Swaragini-Ae dil hai Mushkil (RAGLAK TS) shot 3 -last part

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Shot 3-#last_part.
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She wanted to gain her laksh, but she forgot the way she took was wrong. And she did terrible sin letting her soul regret forever in her life…!!!that too for him..for her laksh!!

“Everything is fair in love and war “…and her love for her laksh was something she never wanted to loose..
The girl who never thought even in her dreams to hurt a person tried to kill her own sister whom she loved more than her life..
she regretted… She cried her heart out…but she wasn’t ready to loose her only life line..her LAKSH..
As everyone said” a relationship started with a lie will never last long… ”
Her laksh for whom she did so much disowned her the moment he got know the truth… She was ready to apologize but he just ignored!!!
Wow….everyone did mistake, she was compelled to forgive them easily… They were the reason for her heart break… But when it came to her time,it was unforgettable….

Of course she wasn’t supposed to do mistake, she wasn’t a human being for them…even she had feelings, a heart which got broken by every single member she loved to the core…

She was broken.. And broken pieces always make hurt others ..and even she did…still something never changed….her love for her laksh…

But Everything got changed when he started to reciprocate to her love…she felt like she got a new birth…she got forgiveness from everyone and wished to live a happy life with him ..she selflessly gave herself to him completely..only to get hurt again..he broke her heart once again putting sindhoor on kavaya’s head…in front of her…

She broke down on his feet weeping but he was unaffected. She saw her “hope to live a life ” getting shattered and she decided to end her life… But she was supposed to pay for her sins…she survived just to get hurt everyday seeing him with another woman once again….

But when kavaya’s true face got revealed, he regretted.. Kavya tried to kill both swara and laksh but saved by her,the girl who had nothing other than a bundle of tearful past…Ragini… She fought with death and she opened her eyes only for him…for her love…

Even she wanted to be a strong women like her sister swara who gave her first important to her self-respect… But her love for him was unconditional that she forgave him like whatever happened in their life was a bad dream…again only to get hurt…!!!

The meaning of every relationship was again her first priority… To save her unborn brother,she played with her own emotions..but wt she got was ,as usual tears,only she got blamed for everything when there were so many involved in that…but she stood strong bcz she had her laksh… She stood with him even in the toughest situations… But for her selfless love, everyone took her for granted… Someone, whom everyone can blame with her past…but she stood silent…

Even in her silence, she had a hope for her life bcz she had her laksh, for her nothing mattered other than him..and even in that sad phase she was the happiest person thinking he also loved her like she did…again…only to get hurt!!!!

Her laksh also left her hand when she wanted him the most…she prayed every second for him..but got shattered to know his death news…she was broken again but got glued it when she saw him alive…the moment got stopped for her..but he ignored her…she begged him cried on his feet to come back, but he wasn’t ready to acknowledge her.
” the true pain is when u look at someone you love and they look away…”

he introduced himself as abhimanyu who was a husband of a woman and father of a beautiful child..the only left option with her was threatening him..threatening him with her life..she believed with her every single breath that he will come back and will take her in a tight hug… Again to get hurt!!!!

It wasn’t 1st,2nd ,not even 3rd…he broke her heart a million times and now nothing existed there than a void where once her heart beats were heard..she cut her wrist to let him live his life with his loved once..she was tired fighting for her love,she wasn’t ready to hurt others once again for her one-sided love..she thought to take her life for “his better life “with his new family… But again got saved …she stood confused at the top of the hospital building…”why ???why she was still alive…and got answer with the help of him… Nikhil…!


She came out of the past and looked at her mother’s photo. She murmured to her..
“Maa,iss duniya main ajnabee rahna hi teek hai…log bahut takleef dete hai,aksar apna banakar…”

She wiped her eyes..the clock rang indicating the time 12:00.
She cried her heart out again looking out through the window… And slowly whispered..
“Happy birthday LAKSH… Happy birthday, may u and ur family stay blessed with whole happiness in the world…I will always care for u LAKSH… Even if we aren’t together and even if we are far far away from each other.

She closed her mouth to control her self..she ran to her bed and cried again… Till the sleep engulfed her with the help of the heavy dose of sleeping pills she had a while ago.
It was always her who got hurt every time,who payed back for her sins…and she kept quiet and faced it when others played with her emotions.. She thought the entire world hates her,even her God..but she was wrong.. She was God’s favourite, the one who devoted her self in prayers..she did a sin and he was angry with her,even punished her,bcz we know” we hurt the one most , whom u love the most..” Even he put her in such situations ,but her love won his heart again..but she blamed herself for every single problem, saying it was the result of her karma and only she was responsible to be blamed..but Little did she know it was her prayers that other’s sins punishment also was faced by her..but it was enough…

” sehney wala jab zulm seh kar bhi muskura de to USS insan ka badhla khudha le leta hai”..
and it was pay back time..!!!
The Maheshwari mansion which always stood with pride wasn’t less than a shattered home now.the home which was blessed with happiness of LAKSH’s naughty pranks dead with the alcoholic smell.uttara who was a lil prankster like her brother was, sat Alone her home at her marriageable age bcz of the so called reputation they had now in the society.. Swara was not less than a lifeless body seeing the family condition.. She couldn’t fight back, and felt helpless bcz she was all alone without her soul sister.. Ap, DP,Sujatha and RP died every day seeing their children conditions. Sanskar couldn’t live his life in peace bcz of the guilt that..it was always him who was the reason for RAGLAK separation even if it was indirect.

Everyone missed RAGINI.. The girl who wake up before sun only to pray for her family’s well being.. It was always she who stood there with everyone and let them blame her for every sin they initiated… Now when others pointed out their mistake, and the void that have created in their home bcz of RAGINI’s dispersal was now hunting everyone… It was the time they have to face the god ..to pay back for their sins..for hurting his favorite child… And they badly got hurt every single second bcz she wasn’t there as a protective covering like before to get blamed!!!

Dark room.
He stood there facing the clock striking 12:00clock..he gave a surcastic smile and took his alcoholic drinks.. He put a CD in his laptop while drinking it.

In the laptop screen,There stood she…the masked girl..only her angelic eyes were visible ,which glittered with tears…she was a riddle for the whole world… The girl who never revealed her name even after being so successful.. The sensational singer,who known as “mystery girl. “!!!

But it was enough for him to identify her..that beautiful big eyes which only searched for his presence… He can never forget it..even at his last breath..she loved him madly…infact more than his own mother did!!!

She stood at the stage with a guitar in a modern attire with an attitude.. Everyone cheered for her..and she sang…

❤❤❤Tu safar mera
Hai tu hi meri manzil
Tere bina guzara
Ae dil hai mushkil

Tu mera khuda
Tu hi duaa main shaamil
Tere bina guzara
Ae dil hai mushkil

Mujhe azmaati hai teri kami
Meri har kami ko hai tu laazmi

Junoon hai mera
Banu main tere kaabil
Tere bina guzaara
Ae dil hai mushkil

Yeh rooh bhi meri
Yeh jism bhi mera
Utna mera nahi
Jitna hua tera

Tune diya hai jo
Woh dard hi sahi
Tujhse mila hai toh
Inaam hai mera

Mera aasmaan dhoondhe teri zameen
Meri har kami ko hai tu laazmi

Zameen pe na sahi
Toh aasmaan mein aa mil
Tere bina guzaara
Ae dil hai mushkil❤❤❤

But only he sensed the pain in her voice..he understood her mystery behind her unrevealed face….
Only he understood!!!

Laksh murmured..

Ragini.. Plz come back.. Ur LAKSH can’t I’ve without u..I was always a dump… Took u as granted.. But I understood.. It is not u..it is me who need u the most…plz come back.. I am dying here without u…

He cried.. Cried with a bleeding heart..
But he was helpless… She was at a height were he can never imagine, he can never reach,or never think even in his dreams…
The girl who carved for only his love till yesterday was now loved by whole world.. The “crush” of youth…that sweet voice which took only his name with every breath,once unheard by him when she begged in his feet to acknowledge her,now soothed everyone’s emotions and hearts.. leaving him on pain…

Yes..it was his pay back time…
Unless she herself think to reach him,it was impossible to meet her..in fact Even his voice won’t reach her from the cheers of people.. He was the unluckiest person even after being lucky to be her love..yes he was…

He took the alcohol bottle and finished it in a go….punishing himself.. In the darkness..

But he was wrong once again…!!!
Even being miles apart, even in the high sounds of her Fan’s undying cheers and enthusiasm to see her face behind her gates, his unheard sobs made his ragini’s heart beat fast again ,wetting her corner of eyes even in # her sleep!!!

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I know it was emotional ts..and some of my friends wanted it to be a #happy_ending.. If u guys want it #plz_tell_me, I will write #one_more_shot_if_I_get_a_good_response_with_the_reviews…but plz note #I_can’t_update_soon as I am busy right now with some personal matters..hope u guys enjoyed my ts
Love u all…❤❤❤❤❤???
Urs #Joona.

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  1. Asw

    Amazing yaar but I want happy ending keep going

  2. Nice
    Want happy ending

  3. OMG its too emotional yaar , seriously iam not saying it casually really I mean it, you made me cry, iam a big fan teja her smile, cry ,laugh everything effects as ragini effects me so much, I always wished this kind story in swaragini serial but it never happened , iam not even finding words to praise you , fantabulous yaar , plz continue with such emotional scenes , I will wait for your next updation even it is late I don’t mind because it will worth of waiting thanks yaar for making me emotional.


  5. awesome pls give a happy ending

  6. Superb want happy ending ?

  7. Tigeress

    pleaseeee don’t do this, please write one more shot , really want happy ending and this shot was like out of the world , i mean so incredible presentation and upr se such amazing dailogue were like chaar chand , sachi today u have added one more fan in your fan list and that’s me, keep writng dear, post next shot as soon u get time, take care

    1. Tigeress

      pr this time laksh and whole family should apolodize , (every time ragini kyun bade dil waali bane) and don’t forgive them that easily,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but at last forgive them (can’t see ragu in such pain na toh )

  8. Nice

  9. Rasha

    I seriously had no words just am numb now.. my mind & heart is not working… I had no idea of commenting for u just a word for now so heart touching lovely works…

  10. Asra

    joona it’s really fabulous dear….out of the world…it’s tooooo emotional dear….u portrait ragini feeling sooooo well….but i want happy ending dear…
    i read thz in Facebook but commented in here..and sry for not commenting in fb…..eagerly waiting for you….takecare dear….

  11. It’s emotional ending dear and feeling bad for Raglak.I want happy ending with Raglak romantic scenes plzzzzzzzzz

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  14. Bela

    You know Joona, this is a beautiful series. Like, I always thought, what were the CVs trying to show Ragini as? Desperate? Dependant on Laksh? The typical woman who always forgives her husband and comes back to him?

    I am glad you wrote this series, I needed it. It was beautiful and I don’t really know if I want a happy ending or not. If you want to show one, please do show Ragini gaining back her confidence and understanding that she was meant to suffer pain for a reason. Thanks a lot and God bless you?

  15. Superb dear, loved this story dear, I also want a happy ending

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