Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Maha Episode


Dear fans,I have chosen chiraag in Meri Ashiqui Tumse hi to be Sameer.Sorry if i have hurt any of u.If u object then u can imagine ur fav villain as Sameer.

Recap:Sameer kidnaps Swara and Sanskaar rescuing her.

Maha episode of Swaragini(A passionate love story)

All smile seeing Swaragini’s love.Dida and Dadi bless them.They smile.Sumi then asks Sanskaar to go and Prepare for Wedding.Sanskaar says that he want to talks to Swara.He takes her inside and after 5 mins,They come out.Swara looks at Sanksaar and nods.
Sanskaar:Maa,baba,maine yeh faisla liya hain ke aaj yeh shaadi nahi hogi!(Maa,papa,i have decided that i will not do this wedding today.!)(OMG!!!??)
Everyone is shocked and look at Sanskaar.
Sumi asks why dear? Is there anything.
Sanskaar says that today Swara is a little stressed out.Thats why i want to give her some time.
Sumi:Par beta,Shubh Mahurat tho aaj ka hain.(But son,Today is an auspicious day)
Sanskaar smiles:Maa,Jabse main Swara se mili houn,tabse mere liye har din shubh hain(Maa,since i met Swara,My every day is auspicious)
Swara looks at him surprised and lovingly.Everyone smile except Ragini who is a littlw upset but pretend to smile just for Swara.Shekhar hugs sanskaar and says Swara is so lucky to have u.Sanskaar smiles and winks at Swara.She gets shy.He assures them that he will convince his parents.Maheshwari family come and say,No need to convince us, we are already convince.Sanksaar turn and ask convince?For what?
Annapurna smiles and says:Yehi ke tum Swara ko hamesha khush rakhoge aur har taklif se bachaao ge(That u will always keep Swara happy and will protect her from all troubles.)
Swara smiles.Sumi asks them to do lunch with them as they have already come.They comply.They all do lunch together and Swaragini serve them.Ragini’s phone ring in her room and she goes to pick it.Laksh also excuses himself and goes.Swara and Sanskaar understand and smile.

Ragini sees that its Sameer calling and gets scared.She picks the call
Ragini:Main tumse kaha na,Humaarr life se door raho(I told u,Stay away from our lives)
Sameer:Arey!Par main tho tum dono ki zindagi barbaad karne hi tho aayi houn(ohh!But i have come to ruin ur lives)
Ragini cries and requests him to leave them alone.Please.He laughs and asks her to be careful.He may be somewhere near her.Laksh snatches the phone and scolds Sameer.He threatens her.He end the call and turns to find Ragini crying.She cries collapsing on the floor.He consoles her and she hugs him.
Ragini:Wo humaare zindagi mein phir se kyun aaya hain.?Akhir chahta kya hain wo..Kya bigaara humne uska?(Why he returned in our lives?In fact wat does he want?Wat have we done to him?)
Laksh assures her that he will protect her from all trouble and asks her to call him if needed.She nods.They have an eyelock…Yeh moh moh ke daage…plays…..He hugs her and she shyingly complies.

Swara is sitting with the two families.She goes to check the Servants.She notices one unusual servant wearing beard.She calls him and asks suspicously
Swara:Pehle tumhe yahan kabhi dekha(Havent seen u before).Who r u?
He removes his beard.She is shocked to find Sameer.She looks around and find no one.She tries to go but he pins her to wall and asks
Sameer:Bachke kaha jaaogi jaaneman(Where will u go sweethearth?)
Swara:Mera haath choro(leave my hand)
He tries to kiss her.She slaps him and eyes him angrily.He gets angry and pushes her on the floor.She screams and he shuts her mouth.He tries to molest her.She cries and fight with him.She overpowers him and runs.She shouts Sanskaar.She collides with Sanskaar.She hugs him tightly and cries badly.He consoles her and goes to see Sameer.She sees he has already left through window.She cries and rests on him.He cups her face and promises to be with her all the time.She looks at him lovingly.They have an eyelock.Yeh moh moh ke daage…..plays……He kisses her forhead.She closes her eyes.He kisses her eyes.He kisses her cheek.He is about to kiss her lips but she stops him and says not until wedding Mr.Sanskaar Maheshwari.They smile and he hugs her.She tells him that in the morning she sang for a movie.He smiles seeing her so happy.

Its Evening and Swara and Ragini are getting ready in their bridal dress.They are looking stunning.They recall their moments in Gagodia Mansion and are Sad.They put on their jewellery and bangle.They smile and see the baarat coming via window.Ragini sees Sanskaar and is sad.Swara smiles happily.She hugs Ragini who complies.Sumi comes and gets teary eyed seeing them.
Sumi:Har maa ka sapna hain ke wo apni beti ko Shaadi ke jore mein dekh sake.Aur mera yeh sapna poora ho gaya.(Every mother’s dream is that she sees her daughter in bridal dress.And this dream of mine is fulfilled.)
Swaragini cries and hugs Sumi who also Cries with them.

Sanskaar and Laksh are wearing superb sherwanis.They are looking damn handsome(And hot!!!!).Dida and Dadi do their aarti and pinches their nose.Sumi bring them to mandap.Kajal bring Swara and Ragini downstair.Sumi,Shekhar,dida ,dadi and Dadaji get teary eyed seeing them coming.They cry happiness.Sanskaar and Laksh get mesmerized seeing Swara and Ragini.Swara smiles at Sanskaar while Ragini is a bit confused and looks at Laksh tensed.

Marriage start.Swaragini puts garland over Sanlak neck and vice versa.The Pandit(priest) then asks Sumi and shekhar to do their kanyadaan.They comply and do.They cry and blesses the girls.They do some sort of pooja and The pandit asks them to put sindoor(vermillion)on the bride’s maang(Forehead).Sanskaar take a pinch of sindoor and fills her maang with sindoor.She closes her eyes and smiles.Laksh takes a pinch of sindoor and dorn her maang with it.She closes her eyes and cries.Sanksaar dorn Swara’s neck with mangalsutra and she happily cries.He wipes her tears and whispers I hate tears pushpa.She smiles.Laksh takes the mangalsutra and dorn it in her neck while she continues crying.He signs wat hap and she says tears of happiness……She continues to cry.They get up for pheras.They take pheras.Everyone showers flowers of them.Pandit says that this marriage is completed.They are husbands and wives from today Eveyone clap happily.They take elders’s blessing.

Bidaai starts and Swaragini cries and hugs the elders before leaving.Dulhe ka sehra….plays……Eveyone get emotional seeing their bond.They get into car.Swara cries and Sanskaar hugs her.In another car,Ragini cries and Laksh consoles her.He tries to hug her but she pushes him and asks to stop the car.She gets down and cries.He asks wat happened Ragini.Arent u happy with this marriage?
She shouts:Nahi Laksh!Main iss shaadi se khush nahi houn! Maine yeh sab Swara ke liye ki hain, Uski khushi ke liye(No Laksh! I am not happy with this marriage!I did this only for Swara!)
He is shocked and asks why Ragini?.He holds her tightly.She tells him for Swara’s happiness but doesnt tell him that She loves Sanskaar.He cries.He gets angry and says that he will tell everyone everything.She gets shocked and says no laksh.Plzzzzz.She cries and pleads him not to say anything.She promises that she will maintain this wedding but please dont tell anyone.He cups her face and asks.Really.She cries and says yes.He says i hope this time u r not in any pressure of anyone.She cries and remembers Swara’s happiness.She signs no and gets into the car.She thinks
Ragini:Sorry laksh!Main phir se tumse jooth bol rahi houn.Par main yeh sab Swara ke liye hi tho kar rahi houn(Sorry laks!I lied to u once again.But i am doing this only for Swara.)
She apologizes to him in her heart.She closes her eyes and cries.They brides and grooms reach Maheshwari Mansion.Annapurna and Sujata are at the doorstep.Swasan and Raglak come and stand at the doorstep.Annapurna does Laksh and Ragini’s Aarti while Sujata does Sanskaar and Swara’s Aarti.Sanskaar’hand touches with Ragini by mistake.She looks at him.Annapurna does raglak tika and Sujata does Swasan tika.They shower flowers on them.They then put Kalaash(Pot of rice) and a plate with kumkum water and asks Swaragini to do Grah pravesh.Swara and Ragini kick the Kalaash and enter their foot in the kumkum water.Swara happily does her grah pravesh while Ragini cries.They then walk on a white sheet on the floor.Annapurna and Sujata bring them to temple.She asks them to put their hand into a new kumkum plate and puts it on the wall.They comply and splash their hand into the Kumkum water and Put their hands on the wall.They remove it and smile.Annapurna then asks them to do Pooja as its their tradition.Swara takes the plate and sings bhajan alongwith Ragini.All get mesmerized hearing their melodious voices.They finish pooja and give eveyone prassad.

Sujata then asks them to go and rest in their room.Sanskaar holds Swara’s hand and take her toward their room.She shyingly complies.Laksh takes Ragini’s hand forcibly and takes her to room.
Ragini:Laksh!Tumne hamse kaha tha ke tum hame waqt done(Laksh!U said that u would give me time
Laksh:Tumne bhi tho kaha tha ke tum iss shaadi ko banaae rakho ge.(Even u saos that u will maintain this marriage.)
She looks on tensely as he approches her.

Sanskaar brings Swara to room and shows her something.She gets happy seeing that he made half of the room of her choice She hugs him happily.He hugs her back.She gets shy and turns away.He holds her waist from behind and kisses her neck slowly.She closes her eyes.He then removes her earings and kisses her ears.She smiles.He turns her toward him and removes her necklace.She tries to go but he pins her to wall.He kisses her cheek and is about to kiss her lips just then.Someone knock the door.Swara smiles seeing him getting angry.She goes and opens the door and find uttara standing.She asks whats the matter.She replies that She forgot her phone in hall and returns it to her.She thanks her and closes the door.Uttara whsipers all the best bhabhi and winks.She smiles and closes the door.Sanskaar again pins her to wall and finally kisses on her lips.She reciprocate.He then lifts in his arms and bring her to bed.He eyes her lovingly.He switches off the lights and they consummate their marriage.

Ragini asks Laksh to give her sometime but he pushes her to wall and pins both her hand hardly.She cries and asks him again to give her some time.He removes her jewelleries and kisses her neck.She gets carried away and they also consummate their marriage.

Precap:Sanskaar romances with Swara.Ragini shies seeing Laksh.

Credit goes to:Heera

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