swaragini: do ajnabee (ss) Part 10


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Coming to story
After all drama sanlak left for MM
“what happened sanskar” asked sujitha who was worried for ragini
Then sanskar narrated all incidents
She laughed
“she so cute she loves her sister a lot” sujitha complimented ragini sanskar didn’t understand why everyone was so found of her when he himself was attracted to her but he realised it was more than attraction but didn’t know what
On other side ragini was busy in her own world she was feeling different when ever sanskar was around her she loved to tease and irritate him he looked cute but she was unaware of this new found of feeling
Swara and laksh’s all friends decided to go for bachelor trip to manali sanlak were excited but sanskar was pissed ragini was less to irritate him that kavitha was also joining them along with her friend kavya but he decided that he would just enjoy forgetting all worries
Sanlak had some common friend so all was set they were leaving for manli in bus
The bus arrived at MM swalak and all their friends got in it
All were seated the bus had two rows one side their were two seats attached and other side three seats ragini waved to all and searched for vacant place she found place near sanskar empty but didn’t wanted to sit next to him swalak were sitting together
“laksh get up”
“but why”
“do as I say”
he got up she pushed him aside and sat next to swara
Swara shail and shika hitted their forhead while rest laughed
“what’s this”
“I wanna sit next to her”
“this is bachelor trip so keep ur romance after marriage”
He pouted and left with no other option he went and sat next to sanskar
They all started playing antakshari ragini was screaming and enjoying with all her friends she and laksh danced swara laughed seeing their these two’s nagin dance
Sanskar smiled seeing her antics he loved her smiling face she looked not less than a angle
They stopped at a dabha
All went down to have dinner
Swalak were sitting opposite ragini next to swara and sanskar next to laksh and shika next to him and shail with them
All ordered food
Ragini felt jealous seeing sanshik bonding they were really good friends
Ragini got some one’s call she smirked
“hello yaar kaise hai tu gadhe”she said it was audible to all sanskar was quite confused whom was she talking to
“tujhe kha toh tha we are going to manali”
“what are u serious u are also here I don’t trust u stop joking abhi” she said
Listening to abhi’s name shika coughed badly ragini was controlling her laugh seeing her but got angry when sanskar was giving her water and patting her back
“are u ok”ragini asked
She nodded
All were confused what was happening
“ha nothing ok meet u soon” saying she cutted the call
“who was it” asked laksh
“my BOYFRIEND” shika and sanskar both were burning in jealous
Swara and adarsh gave u are such a liar look they were about brust truth she signalled them to see shika who was bit sad
“stop joking”
“why I am telling truth abhi is handsome hot dashing a sweet boy a gentle men always speaks politely with me care for me respect his family my fmaily what else do a girl need if it was in my control na I would have married him” she said dramatically sanskar was jealous like hell how can she praise some one and that to in front of him he wanted to kill that person
And shika was angry that how can ragini speak about him
“ragu di he’s not at all like u said”
“why and how do u know I know him better”
“I know and stop praising him so much he’s not at all like that”saying she left from their
“what happened to her” laksh asked
“nothing u concentrate on eating she’ll come back soon” swara said
All enjoyed their lunch but shika was angry like hell hearing abhi’s name
Ragini came to shika who was sitting alone
“do u still love him” she asked
She nodded in no
“but he still does”
“but I don’t care”saying she left
All got into bus
Ragini felt sleep soon
Laksh asked sanskar to go and sit next to ragini so that he and swara can be together for some time
“bhai plsz”
“no ask some one else”
“bhai plsz show some mercy on ur chote bhai from morning that jallad didn’t let a single minute that me and swara can be together”
“see she has already slept u just need to sit next to her u are reacting as if I asked to be with her ur life long”
“shut up lucky”
“plllszzzz” he said making puppy face
“fine” saying he got up and swapped their places
Ragini was sitting near window seat he sat next to her
Swalak were busy in their world almost all fell asleep soon
Ragini in sleep held sanskar hand and kept her head on his shoulder sanskar was shocked he tried to take his hand back but she held more tightly emerging more of herself in him he adjusted her
She was having a cute smile on her face he smiled looking at her angle cute baby face some hair strands were disturbing his view he slowly tucked them back of her ear he leaned close to her near her lips he stopped thinking what was he about to do and closed his eyes
The next day early morning they reached manali ragini had a habit of waking up early she felt cold and held sanskar more tightly she felt a hot breath on her face she looked up and found sanskar and she hugging him she was shocked
“ahhh” she screamed waking everyone
“why are u screaming” sanskar asked in sleepy tone
“what the hell are u doing here and where’s swara”she asked
“ragu I am here”
“how did u reach their and this saduu how come he here”
Sanskar explained everything ragini scolded laksh badly bechara
Soon they reached their hotel
And got down from bus
Ragini was trying hard to pull her bag but couldn’t as their were stairs
Sanskar saw her
“any help”he asked she denied he moved a bit forward and saw her struggling he moved back to her and held her bag she left it and moved in front sanskar gave ur impossible look and carried her bag with his
“ok guess u all have some rest and soon will leave for tracking” their instructor said
All vanished to their rooms
After some time all were gathered but ragini was missing
“where’s this ragini” swara asked in frustration
“sorry sorry for being late” ragini said who came running all the way and was breathing heavily
“as always ms.late comer” sanskar taunted and all chuckled

“what to do I can’t be as punctual as u na” she said cutely
“ok ok guess enough is anyone left” the instructor asked
“no all are present here only”
“no one person is not yet here he’s gone join us” ragini said
“who’s she”sanskar asked
“why can’t it be he”
“rags” all heard a male voice seeing whom ragini was happy but shika’s face became dull
She ran to him and hugged him
“abhi abhi” she screamed making sanshik more angry
“finally u are here” “let me introduce u to all” she said pulling him and introducing to all they finally came to sanshik
“no need to introduce u to shika she knows u na” said ragini shika smiled faintly and held sanskar’s hand and moved from their sanskar was quite confused and know ragini was hell angry how she held his hand and moved and he to didn’t object abhi saw this
“rags” he called but she didn’t hear
“ rags” he shook her
“what the hell abhi I am here only”
“are u sure because from that time I am calling and u seem to be lost”
“nothing I was thinking something”
“that how can shika held sanskar’s hand”
“ ha no what rubbish r u speaking”
“I felt u were jealous”
“jealous and me and that too for that sadoo maheswari never ever”
“ohh are u sure”
She smiled
“mr.abhishek khurana if u wanna patch up with ur ex gf then u need my help u decide wheter u wanna patch up or not”
Abhi was shocked he joined his hands
“I am sorry ragu mata for what I did”
“u are blessed my child”
“what’s next ragu di” he said and she hitted him
“by mistake also don’t call me this in front of anyone I’ll kill u”
“why do u wanna make jealous some one” he winked
“stop using ur chota brain and do as I say”
“this is cheating u are threatening me”
“u know na I can do more than this and anything”
“sorry devi ji shall we proceed to our next plan”
They moved all got into bus
Ragbhi were sitting together and laughing and enjoying
Swalak were together and just adjacent to them were sanshik
“I thank god that he sent abhi for me” swara slightly hitted his shoulders
“seriously ragini is so happy with him what if they too get married on same day as us”laksh suggested
“u are crazy”
“no I am serious”
They laughed and talked a lot
Sanshik who listened to them were dame angry
Sanskar prov
Oh god why did u send this abhi here she is laughing so much with him I feel to beat him black and blue how dare he is being so close to my ragu wait wait wait my ragu sanskar u have gone crazy stop thinking about her why I am getting affected by this why no no just stop thinking
Shika’s prov
Why why god u send this monkey here I hate him and see how’s he enjoying with ragu di as if he’s leats bothered about me why should I angry let him do what ever he wants I won’t get disturbed by his presence but see how he’s acting instead of asking me sorry he’s enjoying here I hate him
She made angry face
Soon they reached the tracking point teams were made and pairs
Sanshik ragbhi were pairs and in same team
“rags know what” asked disappointed abhi because they bribed the instructor to put them in same team and pair but that metal made all in smae team wrong pair swalak were in opposite team
“let me think”
“ok u move on with shika”
“and what about sanskar”
“u don’t worry I’ll handle him”
“are u sure”
“just do what I say”
All were set to start tracking they started as pair sanshik and ragabhi were moving slowly
Abhi moved some distance ahead and was waiting for shika
Sanskar helped shika to climb a small mountain tip it was like a wall
When he was about to climb
Ragini acted as if she fell down she hissed in pain sanskar ran and came to her
“ragini are u fine”
“no u idiot can’t u see I am hurt ahhhh its so paining” she said holding her foot
“sanky what happened” asked shika
“wo ragini got hurt”
“what wait I’ll come down”
“no no its small hurt this saddo is showing over concern” ragini screamed
Sanskar gave her ur impossible look he stood up and was about to move ragini stood up and held his hand and pinned him to tree near by such that no one could see them and closed his mouth
He was shocked
“shika u move we’ll just join u”
“are u sure”
“just go we are coming”
Shika started moving
Ragini relaxed sanskar took her hand away
“what the hell” he was about to scream she placed her finger on his lips
“shh just listen to me what ever I did was intentionally so that abhishik can be together”
“I know u are quite confused but try to understand abhishik were in relation they loved eachother madly but do to some misunderstanding they broke and know abhi has realised his mistake he wanna patch up with her so I am helping them”
He removed her finger
“can’t u tell this camly”
“sorry” she muttered
“know what”
“we have to be pair so that abhishik can be together”
“why is it necessary to be in pairs”
“not but think kavitha”
Sanskar remembered how kavitha fought with instructor when she was not paired up with sanskar
“no” screamed sanskar remembering that “fine” he said and started moving ragini smiled at this move
“wait” she called him
“where are u going” she asked
“we are here for tracking”
“I too know but”
“but what”he asked folding his hands around his chest
“sorry but I don’t wanna look popat in front of all by being ur partner”
“excuse me”
“I know u too feel the same so” saying she keeps her bag down and takes her map
“I have map we can reach the point by other root” she said
“all prepared”
She smiled
They started moving in opposite direction
Abhi was irriating shika alot

Precap: Whole say is their ………………………..jungle me mangal

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