Swaragini – Ae dil hai Mushkil (RAGLAK) season-2 (Promo)

Ae dil hai mushkil? (season-2)
Hi friends, Joona here…
As per my readers wish ,I am back with the continuation of my SS..here is the promo.. I will start uploading it from may 8th bcz of my exams…plz pray for me..and let me know how is the promo…
plz keep loving my work..
Thank u…

“Ragini plz..I can’t live without you… Plz stay with me my love…”

-Said LAKSH with tears ..taking her one hand in his…whole family looked at her with last hope to live a life with happiness.
Her heart winced in pain. She looked at Nikhil who stood there unaffected…

“Ragu…plz…” – said LAKSH cupping her face.she wiped her tears…and looked at Nikhil..
Laksh followed her gaze, he ran to Nikhil and pleaded in front of him folding his hands…

“Nikhil plz..I can’t live without her..I beg u…let her come with me.I know she loves me…but she will come to me only if u agree…plz..”.-said he kneeling down.

Ragini looked at Nikhil for an answer.. Nikhil looked at her teary eyes.. Indeed she loves him still… That too unconditionally.. He understood.. But…loosing her was something he can never afford..,

His jaw tightened .he turned to LAKSH,
“we are leaving,I am taking my ragu with me.” -said he leaving LAKSH there heart broken..

A tear dropped from ragini’s eyes.
Nikhil forwarded his hand to her,she gave her hand to him. Nikhil walked out with her murmuring “i have to be selfish..Neither I can live without her..I am sorry LAKSH.. I am sorry Ragini…
Thank u friend for reading my work..hope u guys liked it..
#Imp:- plz help me guys,how can I give the link of my previous post

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  1. A.xx

    amazing and can’t wait for this xx

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    Wow can’t wait to read this joona????ALL YHE BEST FOR YOUR EXAMS???????

  4. Fairy

    Awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome dr???waitng for nxt part eagerlyy!!!keep rockng n stay blessed sweety????


  6. Asw

    Amazing interesting of season 2 all the best for your exam keep going

  7. Awesome

  8. Interesting promo and plz continue

  9. Asra

    awesome artist…loved it…eagerly waiting for ur update….
    All the best for ur exam dear….tkcr dear…

  10. interesting all the best

  11. Bela


    Jaldi post karo iska first part! Ab Nikhil Banega Ragini?
    Awesome prologue ???

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