swaragini: do ajnabee (ss) Part 11


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So lets go
Ragsan started moving they were going deep in forest
Sanskar was walking ahead of ragini she was following him
“sanskar” she called
“I am getting bored” she said
“so what u want me to entertain u” he said cutting the braches that were coming in front of him

“yeah u can”
“are u crazy”
“wow u are so intelligent”
“don’t irritate me”
She pouted and smiled which she didn’t notice
“sadoo”she wishpered
“did u say something”
“as if u heard”
“can’t u be quite for some time”
“mom says I can stay without food and water but not without talking”
“ok u want me to speak with u” she nodded happily
“so”he asked

“so tell me something about urself”
“why about me tell something about urself”
“about me u’ll get to know anyhow I wanna know about u”
“why are u so interested”
“u see I love to do daring and adventurous works” she said waving her hands in air
He gave her u r impossible look
The were walking for long
“when will we reach” she asked
“how would I know”
“then how’ll we know”
“ms.gadodia it was u chose this route ”
“so”she said pouting and seeing here and their
“are u nerd”
“sanskar wait” she called him and showed him the mark which she made
“we again reached same point” she said sadly
“u understood soon”
“Know what”she asked him who busy in analysing the way
“what do u think”he turned to her
“no need to prove I know ur mad think something that how’ll we reach base point”
“u have extra brain na use it”
“u see from yesterday I am making so many plans na my brain has gone on leave”she said trying to annoy him
“do u have compass” he asked she searched in her bag and handed to him
“mr.maheswari will u explain me what are u trying to do”
“trying to use my brain which u have been eating from so long”
She pouted
“I think we are in middle of forest”

“know how’ll we get out” she said
A idea flashed in his mind but he tried to scare her
“we are struck here forever we can never get out of here”
“do u think me as a small child who’ll believe u”
“when u know we’ll find some way then why are u asking”
“u are impossible” she shot and made annoyed face sanskar smiled and she noticed it
He started moving
“mr.maheswari were are u going”
“trying to escape from u”
“how can u think , don’t u have any responsibility towards this abala nari who’s struck with u”
“what abala nari and who I can’t see anyone here”he said searching here and their
“every funny”
“follow me”
“I am not ur assistance to follow u” she said annoyed
“as u wish but abala nari then don’t blame me that why did I leave u here”
“go to hell I can manage myself” she said moving in opposite direction sanskar saw her going
“I heard that their are some wild animals in forest” he said bit louder
She got scared but continued to move
“even snake and some insects”he said and she stopped he knew if nothing worked this will definitely because he knew she had phobia of insects and was pretty scared of snakes when she turned back he turned and started moving as if he didn’t care ragini came back to him and started following him
He knew she was behind him
“are us sure we’ll reach base point from this way”
“yeah I am pretty much”

“ms.gadodia if u forget then let me remind I have spent many years in this place so I pretty well know about forest here as me and friends many times used to picnic here bunking classes”
“u and bunking classes I don’t believe”
“why aren’t we human”
“ok of ur friends but u”
“why can’t I bunk”he said a bit angry tone
“ok ok angry bird I believe u but u are so punctual and studious that its difficult to believe”
“I can understand”
“I think u have often bunked”
“yeah we used to but swara never allowed me I used to trick her to bunk classes” and she laughed remembering old days
“u were pretty much naughty in ur childhood”
“I was but mom says still I am”

“no doubt she says true”
“ochh” ragini cried in pain as she got hurt by stone sanskar turned and found her sitting on ground holding her foot
“ragini what happened” he asked bending
“oh god how did u get hurt and ur foot is also bleeding”
“no nothing I am fine”she said but he saw those tears
“just shut up see how much its bleeding” he said and trying to clean blood with his hanky she hissed in pain
“sorry do u have water”
“no” she said

He tied bandage and tried to made her stand
They started moving their fingers were intertwined
She was adoring him
O re piya haye..
O re piya haye..
O re piya haye..
They reached near lake
“wow this place is so beautiful” she said they were in middle of forest the river stream was flowing
It had a perfect scenario behind the trees white mountain filled with snow was visible
He gestured her to sit on rock near lake she did and he kneeled down and cleaned her wound
He finished cleaning they were about to leave ragini started taking moving towards the water she was taking photo’s of nature
Sanskar was adoring her he smiled seeing her childish behaviour then he searched here and their trying to figure the base point he knew that place a pretty much he moved towards forest and made some branches aside and searched here and their he found the way the flags at base point were visible to him
He moved back to call ragini
When sanskar left ragini saw a rabbit she followed it and moved inside forest
Sanskar returned back he didn’t find ragini he searched here and their and found her bad and shoes he was scared as hell that where this mad went
He moved inside forest and started calling her
Ragini caught hold of it and realised that she was in forest
“oh god where am I and sanskar he would be worried for me” she thought and started moving

Sanskar was getting more sacred as he was not finding her then he noticed some blood stain
Then it flashed that she got hurt
Ragini was sitting on stone and wiping as her foot was hurting a lot
Sanskar found her he saw her crying as he neared her ragini could feel his presence she immdeately hugged him tight he was shocked but hugged her back he held her tight as if he never wants to let her go she was safe
O re piyahaye..
O re piyahaye..
Udnelagakyon man baawla re
Aayakahan se yehhosla re
O re piyahaye..
O re piyahaye..
She felt protective around him she never felt so with anyone she wished to be in his embrace forever
They broke the hug and he wiped her tears
“where the hell u went u know how much I was sacred”
“ok enough crying lets go” he said forwarding his hand she was about to give she saw a sanke
“ahh snake” she screamed and climbed the tree near by
Sanskar was shocked
He saw back and found the snake going he laughed seeing her face
“u monkey stop laughing and send that snake away”
He laughed more
“u call me monkey but see know u are the one who’s hanging on tree like a monkey”
“mr.maheswari I’ll kill u”
“ok but for that u need to come down”
She tried to get down but failed as her foot was paining
“what happened”
“I can’t get down”
“ok then jump”
“do u want me to fracture my leg”
“trust me u jump I’ll catch u”

“don’t be afraid”
“be on my position and then tell the same words”
“u jumping or not”
“no”she screamed
“snake” sanskar said and ragini immediately jumped
He didn’t except so fast though he held her but due to force they fell both fell down and rolled on ground
Ragini was on top of sanskar she had closed her eyes in fear and hugged him tight buried her face in his chest and sanskar was admiring her face his one hand was around her waist holding her tight and other on her back
“ragini” he called
“haa” she said still hugging him
“get up fatose” he said
She came to reality
“what did u call”
“ms.elephant get up from me”
“what” then she realised that she was on top of him she immdetely got away and sat aside
Sanskar stood up and cleaned himself
“u look slim but ur so heavy”
“ I shouldn’t matter to u”
“It doesn’t but I feel pitty on ur would be husband how’ll he manage ur weight”
“shut up sadoo”
“why ahh baby ko bura laga” he said imitating her as how she teased laksh
She threw a twig on him
And he laughed
And forwarded his hand but she folded her arms around her chest
He carried her in bridal style she was shocked by his this move but felt happy from inside
She loved his this side his care was something that she wanted she felt angry when she saw him with some one she felt she had right on him
She was continuously staring him sanskar saw her graze
“stop staring me I know I am hot and handsome”
She removed her graze and felt embarrassed but wanted to cover it
“who said ur are hot and handsome”
“everyone says”
“I think those everyone don’t have eyes”
“ha how can u tolerate some one parsing me”
“oh hello what do u mean by that”
“simple that u are jealous”
“me and jealous and that to for u in ur dreams”
“I don’t get such wild dreams”

“u” before she could say something sanskar made her stand and she looked towards her surroundings they reached the base point
He got her treated soon all joined them swara shail laksh shika all were worried for her
Sanskar felt dame angry when abhi was caring for her and when she laughed at his silly joked
The doc advised her to rest but she’s ragini she wanted to complete tracking
And all had to bow on her zid but abhi was all time with her this irked sanskar more
He himself was confused why
Soon they reached the mountain top and they were first to reach their ragini was playing with snow soon all reached
She was behaving as a child they took many photos’ together in a photo ragini pulled sanskar thy together took many crazy photo’s
Shail pouting and swaragini kissing his both cheeks

Laksh was blushing when swara hugged him and said I love u which echoed ragini was trying to capture all moments s
Ragini swara laksh and shail were playing in snow
Ragini smirked looking at sanskar she made a snow ball and hitted his back he turned and was shocked because she threw another
He picked some snow and aimed at her but she bent and it hitted laksh soon all were busy in snow fight they laughed and enjoyed so much
At night

All sides tents were made
All had finished dinner and were seating around the boon fire ragsan were talking normally in front if all
“what happened to u two both are talking as age old friends”swara asked
“ha I too feel something fishy” laksh said
“why are we not humans can’t we talk normally”
“u see its not easy to digest that tom and jerry have become friends”laksh said ragsan gave death glare
“don’t see me like that I am nani si jaan”
Abhi came and pulled ragini sanskar didn’t like him in any sense
He was seeing in that direction when ragini hugged abhi he wanted to break all his bones
Abhi said ragini the good news of his and shika’s patch up so in excitement she hugged him
All were seating ragsan were seating opposite to each other

Precap: sanskar signing song
And around the city of manali

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