Swaragini aage ki kahani….

Hii guyzz the first some lines are the upcoming track and the remaining is a possibility maybe it will gonna happen

Here we go……..

The upcoming episode of Swaragini will show that Rajat takes Swara on a hill and Sanskaar follows them.

Rajat gets shot by someone and falls in valley along with Swara.

Sanskaar tries to holds Swara’s hands while Rajat holds Swara legs.

Swara’s hand gets slipped and she screamed I Love You Sanskaar before falling into river..

Sanskaar believes him responsible of Swara’s death

Sanskaar is completely in state of shock seeing he is failed to save his Swara.

Sanskaar accuses himself for Swara’s death and refuses to talk with anyone.

Swara will be saved by Anuj Sachdeva’s character.

The latest update that has come is that Anuj’s character ill be called Sahil Sen Gupta.

Anuj will belong to a musical background and will be a rockstar.

After saving Swara’s life, Sahil will take her to his place and also take care of Swara.

Swara will remember Sanskaar (Varun Kapoor) and unable to come close to Sahil

Swara will lose her memory and will start bonding well with Sahil especially over music.

However, Sahil start to fall in love with Swara and slowly his love will turn into obsession.

Although Swara will not recall her marriage with Sanskaar, she will be unable to come close to Sahil as she will have flashes of Sanskaar’s memory.

Do you really want to know the remaining story, I will tell you.

I think the upcoming episodes will give Swara a new name. Then Sanskar will accidentally meet Swara n will huggs her

With these dialogues

Swara mujhe pata tha pata tha tum aaungi
(Now he will touch on her cheeks)
I love you Swara
(An another hug)
Some memories will flash on Swara’s mind
But she will pull him back
And tell him that she is not his Swara

Sanskar will get more depressed. Maheshwari family will beg in front of her to act as Swara. She will do that,She will come with Sahil to MM n something will flash on her mind but she will ignore it(There is an another possibility of the entry of a new female lead for Sanskar)

Swara will regain her memory by an accident or God’s blessings. Then Swasan will be united. By knowing the love bond between Swasan Sahil will sacrifice his love for Swara exactly like Ragini and Kavita did. Before his sacrifice Sahil will express many mottos about love.

Pyar voh hai
Pyar yeh hai
Pyar pyar hota hai

And he will give them some examples of Radha Krishna, Ram n Sitha etc etc…….

I think these all will happen 2 months later coz they will fill May n June with close shots n hugs……..

Then it will reveal that Sahil want to separate Swasan n he will play some foul plays against Sanskar,it maybe more dangerous n knotted than Kavita n Ragini. Sanskar will accuse Sahil for all of these misdeeds but Swara will refuse to accept this. It will lead to a big fight midst of Swasan coz Swara thinks that Sahil is her best friend.The circumstances will flow from Swasan’s hand and Sanskar or Swara will get trapped. Then Swasan n Raglak will joints hands against Sahil n he got trapped in the half of October (I don’t know but it is a probability).

Close shots n hugs,knok jhoks of Swasan, they consummate their marriage again with romantic dates Raglak will remain like ordinary couples, Subhah aarti, kitchen hungama these all will fill the remaining 2 weeks episodes They are not giving any importance for Raglak.. Really Raglak deserves this memory loss track coz we know that Swasan loves each other and this is the golden chance for Laksh for proving his love over Ragini

The story is not over….as we all know that Sharmishta is expecting. She will deliver a child. Devil Dadi will discard the baby somewhere n tell everyone that it was a still birth. Parineeta n Adarsh r childless they will adopt this same baby and will take it to MM. Then Mahan Swara n her assistant Ragini will learns it n hides it from everyone……..At last the truth will be revealed.

Then a triangle love story season 6 will begin,Swasan or Raglak will be separate. I have a doubt guyz Our Ragu s equally attractive as Swara then y don’t a guy will fall for her. Everybody is falling for Swara

Seasons of triangle love stories

S1- Swara Laksh n Ragini
S2- Swara, Sanskar n Laksh
S3- Swara Sanskar n Kavita
S4- Ragini Laksh n Kavya
S5- Sanskar Swara n Sahil
S6- ?
Ohh my God y don’t you give me a memory loss for forgetting this serial. I m watching this soap only for Varun Kapoor n he is always suffering in this serial. I can’t see that……………..

I don’t know maybe the story will be different this is my imagination

A humble request to the writers – If u can then please unite Swasan in this month. I can’t watch my Sanskar’s sufferings

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  1. Aliya Zain Abdullah

    Hey u r totally wrong…..actually m frm production house of swaragini n the directors n creative producers hav still nt ritten after swara s memory loss….dey r still ryting….even anuj is nt done wid d further tracks….pls wait

    1. If u really frm production huse..plz ask t writers to make some more raglak scenes along wit swasan

    2. Dear it was only my assumptions ur product house only showing about the series of triangle love stories. The 3rd individual will turn negative and Swasan will defeat them…
      Please don’t separate Swasan this thought inspired me to write this analysis. I m sleepless by knowing that Swasan is gonna separate

  2. Totally agree ligit

  3. varun kapoor is not suffering from this show . this show made his career. infact among 4 lead his character is most well written . most ML die for a role like sankaar becoz unlike sanskaar character who has active role in swaragini , most are used as mere prop for FL .

    i am also a sanskar and swasan fan and happy for this track becoz this track give sanskaar most ss unlike family drama.

    despite being swasan fan , i am will say if anyone among 4 lead is ignored that is lakshya

    1. Sia please try to understand I solely tried to convey that Varun Kapoor’s character Sanskar is suffering. I know Sanskar is a unique character. First of all Sanskar was shattered by Kavita’s death. Then Swasan love story started. Circumstances didn’t allowed them to unite for a while n now new separation. I don’t like Swasan separation.So I wrote this. y they are giving so much pain for Sanskar,1st Kavita n now Swara they are married now n Swasan n Raglak deserves some more happy time together

  4. don’t worry abt sanskaar suffering in the show . sanskar is not a character who will let swara go so easily from him . he will fight for his love . for him only swara matters nothing else. yes their will be many crying and painful scenes of sanskaar mainly at first where i will also cry with him but there will be also sanskaar planning of how to get swara memory back and some intense romantic scenes which we crave for .
    and more sanskaar suffer and overcome it more he will loved for it by audiences

    don’t we want that as VK fan

    1. I agree with u sia..There’ll be intense track..many crying scenes..I agree with u..??

    2. Yeah Sia that is right we can see many romantic scenes. But I will hate Swara if she will dare to give more pain to Sanskar.

  5. Will love it anyhow. Cause I’m a crazy Sanskarholic and love Varun a lot.

    Moreover, if Varun does some intense scenes I guess he’ll be loved more and more by the audience

    Although all u said about Raglak was true. Lol px.

    1. Hey there r many sanskarholics like me?.
      Whatever happens i wish at last swasan will be united

      1. If u wish or not Varsha dear they will be unite but I just hope that the CVS will not dare think about an another separation after this

      2. If u wish or not Varsha dear they will be unite but I just hope that the CVS will not dare think about an another separation after this
        Hifi I am also a Sanskar holic

    2. Yeah Anu we can see many romantic scenes. I am just wishing that Swasan will unite soon coz my xms will start nxt mnth onwards n I can’t concentrate in it if Swasan will be separate for so long

  6. Sanskar’s character is the most wanted character for every main lead ..He is such a strong character..so he is not suffering..

    Sanskar will bang on this role..There will be many more crying scenes of sanskar..and we all will cry with Sanskar…so Maine 2-3 role tissue paper kharid liya hai..agar koi mujhe aur 2-3 role tissue paper bhej na chaho toh u r always welcome..kyunki mujhe jarurat padegi…

    After this Sanskar’s character will be more loved by audience..And VK is very much expert in doing such scenes…

    But he’ll go to trauma..Mera Sanku..BT am excited to watch this track..cz AM A VARUNHOLIC OR SANSKARHOLIC..????bt my baby Sanku..??????

    1. Oohhh no Natasha I am not saying that Varun Kapoor is suffering I am telling that his character Sanskar is suffering, I know Sanskar is a unique character.Yeah he is a strong character but y the CVS giving him separation with Swara
      Yeah he will rockz in this track n I don’t want to be sad. Agar Swara ne usse kuch ulta seetha kahungi na I will hate her. Yeah she will suffer from memory loss but I am a Sanskar holic n I can’t tolerate Sanskar’s pain

      Main bhi tissue paper ki talash main hai na na main nahin de sakti???

    2. Natasha u r right Sanskar will rockzz in this track

  7. I hv no problem with this track as it will focus mainly on sanskar ??

    And it is important for the story… I would luv to see his pain… This will be an opportunity for him… To showcase his talent…

    I just don’t want sahil to turn obsessive… I mean kuch naya kro.. Swara n sanskar k alawa har koi kabhi na kabhi obsessive typ ka play kr chuke h…

    1. Ohhh no Meher I can’t to see Sanskar’s sorrows. Agar iss plot ke bagair tumhari kuch iss tarah hota toh kitna acha hota. Dear I was a silent reader of ur ff……..nothing to say u r amazing really rocked. Swasan showed a great bond together in ur ff n I love such stories
      This is a great opportunity for him n I am sure that he always rockz

      1. Thanku dear for reading that ????

        N u kno I luv to see a man crying… N in pain… Cz I luv to see the emotional part in them… Cz ppl belive man doesn’t cry… Bt in my view only true man can cry…

        Lol I must be sound lyk a crazy 10yr kid ????

  8. main srif swasan ka fan ho.or koi pair matter nahe karta….

  9. it’s not that ki raglak ka much kaam nahi hoga mene suna h ki sumi k baby ko bachane k liye vo fake pregnancy drama krenge …n swasan ki baat to I m so excited for this track

  10. soory but some of your assumptions are wrong.. and sanskar holds he is responsible for his swara death he is in guilt its correct and if he come to know his swara alive he will not let her go away from him this time at any cost… and abut anuj he will fall for her obessive over her but she will try to go close may be but she cant as her heart is filled with sanskar she gets flashes.. and reunite with her.. about raglak may be something store with them.. swasan are there trp boosters i am nt teling raglak are not they also but swasan loe story and they stand for each other and the love between them they understanding and prefers there proirity to family fiirst and want to unite all these swasan bonding loved by all and its different love story they showed very well thats it… i dont think raglak neglected because may be after this swasan track it may be it raglak track…

  11. Swaragini fan

    yar tell me san ko swara k alive hone ka such pata chalega k nah

  12. We I don’t know about other things but agree they there should give more scenes to raglak or at least ragini coz the show’s name is swaRAGINI not swasan ki zindagi and even ragini scenes should increase when she realises what happened to her mahaan sister. But I have a doubt that the writers will do this. Well if they just show swasan I think I might stop watching the show. Fed up with them now. Just my point of view

  13. Same as u aaliya..I m also watching swaragini only for varun…I cnt c him suffering like this…hope they wll unite swasan soon…
    Nd I m Disha…

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