Swaragini – Agar Tum Saath Ho [If You Are With Me] Epi-4


Hey, Fari here 🙂 Thank you to everyone who commented and appreciated. Please continue to shower you love and kindness on my FF. Here’s epsiode 4. It’s extra long so hope you all enjoy ♡
The match finally came to an end and everyone around rejoiced. For the Mumbai College of Arts had won 3-0, impressive even for them. The match had started quite slowly but soon began to pick up pace when Zain Abdullah – another rich and good looking boy who played midfield – had smartly maneuvered the ball into the back of the goal. The goal had a knock on effect and soon enough Laksh had sprinted across the pitch and struck the ball into the top left corner of the net giving no time for the opposing team’s goalkeeper to save it. They did, however, make numerous attemps to score a goal but the ball would always land safely in the hands of Sanskaar. No matter how hard the team tried, he just would not let it past the goalpost. When the whistle blew at the end of the match, Laksh, with the help of Zain, had managed to score another goal which gave them a three goal lead.

The college was buzzing with the excitement of the win and Swara and Ragini seemed to be the only ones who didn’t care as much. Even Aaliya had been engrossed fully and was equally as excited as the students around her. In the midst of all this, the Principal – a great old man who looked as if he held all the secrets in the world- congratulated the team and announced the celebratory party taking place the very same night in the college.

After a short while, the crowd around Swaragini began to disperse as all were immersed in the thoughts of the party.
” I think ab humein chal na chahe Ragini. It’s getting late and Baba will be worried,” said Swara.
“Ok let’s leave”, responded Ragini. Turning to Aaliya she said, ” I guess we’ll see you later in the evening. Bye”. After hugging her, Swaragini left and made their way home.

In the school gym, hot sweaty bodies glistened and loud chants of victory could be heard.
“You were amazing out there, bro!” complimented Zain as he clapped Lucky’s back.
“Arey yaar, mujhe itna mat compliment diya kar. Mere nakhre aur bhi zyada barh jaaien gy. But in all seriousness, without you and Sanky we wouldn’t have won”, grinned Lucky.
“Guys thoda jaldi karo. We have to go home and get ready too you know,” shouted Sanky from the shower rooms.
“Oi Sanky cha uu ki matra…,” laughed Zain.
“Ta ee ki matra…,” continued Sanky as he laughed.
“Ya aa ki matra!!!” shouted Lucky.
[This dialogue is taken from SOTY no copyright infringement intended]

As they entered SR Mansion, Ragini and Swara headed towards the kitchen to their mother who was softly humming away as she cooked. “Maa, once again you’re cooking? What’s the need when we have so many servants and cooks?” complained Ragini.

“But Laado I wanted to give you two a treat as it was your first day at college. Look, I have made your favourite aloo samosa”, pointed Mishty.
“Aww Ma you are too cute”, said Swara as she naughtily pulled at her mother’s cheek.
“Oh haan Ma, aaj humare college mein party hai in celebration of the football team winning the first match of the year. We can go na?” asked Ragini.
“Of course beta. Just tell the driver and he will drop and pick you up”, smiled Mishty. “Your papa has gone to a business trip in Delhi but he will be back by tomorrow evening. Oh ho you should also start to get ready now”.
Both Ragini and Swara nodded and went to their room to change and get ready. (Guys even though there is a large number of rooms in their mansion, Swaragini chose to share a room as they love each other a lot)

After two hours and thirty minutes, Swara and Ragini were finally ready.

When Swara and Ragini got to the party, it was already in full swing. Everyone was enjoying themselves and the sisters had come fashionably late. But as soon as they entered the hall, all eyes were suddenly on them.

Ragini was wearing a long black chiffon dress which had gold work on the upper section.
Her hair was tied messily into a bun and she had chosen to keep her makeup fairly simple.
The only accessories she was wearing were big gold hoops and a black and gold wristwratch. She looked beautiful and commanded all attention on her. Everyone was mesmerised in her beauty and elegance for it was as if an angel, itself, had graced them with her presence.

Swara had opted to wear a short royal blue chiffon dress with stone work on the upper half.
She had left her hair out in loose waves and, lile her sister, decided to keep her makeup simple too. Swara, too, looked gorgeous and spellbounding. Warmth radiated from her and her childish smile. Everyone was awestruck at the two most beautiful girls in their college.

Sanskaar and Laksh Maheshwari looked on at the two girls who had just entered the hall. They were drawn towards them; like moths to a flame.
Both were captivated by the pure beauty that oozed out of them and as they walked closer their hearts skipped a beat. But before the boys could get any nearer, the girls were waltzed away from them by a pair of pale hands.
“Oh my god, you two look drop dead gorgeous. I swear if I had your face, Ragini, and Swara’s body, I would die a happy woman”, gushed an excited Aaliya.
“What nonsense are you speaking?! Have you seen yourself? So beautiful you are Aaliya”, responded Ragini.

An hour later, feeling tired from all the dancing she had done, Ragini left from the dance hall and went outside. She sat down on a bench and let out a sigh of relief. She had felt suffocated inside as boy after boy had come to ask her and Swara for a dance and too nice to say no, Ragini had said yes each time.

Swara also found herself leaving the dance hall and walked towards the bathroom. She needed a few moment of calm before she could go back in the chaotic and yet fun atmosphere.

Laksh saw her leave. He had been watching her and only her throughout the entire time. Oh, how he had wished it was him in her arms and not the 20 or so boys she had danced with. Excusing himself from the girl he was currently dancing with, he too left the dance hall in an attempt to find her.

Sanskaar was bored. He never really enjoyed these types of events and he didn’t like to dance much either. It wasn’t because he never had the opportunity to, for he had been prepositioned many a times in the past two hours. It was because it reminded him of his past that he was trying so desperately to forget. Feeling a little hot and wanting to calm himself down, Sanskaar left the dance hall.
Precap: Ragini is dancing with someone in the pouring rain. Meanwhile Swara’s dress rips and someone is trying to help her.
Who is Ragini dancing with? Is it Sanskaar or Laksh? And what about Swara? Who is helping her?

Credit to: Fari

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