Swaragini-Ae dil hai Mushkil (RAGLAK TS) season-2 episode-2

# Ae dil hai mushkil? (season-2)
Here is the 2nd episode.. Let me know how was it..so plz #do_comment


“We are going to change the name of our company from MAHESHWARI to something else dad…and some contract and company details too for temporarily”
-said LAKSH thinking.

All looked at him confused.

“But why???it will provide us only less number of clients,and the reason for opening new branch will go completely waste.”
.-said DP opposing him.

“Believe me for one last time dad..u may be right, it won’t give us good number of clients as we expected but by this we will get The best gift we can ever ask for… Plz dad..this is the last hope of mine to lead a life, don’t snatch it from me.”- pleaded LAKSH.

Sanskar looked at his younger brother, indeed there was something new in his eyes, a new hope which he wanted to fulfill at any cost.

“Bade Papa… Plz give him a chance, if it can bring our old lucky back,this company isn’t a big deal. -said sanskar to DP.

Everyone thought for a second and agreed.

Laksh smiled with happy tears.. Everything was falling in right place..

Nikhil rushed to ragini’s room.

“Ragu ,my dear…”-said he side hugging her.

Ragini greeted him and asked him the reason for such sudden appearance.

“One more concert..in a week that too in Delhi for a new company launch named “new hope”.. It is a five days programme ,we have to perform on first and last day…they have arranged the stay at their farmhouse with them..” -said he in a breath

And she nodded in approval.

❤RAGLAK were meant to be together…and destiny played it’s game in favor of their love story…❤


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  2. Asra

    awesome dear…loved it alot…eagerly waiting for raglak meeting…tkcr dear..

  3. Bela

    Too short,but too good. Ab hoga Milan 😀

  4. Awesome

  5. Awesome

  6. Interesting

  7. Asw

    Amazing it’s to short & super edited for ur ppk edits ???? keep going

  8. Awesome

  9. Awesome

  10. Interesting episode and waiting for more Raglak scenes

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