sumi hugged swara and all had group hug
“yaar her bidai is tomorrow not today why are u wasting ur tears know” ragini said trying to light every one’s mood
All had great family time
He wanted to talk to her

But didn’t find chance always kunal or some one or other came in between
Sanskar was frustrated and ragini was having mixed emotion
She was walking back to room when some one pulled her it was sanskar

He kissed her and she responded back

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