Swaragini-Ae dil hai Mushkil (RAGLAK TS) season-2 episode-3

From the last one week, whole people in mm were in shock. Laksh hardly came out of office bcz of the program management. And most shocking point was he even didn’t touch a single drop of alcohol in these days,all were confused with his behavior but was happy.. Happy that everything was coming back to normal.

“No means no…u r cancelling the program that’s it.” -said Nikhil determined.

“Then wt abt the contract???…”- Asked ragini.

“We can pay the amount.. It isn’t a big deal”- said he.

“And celebrate my success with their tears right???” – asked she

“NIKKU..plz understand this isn’t any unimportant program for them,they r starting their new company, which is made by so many people’s effort and dreams.. I can’t be selfish that, I put them in a problem in this last moment, it can badly effect their reputation, and who else can understand the pain of seeing our dreams shattering in front of our eyes more than me???”- Said she teary eyed…

Ragu… Plz don’t cry…-said Nikhil cupping her face.

“Ragu..I can understand but this is ur dream award show,and you have full chance to win this award..how can u just leave such prestigious award for a small company launch???” -asked Nikhil..

“Who said I will leave it??? Of course I will attend it” -said ragini

“Wow..but u never said me u r a magician?? Wt ragu..it isn’t a joke.. HW will u attend the program in London in same day??” – Asked Nikhil rolling his eyes.

“I will attend it through u..”.-said ragini with a sweet smile..

“Wt?? R u out of mind???how can I??”- said a shocked Nikhil.

“Why can’t u??? for ur kind information this isn’t only hard work of mine. U equally deserve this fame.and btw it isn’t confirmed that, I am the winner and even if I win also, I would have dedicated it to u..so even if u have to receive the award, it is Same..so it is final,u will attend this award function.. Plz Na NIKKU.. Plzzz…” -said she with a puppy face Winning his heart..

“OK fine..”.-said Nikhil with a smile…

“Ragini u know wt, u r a owner of most beautiful heart” -said he looking at her eyes.

“No..I am not…but was once” – said she with a sad smile and moved from there…

Days passed.
7:30 PM

She reached the venue after dropping Nikhil airport safe.
Covering her face she came out of the car with the help of her bodyguards. She was looking stunning in her blue gorgeous gown.people were screaming her name, she smiled at her fans and waved her hand.. Police and bodyguards helped her to move forward. But her legs got freeze next moment.

“Welcome ma’am, we r glad to have u here,thank u so much for coming, I am a big fan of u ma’am ” – said Sanskar forwarding a bouquet with a bright smile..

She never in her wildest dreams thought abt this. Maheshwari and gadodiya families were present there to welcome her…she wanted to face them once ,but she never expected it to be this soon.

“Ma’am plz come” – said DP coming to her.

It was painful.. Too painful ..
he was her father…in fact he forgave and stood for her more than her biological father did.she wanted to hug him and take blessing from him..but she was helpless.

She closed her eyes.. She could hide her emotions from them with the help of mask..still her eyes glittered with tears.

“I have to face it.. This is the last chance to feel ur loved once again near u..live the moment ragu…cherish the beautiful bond but remember “being an outsider”…!”- Murmured her inner self. She was determined.. She moved further but blocked by a familiar face.

“God…I can’t believe.. U r here ma’am.. U r a inspiration to all people who loves music.. Can I have an autograph plz” -said swara with a wide smile.

Ragini looked at her half sister… Yes she was her half sister by blood… But she stood for her even in worst situation when she even didn’t deserve it. they had done mistakes in past…they had ups and downs.. But the bond they created was special.. Yes, they were swaragini.. Incomplete without each other… Even in her smile ragini could sense the pain…pain which can be only healed by her…but she was helpless… again….she again looked at her sister.

Jeevan Yeh Suroon Se Sajati
Rishtey Yeh Suroon Se Banati
Bajti Hai Toh Pyar Ki Dhun
Ek Dhup Chanchal Hai Ek Chandani
Phir Bhi Hai Ek Duje Ke Liye Bani
Dilon Mein Hai Pyar Bhara
Suroon Se Sajji Hai Swara
Ragoon Se Rachi Hai Ragini

Swaragini Swaragini..
Swaragini Swaragini..
Swaragini Swaragini

Wt abt a selfie???- said ragini to swara..she smiled more wide.they stood near.ragini slowly placed her hand on Swara’s shoulder and a tear skipped from Swara’s eyes..the touch was familiar.. Too familiar that,she could see ragini’s face even through her mask.
She came out of her world when camara flashed the light. She brushed her thoughts thinking it wasn’t possible.

Sanskar came to Ragini and lead her to her private room, but the real encounter was on the way.

“Ma’am, can I also have a selfie with u plz???”
– came a male voice and her heart skipped a beat.. Yes,it was happening..
– ———————————————————————-
Preview- the most awaited moment. The meeting of our magical couple. RAGLAK to recreate their magic of their tashen wala love❤

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