swaragini: do ajnabee (ss) Part 16

“wishing u all a very Happy diwali”
Thank u friends for ur support and love
He came out of washroom and was smiling like an idiot he placed his hand on his heart to control it
Whenever he closes his eyes her smiling face and she dashing to him comes to his mind
Her hands on his chest
He turned around and found her sitting on couch waving her hands towards him he rubbed his eyes and she was vanished
he slapped his head for this stupidity
“what’s wrong with you sanskar” he asked himself
He walked towards wardrobe
And was searching something
“where is my kurta”
“bhai what are u searching”
“my kurta”
“housekeeping must have taken it for washing”said laksh looking towards his phone
“what” sanskar almost screamed laksh didn’t notice this change of bheaviour
He ran from their and dashed with pari
“sanskar” she called him but he was on shatapdi express and ran from their
Pari was giving unbelievable look to him
He reached laundry and found all clothes placed their
The hotel staff was putting them to wash
He started searching and didn’t find his kurta
He was sad and tried to find it
“what are u sreaching” asked a voice
“my kurta” he said without looking up
“wo” he stopped and looked up and found her he thought her as dream and continued searching ragini was like so much attitude ha ignoring me
“sanskar” she called again
‘no sanskar she is just in dreams forget it and search’ he repeated in his mind
“akadu maheswari” she roared and he came out of his dream land
“what” he asked maintaining his stiff looks
“urghh I am standing here from that time asking you something but you are paying no heed to me”
“sorry” he muttered and was looking down
“by the way why were u searching this” she asked taking the his kurta from bag she was carrying he looked shocked and immdeately pulled it and checked it and to his bad luck her hand print mark was not their
“what did u do to this” he almost screamed in angry tone
She couldn’t understand anything
“wo some haldi got on it na because of me so I took it to get cleaned” she said thinking he’ll thank her as she heard from sujitha his liking for white
“who asked you do this”he questioned her angrily
“hello what do you mean by that”
“who asked you to touch my things without my permission”
“but I”
“you can never do any work correctly na always some trouble” sanskar was continuously yelling at her without realising about his words
“I am not understanding you should thank me but instead you are yelling on me”she shot at him and the left the place being hurt she never felt hurt but him she didn’t know why
Ok this was normal many times they fight but today he screamed at her without her fault
Sanskar pulled his hair in frustration realising the blunter he made of himself
‘what have you done you hurted her’
“hi” said a boy approaching ragini when she was sitting near pool alone it was night time and usually she finds sanskar and she was waiting for him to come but
“hello kunal” she greeted kunal was their family friends mr.amar singhania’s son
“today moon has shied away” he said
“because this moon is here to give a competition to it” he said moving a bit close to her
“so cheesy” she said and both busted in laugh
Sanskar observed all this he was about to approach her he found her with kunal his blood was boiling seeing them close And laughing
He was holding ice cream bowl that he had got for ragini as he knew how much she loves eating ice cream during chilly night the bowl fell from his hand and He silently left the place
After some time kunal left and ragini walked around the garden she found a ice cream on ground
“who would throw like this” she thought and looked towards gallery
It was like a small shed situated at a corner of garden near the pool away from hotel
It started drizzling a bit and she ran towards the shed
“what are u doing here” she asked sanskar who was sitting their he didn’t except her arrival
“you here” he stood up and the rain increased and thus he realised that it was raining and she was bit wet she sneezed
“are u ok” he asked walking near her she nodded
“ummm wo” he closed his eyes “I am sorry” he said
“its ok” she replied and he looked towards her straight in her eyes she was smiling
This was first ever time they were speaking with clam
She walked towards one end and he followed her she stretched her hand and was enjoying rain and he was lost in her
She looked towards him and asked through what and he replied nothing
“can I ask you something” she asked
“yep but if u let me ask to”
“ok done”
“why were u angry that I took you kurta for cleaning” she asked
“wo me wow o ha I had something important kept in that”
“but I found nothing”
“hmmm actually I didn’t realise that where I had kept it”
“so without realising you yelled at me”
“I am really sorry ragini I didn’t mean that” he said panicking
She laughed
“sorry I was just pulling your leg” she said guessing his nervousness

he smiled
“by the way what were you searching for”
“wo umm some secret” he said
“can I know that”
“nooo”he almost said too loud
“ok ok fine”
“ok my turn”
“ok fine ask”
“what were you doing in garden this early morning” he asked and thus she realised that it was him who got her in her room
“so it was you who got me back to room” he bite his cheek realising that he dug well for himself
“ummhmmm leave all this”he said trying to escape and she was loving his antics
“you look so cute” she said pulling his cheek and he blushed a bit her touch was giving gosebumps to him and even she felt a tingling sensation by being around him
They sat near the wall
Talking to each other like their is no tomorrow they didn’t realise that the rain had stopped and it was mid night they laughed irritated each other they were more like friends
Some times we don’t realise what importance a person holds in our life you don’t need ages to love a person a moment is enough and love doesn’t mean you know everything about each other its just that how much you know about each other’s emotions and what you share with each other
The sleep took over them without their conscious
She had placed her head on his shoulder and his head over hers she was almost leaning over him and he had his hands protectively around her
The morning sun rays disturbed their sleep
Ragini’s sleep broke she never liked early morning she nuggled more in him to avoid light her moments woke him and he realised their position and her hugging him and merging more of herself in him a smile crept over his lips
“ragini” he called her but she didn’t pay much heed she was kumbhkaran for whom sleep was everything
“ragini” he again called shaking her
“let me sleep” she said cutely and he just felt kissing her lips
“ok sleep but leave me” he said trying to push her away she opened her eyes in eww and looked up her eyes met his
She was lost in those dark hazel eyes of his
The emotion his eyes showed made her cheeks crimson without her knowledge
He gently moved his hand touching her face this feeling was new and they were loving it
He jerked and they both stood up from their place
“wo” she stammered “get fresh we need to prepare for other functions” saying he left
She entered her room
“where you all night” swara asked
“wo wo ha I was with my friends” said ragini
“you could have informed me I was worried”
“sorry” she said left for bath
Swara was looking confused at her sister was she the same ragini the jansi ki rani always ready fight was cool when its her fault also she never says sorry and today
‘Kuch toh gadnad hai’ thought swara in her acp paraduman mind
‘investigation start’ some plans were cooking in her mind
Ragini was standing under shower trying to cool her mind and thumping heart
They were about to kiss
‘oh god what is happening do I love him’ she questioned herself
It was mehendi today and at evening sangeet and tomorrow marriage
Janki and shekar were busy with guest the mehendi ceremony started swara was in green pink lengha and ragini was wearing yellow dress both were looking stunning
Swara was made to sit in beautifully decorated swing which was steady beautifully decorated with flowers
Janki asked ragini to get the pooja thal and shaugun’s mendhi she walked towards temple
Sanskar and laksh too had arrived their laksh was busy with swara and sanskar was speaking with shika
Ragini was coming back with pooja thaal
Sanskar was looking towards her
The floor was bit slippery she just missed her balance about to fall
“ragini” both shekar and sanskar called at a time she balanced herself everyone’s attention was towards her and swara was suspiciously looking towards sanskar he composed himself
And shekar went to her
“are u fine” he asked and she nodded
“just chill popsy”
“can’t u be careful”
“I am fine”
The ceremony started
“ragini”kunal approached her she smiled at him
But some one was burning may be u know
Shekar looked towards his daughters one was happy and some one was flirting with other
The possessive dad woke in him
He walked towards ragini
“ragu” he called gently placing his hands across his shoulders
Kunal was bit scared
Shekar never liked him much and he can’t tolerate him around ragini because he was well aware about the feelings that kunal had for ragini
Kunal’s parents had before asked ragini’s hand for their son and he had denied this
Kunal was invited by maheswari and he helpless
Janki looked towards them and could clearly see shekar’s anger
“he can never change” she gave unbelievable look
“what”swara asked through eyes and she pointed towards that father daughter duo and that innocent prey
“I am coming”
Swara laughed seeing the war that was going on
“ nanu” she called
“kisi ki nazar na lage” nani was taking her baliya
Ap and sujitha covered her head with a veil
“if laksh was getting married to Sharma ji’s daughter they would have done thousands time better arrangement” bua dadi taunted kavitha was standing next to her
“may be they would have but we won’t be getting a daughter like swara” ap said and sujitha smiled at her
The designer were applying mehendi on swara’s hand
Bua dadi had forced kavitha to apply mehendi and write sanskar’s name in it
Sujitha was sitting next to swara even she was getting mehendi on her hands
Laksh was at other side of swara
He was saying something but she was looking towards ragsan who were laughing
“kaya hua chori” (what happened) asked sujitha
“ha wo” sujitha looked towards her direction and found ragsan together
“its really difficult to understand them some times they act as friends and some times as enemies” laksh said when he found where both ladies were looking
“shut up” said both a time and looked towards each other and laughed
“what is going on here” asked pari
“nothing bhabi”
“laksh papa is calling you” pari said and he left
“chachi I feel we should get sanskar married soon” pari said looking at kavitha who was trying to cling on him
Ragini was laughing at his state offcourse because of her only he’s in trouble
“I’ll take my revenge” he said
“it’ll happen soon bhabi”swara said thinking about ragsan
“hope that say come soon” sujitha continued thinking about her son’s life which was complicated like hell and he never let anyone get close to him she wanted him to get married to ragini but she knew he had no trust on marriage and reason was much clear to her

To be continued……………

Sorry for this long wait
Hope u guy’s liked
Actually I am out of ideas I have forgotten about my stories and needed time to recall all
Thank u all for u support
Hope u guy’s enjoyed it
“ Wishing u all a very happy diwali may this festive of lights bring all happiness and joy in ur life
Again wishing u a very happy and safe diwali”
Love u all

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