Swaragini – Agar Tum Saath Ho [If You Are With Me] Epi-3


Hey guys, this is episode 3 of my Swaragini FF. Things have been a bit slow to start off but episodes will now be longer and I will try to move the story along a lot quicker. Thanks you to everyone who comments and also to the silent readers. I really need you guys to comment any feedback regarding pairs or the storyline or just appreciation as it takes a lot of time and effort to write these fanfictions in the midst of my exams. Again thank you and enjoy…

The bell rang and students rushed out of the classrooms, eager to get away from the boring lessons. Ragini carefully made her way out of the school building, following the flow of students onto the fields where she had promised to meet Shona. The fields were packed with girls and boys playing and teasing each other, making Ragini feel uncomfortable. She had a deep rooted fear of large crowds of people and soon she started to feel claustrophobic.
As she stood there, in the blistering heat, her head started to spin. Massaging her temples, Ragini shut her eyes and wished that her Shona came quickly. Suddenly she felt a heavy object hit her head and she immediately fell down to the ground. She lay there, unconscious and unmoving, with everyone crowded around her. Her long chesnut hair fell across her face, shielding it from the burning sun.

Ragini slowly opened her eyes to find a hand extended towards her. Still feeling slightly dizzy, she could only see a blurry face. She tried to get up but her body was too physically weak and so she placed her hand into the hands of the stranger, using him as support. As her hand touched his, she felt a jolt in her heart and an unfamiliar sensation awoke inside of her. Little did she know that the exact same feeling was being experienced by the one who was gently holding her up. It was as if the missing pieces of their hearts had finally collided. Wanting to see the face of the girl who caused his heart to beat fast, the boy reached towards her in an attempt to move her hair out of the way. But before he could do so he heard a loud voice shout “Laado!!”.

Turning around he saw a girl pushing past the crowd of people, worry and concern etched into her pretty face. She ran upto them and quickly grabbed Laado and rushed towards the nurse’s room. The boy stood there confused as to what had just occured. Looking down at his watch, he noticed the time. “Shoot, I’m late again. Bhaiyaa and coach are definitely going to kill me this time”. He ran towards the gym locker room and quickly changed into his sports clothes. He looked into the mirror and smirked. His light brown eyes always had a mischievous glint in them and his hair always managed to look effortlessly beautiful. He was the star of the football (soccer) team and the hearthrob of the school. Girls flocked to him and boys wanted to be him. He was a Maheshwari; the richest of the rich, the best of the best.

As Swara took Ragini from the nurse’s office, she asked her, “Kiya hua tumhe? Why did you fall down?”
Ragini replied, “Actually na, woh mujhe chakar aa rahe thy and I didn’t see the bally flying towards me. So it hit me and then I fell”.
“What?? Who did that? Kya woh ladka tha jo wahan pe kadha tha?”, Swara asked angrily.
Knowing full well how Swara would act, Ragini hastily said,” Nahi nahi woh toh meri help kar raha tha. Arey usse toh maine thanks bola hi nahi.”
“Aur zaroorat bhi nahi hai. It must have been him who hit you first. Anyways I already said thanks and I think ek baar hi kaafi hai”, asserted Swara stubbornly. “Acha come let’s go to the sports field. There’s a match going on and all students must go to watch as its the first match of this year.”

Trudging to tbe field, Swara suddenly remembered that she had forgotten her ID badge in the music room when she had been playing the guitar. She told Ragini, ” Laado you go along and I will quickly run to the room and get my badge”. Ragini nodded and told Shona to come quickly.

Ragini walked to the bleachers and found herself a place to sit on the top bench. Looking to her right, she found a girl with hazel eyes and caramel coloured hair staring at her.
“Hey, I’m Aaliya. Are you new to the college?” she asked. (Aaliya will be played by Preetika Rao)
“Yeah, my sister and I just admitted into the first year. What year are you in?” Ragini replied.
“Me too but I am familiar with a lot of people in this college because of my older brother and his friends”, Aaliya stated.
Just then they felt the students around them go wild. Everyone was shouting and screaming as a guy entered the pitch.

On the other side of the school, Swara rushed towards the music room but suddenly stopped when she heard the sound of music being played. She peeked into the classroom and saw a guy with his back towards her, standing at the mike and his hands strumming a bass guitar. He was quietly singing:
Paani da rang vekh ke
Paani da rang vekh ke
Ankhiyan cho hanju rul de…

A slight breeze wafted into the room through the open windows and the boy closed his eyes, letting out a sigh. Swara was mesmerised by the beautiful voice that carried such pain that she wanted to go and comfort him. She stepped inside the room and walked towards him, keen to say words of appreciation. But the guy was so lost in his thoughts and memories that she decided it was best to leave him be.

As she neared him, she felt her heartbeat begin to rise and butterflies in her stomach but she chose to blame it on her nerves. Swara quickly grabbed her ID badge and made a hasty exit from the room. Doing so, the door closed with a thud awakening the guy from his trance like state. He turned around and felt restless all of a sudden as if something of his own was being taken away. Putting the guitar away, he looked at himself in the mirror. His black hair fell messily onto his face and yet he still managed to look handsome. His dark brown eyes were tired and mysterious; filled with his deepes darkest secrets. He was wearing a football jersey and shorts and he suddenly remembered he was supposed to be at the game. He was also the star of the football team, adored and loved by each person in the school. He was quiet, shy almost, but that only added to the mystery around him. He was a Maheshwari; the richest of the rich, the best of the best. And sometimes the worst of the worst, he thought to himself.

“Who is that? Why is the crowd going so wild for him?, asked Ragini to Aaliya.
“Him? He’s a Maheshwari. His father is one of the richest businessmen in the country and frankly he’s quite a spoilt brat. He’s super popular in school with the students though because he’s so good looking and talented. He’s the star shooter. Last season only, he held the highest record of goals scored in the IFCL (Indian Football College League). His name? Laksh. Laksh Maheshwari for his parents and Lucky for his friends”.
As Ragini heard all this, Swara came and joined her. “What are you guys talking about?”
“Bas telling Ragini about the boy that just came. Lucky”, replied Aaliya.
“Oh acha, then who’s that?” she pointed to a boy emerging from behind Laksh. Now the crowd had become twice as much wild, if that was even possible. Everyone was shouting and cheering, students were jumping ontop of each other just to get a proper glimpse of the two boys.
“That must be Maheshwari part 2. His father is the brother of Laksh’s dad and is a respective business man of his own. He’s a lot quieter than his brother so everyone makes him out to be a super mysterious guy when in fact he’s just as naughty and spoilt as Laksh. He’s the goal keeper of the team. His record is so good that he always gets a clean sheet and has never ever gotten a red card in a match. His name? Sanskaar. Sanskaar Maheshwari for his parents and Sanky for his friends.”

Precap: Sorry…no precap
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