Swaragini – Agar Tum Saath Ho [If You Are With Me] Epi-5

What’s up y’all? Fari here and I’ve decided the pairs of my FF. Partly decided on your votes and partly my own opinion, the pairs are RagLak and SwaSan. I’m really sorry to all the RagSan and SwaLak fans but I am writing another FF soon and I promise you that thar FF will have the pairs as RagSan and SwaLak. Thank you to everyone who commented and appreciated. I hope you will continue to enjoy my story and once again sorry to RagSan and SwaLak fans.
As Ragini stared at the stars as they shimmered in the night sky, she heard the sound of soft footsteps. Suprised, Ragini turned around to see the shadow of a well built person who seemed to be a boy. Ragini tensed up, afraid that the boy had come here to harass her.
“Who are you? ” she gulped. “And why have you come here?”
She recieved no reply, however, and the boy continued to walk towards her.
“Dekho jo bhi ho tum, hum tumhe keh rahe hain ruk jao. I know how to defend myself so don’t try anything”, she said to him, tensely.

As he walked closer and closer, Ragini felt her heartbeat increase. The windy night was causing her hair to come out of its messy bun and fly all over her face. And yet the guy kept coming closer and closer, his face covered in darkness due to the lack of light.

Closing her eyes tightly, Ragini felt his hand move her hair out of her eyes and she shivered at his touch. At that moment, the grey clouds parted letting the moon shine through. Ragini slowly opened her eyes and found a pair of chocolate brown eyes staring back at her. The intensity in his eyes was such that she felt her very core shiver.
As Laksh looked into her eyes, it was as if a whole new world had opened up to him. Never before had he felt such love and such adoration for someone he had just met. His heart leaped inside of his chest like a little kid. A soft smile spread across his lips as he stared at the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. And as they stood outside, the sky opened up pouring down buckets of rain. The soft hum of music coming from the dance hall led to Laksh’s hand resting on her hip whilst his other hand gently clasped hers. She timidly placed his hand on his shoulder and they began to sway to the music.

Song: Raabta [Agent Vinod]
Meharbaani jate jate mujh pe kar gaya

Guzarta sa lamha ek daman bhar gaya
Tera nazara mila roshan sitara mila
Taqdeer ki qashtiyon ko kinara mila

Laksh slowly twirled her around and brought her closer than before. The rain had caused her dress to cling to her body and she shivered in the his warmth. Then he dipped her down as if she had fallen and he had caught her. He gradually brought Ragini up again, his hand sliding agajnst her wet dress.

Sadiyon se tarse hai jaisi zindagi ke liye
Tero sauhbat meim duaayein hain ussi ke liye
Tera milna hai us rab ka ishara maanu
Mujhko banaya tere jaise hi kisi ke liye

Here Laksh outstretched his arm so Ragini and him were only connected by the tips of their hands.
Then he quickly brought her close again and she crashed into the safety of his arms. He turned her around sk her bacm was facing him and interwined their hands tightly together.

Kuch toh hai tujhse raabta
Kaise hum jaane hume kya pata

Kuch toh hai tujhse raabta…

Now Laksh lifted Ragini up and spun around as he brought her down once again. Their eyes locked and they stood there as bullets of rain ricocheted onto them.

The door to the hall opened and the sudden chatter brought both Ragini and Laksh back to their senses. They moved apart, quite awkwardly and Ragini tried to avoid his burning gaze.
“Oi Lucky, what are you doing here? Come inside na”, said a boy who had just come out.
“Oh, so he is Laksh Maheshwari. The one Aaliya was talking about earlier in the afternoon”, Ragini thought to herself. She quickly walked away from there only to have Laksh’s eyes follow her every movement.
“Arey yaar, iss duffer ne ladki ko bhaga diya. Mujhe toh uska naam bhi nahi pata. But why am I getting so restless for her? I have so many girls after me and I am only thinking about her. There must be something that is pulling me towards her”, Lucky thought to himself as he stepped inside the dance hall.

Meanwhile, Swara was trying to find the bathroom in the college but to no avail. Only being her first day at the college, it was already hard enough to find her way around and now when the lights were off she was having even more difficulties. As she trudged along she felt herself bump into something. Letting out a gasp, Swara quickly moved away suprised to find that the something was in fact a someone.
“Sorry, I didn’t mean to bump into you”, Swara said breathlessly.
“It’s okay”, said a rough and deep voice, obviously male. The boy was just about to leave when Swara called out to him.
“Do you know where the bathrooms are?” she asked.

He gestured to her to follow him and Swara complied, happy to have found some company in the dark and empty hallways. Not watching her step, Swara tripped and stumbled onto the boy. As she collided with him once again, Swara felt a strange sensation inside of her. Time seemed to slow down and butterflies erupted in her stomach. Looking at the guy in the dim light of the bathroom lights which he had just turned on, Swara let out a little sigh. His charcoal eyes bore into her own dark brown ones and she felt her whole body lighten at his touch. After a few seconds, they finally came to their senses and quickly moved away from each other. In doing so, Swara heard the clear sound of fabric ripping apart. Her eyes widened as she realised what this meant.

“Flip! Yaar did this have to happen now? Bhagwan ji aap hamesha mere saath hi aisa kyun karte ho? Oh god, how will I go back into the dance hall now? Nahi nahi Swara, tujhe kuch karna ho ga. Aise kaise tu apni bezti hone de sakti hai? Areh bhagwan ji aap bhi koi help ki jiye na. Oi tumhe hassi ayi hui hai?” she gushed as she saw Sanskaar smiling.
His smile, then, quickly faded away and Swara wished she hadn’t said anything for he had looked so beautiful before. He started to take off his jacket and Swara started to panic.

“Nahin yeh tum kya kar rahe ho? Ik abla nari ka faida otha ni ki koshish kar rahe ho? Dekho stay away from me Mister. Or I’ll surely beat you up”, said a tense Swara. As he got closer to her, Swara started to bring up her knee, ready to fight to protect herself. But when he reached around her and put his jacket around her shoulders to cover up the back of the dress which had been ripped, Swara’s heart melted. She smiled, looking at his sincerity and helpfulness. She muttered a meek and quiet thank you to him and hurriedly left, forgetting about the reason why she had come to the bathroom in the first place.

Unbeknownst to them, their stories had begun. Stories filled with rage, pain, betrayal, obsession and jealousy. And above all, stories of love.

Precap: no precap….sorry 😛

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