Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 9

RECAP:Sanlak getting mesmerized seeing Swaragini and Ragini shocked to see laksh’s name on her palm

Swara looks at Ragini and is speechless.She asks ,”Ragini, kya tum laksh se”…(ragini do u love……)Suddenly Ragini interrupts her and says,”Nahi Swara , jaise tum soch rahe houn waisa kuch nahi hain,mera yakeen manon”(No swara, u r thinking me wrong, there is nothing like that).She looks at Swara tensed.Swara notices her upset face and says,” Are baba, main janti houn ke aisa nahi hain ,galti se lag yaha hoga name fikar mat karo, chalo dance karte hain”(are baba, i know there is nothing like that, it may be by mistake also, come’ on let’s go to dance).She winks at Ragini.Ragini says,Tum bhi na Swara……They laugh and go to dance.

While Dancing,The girls pull Sanlak also with them.Suddenly Swara notices her hand and is shocked to find Sanskaar’s name it in!!! She looks at Sanskaar.He notices her and sign what happened.She nod no.She continues dancing and after a while Sanskaar see his name on Swara’s palm.He is dazed! He looks at Swara and understand why she was looking at him some moments ago.He is confused.He drags Swara from there and take her to a room.She asks what the hell sanksaar!! Leave me aur iska kya matlab hain mujhe yahan laakar”( what do u mean by bringing me here?) He pins her to wall to stop her non stop talking.They have an eyelock.Suddenly they get aware of their closeness.He asked why u put my name in ur mehendi?? Swara looks at him speechless….She says i…..wo main…..She stammers…..
Sanksaar: kya hua swara….bolo( tell me wat hap).
Swara:wo galti se lag gaya(it happened by mistake)
Sanksaar: Is it a colour that it happened by mistake?? Or is it something something?(He winks at her)
Swara looks at him and nod no.
Swara: no no…..no something something…. i told you it happened by mistake, now its upto u to believe it or not….i am going.
She heads to go but he turn her around and pulls her closer to him.
Sanksaar: You sure no something something….(in a sacrastic voice)
Swara:tumhe samaj mein nahi ata hain kya……maine kaha na kuch nahi……(Dont u understand…i said its not like that).
She says this avoiding eye contact with him
Swara: Sanskaar tum jaante ho ke tum mere dost ho phir kyun aise……
Sanksaar: i am sorry Swara….i was just joking with you…..she says its okii and they leave……

Meanwhile Raglak are looking for sanlak.
Ragini: pata nahi kaha chale gaye dono?(dont know where they went)
Laksh:han, sanskaar ne bhi nahi bhola ke kaha jaa raha hain…chalo dance karte hain…….(yeah…sanskaar also did not tell me anything…common lets go dancing)
He forwards his hand and she give her hand into his.They smile…..They dance together…..Swasan also join them
Ragini: kaha the Swara tum?hum tume kabse doondh rahe the main aur laksh…..she stops(Where were you?? I jave been searching u everywhere with Laksh)…..uhum uhum(cough of Swara)
Swara:uhum uhum lagta hain aaj kal laksh ki compamy kuch zyada hi acha lagne laga hain tumhe(in a sacrastic voice)(looks like i are enjoying laksh’s company these days).Ragini denies it.They both laugh and continues to dance..Sanskaar looks at Swara who avoid eye contact with him.He smiles……..

At night
Swara is standing neat the window in her pyjamas with her hair open.She thinks ehy does he make me feel special whenever he talks to me? Why my heart beats faster whenever he is close to me? Why i like to have eyelock with him? Why he looks special to me? Why……..She is confused

Ragini is also thinking about laksh and sanskaar.Why I keep thinking about Sanskaar? But whenever laksh is near me,i feel nice? Why i like to be around sanskaar but everywhere i find just laksh? Why…..She is boggled

Laksh is thinking about Ragini.Why she looks more beautiful day by day? Why i like to be around her? Why i feel nice when she smiles? Why….he is apalled

Sanskaar thinks about Sanksaar….Why i felt happy when i saw my name in her mehendi? Why i would like to be more than friend to her? Why i just want her happiness nothing else? Why I like to be close to her all the time? Why……He is speechless………Tu hain ki nahi……play……

PRECAP:Sanlak are stuck in library while raglak are stuck in a petrol pump office.They have a romantic moment….

Credit goes to: Heera

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  1. I know you put in a lot of effort and your story is awesome but please make the names a little more clear. They might be typos, but sometimes I get confused. #no_offence_intended 🙂
    and I seriously love your story. Especially the fact that Ragini has been shown in a positive light.

    1. Dnt wry i will pu the names respectively an thank u so much for complimenting 😉

  2. good job yaar…likd it……waiting for nxt epi

  3. I thnk in precap it wl be swasan stuck in library nd raglak in petrol pump office…as at da same tym laksh cant b wid 2 pple at 2 diff places

    1. Sorry its a mistake….i mean to say swasan and raglak so sorry ☺

  4. sruthi robin

    swasan the best

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