Swaragini (A starting point of love) Episode 5


Hey guys thank you so much. I’m really glad that many of you like my FF. Thank you for the silent readers.

I thought to give a definition about Ragini’s character in my FF. In my FF Ragini is no more negative. She don’t want to show everyone that she is changed because she knows that it’s not gonna be easy for everyone to trust. She don’t want to embrace everyone by forcing them to trust her. She just wants to be with her family for rest of her life without hurting anyone.

Swasan room…
After Ragini left the room swara thinks about her words ” u can’t live without sanskar ”
Just then sanskar enters the room.
Thinking about last night he can’t face swara directly. Because he knew if he looks her face he will broken.
So he avoided seeing her and went to cupboard and started searching something.
Swara looks him and Ragini’s words continously disturbs her.
Swara suddenly decided something and walks towards sanskar.
Swara:what r u searching sanskar? May I help you?
Sanskar (without looking her) : u cannot help me to get what I’m searching for swara..
Saying this he took a file and leaves.
Raglak room..
Ragini setting the pillows in the bed while swara enters..
Ragini understand what swara going to ask.
Without looking at swara with continously cleaning the bed she said ‘swara, I know what u r going to ask, y I’m doing all this, right?!

Swara:yes Ragini. Y r u doing this? Still do u think I want Laksh? Still do u think I’m going to snatch him from u? That is y u r trying to.. Swara stops.
Ragini completes the sentence’ make u and sanskar one’. Ragini turns and looks swara.
Laksh just then comes and hears their conversation hiding outside the room.
Ragini : This is not ur mistake swara. This is what I deserve. I’m not worth of trusting. So that u can’t trust me. I can’t ask for forgiveness to anyone. U know y swara? Because I know whatever I did is not easily forgivable. I don’t want to force anyone to trust me.
Swara looks Ragini Ina doubting manner..
Ragini : Even now u may think I pretend to be good. I don’t want to show everyone that I have changed swara. Because I know it won’t make any difference.
Swara :so this is y u don’t want to take divorce?
Ragini : swara! U can’t imagine how I felt when I came to know that Laksh is the one who kidnapped me. The one who I loved the most did this to me it means how bad I was. I’m the one who is responsible for all doings of Laksh.
Laksh on hearing this got a jerk once and felt some guilt.
Ragini : Now there is nothing for me in this world. No love! No trust! I don’t know that either I can make things normal but I just want to stay with my family and make them happy as much as I can. Last night when I heard u talking to sanskar I thought u started loving him. That’s y I told u that. This is ur life swara so the decision will also be urs. I already snatched ur love once. So I thought if I could help u it may give me at least a small relief.
Swara looks her for a while and leaves.

Laksh who heard all this felt that he might not done that( Ragini’s kidnapping).
Laksh enters the room and looks Ragini angrily as she is about to make swasan one.
Laksh : Ragini! Y can’t u stay in ur limit? Y r u interfering in other’s life?
Ragini :what are you talking about Laksh?
Laksh :what is the need to tell those things to swara?
Ragini looks him in a firm look
Ragini :Laksh do u still think that swara loves u?
Laksh doesn’t reply
Ragini : if it is take off those thoughts from ur mind Laksh. Because swara loves sanskar.
Laksh (extremely angry tone): who told u that swara loves sanskar?
Ragini : no one needs to say Laksh. I can see it in her eyes. But I found that she can’t realize that. That’s why I helped her.
Laksh throws a angry look and leaves.
Ragini looks on and thinks ” if swara decide to be with sanskar then I won’t allow u to create problem between them Laksh ”
Just then Ragini’s phone rings. It is dadi.
Dadi:ladoo… How r u? Is everything fine?

Ragini :hun dadima. Everything is fine.
Dadi:we r really happy that u and swara don’t want divorce. But we r confused that earlier she said she don’t want to keep this relation. But now..
Ragini :dadima swara wants to continue this relation. Yes dadima swara loves sanskar.
Dadi: oh really? I’m very happy about this.
Ragini : yes dadima this is true. But swara not yet confessed this to sanskar. So please till then you don’t ask about this to her.
Dadi: OK beta. Take care..
They ends the call..
Ragini wishes everything should happen good in swara’s life this time..

Precap : swara’s love confession.
Hey I know this episode is full of Ragini. This is because as she turned positive I thought she should define her character. But hold on its gonna be swasan in next episode.

Thanks for reading. Please do comments.

Credit to: Adithi

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    1. Oh sorry yaar for the short episode. But I guarantee you that it’s long with full of swasan in my next episode.

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