swaragini: do ajnabee (ss) Part 1

Hi guess its crystal with another ss I am writing one more ss hope u guess like it

At san Francisco, California, usa
It was 2:56am of morning a girl is shown sleeping peacefully she has covered herself with blanket her phone beeps she searches for her phone closing her eyes she finds her phone and without seeing the caller’s name she picks the call
In snoring tone “hello” she syas
The caller from the other side
“still sleeping………….. kumbkaran” a girl says
Scences shift to india a girl is sitting in her office its a fashion boutique she’s speaking on phone with other girl in usa
Scences shift back to san Francisco
The girl sits up gentely rubs her eyes and sees the time
“oye madam its night here” she snoors and falls back on bed “and in night people sleep and its bad habit to disturb their sleep good night” she was about to cut the call
“ragini wait its important” the another girl says
“why do u always disturb my sleep” ragini says in complaining tone “ok speak”
“I am getting married” the girl says ragini stands on bed
“what when why how I mean stop joking” ragini screams

The girl chuckles
“I am serious ragu” the girl says
“are u are sure ur not joking na swara I hate such jokes” ragini says in strict tone
“I know its something shocking to u because I didn’t inform u about my love”swara says assisting her assistant about some designs
“I hate u how can u hide such a big thing from me , from ur twin sister from u r best buddy and wait mom dad also didn’t say me anything what I am in san Francisco from a year u guess totally forgot me u didn’t even feel necessary to inform me” she yelled
“correction from past 5 years u are not here”swara said
“yeah a year in London 2years in brussel then Chicago and from past 1 year in san Francisco but that doesn’t mean u people forget me I’ll not talk to u guess” she complained
“ok don’t talk I’ll hang up I have other works” swara irritates her
“wait” she screams
“ok tell what”
“u guess are u too much I’ll not leave u all so easily”
“for that u need to be here” swara says and chuckles
“is it funny”she asks cutely
“no yes” and swara laughs

“ok stop it anyways who’s that unlucky and mental man who will be my would jiju who is ready to die by marrying u” ragini tries to irritate swara
“ah….. wait he’s lucky that I am marrying him and yeah if u want to know then come fast tomorrow is my engagement and I want u to be here” saying swara cuts the call
“swara……….” ragini yells but she has cutted the call
“oh god this girl is full mad ragini u need to go india ………… india I am coming ragini gadodia is coming back” saying she falls back on bed and fell back to sleep
INTRODUCTION about the gadodia’s
Ragini gadodia: 25 years old beautiful loving chirping girl loves sports and adventures a marketing advisor head of research department of USA based company loves her family a lot a well known business tycoon a famous personality loves her family and twin sister swara a lot daughter of shekar and janki
Shail desai is her best friend have many friends she along with her group that has jimmy ,Edward, shail, naira, john, Steven and many but they are her best buddies she loves to talk and make friends
Swara gadodia:25 year old beautiful smart chubby girl loves her family and sister a lot she a fashion desgnier has her own fashion house a very famous and popular designer has her own brand SR she had very well established herself in fashion world daughter of shekar and janki
Shekar gadodia: father of swaragini loves his daughter a lot has his own business wants ragini to take over it but she wants to prove herself that she herself alone can achieve her goals without familes name shekar has a huge business
Janki gadodia: mother of swaragini wife of shekar loves her childrens a lot especially swara she had a bit more love for her she feels that ragini can fight for her rights but swara always needs some one’s moral support by her side
End of intro

Secenes shift to san Francisco
Ragini is in her office eating sandwithch and doing her work she is sitting crossing her legs on chair and working on PC her friends are giving her unbelievable look
She sees edward glaring at her her mouth is full with sandwitch
“Edward if u want to eat go anf get from canteen and get for me too” she says
“ur are impossible ragini seeing urself once in mirror” Edward says
“what’s wrong with me” she asks cutely
“we are mad na so only we see u in night suit clumsy hair tied in a bun and sauces near ur mouth na”jimmy says
Edward and laughs steven comes in with some files
“I am not understanding why u want to finish this work so soon we have lot of time and this deal u are giving us head ache” she complains
“sorry for that dudes but swara is getting engaged tomorrow and I need to be their on time I can’t miss it” she says
“its ok may be we could also attend” jimmy says
“what do u mean by that we all are going it would be like holidays we’ll have lots of fun” ragini says
“its not possible dude we can’t come with u today”steven says
“ok but u guess can attend marriage na” ragini says
“yeah we’ll try” jimmy says
Shail enters in
“here are ur tickets” he says handing over a envelop to her
“thank u shail I love u yaar u are my best buddy” she says giving a flying kiss to him
“ahh stop buttering me u r going leaving me so bad of u”shail says cutely
“oye drama queen u guess are acting as if I’ll get married and not return” she says
“we all would be very happy if u get married we’ll get rid of u na but ur poor husband to save him we are ready to get tortured by y for some more years” steven says dramatically all laugh ragini playfully hits him
“said very true bro” shail hifi’s him
“ok guess I need to go miss u all love” ragini says
“ragini wait”shail calls
“ I knew shail u are best buddy u’ll stop me”ragini says cleaning her fake tears
“oye drama I have no interest to stop u” ragini huffs at him “will u go like this in night wears if u are going plsz don’t go then they’ll think as if a mad girl ran from mental asylum” he says and rest laugh
“ha if u come along with me It’ll look like beautiful mad with monkey” all laughs holding their stomach
“guess stop speaking true I’ll miss u da” all have a group hug and ragini leaves for india

At india
Swara is waiting for some one in restaraunt she huffs seeing time “oh god where is this man people says girls make boys wait for date but here this man is making me wait let him come I’ll not leave him” she says to herself some one comes and closed her eyes she touches those hands
“laksh where were u, u know from what long time I am waiting for u” she says pulling him front
“oh god swara its just 15mintues” laksh says sitting on chair
“just 15minutes u know how much its I don’t understand how u became such a big business men without valuing time” she says angrily and turns her face
Laksh pulls her cheeks
“oh my angry bird u look so cute in anger” he says swara gets more irritated
“ugh………. I don’t understand do u and ragini love to irritate me”she says
“may be I am very eager to meet my shalishahiba” he says in dreamy tone
“u were never so eager to meet me also” swara complains he pulls her in a side hug
“ahh u are my would be gharwali so I can meet and see u when ever I want but ur sister after hearing description from u about her I am eager to meet her” “after all she’s my addi gharwali” saying he winks at her swara playfully hits him from elbow he laughs seeing her expression
“oh god I am wondering what will happen of me already ma baba are in ur team and ragini she’s master of all no one is their in my team to support me why god” she says dramatically
“ahh bacha don’t worry soon a angle will come for ur rescue” laksh say acting like baba giving ahsirwad to her
Swara joins her hand
“who is that laksy baba ji” swara asks cutely
“offcourse ur would be brother in law and ur friend of good time and my bad luck of some times” swara laughs at his comment
Laksh too joins her both have some quality time tighter

Percap: maheswari’s……………………. intro

Guess plsz comment based on ur comments I’ll think to continue or not plsz give me ur opinion and pairs are swalak and ragsan plsz comment………………………..

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