swaragini: do ajnabee (ss) Part 13

Night passed but with all mess and disaster that ragini created all were so tried and sanskar he was confused what was she trying to say and what is wrong with him he shrugged all her thoughts but his heart
He lied down but when ever he tries to close his eyes her face flashes in front of him
“what’s wrong with u man” he mentally slaps himself
He lies back covers himself with blanket but as if sleep is far from him
Why her face her smile is coming in front of him why when ever he closed his eyes she y
He smiled remembering how she kissed his cheeks he blushed a bit thinking of her compliment

This girl is mad and for sure she’ll make him mad
My mad girl
Wait what he called her his y
He pulled his hair in frustration he decided to walk out
He was walking towards garden when he decided to check ragini once
He reached her room but hesitated to enter but finally decided to move in
He moved inside and found his girl sleeping like small kid she looked so cute
o re piya haye……
o re piya haye……
o re piya haye……

the moon light falling on her face increased its beauty
he shrugged all this thoughts and left from their
why was his heart beating so fast thinking of her what’s this feeling
he stood near a fountain
“what is all this what is happening to me” he asked himself
“this is called love” said a voice he looked up and found his look alike who was like angle
“what this can’t be” he said
“ha he is wrong this is not love” said other voice he turned and found his other look alike who looked bit like devil
“what do u now about love” asked angle
“this can’t be love” said devil
“then what is this feeling” sanskar looked at both he was confused
“it may be just friendship or attraction”
“this is love”
“how can he love her she hates him”
“she don’t hate him she too loves him”
“no she don’t”
“she does she herself confessed in her drunk state”
“she said nothing she was about to say but didn’t confess”
“she was about to say I love u”
“no sanskar don’t listen to him u know na how she cursed u she was ready to file molestation complain against u she wanted to get u arrested and remember how much she has troubled u all time”
“no sanskar he is wrong what ever she said was in drunk state she loves u”
“no she don’t”

“areh stop it u both” screamed sanskar closing his ears
He looked up and found both gone

“this girl will get me mad some day”
The next day
All woke up and all were ready for their travel
But two people were missing obivo our ragsan
Ragini was still sleeping because of her hang over
Kumbhkaran was still sleeping
And our hero bechare full night he was not able to sleep do she love her no what was he thinking
He was thinking of ways to avoid her she was head ache and he wanted some peace for now
Ragini woke up with heavy head she was unable to understand anything
“my head”
“have this u’ll feel better” said swara handing her lemon juice
“what happened”
“u got drunk last night” she spitted the juice
“ha but how did u get drunk”
“I don’t know I just drank juice that kavya was handling”
“leave all that get ready and come down all are waiting”
Ragini was unable to figure out anything
She was taking shower

A boy carrying a girl in his arms and girl kissing him
She was getting these flashes but was unable to figure anything
“what that who are they” she was trying to remember about last night but failed
“hey sanskar” she called him when she spotted him in lobby
“ha” sanskar didn’t know what to do she walking towards him smilingly his heart was beating fastly
His luck his phone rang and he ran from their
Though the call was not that important

Ragini was confused
All were having break fast but ragini’s eyes were searching for some one
It was third time that sanskar avoided her she felt bad but didn’t get why
“whom r u searching” asked shail he grabbed everyone’s attention towards ragini
“what happened jaan” asked abhi
“what bhai but why” asked laksh
“why is he avoiding me what happened last night”
“after what u did last night do u think he’ll talk to u”
All started laughing remembering ragini’s drunken drama
“now why r u people laughing what I did”
“u warned him saying u’ll file molestation complain against him”
“ohhhh nothing more na I thought I kissed him so only he is avoiding me”
All looked shocked at her

“Seriously kissed him”swara asked
Ragini bited her tongue relasing what she said
“I’ll catch u guy’s later first I’ll ask sorry from him” she ran from their like shattapati express
“now I am sure definitely something is going on btw these two” thought abhi
“sanskar”called ragini as she ran towards him he was about to move but ragini’s speed was more she dashed with him she was about to fall losing her balance sanskar held her on nick time
o re piya haye……
o re piya haye……
o re piya haye……
they were just lost in each other
“umm are u fine” asked sanskar making her stand
Ragini first time lacked words to speak she nodded
They were in awakard situation
“ok”he started moving
“sorry for what I did last night” she said
‘do she remember everything oh no wait but is she sorry oh no whatever she said was in drunk state’ sanskar thought in mind

“where r u lost” asked ragini snapping her finger across him
“no nothing y sorry”
“wo swara said how much I troubled u”
“ohh only for that”
“ha but did I do something more because I am not remembering anything”
“u don’t remember anything” he felt sad in heart
“ha did I do anything”
“no nothing”
They walked together till bus but in silence
When they were sitting in bus
Sanskar sat in corner he didn’t bother to know who was next to him
As usual laksh thought ragini will not let him sit next to swara but to his surprise she allowed he was shocked not only him all
Kavitha found opportunity to sit next to sanskar but ragini jumped in middle and sat next to him
He looked puzzled towards her
“wo laksh is sitting beside swara and no other place vacant” she said

He smiled and thanked his luck in heart
She was just looking towards him without his knowledge and that smile didn’t go unnoticed by her
The tour was pleasant but the new feeling that was arousing in them had got a name but they didn’t wanted to accept it
They reached the place where they met first sanskar’s old school
Sanskar was more than happy to be their and ragini was not less happy to see him so
They were walking in ground where she hitted him ragini laughed remembering that moment he looked towards questioningly
“this place” she said
He found a foot ball their
“wanna have a match” asked he tossing the ball and balancing it on his foot
“always ready” she said and he throwed the ball in air both started running chasing each other
Both started playing foot ball
“goal” screeched sanskar when he made first goal and showed tongue to her
“don’t be so happy match is still going on” she said being irritated seeing her so he started teasing her more
Ragini found an opportunity and started going towards goal post

Sanskar blocked her way he tried to snatch the ball he was not letting her goal
“nothing” saying he passed the ball between his legs and in nick time she did goal
“I am not its u”
“any doubt”
“I’ll not leave u” saying he started chasing her
She was running all around the ground he finally caught her but both fell down and started rolling ragini on top of him
They were lost in moment
“ragini can u get up”
“u r crushing me with ur weight”
“ha” she saw their position
“fatso move away”
“what u called me fatsoe I’ll not move”
“get up”

Ok he rolled and now she was beneath him he got up and cleaned himself she sat whole day went
Laughing teasing jumping they enjoyed a lot
“good morning mom” wished sanskar sujatha who was seeing arrangements
It was laksh’s tilak today
She was surprised her son looked so happy
From the time they returned there was a change in him
“areh ramu kaka what r u doing this flowers are to be put their not here” said ap who was holding basket of flowers and guiding workers
Sanskar moved towards her
He took the basket and kept aside
“relax badi ma all will be fine” he said
“how sanskar no one is working properly”
“u don’t worry I’ll personally see all that u just take rest” he said smiling
Sanskar had always been so but he hardly shows his care or love

According to family members he is exact replica of his bade papa junior durga Prasad maheswari he was caring daring fun loving boy but he doesn’t open up so easily with all
“jiji don’t u find something weird” asked sujatha
“something is fishy my son so caring and from time he came he is smiling kadoos maheswari smiling”
“u r over thinking”
“no I am sure something is wrong”
“laksh” called sujatha when she spot him coming down in hall
“ha chachi”
“did ur bhai met with any accident during this trip”
He looked towards her questioningly weird question she was asking
“did he hit any rock or something”
“then how come all his mind screws are loose”

Laksh started laughing
“what areh my son has gone mad”
“sujatha”ap tried to assure her but she cutted in middle
“jiji I am worrying I think some ghost has entered his body”
“sanskar come here” called she
“what mom”
She started checking him
“what r u doing”
“checking if u r my son only na”
“because the junior kadoos maheswari is smiling like an idiot”

Laksh started laughing even more
“I thought ragini is worst but u proved u r more”
“what ragini”
“chachi she calls him by all those weird names kadoos sanki daku monkey idiot mad”
“bas know don’t start counting those names” sanskar said being irritated
“coming bade papa”he left
“yepeee” screeched sujatha
“what happened”
“my bhau is just like me” she said happily
“who bhau”
“what u r over thinking” laksh said

“yeah u r they both hate each other they together not in this birth”
“what me I’ll get them married” she thought being adamant
“gorgeous” those words slipped from sanskar mouth when he saw ragini who came for laksh’s tilak with shagun
He couldn’t blink his eyes seeing her in that blue indo western lengha she was looking breath taking
He himself was In brown sherwani simple but yet elegant and those top three buttons open reliving bit of his muscular chest made him look even more hot and handsome
The ceremony went all good
The next day they all were travelling to Udaipur for swalak destination and lavish wedding
“I am asking u last time” said laksh standing next to swara
They were in Udaipur
“and my answer is same”
“yaar this marriage traditional rituals and all are going to be too boring and long best we’ll run away and get married”

They felt arms around their neck ragini peeped in between them
“and if u people wish I can help u” she said
“no thanks we don’t need and we’ll get married as it is planned” said swara taking her hand away
“u r so boring swara” said ragini
She was still having her one arm across laksh’s neck
“laksh a advice u still have time u can run away” she said swara looked towards her with unbelievable look
“umm not bad idea but I love her and I can’t live without her so running away plan cancelled”
“joru ka gulam” called him ragini

Precap: swalak marriage and something unexpected

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